Saint Patrick’s Day

Like every year, there will be parades for Saint Patrick’s Day on Thursday March 17:

  • The first parade will start in Ae’gura Plaza at 14:00 KIT, led by Eternal Seeker;
  • At 15:00 KIT there will be a show and dance party in the New Messengers Pub (to get there PM “link” to Mir-o-Bot, KI# 32319)
  • The second parade will start in Ae’gura Plaza at 17:00 KIT, led by Claidi Song.

Seeker will provide the music stream. To get the art marker game, PM “sendme 7425176” to Mir-o-Bot.

Keep in mind that the USA will begin daylight saving on March 13, while (most of) Europe on the 27, so between those dates 14:00 KIT will correspond to 21:00 CET.

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