All Guilds Meeting – June 2019 – Cleansed Chatlog

(06/01 13:00:12)Korov’ev: Shorah, and welcome to the 110th All Guilds Meeting!

(06/01 13:00:36)Korov’ev: In the D’ni calendar today is Leebro 4, 9675, and the time is 19:04:15

(06/01 13:01:08)Korov’ev: As usual, I’ll remind you the 5 Meeting Rules:

(06/01 13:01:20)Korov’ev: 1. Please *keep chatter to a minimum* while speakers are talking. The occasional comment or emote is fine, but be respectful and let the speaker finish.

(06/01 13:01:29)Korov’ev: 2. If you have a question for a speaker, please don’t ask it directly: PM it to me. Be sure a “?” is somewhere in it to properly log the question in the queue.

(06/01 13:01:47)Korov’ev: 3. Speakers, please indicate when you are done speaking and ready for questions, and when you’re ready for the next question.

(06/01 13:02:26)Korov’ev: 4. If a question requires a long explanation, we may have to skip it to keep things moving. In that case, you can always PM any speaker once they’ve left the stage.

(06/01 13:02:37)Korov’ev: 5. A summary and a chatlog of the Meeting will be published in the next few days on the Guild of Messengers’ brand new site:

(06/01 13:02:46)Korov’ev: Of course, you can start your own chatlog with “/startlog”.

(06/01 13:03:01)Christian Walther: I’m missing half your text, Kor.

(06/01 13:03:10)Christian Walther: Assuming there were 5 rules as usual.

(06/01 13:03:26)PodHopper: last we seen is 3

(06/01 13:03:37)Korov’ev: hmm, I have autoshout on…

(06/01 13:03:55)Korov’ev: can you read me?

(06/01 13:04:06)Minasunda: yep

(06/01 13:04:07)PodHopper: yes

(06/01 13:04:08)Christian Walther: Yes, I got that.

(06/01 13:04:10)Kevin Seed: yes

(06/01 13:04:10)bella1: Y

(06/01 13:04:13)etelka: Y

(06/01 13:04:14)Mirphak: yes, 3

(06/01 13:04:14)Davide: yes

(06/01 13:04:20)Guild of Guilds: y

(06/01 13:04:23)Thumbs up from Karel

(06/01 13:04:35)Claidi Song: y

(06/01 13:04:39)Korov’ev: The usual weirdness, I guess 🙂

(06/01 13:04:42)Teej: yes

(06/01 13:04:50)bella1: Lol

(06/01 13:04:54)Claidi Song: lol

(06/01 13:05:08)Korov’ev shrugs

(06/01 13:05:13)Korov’ev: It’s another busy month, so we have no special events from the community. But things keep happening behind the curtains: Writers are writing, Maintainers are maintaining, and so on…

(06/01 13:05:26)Korov’ev: So we’ll jump straight to the Cyan news, as we have some more news on that front 😉

(06/01 13:05:36)Korov’ev: Let’s start of course with the Firmament Kickstarter…

(06/01 13:05:52)Korov’ev: You should have received an email from Fangamer, with a link to a survey page that you should fill/confirm with your mailing details.

(06/01 13:06:15)Korov’ev: From there, you will also be able to upgrade your pledge and add on other tiers, if you’d like to.

(06/01 13:06:17)bella1: I did!

(06/01 13:06:28)Mirphak: I did too.

(06/01 13:06:37)Korov’ev: If you didn’t get it, the resender link is:

(06/01 13:06:53)Claidi Song: Got it

(06/01 13:06:54)Korov’ev: Or you can email orders[at] with your Kickstarter backer number if you still can’t access the survey.

(06/01 13:07:10)Korov’ev: If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, you can now back the game through Fangamer!

(06/01 13:07:35)Korov’ev: Now, if you’re one of the unlucky few who still haven’t received the Myst 25 goodies (because they didn’t fill the Blackbox survey in time or because their rewards were lost, returned, or with defective pieces),

(06/01 13:07:57)Korov’ev: they are being shipped directly from Cyan these weeks. You should receive an email soon; it’s a time-consuming process, so it might still take some time.

(06/01 13:08:37)Korov’ev: Moving to Cyan Ventures’ first publication ( … ZED

(06/01 13:08:48)Korov’ev: We have a lauch date: June 4!

(06/01 13:08:54)Korov’ev: Very soon!

(06/01 13:09:25)Korov’ev: On the same day, at 1:00 PM EDT (11:00 KIT) there will be a live stream with Chuck Carter, on Cyan’s Twitch Channel (

(06/01 13:09:54)Korov’ev: Now, moving to Mysterium…

(06/01 13:10:21)Korov’ev: The Early Bird registration ends TODAY, so hurry if you’re planning to attend!

(06/01 13:10:40)Korov’ev: The hotel is basically booked solid at this point. There may be one or two rooms still available, but that’s it.

(06/01 13:10:58)Korov’ev: The Commission is actively working with the hotel to secure a block of overflow rooms; in the meantime, some people on the Discord server have expressed an interest in sharing rooms.

(06/01 13:11:05)Korov’ev:

(06/01 13:11:30)Korov’ev: Also, after Russell Brower, Chuck Carter and Jack Wall, another special guest has been announced…

(06/01 13:11:47)Korov’ev:

(06/01 13:11:50)Korov’ev: Tim Larkin!

(06/01 13:12:06)Korov’ev: He started as sound designer for Riven, and later as the Audio Director and composer for Uru and Myst V. Currently he works at Valve for games such as DOTA, CSGO, Half Life, Portal, etc.

(06/01 13:13:05)Korov’ev: Now, before moving to the calendar, a message from r’Tayrtahn…

(06/01 13:13:18)Korov’ev: Due to heavy electrical storms, he can’t stay on-line.

(06/01 13:13:26)Korov’ev: Story Night – Europe is canceled for today due to local storms.

(06/01 13:13:37)Korov’ev: It will return next week at its normal time. Original Story Night is still on as scheduled.

(06/01 13:13:57)Korov’ev shrugs

(06/01 13:13:57)Korov’ev: And with that, it’s already time to wrap up this Meeting!

(06/01 13:14:05)Korov’ev: Here is the summary of this month’s events (times in KI time)…

(06/01 13:14:12)Korov’ev: A calendar is also present in the left imager of the Guild of Messengers’ Hood;

(06/01 13:14:26)Korov’ev: if you find a mistake, please PM me here or on the forum so I can correct it.

(06/01 13:14:38)Korov’ev: Saturday 8 is RAWA’s birthday!

(06/01 13:15:00)Char Gearz: Happy B-Day RAWA

(06/01 13:15:05)Korov’ev: Friday 21, or Leebro 20 in the D’ni Calendar, is the Second Feast of the Maker.

(06/01 13:15:35)Char Gearz claps her hands

(06/01 13:16:00)[…]

(06/01 13:18:04)Korov’ev: oops! Net6!

(06/01 13:18:26)Mirphak: wb Korov’ev

(06/01 13:18:43)Thumbs up from Eternal Seeker

(06/01 13:18:44)Korov’ev: ahem, I was saying…

(06/01 13:18:46)Claidi Song: wb Korov’ev

(06/01 13:18:46)Teej: wb

(06/01 13:18:53)Korov’ev: Sunday 23 is the anniversary of the GameTap episode “A New Light”.

(06/01 13:19:02)Korov’ev: Now, for what’s going on in the Cavern itself:

(06/01 13:19:09)Korov’ev: The Guild of Greeters’ Hood is staffed Monday-Saturday 13:45-14:15, if you need hints or info about the Cavern.

(06/01 13:19:13)Christian Walther: Last thing we got was RAWA’s birthday, did we miss anything else?

(06/01 13:19:25)Korov’ev: Friday 21, or Leebro 20 in the D’ni Calendar, is the Second Feast of the Maker.

(06/01 13:19:42)Korov’ev: that was it

(06/01 13:19:46)Korov’ev: Sun 9 & 23 @ 13:00: Radio Free D’ni, in Ae’gura Plaza []

(06/01 13:19:52)Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 13:00: Meeting Place Gatherings, in Meeting Place’s Hood

(06/01 13:19:52)Thumbs up from Christian Walther

(06/01 13:19:57)Korov’ev: Every Wed @ 12:00: NULPsday, in German NULP’s Hood

(06/01 13:20:02)Korov’ev: Every Fri @ 16:00: Triosity Radio, in Ae’gura Plaza []

(06/01 13:20:08)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 14:00: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Nights, in Tsahno’s Hood

(06/01 13:20:14)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 16:00: Karaoke Parties, in Karaoke’s Hood

(06/01 13:20:19)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 23:30: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Nights, in Tsahno’s Hood

(06/01 13:20:26)Korov’ev: And..

(06/01 13:20:34)Korov’ev: The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for Saturday, July 6 at 13:00 KIT

(06/01 13:20:41)Korov’ev: Please consider donating to Cyan, to keep the Cavern open:

(06/01 13:20:48)Korov’ev bows

(06/01 13:20:48)Korov’ev: And with that, this Meeting is ended. Thank you all for coming, see you next month!