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Fan Ages Touring Club

Hello Kor'ovev,

Just wanted to check with you before posting on the GoM site about the Fan Age Tours for the coming two weekends, August 16 and 23.
Did some research, and in keeping with your chronological approach I thought I'd limit myself to Ages released around 2010.

For the first Sunday, I thought I'd keep it to Ages I thought looked nice, but are basically just small pleasant places to roam around...let everyone just run and explore freely. I figure we could visit at least these four in the alotted time:
- Chamassa (link to...Aquh?)
- ERC Age ('11)
- Llantern
- T'vel
- and, if we have plenty of time left over, possibly Ashream, which is a puzzle Age but not too complicated.

The second weekend I thought we could visit one of Calena's Ages, either Rahsoo B'ahrotan (and Ashream if we didn't already go there) or R'oshanin Korvahkhn if we did (both 2012, I think).

Let me know your thoughts please?

Also, could you please correct your notice of 'no tours on the 16th and 23rd' at ??? And how can I add these two Sundays to the calendar?

best wishes on your vacation,


Sounds good! In my notes, I have:

  • Chamassa - Jan 2010
  • ERC Age - Sept 2009
  • Llantern - Dec 2010
  • T’vel - Apr 2009 (Stormy - Mar 2010)
  • Ashream - May 2010
  • Rahsoo B’ahrotan - June 2011
  • R’oshanin Korvahkhn - Nov 2011

But it may be worth doing a quick search in the GoW forum for the first mentions.

Editing the post would not send a notification, so I’ll post an errata. I’ve already updated the calendar 😉


The Fan Age Tour on August 16 went pretty smoothly, save for my learning that Deep Island's KI doesn't appear to permit a CTRL-V text paste!
So, though I had a few preparatory remarks before we went off, I had to hand-type everything, slowing our start a bit.

We toured:

- Chamassa (and linked to...Aquh, a memorial Age for passed Explorers) (2010, by I. Brattin)

- T'vel (versions released between '09 and '10) by Race - and some visited T'vel's Stormy version as well

- ERC Age (versions released between '09 and '11) by Jennifer P., Robert The Rebuilder, Ametist and Corvus
Fortunately, Ametist was with us and was able to give us some great background info on the Age!

- Llantern (versions released between '10 and '12) by Nye Sigismund

These were all places everyone could just run freely and explore at will, everyone seemed to enjoy it!

And the August 23 Fan Age Tour visited Calena's Age 'Rahsoo B'Ahrotan' (2011 & 2012, with contributions from Wamduskasapa), followed by Ashream (by Wodan, 2010). Both are puzzle Ages, or have interactivity. We left both with a little bit unsolved, so that Explorers could return on their own later to complete the Ages, read the Journals, and so on.

I'd thought the two would take much longer, but the gang blasted through them both in about an hour and a quarter!

I'm happy Kor'ovev will be taking the helm again next week! 😀