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November 2020 All Guilds Meeting Summary

Here is the summary for November’s Meeting, along with the raw and cleansed chatlogs!


    1. The Lost Art
    2. Christmas Show
    3. Blue Monday
    4. D’ni Language Classes
    5. R’Tayrtahn’s Story Nights
    6. A new era in D’ni
    7. Fan Ages Touring Club

The Lost Art

Korov’ev mentioned that, right after the AGM, Mystitech Productions was releasing episode 11 of their The Lost Art machinima: ‘Transmigrations’.

Christmas Show

Minasunda announced the Christmas Show, on December 19 at 13:00 KIT, in K’veer. The Nulp Dance Group will present the “Snow White” dance. The performers will move through the entire room, but the main part will take place in the area around Atrus’ table, the area to the right of it and on the area in the centre.

Minasunda will post a photo showing the best place for the audience on her Facebook group and the MOULa Event Discord server. If you will stay in that area, and optionally PM “float 10” to Mir-o-Bot, you should have a good view of the show without getting in the way of the performers!

Unfortunately, at the Halloween show a griefer kept linking some of the dancers and at least one of the viewers away using an internal client. This obviously interrupted the show and caused crashes for the bot and Magic Yoda, who could not continue his performance.

Therefore the Christmas Show will be invitation only to offer troublemakers less opportunities to interfere, or a chance at identifying them if they ‘invite’ themselves. Invites will be sent up to an hour before the shows.

Two other shows are in preparation: one for the XI anniversary of MOULa in Jalak, and one for Mother Earth Day in Water Ahnonay. These are very complex, require precision, and many hours of work go in it. Advance registration will be necessary for these upcoming shows too.

If you are interested in joining the Nulp Dance Group, please contact Minasunda. Videos of the 13 previous shows are available at Minasunda’s Youtube channel.

Blue Monday

Nosila will stream a Blues-themed program in the renovated Messengers Pub on Monday 9 at 13:00 KIT.

D’ni Language Classes

Shokhootahn Rehn (a.k.a. r’Tayrtahn) gave two announcements, one for the D’ni Language Classes and one for the Story Nights.

He is still putting things away after his move. He is, however, accepting daytime students on a limited basis; those interested should contact Rehn (see KI# below). Night time classes, however, are unaffected. Four students are currently taking the classes.

More about the D’ni Language Classes (click to expand)
  • Those who would like to attend the lessons should contact Rehn via PM or KImail (KI# 58324); be sure to include your KI number in the message!
  • The Guild of Instructors’ Hood will be open and public unless a class is in session, currently on Monday, Thursday and Friday nights, starting at 20:0021:00 or 22:00 KIT, depending on the student’s schedule.
  • Last-minute changes to class times are posted on the left-hand imager in the hood.

R’Tayrtahn’s Story Nights

Story Night – Europe is one story behind original Story Night. He just finished the story of The Fall as told in Myst: The Book of Ti’ana. Next up is Myst: The Book of Atrus.

R’Tayrtahn has been uploading the Stories on his YouTube channel. The videos are usually uploaded a few days after the live event.

More about the Story Nights (click to expand)
  • Story Nights are held in Tsahno’s Hood every Saturday, gathering at the fountain at around 23:00 KIT, with the story starting at about 23:30 KIT.
  • For Story Nights – Europe, the gatherings are on Saturday starting at 13:30 KIT, with the story starting at about 14:00 KIT. On All Guilds Meeting days, the event will begin at 14:30 KIT or 30 minutes after the end of the AGM, whichever is later.
  • The stories are told using voice chat, so you will need to have your speakers, headphones or KI devices on. If you would like a reminder, please send r’Tayrtahn (KI# 58324) a KImail with your KI number included in the text, so that he can add you to his buddies list.
  • Last-minute changes to Story Night times are posted on the left-hand imager in the hood.

A new era in D’ni

Patrick was back with some news about the restoration of new Ages for the Cavern. After a well-deserved break after the release of Chiso Preniv, Veelay Tsahvahn and the Ae’gura Messengers’ Pub back in August, the team is back with more!

The first of the new batch is called The Vale. They actually found two names for the Age, one in D’ni and the other in an entirely new language they are working to decipher, and it is unclear which one is the proper name or even if they are the same name. It is not Klingon, however! There is also a mixing of these two cultures’ architecture and machinery, an unusual blending given the somewhat xenophobic undertones D’ni culture had throughout its history.

They also made great strides in restoring another neighbourhood in D’ni called Kotsahvosahn, roughly translated to “eighth gateway”. This may be because it has the trademark “valve” doors that lead into a series of tunnels branching out of the Cavern into the rock, which includes the path to the surface. The hood was used as a waystation for the Guild of Messengers.

The new Ages will most likely be made accessible via new books in Chiso. But that is not all!

The team has also been looking into repairing the Great Shaft itself. Heavy seismic activity from around 2005 rendered most of it impassible, but they have been carefully proceeding into the damaged areas to see if it is possible to fix the worst parts.

They will need to consult with the DRC on the best methods to proceed, however. Depending on the circumstances, it may not be possible to reopen it fully.

Patrick also mentioned how invigorating it was to see people filling the new Ages. There are plans to add some decorations in the Pub for special occasions, and a beach ball for added fun.

To keep updated on Doobes’ work, check his blog and his Facebook page.

Fan Ages Touring Club

Korov’ev gave a quick update on the Fan Ages Expeditions he is hosting on the Deep Island shard, every Sunday at 11:00 KIT. Recently, they visited Ahreeuhtav by Cherish, Spiro by Jman, went back to Sprite Gallery by TikiBear for Halloween, investigated the Devokan Trust, and visited Justintime’s Ages.

For November, the plan is to start with the Hui fun park, including Hui Lab, then the 2010 D’ni Location (Creation) Contest Ages (including Vothol), a set of Ages from Ametist’s students, and giant board games Ages.

More about the Expeditions (click to expand)
  • After the expeditions, the participants will be able to share their observations in dedicated threads in the Guild of Writers’ forums (listed in the index). The expeditions are streamed (without comments), and the videos will be available for two weeks after.
  • After the tour, those who still have the energy are welcome to Korov’ev’s Gahreesehn for some Wall training (send a message to #194197 for an invite).
  • A gallery of fan Ages with some details is available on the Writers’ wiki. Setting up a Deep Island client can be a bit tricky in some situations; a quick guide is available in our Troubleshooting section.

And that was it for this month. Please consider donating to keep the Cavern open!

October ended with the CavFunding at 109% (CavCon 4.1) and the reserve at 130%. There were no extra expenses. Population was at 37,756 (⇑869), with 1980 unique visits. Steady numbers for donations, and increased activity!

The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for Saturday, December 5 (Leevobro 8) at 13:00 KIT.

Until then!