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MOULa update OpenUru#209

On December 8 MOULa got another update, with various fixes and improvements for the newly opened Ages! A full changelog is available at the bottom of this post.

The behavior of the Ahnonay Cathedral doors was changed: now they will stay open until everyone links out. A future update may extend a similar behavior to other doors, possibly re-enabling the doors in the Museum and the Library in Ae’gura.

The resolution of Atrus’ note in the Cleft has been increased, improving its readability.

Seasonal decorations were added to the fountain in Eder Naybree.

A note on bugs (click to expand)

When an update hits MOULa it is almost inevitable that unexpected bugs will show up. For all the testing that can be done, Minkata never sees as many concurrent players as the official server, and not all issues can be catched.

When the servers have just been restarted, most of the early linking slowness and problems are from the database buffers refilling – and by an overload of concurrent logins 😉

No additions from Cyan are to be expected for the foreseeable future, apart from server updates, so all improvements and additions will come from fan developers, who dedicate their limited free time to at least try to let MOULa be the best it could potentially be.

So the best way to deal with bugs is to have patience and report them, mentioning where you were and what you were doing, be it on Cyan’s Discord, OpenUru’s Discord or OpenUru forums.

If you fancy contributing your work and/or helping with bug fixing, those places are also excellent starting points to be part of the Fourth Restoration 🙂

OpenUru Build #209 Build Update

Content changes:

  • [new] Puzzle state tracking ("sliding") capability {7}
  • [new] Kirel message for 2022 Quarter 4 added. {4}
  • [update] Chiso Preniv Age remodelling. Caution! Secret door may operate erratically due to its own whims. Repairs are underway. {3}
  • [update] Eder Naybree improvements. Seasonal decorations, lighting, journals. {5}
  • [update] Elonin Age improvements. {2}
  • [update] Tiam Age improvements. Button puzzle usability improvements. {2}
  • [update] Cleft Atrus note readability improvements. {6}
  • [update] Ahnonay Cathedral Door fixes. {3}

Client changes:

  • [client] (internal) Improved age state (SDL) capabilities {1}


1: Adam, Zaroth
2: ametist
3: Doobes
4: Doobes, DapperAndy, skyisblu, Tyion, Zaroth
5: Harley
6: Zaroth
7: Zaroth, Adam