NaNoWriMo in Cavern

November is National Novel Writing Month and this year, the Guild of Authors and Artists are hosting our own NaNoWriMo event in-Cavern!

If you don’t know about NaNoWriMo, visit their website to find out more about this annual event that has been running since the early 2000s!

National Novel Writing Month is a writing challenge for anyone who would like to try: to write 50,000 words in 30 days! There’s no fee and anyone in the world (or Ages!) can join!
You don’t have to write a novel, you can write anything you’d like! Some folks write non-fiction, some write a series of short stories, some write fanfiction… the possibilities are endless!

In addition to the fun writing challenges, we’re hosting a co-event for our Artists, 4 Covers in 4 Weeks! Based on the original NaNoWriMo “30 Covers in 30 Days” event that was held alongside the writing challenge, our version invites artists to design 4 covers for a variety of fellow Authors NaNo projects. In addition to covers for NaNo writers, our challenge invites Artists to create covers for in-Cavern journals and books as well, if they’d like! All the Artists need to do is chat with one of the Authors doing our challenge, or other Creators who’d like to have a cover designed for their work and collect the information about the cover. Each week an Artist will be asked to complete a Cover design and submit it to the Collection on our Guild Discord (Authors and Artist Guild). The Goal is 4 Covers in a Month, but Artists can certainly do more if they’d like to!

The Authors and Artist Guild will be hosting Nano-Prep events in October as well as Write-ins/Art-ins in Cavern in November!
In addition to our In-Cavern Events, we will be hosting Writing Sprints and impromptu events on our Discord, so please feel free to join our Discord (pinned in the Cyan Chat’s D’niverse/fanfiction channel) and let either Erishkigal or Diranda know if you’re an Artist or Author or Both!

Our first meeting is October 7, 2022, 1300 KI, in the New GoMePub!

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