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Guild of Writers Releases Korman 0.12

The Guild of Writers released a new version of the age exporting tool Korman. This version begins the work of deprecating support for Blender 2.79b, with a new platform called Blender for Korman being introduced. Writers are encouraged to try the new platform and let the GoW know of any critical issue.

Additionally, a significant amount of scaffolding has been done to support GUIs in the future, particularly around allowing a single object or texture to export multiple animations.

Major features in this release:

  • Added the ability to bake and reuse lighting in multiple exports.
  • Added the ability to export multiple animations per object/texture.
  • Added the Grass Shader modifier.
  • Added the Localized Text modifier.
  • Added the Random Sound modifier.

If you never used Korman, or need a refresher, there are tutorials available.