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News Roundup #25

Cyan news

☛ The 1.8.4 “Touch Grass” update for Myst was released on December 7 for the Quest 2 and Pro platforms. The update adds flowers, grass, ferns, clovers, and more foliage, and increases the pixel density of the game across the board, along with tweaks and fixes.

☛ New hat and shirt designs, mainly inspired by Riven, have been added to the Cyan Store.

☛ A Firmament update on the Kickstarter website, on December 13, showcases some more work-in-progress images, and an updated preview footage.

☛ A new bundle has been added to Steam: “Myst: Through the Ages”. It includes Myst: Masterpiece Edition (1999), realMyst: Masterpiece Edition (2014) and Myst (2021); at the time of posting it is 20% discounted.