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A New Era in D'ni: The Fall of D'ni Memorial Island

On Saturday, November 18, 2023 (9679 Leevofo 23), in a ceremony held in Chiso Preniv that gathered over 120 explorers and was announced on Cyan’s Twitter X feed, Christopher Therburg and Patrick Dulebohn gave a speech (a transcript of which you can read below), then unveiled the linking book to the Fall of D'ni Memorial Island.

A few years ago, Christopher decided to build a memorial to the Fall of D’ni, one of the worst events in D’ni history. He had considered placing the memorial in Ae’gura, but there were some complications with the avilable locations. Christopher then remembered a little island with a broken stalagmite near Ae’gura that he saw while exploring the Cavern, and thought it would be a better location, with a nice view of Ae’gura.

The Memorial Island is a public instance. However, at the time of this writing it is not possible to save a link in your Nexus.

Calum Traveler posted a chatlog on the Beneath forums. Minasunda made a video of the event.

Speech transcript (click to expand )

Patrick Dulebohn:

Thank you all for coming once again! It's been a little while, but we're finally back to celebrate a new Linking Book added to the Chiso Preniv pedestals and to our ever-growing restoration of D'ni.

The D'ni have a very rich history and culture, and while there are many defining moments in that history, few can compare to the tragic and devastating loss they experienced at the end of their vast empire. Thankfully, they, as a people, live on in the Age of Releeshahn, but they are merely a fraction of the D'ni citizens that passed away during what is commonly referred to as 'The Fall'.

It is with that in mind that this new island in the D'ni cavern will be presented to you today. What you'll see today is the tireless work of not only Keith Lord, who earlier brought us Fahets: Highgarden, but also quite noteworthy, it is the idea of one of our colleagues here, Christopher Therburg.

He is the primary reason we are here today, and what you will see is the result of his brilliant work, along with Keith. So without further ado, I give you Christopher Therburg!

Christopher Therburg:

Thanks Patrick. Shorah everyone. Wow, that's very exciting for me. I apologize for being a little nervous, it's the first time I'm doing something like this. Anyway.

After three years of work and restoration, it's finally time to reveal the Fall of D'ni Memorial Island, or Bahn'tefoonet in D'ni. Bahn'tefoonet means Memorial Island in D'ni. I'm really grateful to Keith, also known as Tweek, and everyone else who worked on this island that everything worked out so well in restoring and turning this island into a memorial site.

It was a life's work for me and without Tweek, who volunteered to continue and finish the island with me, this work would have been much slower and would be released at a later. He is at the moment not there sadly, but I heard that he will come later eventually.

A summary of the project itself and why I have planned all of this. Five to three years earlier, I took a closer view at the cavern and noticed that the DRC or someone else didn't erected a memorial to the 'Fall of D'ni', one of the worst events, if not the worst, in D'ni history.

I wanted to change that and it would be nice to build a memorial that fits the style of D'ni architecture. This memorial is meant to commemorate the D'ni who perished in this cataclysm. The Fall of D'ni, was attack on the D'ni civilization by Veovis and A'gaeris, who used an unknown biochemical agent to kill most of the empire's population in Leesahn 8, 9400 DE.

I had considered placing the memorial in Ae'gura, but there were some complications with two locations where the memorial should have been. Calum suggested then that I should place the memorial in a special location outside of Ae'gura.

Then I remembered this little island with the broken stalagmite near Ae'gura that I saw while exploring the cavern about eight years ago. We thought this would be a better location for it and it also have a nice view of Ae'gura and the whole D'ni cavern. This island, which was formerly a small D'ni park, worked very well as a memorial place and after two years of restoration it's finally ready.

We hope that the memorial will respects the deceased D'ni and that mostly new explorers will have a better understanding of the context of why it happened and why the D'ni City is empty now. We also hope that this island will also become a place of peace in the upcoming years.

But I've talked long enough, it's now time to officially open the island.