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Gehn.28 Is Now Live!

A few days after the 10th anniversary of H’uru/Plasma, the Guild of Writers’ H’uru team has released the latest version of the Gehn shard with Gehn.28!

This update was a long time in the making, and as such there are a host of new fixes and additions, including:

  • Add /roll command for rolling n-sided die/dice
  • Add latest revisions of all fan Ages from Doobes
  • Allow KI commands to match player names without regard to case
  • Change out most of the guts
  • Fix /p KI command to not be case sensitive
  • Fix Er’cana harvester position issues if Age empties while in motion
  • Fix issue whereby the bahro would fill the server error log with nonsense if they were smoking in Relto
  • Fix many goofy colliders in several Ages, especially Ae’gura
  • Fix many memory leaks
  • Fix Neighborhood clock globe animation
  • Fix Relto hut dark mode
  • Fix remote players not placing hand on book before linking out
  • Fix shroomie gate state being toggled (on re-link) if the power is off
  • Fix spurious noises in the Teledahn workroom
  • Fix working line obliteration issue when accessing chat history
  • Improved output of some KI commands
  • Migrate to publicly auditable build process
  • Update from PhysX 2.6 to PhysX 4.1
  • Update from Python 2.7 to Python 3.9
  • Synthesize gravity

To get the latest version of Gehn Shard, simply log in to the shard as normal and the client will do the rest. If you have not signed up for Gehn Shard yet, you can find step by step instructions for Gehn in our guide to installing the shards.

Congratulations to the GoW for another successful release!