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News roundup #14

  • A few updates for Mysterium 2021:
    • Meinert Hansen, Robyn Miller, Brian Wrench are the first 3 special guests announced;
    • priority will be given to event submissions sent by May 31, or June 20 at the latest if time allows;
    • the Westin Alexandria will not cancel bookings automatically, you will have to do it yourself via the Marriott website or by phone;
    • the location for Mysterium 2022 is not set, the Committee will go through the normal bid review process.
  • The Lost Art episode 12 will be released on June 5 at 12:30 KIT, right before the All Guilds Meeting, as a Premiere on MystiTech’s YouTube channel; the live chat will start at 12:00 KIT.