Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit news?
The best way is to go to the Submit News page and fill out the form (with as much detail as possible). You can also message us on our Facebook page. Lastly, you can post in the appropriate forum. With the latter two options, please be detailed or provide a link for more details.

Who should I contact? I want to talk about some matter.
The best way to get in touch with the Guild is via the Contact Us page. Use this for any Guild or site-related matter but not news/event-related matters.

Who Contributes To The Guild?
Anyone can contribute to the Guild or send in a news post, event, article, or anything Myst, URU or Cyan-related. All submissions are then approved by moderators. You don’t need to be a member of the Guild to do this and don’t even have to sign up for the site to submit a news or event post.

I have a website, can I import your News to it?
You sure can! Feel free to link to our RSS feed (with a proper reader, of course) or directly to any of our posts’ URLs.

Can I have those awesome fonts too?
We use both the Argos and the Black Chancery fonts. The former is used for the site’s headers while the latter is on the site banner.


(Szark, Doobes)