Devs and Storytellers Meeting – April 2022 – Cleansed Chatlog

(04/24 15:00:59) Calum Traveler: alright, it’s the top of the hour, as i said, we’ll give about 8ish min for folks to filter over from RFD,

(04/24 15:01:08) Calum Traveler: but im going to start the official rules mongering now

(04/24 15:01:09) Diranda: Yep.

(04/24 15:01:19) Carl Palmner: Anyone want D’nitos?

(04/24 15:01:27) Calum Traveler clears through, taps mic, and makes sure everything’s set up on the recording end…

(04/24 15:01:31) Murry: I do Carl.

(04/24 15:01:38) Calum Traveler: alright, camera’s on

(04/24 15:01:38) Carl Palmner: I brought Relto Ranch, B-B-Quab, and Spicy Minkata.

(04/24 15:01:42) Ereshkigal: Do they come in Teledah mushroom flavour

(04/24 15:01:47) Carl Palmner: Oh, and of course, Cheesy Chiso.

(04/24 15:01:50) Murry: BBQuab

(04/24 15:02:00) skyisblu has popcorn, thanks

(04/24 15:02:03) Calum Traveler: Welcome, everyone, i’m glad to see a crowd here at all given the server crashes hehe.

(04/24 15:02:04) Diranda: I want some Spicy Minkata

(04/24 15:02:05) Carl Palmner: No, the Teledahn mushroom flavor was recalled after people started seeing things that weren’t there.

(04/24 15:02:08) Doobes: Rulemonger…the surprise villian at the mid-credits of Doctor Strange 2. *gasp*.

(04/24 15:02:15) Diranda: Heee

(04/24 15:02:22) Carl Palmner shuts up because he realizes Calum is speaking.

(04/24 15:02:26) Calum Traveler: the generic rules here will be like the AGM,

(04/24 15:02:29) Ereshkigal: Ooh… makes sense 🙂 I’ll have the spicy minkata then

(04/24 15:02:39) Murry: I started seeing Shroomie in my bathtub.

(04/24 15:02:53) Calum Traveler: while we have folks on stage speaking, we’ll request that chatter, text and emoting, be kept to a bare minimum,

(04/24 15:03:20) Calum Traveler: primarily, i’d like to not have to cull out a lot of /clap-ing, so if possible can we keep that for the *very* end of the event?

(04/24 15:03:41) Murry nods

(04/24 15:03:42) Thumbs up from skyisblu

(04/24 15:03:55) NoMore shrugs

(04/24 15:03:56) Calum Traveler beckons folks into the conference room

(04/24 15:04:15) Calum Traveler: second rule, we’ll be having a Dedicated Q.N.A section

(04/24 15:04:30) Calum Traveler: but if you have questions you dont wnat to forget, please pass them off to me in PM, and I’ll add them to queue

(04/24 15:04:48) Calum Traveler: third…

(04/24 15:04:58) Calum Traveler: No Pressy the Kirel Podium Button!

(04/24 15:05:06) Murry: Professor Askew

(04/24 15:05:06) Calum Traveler: i think that should be self explanatory? XD

(04/24 15:05:28) Doobes: Or I shall make the podium…VANISH! *waves hands*

(04/24 15:05:32) Doobes: Oh wait…wrong client. 😛

(04/24 15:05:36) Calum Traveler: lesse… anything else i need to remember…?

(04/24 15:05:57) Calum Traveler stares for a moment, tapping foot and tapping a finger to chin, waiting for time for folks to filter in to pass…

(04/24 15:06:30) Carl Palmner: Newcomers: we’re in the common room. Come join the meeting 🙂

(04/24 15:06:32) Calum Traveler: nope, i got nothing else on rules.

(04/24 15:06:44) NoMore sketches a graph… ‘folks’ to ‘filter in’ to ‘pass’…

(04/24 15:06:56) Kahnop: shorah all

(04/24 15:06:58) Calum Traveler: shorah,

(04/24 15:07:07) Doobes: Heh, NOW it’s a party.

(04/24 15:07:08) Ereshkigal: Nice to see so many people!

(04/24 15:07:10) Doobes does a dance

(04/24 15:07:17) Calum Traveler: alright, sounds like RFD is now wrapping up, so we can officially begin soon.

(04/24 15:07:24) Gondar: brings back good memories, crowds in the auditorium

(04/24 15:07:36) Calum Traveler: indeed, Gondar,

(04/24 15:07:44) Calum Traveler: that’s part of what this event this evening is about,

(04/24 15:07:50) Calum Traveler: beyond being vaguely AGM like, that is

(04/24 15:08:12) Calum Traveler: so, welcome, one and all, to what we’re calling the Volunteer Uru Devs and Storytellers panel,

(04/24 15:08:13) NoMore: yeah they just said main show had 8 minutes over length because it’s a long show…

(04/24 15:08:30) Doobes: Good show though, I’m sure.

(04/24 15:08:48) Calum Traveler: we dont plan on this particular setup to be something more than an occasional thing after large updates

(04/24 15:09:00) Calum Traveler: like the last one we just had 😉

(04/24 15:09:15) Calum Traveler: smaller quarterly updates may be able to suffice with just the usual AGM stuff

(04/24 15:09:29) Calum Traveler: but, for this first quarter of 2022, we wanted to start off with a checkin with the community.

(04/24 15:09:43) Calum Traveler: before i go any further

(04/24 15:09:47) Calum Traveler: if the game crashes on us

(04/24 15:09:56) Calum Traveler: we *will* be transferring the event over to Cyanchat,

(04/24 15:09:56) Doobes: Scream! O_O

(04/24 15:10:02) Calum Traveler: some of us may voice, some of us may text

(04/24 15:10:06) Calum Traveler: ill be recording either way.

(04/24 15:10:21) Calum Traveler: just, as a heads up, because things have been… hectic,

(04/24 15:10:21) Doobes: (on Discord, just to clarify)

(04/24 15:10:26) Calum Traveler: yes, cyanchat on discord,

(04/24 15:10:40) Carl Palmner: I THINK we are all using text if we stay in-game, though.

(04/24 15:10:52) Calum Traveler: but things seem stable enough for now, and yes, we will be sticking to text in-game

(04/24 15:10:55) Doobes: I may sing if the mood hits me. 😛

(04/24 15:10:57) Calum Traveler: im chatlogging

(04/24 15:11:04) Calum Traveler: right then. so,

(04/24 15:11:10) Calum Traveler: it’s been one HECK of a month,

(04/24 15:11:26) Calum Traveler: we have a lot of things to talk about today, about the past, present, and future of the game,

(04/24 15:11:33) Calum Traveler: ill touch on something of my own project first

(04/24 15:11:59) Calum Traveler: beyond future age content i have in store (No spoilers here!) i’ve been working on creating a new introductory video for new avvies

(04/24 15:12:21) Calum Traveler: some of you have heard about that in places, and some of you havesubmitted lines for it

(04/24 15:12:33) Calum Traveler: the goal is to replace the old GT era, 2007 MOUL Yeesha intro,

(04/24 15:12:51) Calum Traveler: though, i say replace, but not in a ‘erase it from the game’ category

(04/24 15:13:05) Calum Traveler: there’s plans to rework the GUI in the F4 menu to allow multiple video selection

(04/24 15:13:22) Calum Traveler: Yeesha’s intro would stay available through there in historical relevance.

(04/24 15:13:40) Calum Traveler: a lot of us have felt that Yeesha’s intro has been… a bit outdated in terms of modern events,

(04/24 15:13:54) Calum Traveler: and reflects a bit of how stagnant URU has been up until twoish years ago

(04/24 15:14:03) Doobes: Yeah, highly doubt she’s dropping in anytime soon as the video suggests.

(04/24 15:14:14) Calum Traveler: the new intro, hopefully, will be completed and available in Q2 of this year

(04/24 15:14:21) Cpt.Jericho: She dropped a Relto page

(04/24 15:14:32) Calum Traveler: ah, and yeah, i should probably touch on that too.

(04/24 15:14:47) Calum Traveler: so, yeah. Relto Pages!

(04/24 15:14:51) Calum Traveler: that’s a thing, isnt it?

(04/24 15:14:59) Calum Traveler: basically, we ran it by cyan, and they said,

(04/24 15:15:09) Calum Traveler: “You can make pages, but *we* will be the ones to turn them on at our whims.”

(04/24 15:15:23) Calum Traveler: essentially, we can submit them and if cyan decides to turn one on, it’ll be there,

(04/24 15:15:24) Doobes: And we need to be vague as to why they’ve appeared.

(04/24 15:15:27) Calum Traveler: yep,

(04/24 15:15:43) Calum Traveler: we fan devs basically can design the things, and where they may appear, but as for *why* and *How* and *who*

(04/24 15:15:44) Calum Traveler shrugs

(04/24 15:15:46) Cpt.Jericho: Still, that OOC for Yeesha dropped them

(04/24 15:15:48) Doobes: In case you were wondering why we didn’t acknowledge anything like that.

(04/24 15:15:50) Calum Traveler: that’s not for us to decide,

(04/24 15:16:00) Calum Traveler: maybe Yeesha

(04/24 15:16:02) Calum Traveler: maybe a bahro

(04/24 15:16:03) Doobes: That’s for y’all to speculate. 😉

(04/24 15:16:05) Calum Traveler: maybe someone else

(04/24 15:16:14) Cpt.Jericho: Only Yeesha could write Relto

(04/24 15:16:15) Calum Traveler: we legit have no say or information on Yeesha’s current status

(04/24 15:16:26) Calum Traveler: and maybe she wrote these pages a hundred years ago?

(04/24 15:16:30) Calum Traveler: we just dont know.

(04/24 15:16:30) Cully Barger: Whims are Whims

(04/24 15:16:37) Calum Traveler: and the whims are Cyan’s.

(04/24 15:16:47) Calum Traveler: atleast, when it comes to Relto Pages.

(04/24 15:16:57) Cully Barger: Cyan got whims alreight

(04/24 15:16:59) Doobes: We just adhere to their rules about it.

(04/24 15:17:10) Calum Traveler: alright so, on that story touching note, something similar we must adhere to, rules wise.

(04/24 15:17:19) Calum Traveler: we devs arent allowed to do Yeesha or Bahro related stories.

(04/24 15:17:21) Calum Traveler: or use their techniques

(04/24 15:17:30) Korov’ev: that’s where knowing about Gameplay and Story segregation helps 😉

(04/24 15:17:35) Calum Traveler: yep,

(04/24 15:17:46) Calum Traveler: that’s also what this meeting is a bit about

(04/24 15:17:53) Calum Traveler: some of the topics we’ll touch on are related to that,

(04/24 15:18:00) Calum Traveler: the last thing i want to talk about here regarding that

(04/24 15:18:06) Calum Traveler: before i turn the floor over to our other speakers,

(04/24 15:18:22) Calum Traveler: is that there have been a few concerns punted out way regarding the Story we’re trying to tell, versus, well, everything else?

(04/24 15:18:45) Calum Traveler: i want to state for the record, we as the Volunteer Devs here are of the stance that our story is in *addition* to everything else.

(04/24 15:19:00) Calum Traveler: i personally see every event that happens here in D’ni as happening,

(04/24 15:19:17) Calum Traveler: many of us want to make a story for all of you to enjoy, and participate in should you choose to.

(04/24 15:19:49) Thumbs up from judyg

(04/24 15:20:01) Calum Traveler: the goal here is for all of us to have fun and enjoy the cavern 🙂

(04/24 15:20:51) Calum Traveler: ah, before i carry on, a question from Christian Walther

(04/24 15:21:03) Calum Traveler: “Has a fan-developed yeesha page been added with this update?”

(04/24 15:21:21) Calum Traveler: so, to clarify, Yeeshapages is the Internal name for Relto Pages

(04/24 15:21:33) Calum Traveler: so far, only one Page has been added,

(04/24 15:21:36) Calum Traveler: and that was the Veelay Page.

(04/24 15:21:42) Doobes: Not unless Hazado did even more work this update to which I’m not privy. 😛

(04/24 15:21:51) Calum Traveler: i personally didn’t do any testing with Relto this quarter

(04/24 15:22:00) Calum Traveler: so if a page was put in, i wasnt aware of it,

(04/24 15:22:03) Calum Traveler: nor did i test it XD

(04/24 15:22:12) Calum Traveler: we do have plans for more pages,

(04/24 15:22:17) Calum Traveler: i wont say what b/c spoilers!

(04/24 15:22:23) Christian Walther thanks you very much!

(04/24 15:22:24) Calum Traveler: but none were ready for testing this quarter.

(04/24 15:22:47) Calum Traveler: okay, so, i guess the question is i have for you all

(04/24 15:22:49) Doobes: There are some featured elsewhere that would be neat to have here, for instance.

(04/24 15:23:02) Calum Traveler: what topic do you want to hear first tonight? The Game Dev side of things, or the Story Dev side of things?

(04/24 15:23:08) Calum Traveler: because we have speakers for both!

(04/24 15:23:25) LividLiquid: I vote start with Game Dev, close out with Story Dev.

(04/24 15:23:29) Doobes: To be fair, both kinda tie into each other.

(04/24 15:23:33) Ereshkigal: Good idea!

(04/24 15:23:34) Gondar: So there’s no planned integration of the two topics ala MOUL?

(04/24 15:23:38) NoMore: dev first, story second.

(04/24 15:23:40) Doobes: At least that’s what we’re hoping.

(04/24 15:23:41) Calum Traveler: true, but we gotta start somewhere!

(04/24 15:23:47) Calum Traveler: alright, Game Dev side of things first

(04/24 15:24:00) Calum Traveler: Dev Speakers! if you’re up for speaking right now, come on up to the stage!

(04/24 15:24:05) Carl Palmner: Gondar–we hope to integrate the story with the new content, but that won’t happen soon because story has gotten a late start.

(04/24 15:24:17) Gondar: fair enough, thanks.

(04/24 15:24:19) Doobes: Heh…just me? 😛

(04/24 15:24:24) Calum Traveler: that’s fair,

(04/24 15:24:30) Calum Traveler: i can join too

(04/24 15:24:40) Carl Palmner: That’s ok, we love you Doobes!

(04/24 15:24:44) Calum Traveler: anyone else is free to join us, or sit and watch 🙂

(04/24 15:24:46) Calum Traveler: as i said earlier

(04/24 15:24:53) Calum Traveler: paritcipation is up to the individual

(04/24 15:24:57) Doobes: Well alright then! So you may have noticed a few things added and/or turned on this update!

(04/24 15:25:12) Calum Traveler: gahreesen waaaaaaall…

(04/24 15:25:17) Calum Traveler grins

(04/24 15:25:19) skyisblu: lol

(04/24 15:25:24) Doobes: The Gahreesen wall, for instance, courtesy of Hazado, Mystler, Filtik, and Christopher, the latter three from TOC.

(04/24 15:25:40) Doobes: Hazado was the one to port it over and fine-tune it.

(04/24 15:25:51) Calum Traveler: and i helped test haz’s many hotfixes ^^

(04/24 15:25:54) Doobes: And you may recognize the English voice as well… 😛

(04/24 15:25:57) Calum Traveler rubs head…

(04/24 15:26:05) Doobes: Hint: It’s me.

(04/24 15:26:06) Doobes laughs

(04/24 15:26:16) Calum Traveler: yes, doobes did the VO work in TOC’s version

(04/24 15:26:17) NoMore points

(04/24 15:26:21) Calum Traveler: and then redid his work for MOULa’s wall

(04/24 15:26:25) Doobes: r’Tay was the one who kindly did the D’ni voice clips.

(04/24 15:26:30) Calum Traveler: yep

(04/24 15:26:41) Doobes: Yes, all the clips were re-recorded with better sound…plus a few new ones for the occasion.

(04/24 15:26:46) Calum Traveler: 🙂

(04/24 15:26:55) Calum Traveler: r’Tayrtahn did a lot of great work for his recording

(04/24 15:27:00) Doobes: If you fall often enough, you may even get to hear my Atrus impression. 😛

(04/24 15:27:02) Calum Traveler: and Briggs did the fun part of distorting them!

(04/24 15:27:09) Calum Traveler: we may add more wall lines in future.

(04/24 15:27:22) Calum Traveler: the wall was, uh… lemme just say, it was a real headache

(04/24 15:27:28) Doobes: We probably will. The bigger the pool, the less likely there will be repeats.

(04/24 15:27:35) Calum Traveler: and not just because we kept running our heads into blockers 😛

(04/24 15:27:55) Calum Traveler: the amount of back and forth and bug fixes we did…

(04/24 15:27:56) Doobes: Those that are still having troubles with it, particularly when first entering the Maintainers Nexus, should try things out on Minkata shard and see if Hazado’s fix there works.

(04/24 15:28:27) Doobes: Another big addition…choice of starting point for new avatars!

(04/24 15:28:34) Doobes: Another Hazado special. 🙂

(04/24 15:28:40) Calum Traveler: it’s a long requested one

(04/24 15:28:45) Calum Traveler: as well as a toe dip into GUI editing

(04/24 15:28:55) Doobes: Complete with restored Atrus intro too.

(04/24 15:29:01) Diranda: And it works very well!

(04/24 15:29:12) Doobes: It got me all kinds of nostalgic, let me tell ya.

(04/24 15:29:14) DapperAndy: Yeah, lot of people happy about that one

(04/24 15:29:28) Doobes: And it acts as a great tutorial for newbies just diving in.

(04/24 15:29:28) Calum Traveler: it’s quite fun 🙂

(04/24 15:29:38) Doobes: Before coming to the cavern to see us.

(04/24 15:30:02) Calum Traveler: essentially, this is our answer to the IC question: “Where are folks getting their reltos from?”

(04/24 15:30:14) Calum Traveler: the same place they always were 🙂

(04/24 15:30:29) Doobes: Returning explorers already had them. New explorers get them from the tree in the cleft. 😉

(04/24 15:30:35) Calum Traveler nods his head

(04/24 15:30:44) Doobes: The Called are coming to the desert again.

(04/24 15:30:57) Calum Traveler: in addition to, and accompanying this change,

(04/24 15:31:01) Calum Traveler: we now have *Subtitles!*

(04/24 15:31:40) Calum Traveler: if you decide to do a new avvie, and have subtitles enabled, youll get to read as well as hear a lot of Yeesha’s dialogue

(04/24 15:31:49) Calum Traveler: plus, poke Zandi for some fun quips XD

(04/24 15:31:52) Doobes: A lovely addition from Zaroth. Great for those that want logs and especially for the hearing impaired.

(04/24 15:32:17) Thumbs up from Diranda

(04/24 15:32:24) Thumbs up from Ereshkigal

(04/24 15:32:26) Calum Traveler: finally, the last major thing for this update is the new Age,

(04/24 15:32:27) Doobes: Yeah, a long overdue feature.

(04/24 15:32:33) Doobes: Well…cavern location. 😉

(04/24 15:32:40) Calum Traveler: i wont say much more than we have the release event for Elonin scheduled for the 29th

(04/24 15:32:52) Calum Traveler: spoilers!

(04/24 15:33:00) Calum Traveler: i have two questions in queue:

(04/24 15:33:06) Calum Traveler: Night-Tripper: How do we get the Maintainer Suits?

(04/24 15:33:07) Doobes: For those unaware, it’s a joint project from Dulcamara and ametist.

(04/24 15:33:22) Calum Traveler: (oop)

(04/24 15:33:28) Calum Traveler: (hit the button early.)

(04/24 15:33:42) Doobes: Heh, that’s OK. I was hoping for more informal anyway. 🙂

(04/24 15:33:48) Calum Traveler: so, maintainer suits are presently disabled until the first official tournament

(04/24 15:34:00) Doobes: Ah, see…didn’t know that.

(04/24 15:34:06) Doobes: And now we all do. Hehehe.

(04/24 15:34:11) Calum Traveler: after which, we intend for the maintainer suits to be rewarded for the first completion of a co-op game

(04/24 15:34:25) Nosi La: err.. you sure?

(04/24 15:34:28) Calum Traveler: so if you’re racing another player once it’s enabled, and you’re first to the top,

(04/24 15:34:33) Nosi La: I saw someone in one yesterday?

(04/24 15:34:35) Calum Traveler: the suit *should* be rewarded

(04/24 15:34:39) Carl Palmner: That sounds awesome.

(04/24 15:34:47) Calum Traveler: as far as i know, chogon hasn’t thrown the switch to enable it

(04/24 15:34:52) Hazado: If they have a suit, it was acquired through other means

(04/24 15:34:55) Calum Traveler: but if someone’s done it privately, we can’t really stop them.

(04/24 15:35:01) Nosi La: well… I did see them in Bevin

(04/24 15:35:05) Cpt.Jericho: Then it was either a glitch or a hack

(04/24 15:35:15) NoMore: can maybe enabled in bot ages with bot, not in regular gameplay yet…

(04/24 15:35:17) Calum Traveler: eh, ‘hack’ is such a tired phrase lol.

(04/24 15:35:19) Gondar: any timeframes on a tourney? (And will this be some large-scale organized thing?)

(04/24 15:35:26) Doobes: Yep. The legit way will be to win a game against someone else when the switch is flipped.

(04/24 15:35:34) Nosi La: they said, it was from the wall, but hey, I dunno

(04/24 15:35:41) Calum Traveler: yes, we imagine bots could turn them on, and we prepared for that eventuality,

(04/24 15:35:41) Doobes: I’m curious about that too, Gondar.

(04/24 15:35:47) Hazado: Tourney can be whenever someone sets it up

(04/24 15:35:55) Calum Traveler: yep, doesnt have to be us,

(04/24 15:36:07) Calum Traveler: personally im a little exhausted from climbing all over that thing

(04/24 15:36:16) Doobes: Best to coordinate one and give Minasunda the details. Then it can be relayed to Chogon accordingly.

(04/24 15:36:27) Calum Traveler: and we’d like to get in a hotfix to address a rare crash before any of us organize a thing.

(04/24 15:36:28) Hazado: same, there was quite a bit of testing done

(04/24 15:36:41) Calum Traveler: 🙂

(04/24 15:36:54) Doobes: If you’ve ever dealt with the wall before this, you’d know why Cyan never had the time to fix it. 😛

(04/24 15:37:02) Doobes: It’s a BEAST.

(04/24 15:37:09) Calum Traveler: but yes, we figured tournament mode would either be turned on by bots or folks with internal clients, or by chogon himself,

(04/24 15:37:23) Calum Traveler: it’s not really a ‘hack’ in this case

(04/24 15:37:29) Calum Traveler: it’s definitely an intended feature!

(04/24 15:37:36) Calum Traveler: just, officially, they’re not available yet 😉

(04/24 15:37:46) Calum Traveler: wall games have a solo mode,

(04/24 15:37:51) Cpt.Jericho: That’s called a ‘Glitch’ then

(04/24 15:37:52) Nosi La: good to know 🙂

(04/24 15:37:56) Calum Traveler: you can set up a maze on both sides and do it yourself,

(04/24 15:38:04) Doobes: So what else did we want to cover for this update? Did we get it all?

(04/24 15:38:05) Calum Traveler: but even when wall tourny mode is on

(04/24 15:38:12) Calum Traveler: a solo match wont grant you the suit

(04/24 15:38:21) Calum Traveler: second question:

(04/24 15:38:22) Hazado: Right now requires quite a bit of running, next quarter we plan to make that a bit easier for solo players

(04/24 15:38:30) Calum Traveler: Carl: How does the intro choice work?

(04/24 15:38:31) Doobes: Yep. Like Delin and Tsogal, you’ll need people to help ya get the prize.

(04/24 15:38:44) Doobes: When you start a new avatar, you’ll have the choice.

(04/24 15:38:48) Calum Traveler: basically, on the char select screen, select a new avvie as you always would

(04/24 15:39:02) Calum Traveler: we’ve removed the useless ‘invite code’ box and placed in a set of toggle flags

(04/24 15:39:10) Calum Traveler: chose the box you want for the intro you want!

(04/24 15:39:13) Carl Palmner: Ahhhhh ok. Thanks.

(04/24 15:39:25) Doobes: There’s also descriptions for each next to the checkboxes.

(04/24 15:39:28) Calum Traveler: yep!

(04/24 15:39:36) Diranda: I played it last night. It works very nicely.

(04/24 15:39:39) Hazado: Once you complete the cleft, its URU gameplay as usual

(04/24 15:39:44) Calum Traveler nods his head

(04/24 15:39:55) Hazado: There is no special rewards, etc for have a cleft start vs relto start

(04/24 15:39:55) Doobes: You’ll even get the MOUL video when you get to Relto too.

(04/24 15:39:59) Doobes: Again, we’ll be updating that.

(04/24 15:40:04) Calum Traveler: no more questions in queue.

(04/24 15:40:10) Calum Traveler: anyone have anything theyve been sitting on?

(04/24 15:40:15) Carl Palmner: Me

(04/24 15:40:19) Calum Traveler: yes? 😛

(04/24 15:40:20) Doobes: Go ahead Carl.

(04/24 15:40:29) Carl Palmner: We can already play individual wall games with no reward, correct?

(04/24 15:40:32) Calum Traveler: yes,

(04/24 15:40:37) Doobes: After, we’ll dig into what’s coming a little bit. Some of it leads into the story talk. 🙂

(04/24 15:40:41) Carl Palmner: I mean like I could challenge you to one and we could play.,

(04/24 15:40:49) Calum Traveler: yes,

(04/24 15:40:56) Calum Traveler: it would be in a private gahreesen for the time being

(04/24 15:41:04) Calum Traveler: we have options we’re considering for a public venue

(04/24 15:41:04) Doobes: Don’t play with Calum. His mazes are eeeeeeeevil.

(04/24 15:41:05) Carl Palmner: Thanks!

(04/24 15:41:06) Doobes laughs

(04/24 15:41:09) Calum Traveler: 😛

(04/24 15:41:14) Calum Traveler: i learned from haz and scharm

(04/24 15:41:16) Calum Traveler starts to laugh

(04/24 15:41:31) Diranda: I want to see these in action!

(04/24 15:41:33) Doobes: Oh, in case it wasn’t mentioned, Hazado put in a fix to make sure the mazes can’t be unsolvable.

(04/24 15:41:41) Hazado: That was Zaroth

(04/24 15:41:49) Calum Traveler: i believe zaroth’s code on- ish.

(04/24 15:41:50) Doobes: Oh, sorry. Zaroth did that. 😀

(04/24 15:41:51) Hazado: She did the code for that

(04/24 15:42:09) NoMore: an AB* path finder 😛

(04/24 15:42:09) Ereshkigal: This is amazing work, guys!

(04/24 15:42:17) Doobes: It’s really been an exciting time behind the scenes as things have really been cooking now.

(04/24 15:42:17) Calum Traveler: i think that’s about it for this quarter beyond- oh, right. clothing.

(04/24 15:42:24) Calum Traveler: as you know, last quarter we had some… hiccups

(04/24 15:42:32) Doobes: *hic*

(04/24 15:42:35) Calum Traveler: zandi shirt and backpacks going wierd

(04/24 15:42:54) Hazado: sorry, missed a few sections when we brought over the cc clothing. It should be fixed now.

(04/24 15:43:03) Calum Traveler: one of the cyan shirts was erroniously removed during a cleanup of licensed logo shirts from the GT era,

(04/24 15:43:08) Calum Traveler: we’ve put those back

(04/24 15:43:15) Calum Traveler: the, erroniously removed one, that is

(04/24 15:43:18) Calum Traveler: not the licensed ones.

(04/24 15:43:20) Calum Traveler: cant do those.

(04/24 15:43:23) Calum Traveler: for legal reasons.

(04/24 15:43:25) Calum Traveler: >>;

(04/24 15:43:36) Calum Traveler: anyways, you may remember Backpack2?

(04/24 15:43:38) Doobes: Yes, and we do not want their wrath or Cyan’s legal dept. 😛

(04/24 15:43:44) Calum Traveler: random thing that replaced the er’cana field vest?

(04/24 15:43:52) Calum Traveler: i can happily report that that erronious error release has been rectified

(04/24 15:44:01) Calum Traveler: and it is now official available to collect…. *Somewhere!*

(04/24 15:44:18) Doobes isn’t telling

(04/24 15:44:24) Calum Traveler: it is well hidden

(04/24 15:44:34) Hazado: Lol, its not that well hidden

(04/24 15:44:35) Night-Tripper: somewhere over the rainbow

(04/24 15:44:38) Tweek: Down the back of the sofa? Like my TV remote?

(04/24 15:44:38) Cpt.Jericho: Is or Will be availible?

(04/24 15:44:43) Calum Traveler: Is.

(04/24 15:44:44) Doobes: Well, it’s not *too* hidden, but there will be searching involved.

(04/24 15:44:46) Hazado: It is available now

(04/24 15:44:48) Calum Traveler: it is available now,

(04/24 15:44:54) Calum Traveler: you just gotta go find it 😉

(04/24 15:44:58) Cpt.Jericho: So, it’s not in the new age 😛

(04/24 15:44:59) NoMore digs some more holes into Minkata desert ground…

(04/24 15:45:05) Calum Traveler: no,

(04/24 15:45:08) NoMore: 😀

(04/24 15:45:09) Gondar: so it was removed from closets and has to be recollected?

(04/24 15:45:10) Calum Traveler: backpack2 was a cyan item

(04/24 15:45:15) Hazado: backpack 2 is officially available, those that got it last update. You can still go find it 🙂

(04/24 15:45:19) Calum Traveler: it was never supposed to be IN the closets to begin with

(04/24 15:45:22) Calum Traveler: to start

(04/24 15:45:27) Calum Traveler: that was a bug,

(04/24 15:45:30) Gondar: ah, ok.

(04/24 15:45:36) Hazado: it should still be there as far as we know

(04/24 15:45:38) Doobes: Besides, more fun to hunt for it, IMHO.

(04/24 15:45:40) Calum Traveler: er, there may still be some side-effects of lady avvie’s hairs going wild,

(04/24 15:45:45) Calum Traveler: we’re still trying to track that down,

(04/24 15:45:53) Calum Traveler: not sure what’s causing that.

(04/24 15:46:13) Calum Traveler: i think that’s it for this quarter.

(04/24 15:46:24) Doobes: We’ll find out at some point. If you notice anything, be sure to let us know over at the OpenURU Discord.

(04/24 15:46:35) Doobes: So…next quarter then?

(04/24 15:46:39) Calum Traveler: yeah

(04/24 15:46:45) Doobes: Why yes, we’ve already started. 😛

(04/24 15:46:45) Calum Traveler: as i teased, new intro,

(04/24 15:47:04) Calum Traveler: there’s atleast one age in the pipeline already, Naybree,

(04/24 15:47:12) Calum Traveler: which is the prologued for a planned story arc of sorts,

(04/24 15:47:19) Hazado: two more we have heard about that may make it 🙂

(04/24 15:47:26) Calum Traveler: yep

(04/24 15:47:27) Doobes: Chiso Preniv will be…expanding. The Pub will be getting Mysterium decoration, hopefully just in time for this year’s event.

(04/24 15:47:32) Hazado: naybree is awesome

(04/24 15:47:34) Calum Traveler: lots of shirts!

(04/24 15:48:01) Ereshkigal gives thumbs up for shirts

(04/24 15:48:12) Tweek: Highgarden is pretty close to being done, Hazado.

(04/24 15:48:16) Calum Traveler: there’ll likely bee some other fan created clothing in next quarter as well,

(04/24 15:48:23) Doobes: Also, I plan to revamp the Watcher’s Pub once more, hopefully to match it even closer to its original look and configuration…and to potentially set the back room up for potential entry, if we go down that route.

(04/24 15:48:36) Hazado: Tweek, wonderful! Looking forward to it

(04/24 15:48:38) Doobes: Also, it’s gettin’ a Nexus Book. 😀

(04/24 15:48:42) Calum Traveler: yep,

(04/24 15:48:50) Calum Traveler: doobes added two to chiso already

(04/24 15:48:51) Doobes: Yes, I really, really want to see your work here, Tweek! 😀

(04/24 15:48:59) Calum Traveler: and GoMePub has the restored Nexus Link function

(04/24 15:49:04) Carl Palmner: Ditto. I want my Tweek stuff!

(04/24 15:49:09) Doobes: Yes, they’re on either side of the big windows for your convenience. Right now.

(04/24 15:49:10) Calum Traveler: so having Watchers have a Nexus book is rounding out the set.

(04/24 15:49:53) Doobes: Calum, did we have any other content news? If not, I have a segue into the story stuff. 🙂

(04/24 15:50:12) Calum Traveler: we have a Q from Christian Walther

(04/24 15:50:22) Doobes: CW! Whatcha got?

(04/24 15:50:24) Calum Traveler: “Anything about getting books, EG, Chiso, On Relto Shelf?”

(04/24 15:50:52) Hazado: Well since that would take a yeesha miracle… its a bit out of our hands

(04/24 15:50:52) Calum Traveler: i think that’s mostly a GUI issue at present?

(04/24 15:50:57) Doobes: Well, that’ll be tricky. It might be something I’ll try playing around with. There’s also the matter of the Book clips and potential design on them.

(04/24 15:51:04) Carl Palmner: That would be really cool, actually. Pick it up from Watcher’s, then have it be avaiolable in Relto.

(04/24 15:51:12) Calum Traveler: its not quite fully cut and paste as we’d like it to be

(04/24 15:51:18) Calum Traveler: but we have ideas for alternate routes

(04/24 15:51:28) Doobes: I do need to introduce a way to reset the private instanced Ages in Chiso until that happens.

(04/24 15:51:32) Calum Traveler: personally im working on an apartment concept which could serve as a relto extension

(04/24 15:51:39) Calum Traveler: as far as bookshelves go

(04/24 15:52:06) Doobes: It’s one of those things we need to test out, then present and see what Cyan says since it’s dabbling in Yeesha magic of sorts.

(04/24 15:52:11) Calum Traveler: yep

(04/24 15:52:19) Doobes: But it’s also a gameplay thing, so there’s that too.

(04/24 15:52:21) Calum Traveler: its complicated on a technical front AND a story front!

(04/24 15:52:41) Doobes: Speaking of story…since I’m sure they’ve been waiting patiently for us to finish… 😛

(04/24 15:52:42) Cpt.Jericho: Phil’s Relto has a full shelf.

(04/24 15:52:58) Calum Traveler: technically, so does our relto,

(04/24 15:53:07) Calum Traveler: but it’s the coding/programming side of things that’s… tricky.

(04/24 15:53:11) Doobes: Chiso’s expansion is the rumored “secret floor” that was mentioned in the journal.

(04/24 15:53:22) Korov’ev: it’s not necessarily Yeesha magic, but that’s a long story.

(04/24 15:53:33) Cpt.Jericho: Chiso has an adult only section? I knew it!!

(04/24 15:53:35) Doobes: This will introduce us to some familiar faces’s work areas…plus some new ones. 🙂

(04/24 15:53:37) Calum Traveler: it’s certainly a topic for another day (Relto)

(04/24 15:53:43) Calum Traveler: yep,

(04/24 15:53:49) Calum Traveler: Me and Kelsei will have desks,

(04/24 15:53:55) Doobes: Jules as well.

(04/24 15:54:01) Calum Traveler: you’ll get a peek at one of my journals at long last lol

(04/24 15:54:12) Doobes: As well as Tweek, Dulcamara, TGMChrist, and more!

(04/24 15:54:14) Calum Traveler cowers

(04/24 15:54:14) Calum Traveler: (please dont crucify me lol)

(04/24 15:54:18) Doobes: 😛

(04/24 15:54:31) ShilohOBrien: We’re all a bunch of snoops. Reading other explorer’s journals.

(04/24 15:54:35) Calum Traveler: 😛

(04/24 15:54:36) Gondar: bribe us with more of what you’ve been doing and we’ll see 😀

(04/24 15:54:44) Doobes: This will be a new push for a more interactive and hands-on story from those of us who are trying to coordinate and build something.

(04/24 15:54:50) Calum Traveler: unlike sharper, im not going to take my books away or stop updating them if people tell me about it.

(04/24 15:54:54) Calum Traveler: yes, indeed,

(04/24 15:55:07) Calum Traveler: we’re trying to get the story we’re planning integrated into the game more properly,

(04/24 15:55:21) Doobes: So on that note, if Calum is cool with that, I’d like to step aside and give them the floor now. 🙂

(04/24 15:55:25) Calum Traveler: yep.

(04/24 15:55:31) Calum Traveler: that’s my cue to scram as well

(04/24 15:55:36) Calum Traveler: storytellers! come on up!

(04/24 15:55:38) Calum Traveler beckons you

(04/24 15:55:41) Doobes: Thanks for listening! We’ve got great content on the way!

(04/24 15:56:00) Carl Palmner: Technically Calum and Doobes are Storytellers, as well 🙂

(04/24 15:56:08) Calum Traveler: (im technically part of this, but i gotta afk for a brief moment)

(04/24 15:56:12) Doobes: Yeah, but we’ve been up there hogging the spotlight. 😛

(04/24 15:56:30) Ereshkigal: And I’m also helping out, but I don’t have any character yet

(04/24 15:56:32) Doobes: Time for you to shine.

(04/24 15:56:34) Carl Palmner: So, I’m the first speaker, but I thought maybe we could do introductions first?

(04/24 15:56:51) DapperAndy: Sounds good to me 🙂

(04/24 15:57:02) Carl Palmner: So just a quick intro from those here–no spoilers about any characters you may or not be playing. Just tell us a little about real-life you.

(04/24 15:57:10) Carl Palmner: dapper, wanna start?

(04/24 15:57:18) DapperAndy: Tidy

(04/24 15:57:36) Carl Palmner: lOL, that’s it?

(04/24 15:57:41) Calum Traveler: (Back)

(04/24 15:57:42) DapperAndy: Hi everyone, I’m DapperAndy. Longtime player, managed to catch things when they were on GameTap

(04/24 15:58:20) Carl Palmner: diranda?

(04/24 15:58:20) DapperAndy: Tuned back in over the last couple of years, was VERY pleased to discover how far things had come with the fan-dev content being worked on

(04/24 15:58:25) Carl Palmner: oops

(04/24 15:59:19) DapperAndy: Ended up geting one of my old short stories submitted to Chiso, ended up sticking around to help with future stuff in the works

(04/24 15:59:46) DapperAndy: They haven’t told me to sling me hook yet, so I assume I havent worn out my welcome yet ^_^

(04/24 16:00:01) Carl Palmner: Please don’t ever leave!

(04/24 16:00:23) Murry: And watch where you sling your hook.

(04/24 16:00:31) DapperAndy: So I’ve been told 😛

(04/24 16:00:31) Carl Palmner: Ok–Diranda?

(04/24 16:00:34) Doobes: Nah, he’s gettin’ a drink cabinet in Chiso. He’s set, I think. 😛

(04/24 16:00:53) Diranda: Shorah, I’m Diranda. I’ve been on and off for a long time, but I have recently come back to the server. I’m helping with story development. 😀

(04/24 16:01:37) Carl Palmner: Ok.

(04/24 16:02:06) Carl Palmner: We also have some others in the audience who haven’t stepped up: Tweek, Murry, Ereshkigal. Any of you want to briefly introduce yourselves?

(04/24 16:02:41) Murry: I’ll go

(04/24 16:04:00) Murry: Hi everyone, I’m Murry. I’m a noobe when it comes to this, but after encouragement for the folks up here. I’m going to dip my toes in the water.

(04/24 16:04:13) Thumbs up from Ereshkigal

(04/24 16:04:21) Carl Palmner: Murry’s got a lot of enthusiasm and some great ideas 🙂

(04/24 16:04:21) Calum Traveler gives an encouraging smile

(04/24 16:04:35) Thumbs up from Diranda

(04/24 16:04:36) Doobes: We prefer “newbie” here. Less internet harsh. 😉

(04/24 16:04:45) Carl Palmner: Tweek, in case anyone has been living under a rock and doesn’t know you, want to introduce yourself?

(04/24 16:04:45) Murry: Sorry

(04/24 16:04:52) Doobes: S’okay. 🙂

(04/24 16:05:01) Nosi La: new person I’d say

(04/24 16:05:02) Tweek: Hello, I’m Tweek.

(04/24 16:05:03) Murry: Know it rhymes with ..

(04/24 16:05:07) Tweek: Ok, I’m done.

(04/24 16:05:11) Doobes laughs

(04/24 16:05:12) Carl Palmner starts to laugh

(04/24 16:05:14) Calum Traveler starts to laugh

(04/24 16:05:17) DapperAndy: Hah!

(04/24 16:05:17) Gondar laughs

(04/24 16:05:20) Ereshkigal laughs

(04/24 16:05:22) Murry: Wel said Tweek

(04/24 16:05:24) Calum Traveler: similarly,

(04/24 16:05:29) Tweek: So I’ve been doing IC stuff for Uru for the last 20 years.

(04/24 16:05:29) Carl Palmner: Ok. Eresh?

(04/24 16:05:30) Calum Traveler: im Calum. you know me 😛

(04/24 16:05:41) Calum Traveler zips mouth.

(04/24 16:06:03) Doobes: FWIW, Tweek was one of the ones that inspired me to try Age building. He is legend. 😀

(04/24 16:06:11) Ereshkigal: Sure! I’m Ereshkigal; I’ve been a Myst fan for 14 years, but spent all that time thinking D’ni was dead and buried. It’s great to be here, and I love working on telling a story together!

(04/24 16:06:23) Carl Palmner: Yes, Tweek is a personal hero of mine as well.

(04/24 16:06:27) Thumbs up from Diranda

(04/24 16:06:30) Ereshkigal: I’m also working on some writings which I hope to submit for Q2

(04/24 16:06:31) Carl Palmner: And very much a legend in the community.

(04/24 16:06:40) Carl Palmner: And Eresh has also brought some awesome ideas to the table!

(04/24 16:06:54) Carl Palmner: There are actually a few other members who aren’t here.

(04/24 16:07:01) Murry: And a lot of enthusiasm too.

(04/24 16:07:05) Doobes nods

(04/24 16:07:11) Carl Palmner: Yali is a member. Ummm…there are others but I don’t actually know everyone yet, lol.

(04/24 16:07:32) Carl Palmner: Ok, so I’ll introduce myself and then give our first little presentation/talk/whatever.

(04/24 16:07:32) Tweek: Yeah the group has grown quickly over the last few weeks.

(04/24 16:07:50) Carl Palmner: So, I’m Carl Palmner.

(04/24 16:08:10) Carl Palmner: Or at least, that’s the name I’ve been going by here since the Until Uru days, right before Gametap.

(04/24 16:08:26) Carl Palmner: My real name is Paul McLerran, and that’s the first time I’ve ever typed those words in-game.

(04/24 16:08:38) Carl Palmner: I’m a writer, novel editor, and English teacher in Las Vegas.

(04/24 16:08:42) Cpt.Jericho: You’re da Carl Palmner

(04/24 16:08:54) Doobes: Kinda freeing, isn’t it?

(04/24 16:08:55) Gondar: still the same person to us

(04/24 16:09:06) Calum Traveler: you’ll always be Carl to me, my friend 🙂

(04/24 16:09:11) Gondar: (bonus points for anagram)

(04/24 16:09:23) Ereshkigal: Sorry guys, I have to leave! It’s getting late for me and I have an early morning tomorrow. Thanks so much everyone for joining tonight, and I’ll be sure to read the chatlogs tomorrow!

(04/24 16:09:32) Calum Traveler: later. eresh 🙂

(04/24 16:09:36) DapperAndy: Later Eresh

(04/24 16:09:37) Carl Palmner: I was heavily involved in Gametap Uru, and my lectures comprise about half of the Heritage Documents, which you can find in Chiso Preniv.

(04/24 16:09:38) Calum Traveler: and thanks for popping in 🙂

(04/24 16:09:38) Diranda hugs Eresh

(04/24 16:09:40) Ereshkigal: And wonderful that you’re willing to share your name with us, Carl 🙂

(04/24 16:09:40) Cpt.Jericho: Bye Eresh

(04/24 16:09:47) Ereshkigal: Thanks so much guys!!!

(04/24 16:10:35) Carl Palmner: About two years ago I got very sick and nearly died. It’s a long story, but the end result was months of recovery, and I didn’t really play Uru for about 2 years.

(04/24 16:11:08) Carl Palmner: I came back about a month ago and learned to my surprise that there were new Ages, and that my words were even part of one! That was a pretty awesome experience.

(04/24 16:11:51) Carl Palmner: So I’m going to be talking a little about Living Story, what IC and OOC means, and related stuff. Older game vets will already know all of this, so I guess I’m mostly speaking to the newer folks.

(04/24 16:12:08) Murry mutters If I share my real name the CIA my find me.

(04/24 16:12:25) Murry: Oops.

(04/24 16:12:32) Carl Palmner: So, back in the day, Uru was played somewhat differently than it is now. We’re getting regular new content again, and that’s wonderful, but there’s still something missing: what I call “Living Story.”

(04/24 16:12:51) Carl Palmner: This was something that Cyan did with GameTap Uru (and other iterations before that).

(04/24 16:13:09) Carl Palmner: In addition to getting new Ages to solve and explore, there was an ongoing story happening in realtime.

(04/24 16:13:26) Carl Palmner: This was accomplished by the use of Cyan’s official “characters” who would enter the cavern and interact with explorers.

(04/24 16:13:41) Carl Palmner: These characters were special, in that they broke the rule of “U-R-U.”

(04/24 16:14:04) Carl Palmner: In other words, they were entirely fictional people with fictional histories, being played by live actors (Cyan employees).

(04/24 16:14:32) Carl Palmner: They are mentioned quite a bit in the Heritage Documents: Douglas Sharper, Ikuro Kodama, Victor Laxman, Michael Engberg, Dr. Watson, Nick White…the list goes on.

(04/24 16:14:55) Carl Palmner: All of them are invented “characters,” like NPCs in a role-playing game, but played by real people.

(04/24 16:15:01) Carl Palmner: And this made them feel VERY real.

(04/24 16:15:09) Cpt.Jericho: Like Rosi and Wheely

(04/24 16:15:14) Carl Palmner: Great example.

(04/24 16:15:17) Carl Palmner: I’ll run with that.

(04/24 16:15:35) Murry nods.

(04/24 16:15:41) Carl Palmner: Engburg had a daughter named Willow, who we called Wheely.

(04/24 16:15:55) Carl Palmner: We would occasionally go on adventures with her around the cavern.

(04/24 16:16:04) Carl Palmner: She started bringing a friend with her–Rosette.

(04/24 16:16:21) Carl Palmner: Then one day a huge crack opened in the Kahlo Pub, and Wheely fell through.

(04/24 16:16:25) Carl Palmner: As did Rosette.

(04/24 16:16:39) ShilohOBrien: I so remember that night.

(04/24 16:16:51) Carl Palmner: A Bahro showed up among them several times, but it was unclear whether the Bahro wanted to help or hurt her. It seemed to change it’s mind regularly.

(04/24 16:16:53) Calum Traveler: that whole week is burned into my memory…

(04/24 16:17:20) Carl Palmner: The DRC started a long rescue attempt process. But in the end, the Bahro (or rather, A Bahro) slaughtered Wheely.

(04/24 16:17:38) NoMore: ew

(04/24 16:17:42) Carl Palmner: And it was this huge impactful thing, because although she wasn’t “real,” she felt real.

(04/24 16:17:43) Cpt.Jericho: And Rosi

(04/24 16:17:51) Carl Palmner: Rose was actualyl already dead. She died in the fall.

(04/24 16:18:05) Calum Traveler: the event was horrifying to experience, and the full details can be found in the SCARS volume of the Heritage Docs,

(04/24 16:18:09) Carl Palmner: But here’s the thing: for people playing the game, that ACTUALLY HAPPENED. We were there.

(04/24 16:18:28) Calum Traveler: indeed, i remember being emotionally distraught, caught up in the feel of it.

(04/24 16:18:38) Carl Palmner: It’s not just something we read about afterwards. (Although sometimes it was, when something happened and we just weren’t online).

(04/24 16:18:47) DapperAndy: Having it play out in real time, having Wheely interact with explorers one to one in the lead up to it

(04/24 16:18:56) Murry: We should state here that we will not be creating that horrific type of event in our stories.

(04/24 16:19:02) Calum Traveler: no, for sure,

(04/24 16:19:05) Carl Palmner: And this led into a whole bigger story in which we learned that the Bahro were at war.

(04/24 16:19:17) Calum Traveler: we don’t intend for things to get that dark,

(04/24 16:19:26) Carl Palmner: No, we don’t intend to do anything on the Wheely Engburg murder level any time soon.

(04/24 16:19:37) Carl Palmner: Our story will actually be quite a bit lighter, although there will still be conflict.

(04/24 16:19:51) Cpt.Jericho: No conflict – no story.

(04/24 16:19:54) Murry nods

(04/24 16:19:56) Diranda: There can be interesting stories without that level of tragedy. 😀

(04/24 16:20:00) Calum Traveler: the closest that we’ll get to is at best a search party, probably.

(04/24 16:20:01) Korov’ev: There’s also the shortcoming of living story: for those who came after those events, there is no attachment, it’s just a story.

(04/24 16:20:15) Carl Palmner: Now, these official characters, they all had one thing in common: they were all “IC.” I’m going to quickly explain what that means, as I’ve learned many of the newer players don’t know.

(04/24 16:20:20) NoMore: yeah needs the bad guys to show who’s the good guys…

(04/24 16:20:32) ShilohOBrien: Instead of a Bahro civil war, we have Bahro arguing over who picks up the dinner check.

(04/24 16:20:55) Carl Palmner: “IC” is a term borrowed from online role-playing games. It stands for “in character.” That’s a bit of a misnomer for us, since in Uru, you are you.

(04/24 16:21:24) Carl Palmner: We used to say it could just as easily be “in cavern” or “in canon.” Again, still misnomers, which is why everyone just said IC.

(04/24 16:21:56) Carl Palmner: Essentially, there’s one rule of playing IC: refusing to acknowledge that this is a computer game. Instead, someone being IC behaves as if it’s all 100% real.

(04/24 16:22:13) Carl Palmner: That, right there, is all thati’s really meant by IC.

(04/24 16:22:25) Calum Traveler: and to clarify, that doesn’t mean that events that aren’t organized in an IC manner aren’t also happening ICly

(04/24 16:22:26) Carl Palmner: The idea that we’re not playing a game, but living a real life down here.

(04/24 16:22:32) Diranda: ^^^^

(04/24 16:22:35) Carl Palmner: Yup, what Calum said.

(04/24 16:22:45) Calum Traveler: dance parties, other events, the social aspect? All of that is IC for me as well 🙂

(04/24 16:22:54) Carl Palmner: The other term we borrowed from the RPG folks was “OOC”, “out of character.”

(04/24 16:23:15) Cpt.Jericho: out of cavern

(04/24 16:23:29) Carl Palmner: In the case of Uru, playing OOC just means you admit it’s a game. You apologize that your cat jumped on your keyboard (Thanks Tweek for that example), or mention how nice Uru looks with your new graphics card.

(04/24 16:23:56) Carl Palmner: Back in the GT days, due to the encouragement of the official characters, many of us players played 100% IC.

(04/24 16:24:07) Calum Traveler: others swerved the line

(04/24 16:24:16) Doobes: You’d be surprised how much kitty wants to play URU. 😛

(04/24 16:24:16) Carl Palmner: Most people played a sort of hybrid of the two, with the emphasis leaning towards the IC. At least, that’s how it seemed to me.

(04/24 16:24:23) Calum Traveler: even the official ResEngs had to bend between IC and OOC,

(04/24 16:24:27) Carl Palmner: Yep.

(04/24 16:24:31) Diranda: Yep

(04/24 16:24:47) Carl Palmner: I was one of those 100% ICers, and still am, so this whole experience right now is kind of weird for me, lol.

(04/24 16:25:06) Calum Traveler: i follow the whole, ResEng thing, personally

(04/24 16:25:15) Calum Traveler: yall know how i dart between modes like a fish in a river.

(04/24 16:25:26) Diranda: Some of us have hybrid ‘characters’. I swap between IC and OOC on the fly out of habit.

(04/24 16:25:27) Carl Palmner: Anyway, what I see today in-game is very different. Not only do I see almost everyone playing OOC all the time, but a lot of people seem confused when some of us try to introduce IC things.

(04/24 16:26:06) Carl Palmner: For example, the other day I came into the cavern and talked to the good doctor, Tiernan Quinlan, about some sabotage that had been committed in a patient room in the clinic.

(04/24 16:26:06) Calum Traveler: which, is part of why we’re doing this meeting, to set a tone and explain things.

(04/24 16:26:15) Diranda: 😀

(04/24 16:26:21) Murry: Right.

(04/24 16:26:27) Carl Palmner: A few people got that this was story and played a long. But others were extremely confused, since there’s no way to access the “patient rooms” or sabotage anything.

(04/24 16:26:48) Carl Palmner: This was, in effect, something Cyan used to do all the time–create stories around areas players couldn’t get to yet.

(04/24 16:27:15) Diranda: This is the way many text-based RPGs do things.

(04/24 16:27:16) Carl Palmner: So, on to what we’re actually going to be doing. I’m not going to give away much about the plot, for spoiler reasons.

(04/24 16:27:30) Calum Traveler: think the tease of Chiso’s hidden area, as an example of this,

(04/24 16:27:50) Calum Traveler: the idea has been there from the start, but is only to be properly introduced later

(04/24 16:27:59) Carl Palmner: But I do want to state that there IS, in fact, a story being collaborated on by this group of players–the Storytellers you see here, plus others who couldn’t be here today.

(04/24 16:28:09) Doobes: Yes. Using the content side of things to better establish characters you’ll meet from time to time.

(04/24 16:28:13) Cpt.Jericho: That there is an adult area in Chiso? I know that all along.

(04/24 16:28:19) Cpt.Jericho: *knew

(04/24 16:28:23) Doobes: You’ll neeeeever know. 😛

(04/24 16:28:28) Carl Palmner: This is more than occasional independent role-playing, although we’ll do that, too. This is actually something organized and planned ahead of time, like what Cyan had.

(04/24 16:28:49) Calum Traveler: we plan to do something vaguely like the D’mala DRC Town halls,

(04/24 16:28:59) Calum Traveler: some organized events

(04/24 16:29:04) Calum Traveler: plus some freeform events,

(04/24 16:29:09) Carl Palmner: And as such, it will have some “characters”–fictional people played by Storytellers. Andy is going to go through a list of who the current ones are, to clear up any confusion.

(04/24 16:29:16) Diranda: Anyone can participate in whatever level you’re comfortable with. 🙂

(04/24 16:29:30) Calum Traveler: sit back and watch, or feel free to chat with us.

(04/24 16:29:37) Carl Palmner: There will be others introduced as well. We’ll always try to find a way to show that someone is a story-related character, often by having other characters introduce them, etc.

(04/24 16:29:38) Diranda: Have fun!

(04/24 16:29:38) Calum Traveler: it can vary day to day, even

(04/24 16:29:48) Diranda: 🙂

(04/24 16:30:32) Carl Palmner: Yep. Town Halls will be a part of the story, too. These will be IC meetings in which Storytellers and/or their “characters” will help summarize what’s happened so far, and more importantly, where players can vote on “issues” which will then lead to different story branches.

(04/24 16:30:49) Thumbs up from Diranda

(04/24 16:30:53) Calum Traveler: and outside of those events

(04/24 16:30:59) Carl Palmner: One of the things we want to do is be a little more interactive than Cyan was. Cyan’s story was amazing, and can’t be replaced. But many people complained that they felt more like observers than participants.

(04/24 16:31:09) Calum Traveler: your random interactions may push the story in a different direction as well 😉

(04/24 16:31:16) Carl Palmner: Yep.

(04/24 16:31:42) Doobes: Basically, we’re going to work together on both the dev and story side of things to create this living story and you’ll hopefully have a chance to interact with it in some way or another.

(04/24 16:31:54) DapperAndy: Having acknowledgement of player input is something we’d very much like to see happen

(04/24 16:31:59) Diranda: The point here is that it’s ‘Our Story’ as a group. You are part of the story.

(04/24 16:32:00) Carl Palmner: We’re loosely dividing our arcs into “seasons.” Cyan was doing this, too, although they never got past season 1.

(04/24 16:32:04) Murry: Therfore, you become a part og the story

(04/24 16:32:09) Diranda: Yep

(04/24 16:32:11) Calum Traveler: at the very least, you may find yourself mentioned in a journal somewhere 😉

(04/24 16:32:21) Doobes: I’m hoping things will be a bit more spread out though? 😉

(04/24 16:32:28) Carl Palmner: Yep. I should mention that Diranda’s going to speak after me on what the group is, how to join it, how it all works, etc.

(04/24 16:32:30) Malim Praedari leans left

(04/24 16:32:34) cile leans right

(04/24 16:32:47) Calum Traveler: yeah, we’ll be taking things slowly, maybe not too slowly,

(04/24 16:32:52) Carl Palmner: So, the obvious next question is: when does this new Living Story begin?

(04/24 16:32:55) Calum Traveler: but slow enough we can hopefully keep our story matching our content.

(04/24 16:32:57) Carl Palmner: And the answer is: it already has.

(04/24 16:33:15) Carl Palmner: A few of you have probably heard the rumors of someone stealing things and sabotaging restoration efforts.

(04/24 16:33:32) Carl Palmner: You also may be aware of the new clinic opened by an explorer named Tiernan Quinlan.

(04/24 16:33:36) Calum Traveler: you’ll even find some story events mentioned in the kirel podium audio messages. 🙂

(04/24 16:33:44) Murry: We should express that our storylines will not interfere with events such as Hooper’s Relaxing tunes , Seekers, Dance events, etc.

(04/24 16:33:54) Carl Palmner: These were, in essence, a prologue to the Living Story. And Season 1 starts pretty much today 🙂

(04/24 16:34:11) Diranda: 😀

(04/24 16:34:38) Calum Traveler: we’ve got forums set up where story events can be talked about and discussed or read up on

(04/24 16:34:43) Carl Palmner: or rather, as soon as we can do the next major event. We know what it will be but not the exact date yet. And we won’t be telling 😉 So you’ll have to just keep playing the game and see what happens.

(04/24 16:34:48) Carl Palmner: Oh, yeah! Thanks, Calum!

(04/24 16:34:56) Calum Traveler: for the main discussions

(04/24 16:35:01) Carl Palmner: Yes, please register at

(04/24 16:35:03) Diranda: Beneath forums. 😀 ^^^

(04/24 16:35:12) Calum Traveler: and for transcripts

(04/24 16:35:14) Cpt.Jericho: Can you send the link via Kmail?

(04/24 16:35:15) Carl Palmner: This is the forum Tweek has graciously set up for IC interactions.

(04/24 16:35:19) DapperAndy: Props to Tweek for getting those sorted for us ^_^

(04/24 16:35:28) Calum Traveler: a ki mail will be generated…

(04/24 16:35:35) Cpt.Jericho: Thank you

(04/24 16:35:36) Murry: Yay Tweek.

(04/24 16:35:36) Carl Palmner: And we’ll be dutifully keeping things recorded there, too.

(04/24 16:35:38) Diranda: Thanks, Calum. 😀

(04/24 16:35:38) Carl Palmner: ALSO

(04/24 16:35:51) Cpt.Jericho: Chat’s too fast for links

(04/24 16:35:56) Carl Palmner: Calum and I both run blogs that essentially relate news about the story. Calum’s is more detailed than mine.

(04/24 16:36:05) Carl Palmner: Mine is

(04/24 16:36:18) Carl Palmner: Calum, want to post your link?

(04/24 16:36:22) Calum Traveler: one moment

(04/24 16:36:24) Diranda: I’m working on mine, since I have 4 at the moment.

(04/24 16:36:30) Calum Traveler:

(04/24 16:36:48) Tweek: I’ve started being a bit more proactive in keeping mine updated as well.

(04/24 16:36:51) Carl Palmner: All these links will be in the KIMail. And we’ll post them on Discord, etc.

(04/24 16:36:52) Diranda: But my site map is:

(04/24 16:37:16) cile thanks you very much!

(04/24 16:37:16) Cpt.Jericho: Seriously, one of the best things in the last years wasthe copy-paste from Kmails

(04/24 16:37:17) Tweek: Beneath is mine –

(04/24 16:37:30) Cody Herd: Thank you

(04/24 16:37:30) Murry: Hmm. I wonder if I should get one eventually.

(04/24 16:37:38) Doobes: I have one too, but it’s in desperate need of updating. 😛

(04/24 16:37:40) DapperAndy: Be remiss of me not to mention my IC twitter, @ProfJules

(04/24 16:37:50) Diranda: We’re working on getting all of this easily accessable.

(04/24 16:38:01) Carl Palmner: So, that’s what a Living Story is, that’s what IC means, and that’s what OOC means. I hope you’ll want to get involved, either as a player in the story or a Storyteller yourself. Diranda is going to talk a little more about the group itself now, and then DapperAndy is going to talk about the characters we’ve created.

(04/24 16:38:18) Calum Traveler: i sent out link KI mail for the forum

(04/24 16:38:18) Carl Palmner: Take it away, Diranda! 🙂

(04/24 16:38:21) Diranda waves hello

(04/24 16:38:31) Carl Palmner: Oh and we’ll have Q&A at the end

(04/24 16:38:32) Calum Traveler: (If yall wanna add your blog links to it too, feel free!)

(04/24 16:39:27) Diranda: Heya all, I’m Diranda. You’ve seen me on Discord and around the server. Our group, “Storytellers” is a group of interested people who are writers or enjoy role playing and would love to see Stories back in the Cavern again.

(04/24 16:40:16) Diranda: We loved the way the stories went in the original versions of the server, but what I really wanted to see was more personal plotlines, ones you all can be the primary ‘characters’ in.

(04/24 16:41:14) Diranda: Like Carl and Calum said, this group is open to -anyone- who’d like to participate. We’re trying to create stories that are interesting, exciting and that you feel you have a personal stake in the way they go.

(04/24 16:42:04) Diranda: In that mindset, we’ve started trying to build a behind the scenes setup that will present a template for presentation of story content to the server on the whole.

(04/24 16:42:43) Diranda: But any inspired group of people are completely welcome to do your own plotlines. If you have questions or need help, we’re happy to help out!

(04/24 16:43:13) Calum Traveler: the only restriction we really have is what cyan’s put on us- to ensure we’re lore compliant.

(04/24 16:43:48) Diranda: You may see me at least use the term “RP”, this comes from my background playing and running various online Role Playing Games. It means, “role play” of course. In an academic sense, that’s essentially what our Stories are.

(04/24 16:44:01) Diranda: However, -we- are unique.

(04/24 16:44:58) Diranda: The way -we- do things and have done them are unique to us.

(04/24 16:45:27) Diranda: And yes, Calum makes a good point. We -are- restricted in what we’re allowed to do.

(04/24 16:45:49) Murry: No DRC,bahro,Yeesha, Etc.

(04/24 16:46:01) Diranda: Anything that may impact Cyan’s established canon -must- be cleared with Cyan’s Lore Team. Not us.

(04/24 16:46:38) Diranda: So yes, no DRC, Bahro, Yeesha, or D’ni characters (at least no D’ni characters without prior approval from the Lore Team).

(04/24 16:46:38) Carl Palmner: Just to throw this out there–we do plan to (and already are) coordinating with the Lore Team and obtaining permission for things when necessary.

(04/24 16:46:54) Diranda: However!

(04/24 16:47:05) Diranda: That just opens us up to stories featuring YOU

(04/24 16:47:13) Thumbs up from Diranda

(04/24 16:47:17) Calum Traveler: yep 🙂

(04/24 16:47:20) BIG thumbs up from Calum Traveler

(04/24 16:47:36) Diranda: And that is something I love to do and help out with. A story that’s -ours- alone.

(04/24 16:47:46) Murry: We hope that you will be a part of this journey.

(04/24 16:48:00) Diranda: So, I’m helping this little group of creatives get some fun and interesting stories out to you folks.

(04/24 16:48:17) Calum Traveler: it’s certainly an experiment in something unique, to say the least. 🙂

(04/24 16:48:28) DapperAndy: Playing to an audience is fun. Playing to an audience who can play back to us and shape our narratives,

(04/24 16:48:37) DapperAndy: Well, that’s something altogether special

(04/24 16:48:43) Diranda: That said: hey, if you’re suddenly missing something from your hood or your reseach area, great! You can come up with all kinds of things to have gone missing.

(04/24 16:49:10) Diranda: So far, journals, a camera, some sabotage around the cavern, a number of mysterious things have been happening.

(04/24 16:49:25) TikiBear: I am missing a gnome…

(04/24 16:49:33) skyisblu: lol

(04/24 16:49:36) NoMore: 😀

(04/24 16:49:41) Diranda: Yes. You can be part of the story, or if that’s not your thing, you can watch stories or help out behind the scenes.

(04/24 16:49:42) Calum Traveler makes a note…

(04/24 16:49:50) Diranda: (huge success)

(04/24 16:50:05) Murry: See you’re already gee\tting into it.

(04/24 16:50:14) Calum Traveler: to reiterate something i said at the beginning, but didnt really touch on

(04/24 16:50:14) Cpt.Jericho: Aren’t we all part of the story in way?

(04/24 16:50:16) IwonK: you just keep on trying til you run out of cake

(04/24 16:50:17) Diranda: We do need folks who’d like to help out with playing NPCs.

(04/24 16:50:26) Carl Palmner: Jericho–yes. 🙂

(04/24 16:50:27) Calum Traveler: we’re *Volunteers*

(04/24 16:50:30) Diranda: Yep

(04/24 16:50:52) Murry: Wait. We’re not getting paid for this?

(04/24 16:50:54) Diranda: On the subject of NPCs. You may see some avvies in cavern running around but not responding.

(04/24 16:50:58) [zane]: I can help with being an NPC.

(04/24 16:51:09) Murry: Where’s my agent…

(04/24 16:51:10) Diranda: Those are generally some NPCs we’re trying to get set up.

(04/24 16:51:30) Diranda: We do have them, but we’re trying to keep them behind the scenes as much as possible.

(04/24 16:51:47) Calum Traveler: atleast until the time is right 😉

(04/24 16:52:03) Diranda: This isn’t a spoiler, it’s just a little aspect of working with the current type of environment we have here.

(04/24 16:52:25) NoMore: Tehre usually other explorers running around and not responding too. shy persons, persons with limited english skills (‘language barrier’)…

(04/24 16:52:46) [zane]: Is Starman850 a part of the NPC crowd?

(04/24 16:52:52) TikiBear: LOL

(04/24 16:52:52) [zane]: I always wonder what he’s up to

(04/24 16:52:54) Calum Traveler: yes, not everyone running around my be interactive or an NPC

(04/24 16:53:04) Diranda: Our group isn’t exclusive. We’re just a bunch of players that got together to work on some stories. And anyone can be part of it. Please feel free to ask any of us here how you can get involved.

(04/24 16:53:17) Diranda: If you want to make your own story group, feel free.

(04/24 16:53:19) Carl Palmner: Dapper will talk about the NPCs. Let’s let Diranda finish telling us about the group 🙂

(04/24 16:53:29) Diranda: If you want to help us out, please, let us know!

(04/24 16:53:45) Diranda: We’re always looking for more help!

(04/24 16:53:51) Diranda bows

(04/24 16:54:00) Carl Palmner: All right, Dapper, you’re up 🙂

(04/24 16:54:19) DapperAndy: Thank you Carl, thank you Diranda

(04/24 16:54:48) DapperAndy: Right, so there’s a number of characters that have been doing the rounds already

(04/24 16:55:11) DapperAndy: You may have encountered them chatting plot points with each other, generally playing some scenes out

(04/24 16:55:26) Doobes: That Patrick guy talks too much. 😛

(04/24 16:55:31) DapperAndy: Some of them have had shoutouts in things like the Chiso journal and the Kirel audio

(04/24 16:55:40) Calum Traveler: (and here i thought that was me, doobes!)

(04/24 16:56:02) DapperAndy: So we thought it may be handy just to do a quick run down of around half a dozen of them or so

(04/24 16:56:11) Murry: Shut up Wesley!

(04/24 16:56:25) Carl Palmner: Let’s let Dapper talk 🙂

(04/24 16:56:35) DapperAndy: Very much not an exhaustive list I must stress at this point ^_^

(04/24 16:56:59) DapperAndy: But enough to get you started if you want to jump on board with getting involved

(04/24 16:57:24) DapperAndy: Firstly, there’s Patrick Dulebohn, KI number 9653140

(04/24 16:57:31) Doobes waves

(04/24 16:57:41) DapperAndy: (Anyone keeping tabs of things to date will know whose IC persona that is)

(04/24 16:57:47) DapperAndy: Ulp, there we go 😛

(04/24 16:58:23) DapperAndy: Patrick is an age restorer and project co-ordinator

(04/24 16:58:36) DapperAndy: Insofar as the Explorer Restoration can be said to have a formal heirarchy

(04/24 16:59:00) DapperAndy: You’ve seen his work in ages such as Chiso Preniv, the New Messenger’s Pb and Veelay

(04/24 16:59:35) DapperAndy: He’s currently one of the main driving forces behind restoring the route from the Surface to the Cavern

(04/24 17:00:18) DapperAndy: The journal in Chiso is one of the best places to follow his thoughts on events going on down here

(04/24 17:00:23) Doobes blushes

(04/24 17:00:40) Doobes: Soon to be more than that. 😉

(04/24 17:00:40) DapperAndy: Secondly is Kelsei A. Taylor, KI 10581205

(04/24 17:01:03) DapperAndy: Kelsei serves as a translator for the current restoration, specializing in exotic languages outside the D’ni language

(04/24 17:01:12) DapperAndy: with aspirations for more

(04/24 17:01:35) DapperAndy: Think of those Doctor Daniel Jackson types in the making 😛

(04/24 17:01:58) Doobes: 😀

(04/24 17:02:04) Calum Traveler: ^^;

(04/24 17:02:13) DapperAndy: Then there’s Jules Lavisham, Professor of Classical Civilizations

(04/24 17:02:36) DapperAndy: looking to get the subject of D’ni history greater recognition in both academic and wider public circles

(04/24 17:02:36) Jacetcyber: J

(04/24 17:02:44) Carl Palmner: KI# for Jules?

(04/24 17:02:57) DapperAndy: oh yes, 09687370

(04/24 17:03:39) DapperAndy: Currently Jules is exploring how D’ni tech and locations can be utilized to open up the Cavern’s potential as a living museum for its history and culture

(04/24 17:04:20) DapperAndy: Someone we’ve had mention already today, Dr Teirnan “Tenny” Quinlan

(04/24 17:04:34) DapperAndy: Ki 11690335

(04/24 17:04:59) Diranda: 😀

(04/24 17:05:03) DapperAndy: Retired Irish Doctor, runs the “Sanctuary Clinic” out of his neighbourhood area which tends to exploer’s medical needs

(04/24 17:05:31) DapperAndy: Also dabbles in astrophysics which he pursues outside of his medical practice

(04/24 17:06:01) Korov’ev: any relation with Cpt Hank Quinlan?

(04/24 17:06:11) Carl Palmner: I don’t believe so.

(04/24 17:06:14) Diranda: Nope. 😀

(04/24 17:06:20) DapperAndy: 😀

(04/24 17:06:42) DapperAndy: We’ve also got Arthur Marius (not sure of the KI number at this point)

(04/24 17:07:04) DapperAndy: Teaches D’ni Culture and History at Oxford, one of the few in the world to do so

(04/24 17:07:22) DapperAndy: Has a somewhat unorthadox approach to his research

(04/24 17:07:46) DapperAndy: mainly due to his habit of sending his graduate students to potentially dangerous ages on “missions” as part of their thesis research

(04/24 17:08:10) TikiBear: canon fodder

(04/24 17:08:19) DapperAndy: Then there’s Echo McKenzie (02833848)

(04/24 17:08:22) Doobes: Sounds like Doc Venture. 😛

(04/24 17:08:29) TikiBear: LOL

(04/24 17:08:38) NoMore: lol

(04/24 17:09:01) DapperAndy: An explorer with the ability to see visions of D’ni

(04/24 17:09:26) DapperAndy: Storyteller of D’ni life and death, has something of a reputation as D’ni’s resident “crazy ghost lady”

(04/24 17:09:33) Calum Traveler: Some of you may recognize her name from the GT days.

(04/24 17:09:46) DapperAndy: But also a following as the Cavern’s pychic/medium

(04/24 17:10:21) Carl Palmner: Yes, Echo was a “semi-official” character in the GT days–played by a volunteer player, but endorsed by Cyan. She will be a part of the upcoming arc.

(04/24 17:10:28) DapperAndy: You can read more about Echo in The Painter in the Chiso library

(04/24 17:11:02) DapperAndy: There’s also JD Barnes (again, no KI number to hand unfortunately)

(04/24 17:11:11) Calum Traveler: (gimme a sec to grab that)

(04/24 17:11:23) DapperAndy: An anthropologist with colleagues in the DRC

(04/24 17:11:40) Calum Traveler: (Nevermind, dont have it on this avvie)

(04/24 17:11:43) dgelessus: 8937080

(04/24 17:11:52) DapperAndy: If you’ve seen any of the Deep City lectures, he co-hosts with former DRC ResEng Gary Buddell

(04/24 17:11:53) Carl Palmner: Thanks dg!

(04/24 17:12:09) DapperAndy: Was also responsible for the curation of the Lara Documents back in the GT era

(04/24 17:12:25) Carl Palmner: He was another semi-official one, like Echo.

(04/24 17:12:33) DapperAndy: Something we’d quite like to see make to to Chiso down the line

(04/24 17:12:49) DapperAndy: And lastly ther’s Dr Robert Murry, KI 11769120

(04/24 17:13:00) DapperAndy: Specialist in archaeology and geology

(04/24 17:13:18) DapperAndy: Hired by some manner of mysterious organization to investigate certain events happening in D’ni

(04/24 17:13:28) Carl Palmner: Quite a lot of scholars, with the exception of the doctor and the psychic 🙂

(04/24 17:13:42) DapperAndy: Yes, there does seem to be a Trend, doesn’t there 😛

(04/24 17:13:56) DapperAndy: Again, very much a non-exhaustive list

(04/24 17:14:11) DapperAndy: More are in the works, others may have turned up already and havent been mentioned

(04/24 17:14:18) Carl Palmner: There will be other less scholarly characters as well. We intentionally didn’t mention the ones that haven’t been introduced yet, but some of them will play very big roles.

(04/24 17:14:37) DapperAndy: But if you see them out and about, feel free to chat with them and see what they’re up to

(04/24 17:14:38) Carl Palmner: We’ll post all the KI#’s on the fourm, too.

(04/24 17:14:42) Carl Palmner: forum

(04/24 17:14:44) Diranda: 😀

(04/24 17:15:01) Carl Palmner: Ok, Q&A–same format as before, I guess? Send your questions to Calum, who’s moderating?

(04/24 17:15:07) Diranda: Tenny’s always up for a chat. 😀

(04/24 17:15:09) Calum Traveler: i have no questions in queue.

(04/24 17:15:10) DapperAndy: Good rule of thumb is to chat with them like you would an NPC or an immersive theatre actor

(04/24 17:15:22) Carl Palmner: Ok. Any questions?

(04/24 17:15:54) Cody Herd: i have one

(04/24 17:15:56) Carl Palmner: Wow–we were that good? Or we put everyone to sleep? 😛

(04/24 17:15:59) Carl Palmner: Go for it

(04/24 17:16:06) Murry: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

(04/24 17:16:08) Doobes: Probably just a lot to take in.

(04/24 17:16:10) IwonK looks around for a bit

(04/24 17:16:25) Calum Traveler: it is a lot of info we’ve just dumped.

(04/24 17:16:27) Diranda: Please feel free to ask anything

(04/24 17:16:37) Cody Herd: did the Q1 update couse the imager to diappear in the hood classroom

(04/24 17:16:50) Calum Traveler: i can answer that

(04/24 17:17:15) Calum Traveler: the update itself didnt cause the disappearance.

(04/24 17:17:35) Calum Traveler: rather, there was some kind of technical flub with the Hood’s SDL states that didnt load from the defaults right

(04/24 17:17:41) NoMore: was in my hood earlier – imager is back there again.

(04/24 17:17:48) Carl Palmner: But ICly, it was caused by something else entirely 😉

(04/24 17:17:52) Calum Traveler: it took us a while to help Chogon get everything turned on,

(04/24 17:18:07) Calum Traveler: we’ve integrated it, and similar incidents in the past, into the story

(04/24 17:18:38) Calum Traveler: as for the imager

(04/24 17:18:46) Calum Traveler: it was a temporary casualty if trying to set things right

(04/24 17:18:51) Jacetcyber: when will the algi counter be back?

(04/24 17:19:02) Carl Palmner: Regarding the story stuff: we plan to offer plenty of opportunities to “catch up.” My blog, Calum’s blog, the forums, and the Town Halls (and other blogs too) are there to help with that so no one gets left behind 🙂

(04/24 17:19:06) Calum Traveler: the Lake Dalek is tied to the Lake Lighting update, Jacetcyber

(04/24 17:19:15) Calum Traveler: once we have that ready to go, it’ll return

(04/24 17:19:23) Calum Traveler: i have two questions in queue:

(04/24 17:19:28) Calum Traveler: NoMore: Which locations will the story take place in?

(04/24 17:19:38) Diranda: I can answer that

(04/24 17:19:41) Doobes: Usually public ones, I’d think.

(04/24 17:20:04) Carl Palmner: Definitely public places. Sometimes there will be a heads-up…and sometimes there won’t 😉

(04/24 17:20:06) Calum Traveler: yes, usually public, but like Cyan’s story, sometimes events can happen in private with smaller gatherings of players.

(04/24 17:20:12) Diranda: Generally yes. Some may take place in respective public hoods or locations, wherever they’re needed.

(04/24 17:20:23) NoMore: ah okay

(04/24 17:20:41) Calum Traveler: if you’re in close quarters with one of our NPCs, that’ll be something unique

(04/24 17:20:48) Cody Herd: thank you

(04/24 17:20:52) Carl Palmner: And some things will happen “behind the scenes” and be posted on the forums. Those will be less interactive, probably, but add some flavor 😉

(04/24 17:21:03) Calum Traveler: a technical question: lividliquid: are there any plans to decouple pronouns from avatar choice?

(04/24 17:21:13) Carl Palmner: I can field that

(04/24 17:21:26) Carl Palmner: Wait, unless he means from a technical perspective?

(04/24 17:21:30) Doobes: Hmm, good question.

(04/24 17:21:30) Calum Traveler: technical

(04/24 17:21:32) Doobes: Yeah.

(04/24 17:21:36) Carl Palmner: Ok. Calum can answer that. LOL.

(04/24 17:21:36) Calum Traveler: doobes?

(04/24 17:21:43) Doobes: Hm?

(04/24 17:21:46) Calum Traveler: i think we both have some idea on how that could or could not work.

(04/24 17:21:52) Calum Traveler: pls correct me if im wrong

(04/24 17:22:10) Doobes: I imagine it could be done with some modification of KI messages.

(04/24 17:22:30) Doobes: Whether you could choose your preferred pronouns is another story, but not out of the realm of possibility.

(04/24 17:22:41) Doobes: I imagine people will want to do that, so we shall look into it.

(04/24 17:22:51) Calum Traveler: id like to as well

(04/24 17:22:55) Cpt.Jericho wants to clap his hands

(04/24 17:23:12) Calum Traveler: definitely something that could aleviate accidental mishaps like the custom avvie phenomenon back in GT

(04/24 17:23:14) Doobes: It’s definitely an important thing these days, so we will take it into account as we work on the next update. 🙂

(04/24 17:23:24) LividLiquid: A they/them option would go a long way to catching us up to the world and gaming as a whole.

(04/24 17:23:28) Calum Traveler: indeed

(04/24 17:23:33) Doobes nods his head

(04/24 17:23:34) DapperAndy: Absolutely

(04/24 17:23:41) Calum Traveler would like to not have to /me to do a *claps their hands*

(04/24 17:23:52) Carl Palmner: The best way would be to let players choose their pronouns at avatar creation, but that’s probably also the most programming-intensive.

(04/24 17:23:57) Calum Traveler: aye,

(04/24 17:24:06) Calum Traveler: and also might not be backwards compatible for existing avvies

(04/24 17:24:22) Doobes: Again, we’ll see what we can do.

(04/24 17:24:28) LividLiquid: <3

(04/24 17:24:28) Calum Traveler: yes, we’ll take a look into it 🙂

(04/24 17:24:37) Calum Traveler: question from Jacetcyber:

(04/24 17:24:45) Doobes: We’ll smack that KI around for great justice. 😀

(04/24 17:24:53) Calum Traveler: “How do we save the storyline? (Been away from game for a while.)”

(04/24 17:25:03) Calum Traveler: so, that’s either a story question or a technical one.

(04/24 17:25:04) Carl Palmner: Oh wow, that’s a big question.

(04/24 17:25:16) Diranda: I can take that

(04/24 17:25:21) Carl Palmner: I can give an answer.

(04/24 17:25:32) Calum Traveler: i can answer on a technical front 😛

(04/24 17:25:35) Calum Traveler: sooo…

(04/24 17:25:41) Calum Traveler: multifaceted question answer time? XD

(04/24 17:25:49) Carl Palmner: Not sure if it’s what you meant, but it’s true that we’ve had no official storyline from Cyan in a while

(04/24 17:26:17) Cpt.Jericho: Um, just take the old story for granted and start one beyond DRC?

(04/24 17:26:35) Carl Palmner: And the truth is we aren’t likely to in the near future. But I think what this group is doing is a step in the right direction. We can create our OWN story. When we collaborate and organize, I believe we can create something as wonderful as what we used to have.

(04/24 17:27:02) Calum Traveler: in terms of a technical front, journals are being written as the current story is going on, and plans are in place to have them introduced in the future,

(04/24 17:27:05) Carl Palmner: At least for now, we can’t touch the Cyan story. We can do stuff related to the D’ni, and we can come up with new D’ni stuff.

(04/24 17:27:08) Diranda: Archiving is pretty easy given the variety of choices we have on the internet.

(04/24 17:27:12) Cpt.Jericho: Sorry Carl, but already started our own story

(04/24 17:27:20) Cpt.Jericho: *we already

(04/24 17:27:24) Calum Traveler: as far as the *age* gameplay progress goes, that’s autosaved to the server.

(04/24 17:27:28) Carl Palmner: But we can’t use the official characters from Cyan.

(04/24 17:27:38) Cpt.Jericho: But we can refer to them

(04/24 17:27:44) Carl Palmner: That’s great, Jericho! Maybe we can collaborate with you on it 🙂

(04/24 17:27:59) Calum Traveler: 🙂

(04/24 17:28:08) DapperAndy: Given the sheer amount of scope that the setting and lore has given us, there’s a LOT of storytelling possibilities to mine

(04/24 17:28:12) Doobes: We can name drop. That’s about it. That’s all I’ve done in regards to the DRC and their affiliation with the new restoration. 😉

(04/24 17:28:15) Carl Palmner: Yeah, we can refer to them. But by Cyan’s rules, we can’t, for example, bring Yeesha back or decide what she’s doing while she’s gone.

(04/24 17:28:42) Cpt.Jericho: Things happened and are happening in cavern that ARE URU lore.

(04/24 17:28:48) Calum Traveler: yep

(04/24 17:28:53) Calum Traveler: yeah,that.gif

(04/24 17:29:05) Cpt.Jericho: Us speaking IS URU lore

(04/24 17:29:08) Calum Traveler: any other questions?

(04/24 17:29:09) Carl Palmner: That’s wonderful. I haven’t seen anything like that since i got back, Jericho. But I’m glad it’s still around 🙂

(04/24 17:29:32) Carl Palmner: Well, yes, that too. Anything that happens in Uru is Uru lore, in the sense that it really happened in the cavern.

(04/24 17:29:54) Calum Traveler suspects is only getting half a convo…

(04/24 17:29:59) Calum Traveler thwacks KI

(04/24 17:30:06) Carl Palmner: What I meant was that we can’t do anything official with Cyan characters, and we don’t get to continue things like, for example, the Bahro Civil War.

(04/24 17:30:27) Carl Palmner: And speaking for myself, I wouldn’t want to. I’d rather Cyan did 🙂

(04/24 17:30:43) Carl Palmner: So in response to the original question

(04/24 17:30:45) Doobes: Yeah, that’s a hornet’s nest I’d rather not poke. 😛

(04/24 17:30:48) NoMore is trapped in an uru lore meta-loop… shoudn’t have started playing MOULa on the Uruntu labtop in New Messengers Pub…

(04/24 17:30:54) Carl Palmner: I guess it depends on what you mean by “saving” the storyline.

(04/24 17:30:57) IwonK: ;]

(04/24 17:31:13) Doobes: We’ll certainly chronicle events in as many places as we can, in and out of game.

(04/24 17:31:28) Calum Traveler: Jacetcyber asks if there’s a way to adjust the font on the KI

(04/24 17:31:36) Carl Palmner: We can’t really do Season 2 of Cyan’s story. But we can create our own arcs with original material that are still part of the Uru canon, as Jericho pointed out.

(04/24 17:31:40) Calum Traveler: uh, the font itself is not presently alterable beyond size,

(04/24 17:31:41) Cpt.Jericho: The Cyan storyline ended long ago – we don’t know what Yeesha and the Bahro are up to – doesn’t matter to us though

(04/24 17:31:49) Calum Traveler: but there are adjustments for font color in the works.

(04/24 17:32:04) Carl Palmner: Yup, exactly.

(04/24 17:32:17) Calum Traveler: more on that once its ready

(04/24 17:32:19) Calum Traveler: probably at an AGM

(04/24 17:32:34) Cpt.Jericho: As far as we know this war is still going on, but no affecting us here

(04/24 17:32:35) Carl Palmner: Jericho, if you’ve done some collaborative, organized storytelling stuff, I’d love to get caught up on it! Maybe we can collaborate on things 😀

(04/24 17:32:41) Calum Traveler: any more questions?

(04/24 17:32:49) Carl Palmner: The story was always my favorite part of Uru.

(04/24 17:33:02) Calum Traveler: questions… questions…?

(04/24 17:33:09) IwonK: where’s the booze?

(04/24 17:33:16) TikiBear: LOL

(04/24 17:33:18) Calum Traveler: chiso preniv basement

(04/24 17:33:20) IwonK: 😛

(04/24 17:33:21) Murry: And there it is.

(04/24 17:33:26) Carl Palmner: So THAT’s where you’re hiding it!!!

(04/24 17:33:27) Jacetcyber: any one for cake?

(04/24 17:33:28) Doobes: Shhhh…don’t tell ’em that…

(04/24 17:33:36) Diranda: Cake

(04/24 17:33:40) IwonK: cookies

(04/24 17:33:42) Diranda: Don’t lie

(04/24 17:33:42) IwonK: the cake is a lie

(04/24 17:33:47) Diranda: ;>

(04/24 17:33:50) DapperAndy: And this is why that cabinet’s getting a lock, Doobes

(04/24 17:33:50) LividLiquid: The first rule of the speakeasy is…

(04/24 17:33:50) TikiBear: Along with leftover tanks of D’ni pathogen.

(04/24 17:33:52) Calum Traveler: alright, if there’s no more questions, ive got one thing i forgot to talk about at the top of this.

(04/24 17:33:59) Doobes: Anyway, we should probably wrap this up. I have a feeling some are ready for bed. 😀

(04/24 17:34:00) Murry: I need a drink…

(04/24 17:34:00) Calum Traveler: thank you to our storytellers for talking! 🙂

(04/24 17:34:10) Calum Traveler: yes, one last thing and then ill wrap up 🙂

(04/24 17:34:20) Diranda grins.

(04/24 17:34:27) Carl Palmner: Hey, can I also say a special thank you to Calum, Diranda, and Dapper?

(04/24 17:34:36) Calum Traveler: thanks, carl 🙂

(04/24 17:34:46) Diranda: Thank you. 😀

(04/24 17:34:46) Carl Palmner: They’ve been especially helpful in putting together what I’ve been referring to as our “Season 1.”

(04/24 17:35:05) Carl Palmner: I’m really, really excited about the upcoming arc. I hope you guys will like it!

(04/24 17:35:07) Calum Traveler: so, in the interest of transparency, we’ve been trying to get two forms of Credits put together for a future update,

(04/24 17:35:08) DapperAndy: Hee, ta ^_^

(04/24 17:35:13) Calum Traveler: one is to focus on the technical, dev work side

(04/24 17:35:27) Calum Traveler: a GUI openable credits book like the existing ingame credits

(04/24 17:35:34) Calum Traveler: the other, is meant to be an IC credits book,

(04/24 17:35:57) Calum Traveler: to thank the community members who have contributed to the Cavern in some way, be it running an event, or playing music, or… well

(04/24 17:36:04) Calum Traveler: you know, just being an awesome person 🙂

(04/24 17:36:14) Doobes: Keeping that spirit alive. 😀

(04/24 17:36:19) Calum Traveler: such as the Greeters and other folks who help do things

(04/24 17:36:44) Doobes: Also, don’t forget to throw a bit of moulah for MOULa to keep things going here.

(04/24 17:36:47) Calum Traveler: to that end, if you know someone who’s done something for the community, please feel free to submit their name to me,

(04/24 17:37:01) Calum Traveler: i’ll be helping to complile those names together 🙂

(04/24 17:37:20) Calum Traveler: the goal of the IC Credits is to thank the community as a whole for everything theyve done,

(04/24 17:37:33) Calum Traveler: and, of course, the OOC credits are to thank our hardworking devs!

(04/24 17:38:01) BIG thumbs up from NoMore

(04/24 17:38:07) Calum Traveler: we’ll post more about this later down the road 🙂

(04/24 17:38:13) Calum Traveler: on that closing note,

(04/24 17:38:20) Calum Traveler: thank you all for attending this little talk!

(04/24 17:38:24) Calum Traveler thanks you very much!

(04/24 17:38:27) Doobes bows

(04/24 17:38:31) Diranda bows

(04/24 17:38:35) Murry bows

(04/24 17:38:38) Calum Traveler: we hope to see you all in and around the cavern 🙂

(04/24 17:38:40) Calum Traveler bows

(04/24 17:38:45) DapperAndy bows

(04/24 17:38:54) Calum Traveler: you may now clapspam XD

(04/24 17:38:58) Doobes: Keep your eyes on the skie…er…the cavern!

(04/24 17:39:11) NoMore looks around for a bit

(04/24 17:39:13) Christian Walther: Thanks, that was informative!