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Weekly news roundup #2

  • On Thursday, a small update for MOULa was released, 918.OpenUru#153:
    • the status message on the login screen now works, and also displays the donations coverage for the previous month;
    • marker games are now limited to 300 markers, as some of the larger decoration sets were causing issues to the server.
  • Cyan also retweeted the announcement from Limited Run of the pre-orders for the physical edition of realMyst for the Nintendo Switch, on February 28 at 10 am ET.
  • A new update for Firmament was also published, with a video giving some insights into the development process.
  • If you enjoyed Ars Technica’s recent interview with Rand about the making of Myst, a nearly 2-hour long extended version came out on Friday.
  • The Digital Antiquarian wrote a detailed essay on the history of (the original) Myst, in the context of what people were playing in 1993.