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MOULa update OpenUru#212

On November 8 MOULa got another update, with various fixes, improvements and a new Age! A full changelog is available at the bottom of this post. As usual, an audio summary of the updates was added to the Kirel auditorium podium.

A new area within D'ni, by TGMChrist & Tweek, will soon be unveiled. The doors of the Library and the Museum in Ae'gura now work properly, opening and closing as people get through them. Various updates were made to Chiso Preniv, Eder Bahvahnter, Eder Naybree, Elonin, Kalamee, and Tiam.

A note on bugs (click to expand)

When an update hits MOULa it is almost inevitable that unexpected bugs will show up. For all the testing that can be done, Minkata never sees as many concurrent players as the official server, and not all issues can be catched.

When the servers have just been restarted, most of the early linking slowness and problems are from the database buffers refilling – and by an overload of concurrent logins 😉

No additions from Cyan are to be expected for the foreseeable future, apart from server updates, so all improvements and additions will come from fan developers, who dedicate their limited free time to at least try to let MOULa be the best it could potentially be.

So the best way to deal with bugs is to have patience and report them, mentioning where you were and what you were doing, be it on Cyan’s Discord, OpenUru’s Discord or OpenUru forums.

If you fancy contributing your work and/or helping with bug fixing, those places are also excellent starting points to be part of the Fourth Restoration 🙂

OpenUru Build #212b – Q3, 2023
  • [new] Ae'gura Library and Museum doors now work {8}
  • [new] New D'ni area by TGMChrist & Tweek {14}
  • [new] New audio track for introductory video {11}
  • [new] New Kirel audio recording for Q3 {13}
  • [update] Consistency Pass of Book Textures {9}
  • [update] Improvements to pellet imager {8}
  • [update] Improvements to Relto internals {8}
  • [update] Improvements to sliding door mechanics {8}
  • [update] Texture Optimization in (old) Messenger's Pub & Phil's Relto {10}
  • [update] Updates to Chiso Preniv {5}
  • [update] Updates to Eder Bahvahnter {6}
  • [update] Updates to Eder Naybree {7}
  • [update] Updates to Elonin {3}
  • [update] Updates to Kalamee {12}
  • [update] Updates to Tiam {3}
  • [fix] Don't trust local machine time for synchronized gameplay {1}
  • [fix] Fix "crash on exit" caused by player hearing link sound {4}
  • [fix] Fix Descent Bahro Stone link-in animation {8}
  • [fix] Fix Gahreesen Wall Nexus camera operation {8}
  • [fix] Fix getting stuck in Heek during player exit {2}
  • [fix] Fix Hood/Kirel skybox streaking {9}
  • [fix] Fix issues with Relto Page clickables {8}


1: Adam {Hoikas}
2: Adam {Hoikas}, Hazado
3: ametist
4: dgelessus, Adam {Hoikas}
5: Doobes
6: Dulcamara, ametist
7: Harley
8: Hazado
9: Maurus
10: Maurus, Adam {Hoikas}
11: Rand, Maurus, Hazado
12: Semjay
13: skyisblu, Zaroth, Hazado
14: TGMChrist, Tweek