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News Roundup #27

Firmament is scheduled to release for Windows (2D & VR) and MacOS on Thursday, May 18. All other platforms (PS4 / PS5 / PS VR 2) will launch at some point down the line.

☛ A very interesting article from Inverse gives insights into the rise, fall and rebirth of Cyan, and reveals exciting tidbits about their upcoming titles, including Firmament and a possible new chapter in the Myst saga.

☛ Blogger Leslie “Byvivre” Brooks wrote an article about Riven’s uniquely immersive puzzle design. If you are on Reddit, you can discuss with the author here.

☛ Woe Industries on ‘fixed’ Myst by adding guns, demons, and a metal soundtrack! Can you save the island from demonic bats? The spoof crossover was covered by Polygon, The Escapist and Rock Paper Shotgun.