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September 2020 All Guilds Meeting Summary

Here is the summary for July’s Meeting, along with the raw and cleansed chatlogs!


  1. Cavern Tours
  2. Music events
  3. D’ni Language Classes
  4. R’Tayrtahn’s Story Nights
  5. Fan Ages Touring Club
  6. Unwritten Journeys Patreon
  7. Ages of Doobes

Cavern Tours

CT Hostess Susa’n was on stage to announce the tenth Cavern Tour of 2020, which will be held on Saturday 12 at 11:00 KIT, starting from the Cavern Tour’s Hood.

The Nexus is currently malfunctioning, and the neighborhood is not showing up; if the problem persists, you should ask Susa’n for an invite.

The host, Larry LeDeay, will use his Twitch channel for the presentation, so you will need to keep a browser or the app open in the background. Videos will be available for two weeks after the tour.

The tours occasionally visit hard to reach places. Mir-o-Bot (KI# 32319) is employed for special effects and long-distance travel (and to avoid stairs). If you arrive late, you can PM Susa’n (KI# 9122427) to join the in-progress tour – but do try to arrive in time!

Music events

PodHopper was next, to announce Ambient Explorations, a music event held in the new Messengers Pub every Friday at 13:00–15:00 KIT, with mostly lounge and chill out tracks [stream], just before Fil’s Triosity Radio live shows.

Besides PodHopper, Fil also doubled his Triosity Radio program with an edition every Wednesday at 13:00 KIT, also in the new Messengers Pub [stream].

Nosila will also host a program on Monday 28 at 13:00 KIT [stream].

D’ni Language Classes

Korov’ev channeled Shokhootahn Rehn (rumours say he even levitated) and gave two announcements, one for the D’ni Language Classes and one for the Story Nights.

He is still putting things away after his recent move. As a result there will not be any daytime classes until further notice. They should be able to return sometime in autumn. Night time classes, however, are unaffected. Two students are currently taking the classes.

More about the D’ni Language Classes (click to expand)
  • Those who would like to attend the lessons should contact Rehn via PM or KImail (KI# 58324); be sure to include your KI number in the message!
  • The Guild of Instructors’ Hood will be open and public unless a class is in session, currently on Thursday and Friday nights, starting at 20:00 or 21:00 KIT, depending on the student’s schedule.
  • Last-minute changes to class times are posted on the left-hand imager in the hood.

R’Tayrtahn’s Story Nights

Story Nights and Story Nights – Europe are now at the same stage. Having finished the story arc of the D’ni kings and learned about the years between king Kerath’s death and the start of the story of the Fall, we are now starting the Fall as told in the book Myst: The Book of Ti’ana.

More about the Story Nights (click to expand)
  • Story Nights are held in Tsahno’s Hood every Saturday, gathering at the fountain at around 23:00 KIT, with the story starting at about 23:30 KIT.
  • For Story Nights – Europe, the gatherings are on Saturday starting at 13:30 KIT, with the story starting at about 14:00 KIT. On All Guilds Meeting days, the event will begin at 14:30 KIT or 30 minutes after the end of the AGM.
  • The stories are told using voice chat, so you will need to have your speakers, headphones or KI devices on. If you would like a reminder, please send r’Tayrtahn (KI# 58324) a KImail with your KI number included in the text, so that he can add you to his buddies list.
  • Last-minute changes to Story Night times are posted on the left-hand imager in the hood.

Fan Ages Touring Club

Korov’ev then gave a quick update on the Fan Ages Expeditions he is hosting on the Deep Island shard, every Sunday at 11:00 KIT. Recently, they visited Botan and Moysenland, by Ametist.

In September, the adventurers of the Touring Club will test their puzzle-solving mettle in Oolbahnneea, by Wodan. Then it will be time for a psychedelic trip to the chain-letter Age Rell-Too; then Torilacha, from the group.

After the expeditions, the participants will be able to share their observations in dedicated threads in the Guild of Writers’ forums (listed in the index). The expeditions are streamed (without comments), and the videos will be available for two weeks after.

A gallery of fan Ages with some details is available on the Writers’ wiki. Setting up a Deep Island client can be a bit tricky in some situations; a quick guide is available in our Troubleshooting section.

Unwritten Journeys Patreon

Inkworks Productions have launched the Unwritten Journeys Patreon, supplemental material for their Unwritten RPG, blurring the line between fact and fiction, apocrypha and canon, taking a new look at members of the DRC and sending the history and future of the Cavern off on wild tangents and speculative adventures.

Inkworks Productions will also be hosting hangouts in the Unwritten RPG Neighbourhood on the 5th of each month, at 19:00 KIT, to talk about Unwritten, role-playing games, and whatever else comes up!

Ages of Doobes

Doobes appeared on stage for a post hoc assessment of the release of his Ages to MOULa. So many familiar faces, long missing from the Cavern, came back. Things have been relatively quiet since the release, for a well-earned breather. The new content has revitalised the Cavern as well as interest in Age building, and that is a momentum Doobes wish to keep going.

So, while he works on his own projects, he will be offering up advice, expertise, and even direct assistance to those who want to get their Age projects MOULa-ready. This includes those just starting out, as well as returning PyPRP vets who want to get their classic Ages converted to Korman, to further encourage others to give the tool a try and see what they can create for MOULa and the other shards. Personal and hood instances are possible and up to the Age builders’ choice.

3D modelling is not a mandatory requirement, either: storytellers, artists, puzzle designers are also needed, and anyone can get involved in some way.

As for the released Ages, they will be further updated, both functionally and with the addition of new content like holiday decorations for the Messengers Pub, and journals for Chiso Preniv. Word on the tunnel is that Heritage Documents are already in the pipeline ?

Some have experienced graphical issues, particularly with Veelay Tsahvahn. It could be a client issue, particularly for those with higher end specs; for those on macOS, it most likely means we desperately need a native version for both it and Linux. Doobes and the H’uru team will continue their efforts to fix things.

To keep updated on Doobes’ work, check his blog and his Facebook page. #ANewEraInDni

And that was it for this month.

Please consider donating to keep the Cavern open!

The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for Saturday, October 3 (Leevot 16, 9676 DE) at 13:00 KIT.

Until then!