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MOULa 14th Anniversary Celebrations

On February 8, 2010, Myst Online: Uru Live officially reopened for the third time, in what became its longest-lived, ongoing incarnation. To celebrate its fourteenth anniversary, a host of events have been planned. Here is the schedule, more details for each event will be posted in their calendar entries.

For most events, you can get teleported to the location by sending "link" in a PM to Mir-o-Bot (#32319) or MinBot (#9292763). If Mir-o-Bot is present for an event, please use it solely for traveling, respect the events and do not use bot commands.

Minasunda will release videos of the events some time after the anniversary week, in her YouTube channel.

Monday 5

  • 12:00 KIT: Opening Ceremony, hosted by Minasunda, on the Fall of D'ni Memorial Island.
  • 13:00 KIT: Cooking Session, hosted by Skyisblu, in Elonin's kitchen.

Tuesday 6

  • 11:00 KIT: Magic Slide and Laser Show, hosted by Mister Magic & Yoda, in Jalak (PM "link" to Magic Bot, #27527).
  • 12:00 KIT: D'ni Fairytales, hosted by Ereshkigal, in Elonin's Conservatory.
  • 13:00 KIT: Best of Relaxing Sessions, hosted by PodHopper, in Kalamee.

Wednesday 7

  • 12:00 KIT: Explorer Memorial, hosted by Minasunda, in Veelay Tsahvahn.
  • 13:00 KIT: Fil Special, hosted and sung by Fil, in Mir-o-Bot’s Eder Tsogal.
  • 14:00 KIT: Story Special, hosted by r'Tayrtahn (using the in-game voice chat), in Eder Bahvahnter.

Thursday 8

  • 13:00 KIT: Country Special, hosted and sung by Eternal Seeker, on Eder Naybree's beach.
  • 14:00 KIT: Eddie Competition, hosted by PodHopper, in Podhopper's Hood.

Friday 9

  • 13:00 KIT: Wall Game 1, hosted by Nosila & Dahmpa in Gahreesen (PM "link" to Mir-o-Bot or MinBot).
  • 17:00 KIT: Wall Game 2, hosted by Nosila & Dahmpa in Gahreesen.

Saturday 10

  • 12:00 KIT: Nulp Dance Show, stream by Seeker, on Eder Naybree's beach.

Sunday 11

  • 13:00 KIT: Ivory, Opal and Dahlias, hosted by Radio Free D’ni, on the Ae’gura plaza.


Times and events may change at the last minute; you can find the latest updates at: