Summer Festival / D’ni Palooza 2024


Coming August a new Summer Festival will take place on August 5-11, and will be combined with an older music event from 2013: D’ni Palooza. We have a lot of creative and talented people in our community and we would like to invite anyone who makes music in some way to share his or her music with us. The music will be broadcast by several event hosts during the festival.

If you are a musician and would like to participate in this event, please see the requirements below for submitting your music. You can submit 15 minutes or more of music. Depending on the number of participants, we may opt to use only 15 minutes. The number of songs can vary, and you are free in the choice of music genre for each song.

Musician’s Requirements:

  • Avatar name and KI #
  • Email and/or Discord id (we will use this to contact you when needed)
  • List names of songs, genre of music, original or cover.
  • It would be appreciated (but it is not required) that you submit a short, personal biography. You can simply state your musical experience and/or tell us about your cavern life. Links to your music on the Internet would be welcomed. Please be sure to notify your band members that you are sharing information.

Your music can be submitted to a private server or by providing links to a webservice like Soundcloud or Bandcamp. Login details will be provided in case you choose to upload them to us.

Please contact PodHopper (KI# 7116825 ingame or podhopper on discord) for any questions and requests.


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