All Guilds Meeting – January 2019 – Raw Chatlog

(01/05 13:01:29) Korov’ev: Hahr rahm gah shorat, and welcome to the 105th All Guilds Meeting!
(01/05 13:01:30) axenna: Ro, i do that too
(01/05 13:01:46) GoMeDoobes cheers
(01/05 13:01:48) Korov’ev: In the D’ni calendar today is Leevosahn 4, 9674, and the time is 2:04:02
(01/05 13:02:10) Korov’ev: As usual, I’ll remind you the 5 Meeting Rules:
(01/05 13:02:16) Korov’ev: 1. Please *keep chatter to a minimum* while speakers are talking. The occasional comment or emote is fine, but be respectful and let the speaker finish.
(01/05 13:02:30) Korov’ev: 2. If you have a question for a speaker, please don’t ask it directly: PM it to me. Be sure a “?” is somewhere in it to properly log the question in the queue.
(01/05 13:02:45) Korov’ev: 3. Speakers, please indicate when you are done speaking and ready for questions, and when you’re ready for the next question.
(01/05 13:02:58) Korov’ev: 4. If a question requires a long explanation, we may have to skip it to keep things moving. In that case, you can always PM any speaker once they’ve left the stage.
(01/05 13:03:07) Korov’ev: 5. A summary and a chatlog of the Meeting will be published in the next few days on the MOULa forums and on Doobes’ site; if you can’t wait, you can start your own chatlog with “/startlog”.
(01/05 13:03:18) Korov’ev: and
(01/05 13:03:28) Korov’ev: So, we’re going to start the first Meeting of 2019 in style, with news about upcoming Ages, and a certain website!
(01/05 13:03:35) Korov’ev cheers
(01/05 13:03:47) GoMeDoobes: 😀
(01/05 13:03:51) Korov’ev: Let’s hear about them from the Main Man: Doobes!
(01/05 13:03:55) thoekenem claps his hands
(01/05 13:03:58) Korov’ev claps his hands
(01/05 13:03:58) Max: Old Ages…?
(01/05 13:04:00) Mirphak claps his hands
(01/05 13:04:00) MorganLapahie claps her hands
(01/05 13:04:04) Tai’lahr claps her hands
(01/05 13:04:04) GoMeDoobes waves hello
(01/05 13:04:05) TGMChrist claps his hands
(01/05 13:04:08) PodHopper claps his hands
(01/05 13:04:09) rarified claps his hands
(01/05 13:04:11) Theo claps his hands
(01/05 13:04:12) axenna claps her hands
(01/05 13:04:13) GoMeDoobes: Hi guys and gals! It’s been far too long. 🙂
(01/05 13:04:22) GoMeDoobes: I’ve stopped by to talk about a couple of things I’ve been working on in the background, both URU-related as it turns out.
(01/05 13:04:32) GoMeDoobes: First up, I wanted to update everyone about my next Age release.
(01/05 13:04:41) GoMeDoobes: Sadly, I didn’t get finished when I wanted to (ie in time for Myst’s 25th anniversary). Work and the holidays kept me away from what I really wanted to do, as it always does.
(01/05 13:04:53) GoMeDoobes: That and I was a bit burnt out, which tends to happen after a lot of heavy Blender work.
(01/05 13:05:10) GoMeDoobes: I’m sure our programmer friends can relate. 😉
(01/05 13:05:27) rarified grins
(01/05 13:05:31) GoMeDoobes: A side note on that: I’ve also been helping the Guild of Writers test the next version of Korman, although I’ve admittedly been slacking on that too. They’ve been putting a lot of work into it and I’m hoping to get back into that as well to help them make it even more user-friendly for Age builders.
(01/05 13:05:52) GoMeDoobes: Thankfully, they’re always very patient with my ramblings. 😛
(01/05 13:06:02) GoMeDoobes: As a bit of a way to throw you guys a bone, I’ll announce the full lineup of Ages I intend to release in one go sometime soon:
(01/05 13:06:15) GoMeDoobes: 1) A revamped GoMe Pub. It’s fitting the journey should start here as it’s my first official release. The means to find the other Ages will be found somewhere in the Pub.
(01/05 13:06:28) GoMeDoobes: 2) The Library. I’d like to feature other fan Ages here as well (with permission), but it’ll also act as a “nexus” of my own for my various Ages.
(01/05 13:06:41) GoMeDoobes: 3) Veelay Tsahvahn (aka the Memorial Age). This one will be available in the Library right away. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a rememberance for explorers who have passed away and a place to gather and mourn and celebrate those we’ve lost over the years.
(01/05 13:07:06) Thumbs up from Ro”Jethhe
(01/05 13:07:07) GoMeDoobes: 4) The Vale. A mysterious garden Age that has distinctly D’ni architecture, but the origin of the Age itself is a bit of a mystery that we’re trying to solve. We know that a D’ni Writer did NOT Write it, which was quite unusual at the time it was Written. You can visit and see what we’ve learned so far.
(01/05 13:07:27) GoMeDoobes: 5) Kotsahvosahn (The Waystation). Yep, the journey begins and ends right where it should…in the cavern. This was a port used by the D’ni Guild of Messengers right up until the fall and will be the beginning of Lothias’ journey (which will come later 😉 ).
(01/05 13:07:48) GoMeDoobes: So there you have it! A couple of these Ages are just about ready while some have several details that still need to be knocked out. I’m hoping for a (tentative) “early 2019” release on Gehn Shard, The Open Cave, and Deep Island (although I still need to talk with their respective admins about it). Then later, Minkata and…hopefully…MOULa!
(01/05 13:08:10) GoMeDoobes: Keep checking back on my site, and my Facebook page, If you check both, they have images of the upcoming Ages in all their early and late-development glory.
(01/05 13:08:14) rarified: Working diligently on it
(01/05 13:08:16) Korov’ev cheers
(01/05 13:08:21) Ro”Jethhe cheers
(01/05 13:08:27) GoMeDoobes: Good programming takes time. 😉
(01/05 13:08:33) axenna cheers
(01/05 13:08:35) GoMeDoobes: Any questions before I move on to item number 2?
(01/05 13:08:38) TGMChrist: More Ages for MOULa
(01/05 13:08:41) Theo cheers
(01/05 13:09:00) Korov’ev: None in queue.
(01/05 13:09:12) GoMeDoobes: Heh, I guess that WAS pretty straightforward. 😛
(01/05 13:09:15) Sleeper Jan: would be nice
(01/05 13:09:16) GoMeDoobes: Now then…for the project that’s been taking up my free time as of late…and why I’m in my GoMeDoobes attire. 😉
(01/05 13:09:27) Zole: i havent reed all sentences, it takes time
(01/05 13:09:43) GoMeDoobes: Don’t worry Zole…there will be a chatlog to see later if you missed anything. 😉
(01/05 13:09:50) GoMeDoobes: As you know, the GoMe site has been absent for over a year now. As such, the old .com domain lapsed and fell into the hands of some sort of gambling…thing.
(01/05 13:10:05) Korov’ev: urgh
(01/05 13:10:06) GoMeDoobes: Needless to say, I decided to come up with a solution: http://guildofmessengers.ORG!
(01/05 13:10:07) Sleeper Jan: sighs
(01/05 13:10:14) Max: some peeps may have fainted by these news… amazing stuff!
(01/05 13:10:40) Korov’ev tries not to faint
(01/05 13:10:48) GoMeDoobes: Yes, the site…as of this very moment…is back! While some of the informational pages need to be carried over still, people can sign up and start contributing to the site right away.
(01/05 13:11:02) GoMeDoobes: While I still need to test the news/event submission form, it *should* be ready to go too.
(01/05 13:11:21) GoMeDoobes: You’ll notice it’s similar to our 2.0 site (ie the WordPress and ColorMag theme), and that was mostly for consistency. I’m hoping things have been streamlined even further from the previous two versions, but I’m certainly open to suggestions.
(01/05 13:11:48) GoMeDoobes: The All Guilds Meeting chatlogs, which I’ve previously been hosting over at my own site, will now be located there, both raw and cleansed, starting with this meeting’s logs!
(01/05 13:12:08) GoMeDoobes: (something I probably should have told Kor before the meeting. 😀 )
(01/05 13:12:21) Tai’lahr: We appreciate all the work you’re doing, Doobes.
(01/05 13:12:30) GoMeDoobes: The new domain is hosted and maintained by me, so it won’t be going anywhere for the foreseeable future. Note that I won’t be seeking donations as it’s fairly cheap to maintain anyway so long as we don’t get too crazy with things.
(01/05 13:12:35) Thumbs up from rarified
(01/05 13:12:51) GoMeDoobes: Until then, feel free to sign up for the new site, post in the forums, send in articles…the whole thing! We’re back in business, baby!
(01/05 13:12:59) Korov’ev: that`s always nice 🙂
(01/05 13:13:02) Tweek cheers
(01/05 13:13:04) Theo cheers
(01/05 13:13:05) BIG thumbs up from Ro”Jethhe
(01/05 13:13:06) GoMeDoobes: Again, that’s http://guildofmessengers.ORG
(01/05 13:13:09) GoMeDoobes: Not .com 😉
(01/05 13:13:15) GoMeDoobes: Any questions?
(01/05 13:13:28) Korov’ev: none in queue
(01/05 13:13:32) Max: no videos, I assume?
(01/05 13:13:44) rarified: Have you updated the link?
(01/05 13:14:06) GoMeDoobes: I need to get in touch with Leonardo about that, but it will be.
(01/05 13:14:47) GoMeDoobes: Yeah, videos will most likely need to be linked to instead of posted right on the site. The storage space is finite. 😉
(01/05 13:14:54) GoMeDoobes: (unless I pay more)
(01/05 13:15:05) GoMeDoobes: Anything else?
(01/05 13:15:24) Tweek: Will the news page have an RSS feed?
(01/05 13:15:38) GoMeDoobes: Probably. I still need to set it up though.
(01/05 13:15:44) Tweek: Ok cool, thanks
(01/05 13:15:47) GoMeDoobes: 😀
(01/05 13:16:04) Korov’ev: the calendar is linked with the Google one, right?
(01/05 13:16:10) GoMeDoobes: You betcha!
(01/05 13:16:17) GoMeDoobes: So’s the widget on the front page.
(01/05 13:16:29) GoMeDoobes: Which is now live, by the way. 😉
(01/05 13:16:34) MorganLapahie: I like the “submit news” button…
(01/05 13:16:38) Korov’ev: balanced, as it should be 🙂
(01/05 13:16:50) GoMeDoobes: That was not my creation. I believe Marten made it? I could be wrong on that.
(01/05 13:17:00) Tweek: Settle down Thanos
(01/05 13:17:09) GoMeDoobes: SNAP!
(01/05 13:17:16) TGMChrist: Oh no please.
(01/05 13:17:23) GoMeDoobes: Anyway, I’ll be available for followup questions. Thanks for your time!
(01/05 13:17:25) GoMeDoobes bows
(01/05 13:17:28) Korov’ev: that button has a history of its own
(01/05 13:17:32) GoMeDoobes: 😛
(01/05 13:17:34) Korov’ev: Thank you Doobes!
(01/05 13:17:37) rarified claps his hands
(01/05 13:17:39) Franklife claps his hands
(01/05 13:17:40) Tai’lahr claps her hands
(01/05 13:17:40) Korov’ev claps his hands
(01/05 13:17:41) PodHopper claps his hands
(01/05 13:17:42) MorganLapahie claps her hands
(01/05 13:17:42) thoekenem claps his hands
(01/05 13:17:42) radioflux claps his hands
(01/05 13:17:42) westar claps his hands
(01/05 13:17:42) Night-Tripper claps his hands
(01/05 13:17:44) Tweek claps his hands
(01/05 13:17:44) Max: brilliant stuff
(01/05 13:17:45) TGMChrist claps his hands
(01/05 13:17:46) Zole claps his hands
(01/05 13:17:47) Max claps his hands
(01/05 13:17:48) Adi claps her hands
(01/05 13:17:53) Palla claps his hands
(01/05 13:17:58) Korov’ev: And continuing with fan Age-related news, our next speaker is: Tweek!
(01/05 13:17:58) GoMeDoobes smiles
(01/05 13:18:03) axenna claps her hands
(01/05 13:18:04) GoMeDoobes: Wooot!
(01/05 13:18:05) GoMeDoobes cheers
(01/05 13:18:07) Tai’lahr claps her hands
(01/05 13:18:12) MorganLapahie claps her hands
(01/05 13:18:12) thoekenem claps his hands
(01/05 13:18:13) rarified: Ooooo
(01/05 13:18:15) Tweek waves hello
(01/05 13:18:18) TGMChrist claps his hands
(01/05 13:18:21) Mirphak claps his hands
(01/05 13:18:24) Ro”Jethhe: O^o
(01/05 13:18:44) Korov’ev: the one and only!
(01/05 13:19:02) Tweek: So.. Last September was the 25th anniversary of Myst (yey!). As some of you may know I started working on a new Age to celebrate this thingy
(01/05 13:19:07) axenna claps her hands
(01/05 13:19:26) Loui’s waves hello
(01/05 13:19:47) Tweek: Alas, I didn’t get the Age ready in time for September but I’m hoping to have it released soon.
(01/05 13:20:03) Loui’s: Sit
(01/05 13:20:06) Korov’ev: Loui’s, sit down please 🙂
(01/05 13:20:26) Tweek: Eder Fahsee as the Age is known is a familiarly unfamiliar garden Age that celebrates Myst and the impact it had on all of us.
(01/05 13:20:26) Loui’s: yes
(01/05 13:20:28) CYBORG: Theres always one !
(01/05 13:21:00) Tweek: As such, I am inviting any one who is interested to contribute to the Age.
(01/05 13:21:55) Tweek: I am planning on compiling 25 books (with maybe another 25 later) to go within the library on the Age that chronicle the first interactions you guys had with Myst
(01/05 13:22:12) rarified: Nice
(01/05 13:22:18) TGMChrist: Cool
(01/05 13:22:19) CYBORG: Great
(01/05 13:22:49) Tweek: Your thoughts, feelings..etc. It can be something short or something long. Just keep in mind that it’s going to be in a book so maybe not Tolkien lenght
(01/05 13:23:00) Tweek: ack typo fairy
(01/05 13:23:11) radioflux: Tolkien wrote books…
(01/05 13:23:29) Tweek: If you’re interested in contributing then check out
(01/05 13:23:34) GoMeDoobes is intrigued and wants in too
(01/05 13:24:07) Tweek: As mentioned on the mentioned page, I can’t guarantee all submissions will make it into the Age.
(01/05 13:24:27) Tweek: But I will certainly try to fit as many in as possible.
(01/05 13:24:35) TGMChrist want to see the Age.
(01/05 13:24:54) Tweek: For those who want to see what the Age is shaping up to look like
(01/05 13:25:01) Tweek eyes TGMChrist
(01/05 13:25:25) Tweek: Then I have posted some recent in game screenshots at my Age deveopment page on Facebook –
(01/05 13:26:10) Tweek: If anyone has any issues with the contact form when submitting something give me a shout.
(01/05 13:26:43) Tweek: Like Doobes I do have other Ages in the works but Eder Fahsee is currently my focus.
(01/05 13:26:52) Tweek: Anyone have any questions?
(01/05 13:27:08) Zole: how can we contribute, in which areas?
(01/05 13:27:19) Korov’ev: can you repeat the link to the contact form?
(01/05 13:27:39) Tweek: Yep, contact form can be found here –
(01/05 13:28:25) Tweek: Zole> I’m hoping people would like to contribute some words on their first experiences playing Myst
(01/05 13:28:50) Korov’ev: Our next question is from Christian Walther.
(01/05 13:28:50) Korov’ev: [Christian Walther] Knowing you, there must be a story behind the age, a reason why it has to do with Myst. Can you say anything about that, or is that for us to discover?
(01/05 13:28:54) Tai’lahr: What a wonderful opportunity for explorers.
(01/05 13:29:50) Tweek: Well I do love my lore and worldbuilding. 😀 But Honestly, Eder Fahsee was specifically Written for Myst’s 25 so there isn’t really some big story behind the Age.
(01/05 13:30:15) Tweek: Unless you count the fact it’s the second Age I’ve Written with my own made Ink and Books >.>
(01/05 13:30:21) Tweek: :O
(01/05 13:30:38) Christian Walther: That’s story enough, thanks 🙂
(01/05 13:30:40) GoMeDoobes: Hehehe.
(01/05 13:30:51) Tweek: But no, I purposly kept things simple with this one.
(01/05 13:31:19) Tweek: Any other questions?
(01/05 13:31:28) Korov’ev: so you`re Gehn-ing Ages now? 🙂
(01/05 13:31:49) Tweek: No..well.. Fahets was partially Written Gehn style..and yeah I paid for that.
(01/05 13:32:00) Max: (keep it simple… keep it stable)
(01/05 13:32:12) Korov’ev: he he
(01/05 13:32:12) Tweek: My other 4 Ages (Eder Fahsee is my fifth :O ) are Written “properly”
(01/05 13:32:29) Tai’lahr: Oh, another coincidence.
(01/05 13:32:48) Korov’ev claps his hands
(01/05 13:32:48) Korov’ev: Thank you Tweek!
(01/05 13:32:53) MorganLapahie claps her hands
(01/05 13:32:55) Tweek: Thanks 🙂
(01/05 13:32:55) Ro”Jethhe claps his hands
(01/05 13:32:56) rarified claps his hands
(01/05 13:32:59) GoMeDoobes claps his hands
(01/05 13:33:00) Zole claps his hands
(01/05 13:33:00) Night-Tripper claps his hands
(01/05 13:33:01) TGMChrist claps his hands
(01/05 13:33:01) radioflux claps his hands
(01/05 13:33:01) Tai’lahr: Thank you, Tweek.
(01/05 13:33:03) Tai’lahr claps her hands
(01/05 13:33:03) Mirphak claps his hands
(01/05 13:33:04) Franklife claps his hands
(01/05 13:33:06) Adi claps her hands
(01/05 13:33:09) Palla claps his hands
(01/05 13:33:09) Christian Walther claps his hands
(01/05 13:33:10) PodHopper claps his hands
(01/05 13:33:11) Sleeper Jan: fanks
(01/05 13:33:13) Max claps furiously
(01/05 13:33:13) Sleeper Jan: thanks
(01/05 13:33:20) Viktor Riven claps his hands
(01/05 13:33:24) koti claps her hands
(01/05 13:33:25) Korov’ev: And now, time for some quick Cyan news!
(01/05 13:33:29) axenna claps her hands
(01/05 13:33:35) TGMChrist claps his hands
(01/05 13:33:35) Korov’ev: The #Myst25 DVD have been shipped, and in many cases already reached their destinations.
(01/05 13:33:39) Sleeper Jan: perks ears
(01/05 13:33:44) Korov’ev: If you’re still waiting, you should’ve received an email with the tracking code to know where the DVD are.
(01/05 13:34:10) jtrigg: still waiting for mine, and no tracking info avail
(01/05 13:34:15) Korov’ev: If you`re in the UK, you might have additional fees
(01/05 13:34:41) MorganLapahie: Wait, what?
(01/05 13:34:54) jtrigg: is USPS affected by the shutdown?
(01/05 13:35:08) Tweek: Yeah if you’re in the UK and your tracking is showing a failure to deliver chances are you’ll have additional custom charges to pay on it
(01/05 13:35:13) Tai’lahr: No, it operates independently.
(01/05 13:35:18) jtrigg: OK
(01/05 13:35:24) Korov’ev: “packet not delivered” I think is the message?
(01/05 13:35:32) Tweek: Correct Kor
(01/05 13:35:35) MorganLapahie: Well I don’t think the Mac versions have shipped yet…
(01/05 13:35:59) Korov’ev: (I got the discs yesterday!)
(01/05 13:36:07) Korov’ev: The Cyan staff took a winter break from December 21 to January 2.
(01/05 13:36:15) Korov’ev: If you sent inquiries at, or during this period,
(01/05 13:36:22) Korov’ev: please allow a few days as they’re preocessing them in order of receipt.
(01/05 13:36:25) MorganLapahie: Do the discs have both Mac and PC versions on them?
(01/05 13:36:37) jtrigg: mine was shipped 18 December acc to Cyan , but no tracking info on the USPS site or AustraliaPost
(01/05 13:37:12) Korov’ev: I think they`re Win only
(01/05 13:37:45) GoMeDoobes: Back of mine say Windows.
(01/05 13:37:53) GoMeDoobes shrugs
(01/05 13:37:54) Korov’ev: or the OS you choose in the survey.
(01/05 13:38:12) Tweek checks the back of his…oh wait no he doesn’t cause they got held up with extra customs charges 😐
(01/05 13:38:24) Korov’ev shrugs
(01/05 13:38:26) MorganLapahie: I think I remember in one of the updates it said that the Mac versions weren’t ready to ship yet.
(01/05 13:38:57) Korov’ev: Moving on…
(01/05 13:39:01) Korov’ev: In case you haven’t heard, The Lost Art, MystiTech Production’s machinima, is back for Season Two!
(01/05 13:39:09) GoMeDoobes: Yay!
(01/05 13:39:14) Korov’ev: Two videos have been released, a Christmas teaser on December 16:
(01/05 13:39:22) Korov’ev: And Episode 6 (the first in Season Two) on Christmas Eve:
(01/05 13:39:46) Korov’ev: ( also, I`m now part of the team! )
(01/05 13:39:57) Korov’ev: Around March some extra avatar operators will be needed; if you’re interested, PM MorganLapahie (or me).
(01/05 13:40:00) MorganLapahie claps her hands
(01/05 13:40:08) axenna cheers
(01/05 13:40:09) Tweek: whoo!
(01/05 13:40:09) Korov’ev: Requirements will be ability to use an internal client, and a Skype account to coordinate acting.
(01/05 13:40:17) Ro”Jethhe asks Korov’ev for his autograph.
(01/05 13:40:28) Korov’ev: You`ll be asked to do some voodoo stuff 😀
(01/05 13:40:28) TGMChrist wait for episode 7
(01/05 13:40:42) Korov’ev: MystiTech Youtube channel is at
(01/05 13:41:08) Korov’ev: I have a message from Shokhootahn Rehn:
(01/05 13:41:18) Korov’ev: He’s having a family emergency, so today’s Story Night Europe is canceled; original Story Night will not be affected.
(01/05 13:41:28) GoMeDoobes: Eek! Hopefully nothing serious.
(01/05 13:41:56) axenna: Uh oh!
(01/05 13:42:24) Korov’ev: Also, let`s wish well to explorer Chiro, who is seriosly ill and in hospital.
(01/05 13:42:41) GoMeDoobes: Aww. 🙁
(01/05 13:42:47) MorganLapahie: 🙁
(01/05 13:42:50) TGMChrist: Oh no.
(01/05 13:42:52) axenna: Oh no 🙁
(01/05 13:42:56) Tai’lahr: Yes, thank you for that, Korov’ev.
(01/05 13:43:06) PodHopper: Get well soon…
(01/05 13:43:06) Emor D’ni Lap: Chiro’s sister’s forum messages have been quite touching
(01/05 13:43:24) GoMeDoobes sends good vibes and the best of luck to Chiro
(01/05 13:43:34) Korov’ev claps his hands
(01/05 13:43:59) Korov’ev: And with that, it’s time to wrap up this Meeting.
(01/05 13:44:08) Korov’ev: Here is the summary of this month’s events (times in KI time)…
(01/05 13:44:10) MorganLapahie claps her hands
(01/05 13:44:14) Korov’ev: A calendar is also present in the left imager of the Guild of Messengers’ Hood;
(01/05 13:44:20) Korov’ev: if you find a mistake, please PM me here or on the forum so I can correct it.
(01/05 13:44:26) GoMeDoobes: (and on the new site!)
(01/05 13:44:27) Korov’ev: The Guild of Greeters’ Hood is staffed Monday-Saturday 13:45-14:15, if you need hints or info about the Cavern.
(01/05 13:44:42) Korov’ev: Sun 6 & 20 @ 13:00: Radio Free D’ni, in Ae’gura Plaza
(01/05 13:44:47) Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 13:00: Meeting Place Gatherings, in Meeting Place’s Hood
(01/05 13:44:52) Korov’ev: Every Wed @ 12:00: NULPsday, in German NULP’s Hood
(01/05 13:44:57) Korov’ev: Every Fri @ 16:00: Triosoty Radio, in Ae’gura Plaza [] (01/05 13:45:02) Korov’ev: Every Fri @ 21:00: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood
(01/05 13:45:07) Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 10:00: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood
(01/05 13:45:17) Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 14:00: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Nights, in Tsahno’s Hood (except today)
(01/05 13:45:26) Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 16:00: Karaoke Parties, in Karaoke’s Hood
(01/05 13:45:28) Sleeper Jan: ‘triosity’… Fil typoed it…
(01/05 13:45:39) Korov’ev: oops…
(01/05 13:45:47) Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 23:30: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Nights, in Tsahno’s Hood
(01/05 13:45:55) Korov’ev: And…
(01/05 13:46:00) Korov’ev: The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 13:00 KI time
(01/05 13:46:06) Korov’ev: Please consider donating to Cyan, to keep the Cavern open:
(01/05 13:46:14) Korov’ev bows
(01/05 13:46:14) Korov’ev: And with that, this Meeting is ended. Thank you all for coming, see you next time!