Guild of Writers Releases Korman 0.08

Yesterday, the Guild of Writers released the first new version of Korman for 2019, and the Age exporting plugin has received quite the overhaul! With “80 commits and approximately 5,500 lines of code changed from the previous version”, 0.08 represents the most streamlined Korman yet.

Changes in this release:

  • Added support for image Environment Maps
  • Added the ability to compile and package age Python scripts
  • Added the ability to copy/paste Plasma Modifiers
  • Added the ability to export an age as a ZIP archive
  • Changed the Swim Surface modifier to allow non-flat geometry
  • Fixed an issue in which Blender would crash when a blend file needed to be unloaded (eg by using undo)
  • Fixed an issue in which lightmapped objects that share a material would not be lightmapped correctly
  • Fixed an issue in which the exporter would leave behind node trees with a user count of zero
  • Fixed an issue in which the “Preview Lightmap” feature would change the active layer selection
  • Fixed a memory leak in the bump map exporter
  • Optimized texture exporting
  • Reorganized the Journal modifier to accept text notes for journal contents and produce the correct journal data on export
  • Reorganized the Lightmap modifier for easier management of object bake passes
  • Reorganized the Plasma Game storage to be an addon setting instead of a blend file setting

Those who have used previous versions of Korman may find a lot to get used to, but there are plans in the works to overhaul the corresponding wiki articles to accommodate changes.

You can read the full release forum topic by clicking here.

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