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News roundup #7

  • Registration for virtual Mysterium is now open! The special guests from last year will all be back – Russell Brower, Chuck Carter, Tim Larkin, Marty O’Donnell, Katie Postma, and Jack Wall – and even more will be announced soon.
  • Samjay has released her third Age: Tovaht! Currently it is only available for download offline, but will be uploaded to Deep Island as soon as possible.
  • CrimockLyte released a video about D’ni lore, the first of a planned series.
  • KatelysTV released a video about Myst ME as the first episode of their series Game-Dev Perspective.
  • Corvus released a second video made in Dreams (Media Molecule), this time a recreation of Myst itself.
  • In case you missed it, Lore Together by Mystic and Sapphy is a podcast about the lore of various games, including Myst.