All Guilds Meeting – May 2022 – Cleansed Chatlog

(05/07 13:00:40)Calum Traveler: today is 5/7/2022,

(05/07 13:00:43)Malaclypse: Public Service Spam: Tomorrow from 12:30 KI time, Radio Free D’ni will present Good Times, Bad Times!

(05/07 13:01:03)Kayara: Cody Herd press CTRL-7

(05/07 13:01:07)Calum Traveler: …anyone else wanna interject?

(05/07 13:01:09)Malaclypse: Oops… sorry, didn’t intend to get it on the record…

(05/07 13:01:11)Calum Traveler looks around

(05/07 13:01:12)dewdrop: hi all

(05/07 13:01:13)Calum Traveler: 😛

(05/07 13:01:31)Cody Herd: yes please talk about my event yesterday

(05/07 13:01:34)Calum Traveler: right then, im tired, i didnt sleep well, and im a bit low strung on energy so ill make this quick

(05/07 13:01:41)Dni_seeker 5: No no no…

(05/07 13:01:44)Calum Traveler: yesterday we had a Gahreesen Wall Tournament,

(05/07 13:01:53)Calum Traveler: Cody herd hosted in his gahreesen

(05/07 13:01:56)Claidi Song: The Bahro approve

(05/07 13:02:03)Dni_seeker 5: DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT

(05/07 13:02:27)Calum Traveler: we’ll have more events like that in the future

(05/07 13:02:37)Calum Traveler: so dont worry if you missed it

(05/07 13:02:45)Dni_seeker 5: just make sure that I can see it

(05/07 13:02:55)Calum Traveler: right, i almost forgot

(05/07 13:02:59)Calum Traveler: the five rules of the meeting

(05/07 13:03:08)Calum Traveler: *quiet* when speakers are talking

(05/07 13:03:14)Calum Traveler: keep /clap spam to a minimum

(05/07 13:03:20)Calum Traveler: questions will be asked for by the speakers,

(05/07 13:03:27)Calum Traveler: DO NOT PRESS THE BLUE BUTTON

(05/07 13:03:56)Calum Traveler: finally, questions may be skipped if we’re short on time.

(05/07 13:04:19)Calum Traveler: right, gahreesen wall toruny… ah, right, Maintainer Suits should now be collectible, i think,

(05/07 13:04:29)Calum Traveler: so dont worry if you see folks running around in one

(05/07 13:04:32)philipgr: Yes it is

(05/07 13:04:41)Calum Traveler: CAVCON:

(05/07 13:04:52)Calum Traveler: CavFunding Update:April, 2022

(05/07 13:04:59)Calum Traveler: CavFunding = 78%CAVCON = 2.8Extra expenses = 4%Reserve = 507%Population = 44,497 (increase of 295)Unique visits = 1,340 (running average is 1,374)

(05/07 13:05:33)Calum Traveler: please dont forget to donate, etc,

(05/07 13:05:40)Calum Traveler shuffles through notes

(05/07 13:05:43)Calum Traveler: MYSTERIUM!

(05/07 13:05:54)Calum Traveler: if you’re attending Mysterium this year and would like to run an event

(05/07 13:06:18)Calum Traveler: submissions are open until may 22nd

(05/07 13:06:19)Calum Traveler:

(05/07 13:06:32)Calum Traveler: similarly, activity book submissions are open to the same

(05/07 13:06:41)Calum Traveler: Writing & Artwork table submissions will be open until July 31

(05/07 13:07:00)Calum Traveler: if you want to run a panel at Mysterium and are attending, *let the commitee know before the 22nd*

(05/07 13:07:04)Calum Traveler: that’s this month folks

(05/07 13:07:10)Calum Traveler claps hands twice

(05/07 13:07:25)rarified claps and misses

(05/07 13:07:30)Calum Traveler: as a reminder, we have forums for the Restoration:

(05/07 13:07:37)Calum Traveler:

(05/07 13:07:54)Calum Traveler: please go there and reach out to folks if you have any questions about ongoing events

(05/07 13:08:03)Calum Traveler: also, sorry if you see any random poems of mine around.

(05/07 13:08:15)Calum Traveler mutters something about not sleeping well..

(05/07 13:08:25)Calum Traveler: right then… that’s all I’ve got.

(05/07 13:08:27)Cave woman: Vaccinated people onl for live attendance

(05/07 13:08:27)Calum Traveler: Korovev first?

(05/07 13:08:51)Korov’ev waves hello

(05/07 13:08:51)Korov’ev: Shorah!

(05/07 13:08:55)Kayara offers Calum a cup of hot chocolate

(05/07 13:09:02)Calum Traveler thanks you, Kayara

(05/07 13:09:04)Korov’ev: I bring you the usual update on the Fan Age Expeditions in Deep Island:

(05/07 13:09:12)Korov’ev: In April, we started with a few ages by Jamey, like Writers’ Niche.

(05/07 13:09:17)Korov’ev: Then we dedicated a few visits to the Geologica series, starting in Dragon’s Tooth.

(05/07 13:09:24)Korov’ev: We ended the month following uncle Rebus’ steps in Botan and Moysenland.

(05/07 13:09:32)Korov’ev: In May, we’ll start (tomorrow) by trying to recover Quilla’s piano, starting in Elonin.

(05/07 13:09:38)Korov’ev: The rest of the month will be dedicated to ages mostly from 2009,

(05/07 13:09:46)Korov’ev: including a few more Ahra Pahts Shells and some ages by Race.

(05/07 13:09:55)Korov’ev: The expeditions are on Sunday at 11:00 KIT, starting in the shard Hood (which you can reach quickly using “/hood”).

(05/07 13:10:01)Korov’ev: There’s also an (uncommented) stream:

(05/07 13:10:14)Korov’ev: And that’s all I got! Questions?

(05/07 13:10:27)Dni_seeker 5: Yes

(05/07 13:10:46)Korov’ev: Go ahead

(05/07 13:10:49)Dni_seeker 5: i heard that the restoration of the Great Shaft is in progress

(05/07 13:11:01)Dni_seeker 5: Do you know anything about that?

(05/07 13:11:05)Korov’ev: different topic 😉

(05/07 13:11:07)Calum Traveler: unrelated question

(05/07 13:11:20)Calum Traveler: i can answer that if nobody has any other questions for Korov

(05/07 13:11:29)Korov’ev: back to my seat then!

(05/07 13:11:33)Calum Traveler: questions… questions…? No, thanks, korov

(05/07 13:11:45)ametist’ thanks Morov’ev!

(05/07 13:11:45)Calum Traveler: so, Descent. yes, we’re working on it,

(05/07 13:11:50)Korov’ev bows

(05/07 13:11:50)rarified offers Calum som Chamomile Tea

(05/07 13:11:55)Calum Traveler: no i can’t say anything more than that,

(05/07 13:12:00)Calum Traveler: other projects have taken to the forefront

(05/07 13:12:08)Dni_seeker 5: Such as the lake?

(05/07 13:12:13)Calum Traveler: the Lake is…

(05/07 13:12:15)Calum Traveler grimaces

(05/07 13:12:21)caver1: Who do I contact about Mysterium?

(05/07 13:12:23)Zeke365: that big project so dont expect anytime soon decent wise

(05/07 13:12:36)Calum Traveler: go to the webpage, caver

(05/07 13:12:36)Emor D’ni Lap: Lake is on hold with coding for automation

(05/07 13:12:49)Calum Traveler motions to Emor’s remark

(05/07 13:13:16)Calum Traveler: yeah, we hit some issues with the lake.

(05/07 13:13:19)Dni_seeker 5: And there’s something else… how did you analyze the lake water?

(05/07 13:13:23)dewdrop: i got a question

(05/07 13:13:30)Calum Traveler: yes dewdrop?

(05/07 13:13:34)dewdrop: how is the robot suit collectable?

(05/07 13:13:41)Calum Traveler: …maintainer suit?

(05/07 13:13:45)dewdrop: yes

(05/07 13:13:46)Calum Traveler: win a co-op match with another player

(05/07 13:13:52)dewdrop: ok ty

(05/07 13:14:05)dewdrop: does color matter?

(05/07 13:14:08)Cody Herd: oh thats how YAY

(05/07 13:14:09)Calum Traveler: no

(05/07 13:14:13)dewdrop: ok ty

(05/07 13:14:25)Calum Traveler: uhhh… lets see…

(05/07 13:14:31)Dni_seeker 5: In the forums it said that you were analyzing the lake water. How did you do it?

(05/07 13:14:31)Calum Traveler: Open URU, anyone want to speak for that?

(05/07 13:14:50)rarified: Which that? 😉

(05/07 13:15:03)Calum Traveler: minalpha status?

(05/07 13:15:16)rarified quickly scrolls backward…

(05/07 13:15:46)rarified: Ok, in general… Want some company up there?

(05/07 13:15:52)Calum Traveler: yes please

(05/07 13:15:58)Zeke365: @dni_seeker could you save your questions for a moment so we know who the other speakers are and they could answer them and keep the questions based on the what the speaker is saying thanks

(05/07 13:16:23)rarified: Wow, looks more crowded facing this way! Shorah!

(05/07 13:16:27)PodHopper nods his head

(05/07 13:16:35)philipgr: Shorah

(05/07 13:16:41)Dulcamara: shorah

(05/07 13:16:49)ametist’ looks around

(05/07 13:16:52)Zeke365 dont get stage fright happens to me alot

(05/07 13:16:58)rarified: We — developers, artists, and lowly maintenance workers — as you probably know, launched the

(05/07 13:17:14)rarified: recent delivery to MOULa we called “Q1”.

(05/07 13:17:32)rarified: (Because we’re trying to maintain a quarterly cadence of deliveries).

(05/07 13:17:57)rarified: I’ve just closed Q1 (a month late) because there were a few serious bugs that snuck into MOULa

(05/07 13:18:03)Korov’ev: ah, so the Q continuum is not involved, good

(05/07 13:18:04)rarified: with the new materials that had to be fixed.

(05/07 13:18:13)Taliana giggles.

(05/07 13:18:29)rarified: Anyway Q2 is open. The flow goes like this:

(05/07 13:19:01)rarified: 1) if a new age is ready for testing, or a big change to an existing age is ready, that will be installed on the

(05/07 13:19:16)rarified: (Bouncy?)

(05/07 13:19:30)Calum Traveler chuckles slightly

(05/07 13:19:48)rarified: test shard Minkata alpha. That way, if something goes really wrong (you can’t imagine the

(05/07 13:20:08)rarified: breadth of the word “wrong”) we can reset things quickly.

(05/07 13:20:34)rarified: 2) Minor changes and changes to programming will go to the testing shard called “Minkata prime”

(05/07 13:20:57)rarified: 3) Eventually as confidence grows in things on Minkata alpha, they too will go to Minkata prime.

(05/07 13:21:24)rarified: 4) At the end of the quarter, we start sending new material from Minkata Prime to Cyan to install

(05/07 13:21:37)rarified: on their beta server (also known as “Staging”)

(05/07 13:22:09)rarified: 5) The call goes out for people who don’t mind spoilers to join Staging and play with the

(05/07 13:22:31)rarified: new and old places in D’ni to find problems that couldn’t be found in all the earlier testing.

(05/07 13:22:59)rarified: 6) When the quarter is declared closed, the cavern view from Staging becomes available on MOULa.

(05/07 13:23:09)rarified: And a great sigh is heard…

(05/07 13:23:20)Taliana sighs.

(05/07 13:23:20)Claidi Song: And a lot of cheering!

(05/07 13:23:23)Calum Traveler: along with many bahro cries of joy

(05/07 13:23:36)Korov’ev: then the screams start

(05/07 13:23:42)Taliana giggles.

(05/07 13:23:45)rarified: So we are at the beginning of Q2. There is at least one age on Minkata alpha now for testing,

(05/07 13:23:49)Kayara roars with laughter

(05/07 13:24:07)rarified: and I expect some more to come in. Whether they all mature enough to be opened at

(05/07 13:24:13)Thumbs up from Taliana

(05/07 13:24:24)Calum Traveler: note: Staging Server is not an ‘early play’ server and is usually only online for testing purposes of the content,

(05/07 13:24:34)rarified: the end of Q2 depends on the endurance of the contributors, and the quality of the restoration.

(05/07 13:25:06)rarified: As far as age progress goes, I divide age work into two bins:

(05/07 13:25:34)rarified: 1) Ages written by new explorers that have started to learn the art of writing and are creating links to

(05/07 13:25:41)rarified: ages they have imagined, and

(05/07 13:26:06)rarified: 2) Continued restoration of ages and areas that were documented by the DRC or journals we have

(05/07 13:26:23)rarified: had through our long relation with Cyan.

(05/07 13:26:59)rarified: Age restoration in group (2) is frought with pits. In particular, even Cyan may not have all

(05/07 13:27:25)rarified: the rights to allow some of the material that they were able to distribute available for use

(05/07 13:27:31)rarified: by current explorers.

(05/07 13:27:48)Calum Traveler coughs, and mutters something about Myst 5

(05/07 13:27:58)rarified: So if you ask about restoration about, say … the Great Shaft … keep in mind there are

(05/07 13:28:17)rarified: a lot of talks between lots of groups trying to make it happen, but we are not in control

(05/07 13:28:22)rarified: of the situation.

(05/07 13:28:45)ametist’: then testers will have their say

(05/07 13:28:50)rarified: So, if you hear of “something” being restored, don’t be displeased if nobody can talk about

(05/07 13:29:15)rarified: the current state. If there was work started or discussed, rest assured progress is being

(05/07 13:29:22)rarified: worked on as best can be done.

(05/07 13:29:45)rarified: Ok. one other item of note. I haven’t even posted on the Discord yet.

(05/07 13:30:12)rarified: I’m going to be heading out for a work/play vacation from the last week of May through

(05/07 13:30:32)rarified: mid-late June. So I may not be quite as responsive to requests for the Minkata shards

(05/07 13:30:46)rarified: and the content pipeline during that time. Hope you can understand.

(05/07 13:30:50)rarified: Any Questions?

(05/07 13:30:54)rarified leans right

(05/07 13:30:57)Calum Traveler leans left

(05/07 13:31:08)Jules Lavisham: Going anyway fun and exciting?

(05/07 13:31:13)Jules Lavisham: *anywhere

(05/07 13:31:19)Dni_seeker 5: Yes i have a question

(05/07 13:31:26)rarified: Family lakefront cottage.

(05/07 13:31:30)Calum Traveler: fun,

(05/07 13:31:34)caver1: Does the guild of writers have meetings in MOULA?

(05/07 13:31:34)Jules Lavisham: Nice!

(05/07 13:31:42)Thumbs up from Taliana

(05/07 13:31:49)rarified: @Dni_seeker5 Yes?

(05/07 13:31:58)Calum Traveler: @caver1 afaik none have been scheduled in a while.

(05/07 13:32:13)Dni_seeker 5: I know you can’t tell me about the “current” state of restoration, but is the Myst Ruin from Myst V going to be made accessable?

(05/07 13:32:18)Calum Traveler: most of our meeting work is on the discord these days.

(05/07 13:32:32)rarified: I can’t say that either. We just don’t know what the boundries are yet.

(05/07 13:32:58)Calum Traveler: to tldr the situation: We want to ensure we’re not stepping on any legal landmines before proceeding with Myst V content

(05/07 13:33:22)caver1: How trust worthy is discord?

(05/07 13:33:34)rarified: @caver1 in what regard?

(05/07 13:33:46)caver1: Security.

(05/07 13:33:48)Minasunda leans left

(05/07 13:33:49)shokhootahn Rehn leans right

(05/07 13:34:08)Maurus: WOAH sorry about that, avvie glitched

(05/07 13:34:09)Dni_seeker 5: And then there’s the matter of the cavern lake. How can a player analyze the water?

(05/07 13:34:10)rarified: Aside from the typical access via password, you should assume anything posted on a public

(05/07 13:34:12)Calum Traveler: discord’s about as secure as anything i’d say,

(05/07 13:34:22)rarified: channel is accessible to … the public.

(05/07 13:34:29)LividLiquid: Request/question: Could somebody add a link to the forums on the D’ni Explorer main page, or is it gated off on purpose?

(05/07 13:34:36)Korov’ev: if you want security, don’t sign up on any social media platform 😉

(05/07 13:34:53)caver1: I don’t.

(05/07 13:34:54)ShilohOBrien: Harsh but true

(05/07 13:34:57)LividLiquid: Yup. If it’s free on the internet, you’re not the customer. You’re the product being sold.

(05/07 13:34:58)rarified: Any other questions?

(05/07 13:34:59)Calum Traveler: LividLiquid ill poke tweek about it.

(05/07 13:35:00)Dni_seeker 5: I don’t use social media BECAUSE OF THAT

(05/07 13:35:07)LividLiquid: Thanks, Cal.

(05/07 13:35:09)rarified: TY Calum!

(05/07 13:35:11)rarified bows

(05/07 13:35:17)Calum Traveler: thanks for talking, rarified

(05/07 13:35:17)Christian Walther wishes rarified a happy vacation

(05/07 13:35:26)Calum Traveler: next up shokhootahn Rehn

(05/07 13:36:00)shokhootahn Rehn: .shorah b’shemtee

(05/07 13:36:03)shokhootahn Rehn: As always, I have two separate announcements. One is for the D’ni Language Class and the other one is for r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night.

(05/07 13:36:13)shokhootahn Rehn: =First, the language classes…

(05/07 13:36:37)shokhootahn Rehn: There are evening classes available on weekday evenings, starting at 20:00, 21:00 or 22:00 KI time, depending on the student’s schedule. There are daytime openings Monday through Friday, starting at either 12:00 KI time, 13:00 KI time, or 14:00 KI time, depending on the student’s schedule. Contact me by PM to set up a day and a time.

(05/07 13:36:59)Dni_seeker 5: NONONONONO

(05/07 13:37:12)Calum Traveler glares at Diggytal

(05/07 13:37:13)Calum Traveler: er

(05/07 13:37:17)Calum Traveler glares at Dni_seeker 5

(05/07 13:37:18)shokhootahn Rehn: Though, daytime availability is subject to change with little or no notice.

(05/07 13:37:26)Calum Traveler: (sorry Diggytal, tab cycled wrong)

(05/07 13:37:41)shokhootahn Rehn: If you are going to contact me by KI-mail, remember to inclue your KI #.

(05/07 13:38:07)shokhootahn Rehn: Also, I can be found on Discord at r’Tayrtahn#1317.

(05/07 13:38:48)Cody Herd: im sorry what is you KI #???

(05/07 13:39:23)shokhootahn Rehn: THe Guild of Instructors’ Hood is currently open to the public. I am trying to be available and in the Hood during available class times… subject to sudden changes in my surface schedule.

(05/07 13:39:50)shokhootahn Rehn: My KI number is 80428

(05/07 13:39:56)shokhootahn Rehn: As always, current students can find last-minute updates to class times on the left-hand imager.

(05/07 13:40:13)Cody Herd: thank you

(05/07 13:40:27)shokhootahn Rehn: The Guild of Instructors’ Hood will be open and public unless a class is in session.

(05/07 13:40:36)shokhootahn Rehn: Are there any questions?

(05/07 13:41:02)shokhootahn Rehn: Moving on…

(05/07 13:41:08)shokhootahn Rehn: The second announcement is about r’Taytahn’s Story Night.

(05/07 13:42:23)shokhootahn Rehn: After today, Story Night – Europe and original Story Night are back in synch as of today.

(05/07 13:42:54)shokhootahn Rehn: Today, and for about the next 17 weeks, will be the story of the kings of D’ni. There may be a king (or two) with an extremely short history that will get combined with the next king or previous king.

(05/07 13:43:11)shokhootahn Rehn: That means that we are now half-way through the stories of the kings!

(05/07 13:43:36)shokhootahn Rehn: I am back to recording Story Night for upload to my YouTube channel (r’Tayrtahn). Please do not PM me during the story unless you want to see your message displayed for the entire internet. 😉

(05/07 13:43:48)shokhootahn Rehn: Currently, I have a sizable backlog of videos to compress so there has been a lag in getting them uploaded. To my channel subscribers, please be patient; I a slowly working through it. 🙂

(05/07 13:43:59)shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night is held in the public neighborhood of Tsahno’s Hood every Saturday.

(05/07 13:44:13)shokhootahn Rehn: Original Story Night is held at 23:30 KI time on Saturday night. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 23:00 KI time.

(05/07 13:44:34)shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night – Europe is held at 14:00 KI time on Saturday afternoon. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 13:30 KI time except for AGM Saturdays, when it starts at 14:00 KI or 20 minutes after the AGM, whichever is later.

(05/07 13:44:54)shokhootahn Rehn: I also post changes on the left-hand imager in the hood.

(05/07 13:45:09)shokhootahn Rehn: Should I need to cancel one of the stories at the last minute, I will try to aprise one or two of my regular audience members of the situation so they can spread the news. 🙂

(05/07 13:45:23)shokhootahn Rehn: The stories are told using voice so you will need to have your speakers or headsets on.

(05/07 13:45:36)shokhootahn Rehn: r’Tayrtahn announces the start of Story Night through buddy chat. If you would like to receive the announcements, please send r’T a KI mail (with your KI number included in the text) and he’ll add you to his buddies list. His KI number is 58324. KI mails do not identify the KI number of the sender so it must be added to the body of the text.

(05/07 13:46:32)shokhootahn Rehn: You *must* include yourt KI number in the body of the mail to be added!

(05/07 13:46:38)shokhootahn Rehn: Some have sent messages to be added but have not included their KI number so they were unable to be added.

(05/07 13:47:00)Calum Traveler blinks, and smiles slightly

(05/07 13:47:28)shokhootahn Rehn: As with the langnjuage lessons, you can contact my via PM on Discord at r’Tayrtahn#1317

(05/07 13:48:06)shokhootahn Rehn: We hope to see you there!Any questions?

(05/07 13:48:35)Calum Traveler: i have no questions in queue

(05/07 13:48:35)shokhootahn Rehn thanks you very much!

(05/07 13:48:39)Calum Traveler: thanks shokhootahn Rehn

(05/07 13:48:44)Zeke365: clap

(05/07 13:49:00)Calum Traveler: alright, before i do final call, a slight note i just remembered

(05/07 13:49:11)rarified: cake?

(05/07 13:49:12)Calum Traveler: shokhootahn Rehn mentioned adding KI# to the KI Mails,

(05/07 13:49:22)Calum Traveler: we’re working on a way to add KI Mail senders to recents list

(05/07 13:49:24)shokhootahn Rehn: lol@rarified

(05/07 13:49:29)Calum Traveler: more on that at a future date,

(05/07 13:49:32)Korov’ev: nice

(05/07 13:49:37)IwonK whispers “the cake is a lie”

(05/07 13:49:38)Taliana mutters that the cake is a lie.

(05/07 13:49:45)Taliana grins at IwonK.

(05/07 13:49:53)Scharminius: “There you are! :D”

(05/07 13:50:00)IwonK passes around truthful cookies

(05/07 13:50:02)Calum Traveler: alright, we’re close to end call- does anyone have any anouncements theyd like to make for this month?

(05/07 13:50:07)Maurus: I have a quick one

(05/07 13:50:12)Calum Traveler: come on down

(05/07 13:50:17)uru348 passes around truthful milk

(05/07 13:50:25)Maurus waves hello

(05/07 13:50:31)Maurus: hi folks! i’ll be brief, but –

(05/07 13:50:54)Maurus: in case you didn’t hear last week’s announcement, we just finished rebuilding The Cavern Today’s website and feed

(05/07 13:50:58)Taliana grabs some milk and cookies and dunks the cookies in the milk before savoring them.

(05/07 13:51:10)Maurus: the podcast archives are now available on Spotify, Stitcher, and other streaming services

(05/07 13:51:14)Sleeper Jan: and it’s been shared to group

(05/07 13:51:37)Maurus: and the website has had a bunch of historical content restored we haven’t had available since 2010

(05/07 13:51:55)Emor D’ni Lap: nice, thanks for all/sit

(05/07 13:51:56)Maurus: including TCT Extra, our “shortwave” service from 2005-2008 that shared IC updates as they happened.

(05/07 13:52:06)Maurus: thanks folks! that’s all i had

(05/07 13:52:13)Emor D’ni Lap: nice, thanks for all the work!

(05/07 13:52:14)Calum Traveler thanks you very much!

(05/07 13:52:15)Dulcamara: wow

(05/07 13:52:38)Calum Traveler: can i just say? TCT and their works were some of my favored highlights from back in the day 🙂

(05/07 13:52:55)Thumbs up from Taliana

(05/07 13:52:56)Calum Traveler: you can find them at:

(05/07 13:53:04)Maurus: aw shucks!

(05/07 13:53:16)Maurus: Ah yes! should have mentioned the address. thanks calum. 🙂

(05/07 13:53:28)Calum Traveler: if you ever decide to do more podcasts, Maurus, know you’ve got atleast me as a listener 🙂

(05/07 13:53:32)Dni_seeker 5: BAHRO!

(05/07 13:53:39)Thumbs up from rarified

(05/07 13:53:47)Calum Traveler: alright, last call- last call- any announcements?

(05/07 13:53:53)Calum Traveler: going once….

(05/07 13:54:02)Calum Traveler: going twice……………………………………….

(05/07 13:54:21)Calum Traveler: going thriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………………….??????????????

(05/07 13:54:24)ShilohOBrien: Sold to the Bahro in the back!

(05/07 13:54:29)shokhootahn Rehn: Sold!

(05/07 13:54:29)Calum Traveler: XD

(05/07 13:54:31)Claidi Song: lol

(05/07 13:54:32)Cody Herd: hahahaha

(05/07 13:54:35)Eternal Seeker: thanky Calum

(05/07 13:54:36)Calum Traveler: alright that’s it for this Month’s AGM!

(05/07 13:54:36)Taliana giggles.

(05/07 13:54:36)Karel: :))

(05/07 13:54:39)Calum Traveler: thank you all for coming