News roundup #15

  • Registration for the online Mysterium 2021 convention is now open: all events will be streamed, and registration is only required to participate in interactive content.
    • To facilitate question gathering for the Myst IV panel, questions will have to be submitted in advance, using the form by July 15.
    • The usual live marker missions will be replaced by one in MOULa; the Committee set up a dedicated page for instructions.
    • Three more special guests have been announced: Chuck Carter, Rand Miller and Philip Shane.
  • A Pellet Avatar leaderboard was set up by Chogon, that will daily update with the global top thirty scores. The top Neighborhood pellet scores may be added later.
  • Cyan is taking part in GOG’s Summer Sale, with 60% off deals on all their available games; the sale will end on June 28.

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