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MO:ULa 9th Anniversary Events

On February 9 Myst Online: Uru Live (again) will have been live for 9 years, more than the Ubisoft (2003–04) and Gametap (2007–08) eras combined! Explorers have come and gone, drama has unfolded, and despite losing the Cavern again and again we are still around!

To celebrate the occasion, the weekend will be busy with events (in some cases, bots will be used to ferry explorers to the locations: Mir-o-Bot’s KI# is 32319, Magic Bot’s KI# is 27527):

  • Friday 8, 12:00 KIT, in the Watcher’s Pub, Ghaelen D’Lareh will hold the Opening Ceremony [stream];
  • Friday 8, 13:00 KIT, in the Hall of Kings in Ae’gura, Davide will play music from Myst [stream];
  • Friday 8, 15:00 KIT, in Mir-o-Bot’s Cleft (PM “to Cleft”), Fil will hold a live broadcast by the campfire, singing and playing the guitar himself [stream];
  • Saturday 9, 13:00 KIT, in Mir-o-Bot’s Relto (PM “meet”), the Nulp Dance Group will host a special Dance Show & Party (please mind the stage area), and Yoda will fascinate the public with one of his great light shows [stream];
  • Saturday 9, 16:00 KIT, in Karaoke’s Hood, DonahooDJ will host the Karaoke Show as she has done for so many years, with quite a few good singers in the Community [stream];
  • Sunday 10, 10:00 KIT, at the Memorial in Mir-o-Bot’s Kahlo Pub (PM “meet”), Ghaelen D’Lareh will hold the traditional commemoration of our explorer friends who passed away (PM the bot “auraon” for an atmospheric light) [stream];
  • Sunday 10, 11:00 KIT, in the Magic Great Tree Pub (PM “meet”), Radio Free D’ni will host a Special Anniversary Show [stream]; and
  • Sunday 10, 12:45 KIT, in the Magic Great Tree Pub, Mister Magic will close the celebrations with a Magic Event and Yoda will perform one of his amazing light shows; please be there before 12:45 KIT, or you won’t be able to see all the special effects [stream].

For further info, updates, pictures of the events and comments, check the calendar and visit the MO:ULa forum thread or the Facebook group.

See you there!