Overcrowded neighborhoods

If you’re having trouble logging in MOULa lately, one possible cause is that you’re a member of a ‘mega-hood’, one with hundreds of members, most often a DRC (xxx) Bevin. Typical symptoms are a long delay in linking or a “SetActivePlayer” error.

This overcrowding bug was fixed in the last update for new avatars, but older ones can still be affected. DRC (xxx) Bevin hoods are meant to hold up to 20 members before a new one is created, but a server bug is filling some of them non-stop.

It is strongly advised to move to a less crowded hood, especially a custom one. Here’s the procedure:

  1. keep trying to log in until you manage to land on Relto;
  2. once you’re in, delete your hood book on the Relto bookshelf, by pressing the square tab at the bottom of the book spine (a D’ni zero); the book will sink into the shelf. You can now create your own hood or join an existing one:
    • to create your own hood – the quickest choice, since you can always join another hood later – link to the Nexus, use the book machine and click the book symbol in the upper left corner. This will Link you to a new hood (the naming format is ’s Hood);
    • to join an existing hood, you’ll need to visit the Relto of one of the members and use their hood book, which they will need to unlock first by lifting the tab at the top.

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