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A New Era in D’ni: Tiam

On Monday, December 20, 2021 (9677 Leevobro 20), in a ceremony held in Chiso Preniv that gathered over 150 explorers, Patrick Dulebohn and Ametist gave a speech (a transcript of which you can read below), then unveiled the linking book to Tiam, by Ametist. Rand Miller and Chogon also showed up at the event 🙂

Originally made available on May 31, 2020, Tiam is an age that was created for a family to relax and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine; there you will be able to unlock and discover how this family spent their time there.

Note than unlike the other Ages available in Chiso Preniv, Tiam is a personal instance. However visiting it will not save a link in your Nexus. This will be fixed in the future; in the meantime, you will need to always go through Chiso Preniv, using the share panel if you wish to visit Tiam with friends.

All the doors will close when you link out, but you will need to reenter the code only for the first one. The ball is just for fun 🙂

CalumTraveler dedicated a post to the event in his blog, along with the full chatlog, and filmed it (pre-show, release). Minasunda made a video summary. Jalind also posted a film of the event. Korov’ev streamed the event (recording of the ceremony, plus a walkthough – spoiler warning for the latter, of course).

Massively Overpowered dedicated a post to the event.

[More recordings will be added to this post at a later time, as they are posted.]

Patrick’s and Ametist’s speech (click to expand )

Patrick Dulebohn:

Welcome back to Chiso Preniv, everyone!

Today, we come together once more as we celebrate another fine addition to the collection of Ages featured here as part of our ongoing restoration efforts.

This one is particularly special as it’s the first contribution from an explorer not affiliated with my particular group and who is currently very active in our community.

It goes to show that this is truly an interconnected, but not overly-centralized effort in which anyone can participate and contribute.

I’ll save you all from hearing me get too long-winded yet again and turn things over to the person who is most responsible for bringing us this amazing Age.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a big round of applause for … ametist!


Ty Patrick!

Thank you all for coming and welcome to Chiso Preniv, the Age that with the words of Patrick Dulebohn ‘will be the first gateway to a new gathering of Ages and points of interest here in the cavern that have been restored … or even Written … by us, the explorers of D’ni.’

I would say though, that this Age, Chiso Preniv, isn’t just a ‘gateway’, where you go to chose a linking book, touch it and link. Chiso Preniv has much more to offer, the history of this Age and its restoration can be found in the Journal, there are more books to examine on the shelfs, and not to forget a lovely and calm atmosphere. Something we all need from time to time.

But the restoration of Ages is continuing and the bookstands before you is being occupied by linking books, one after the other.

Today yet another book will be placed on one of them. The linking book to Tiam.

Uncle Rebus once told me the golden rule of Age restoration, or rather the three golden rules:

1. Is the Age stable?
2. Is the Age stable over time?
3. Is the Age stable over a prolonged period of time?

We can now assure you that Tiam is stable and secure to visit. It has been thoroughly tested for safety. Restoring Tiam to what it is today wouldn’t have been possible without assistance, and for that I thank all of you that have given your time and expertise to this restoration project.

I wont tell you much more about the Age itself, you have to go there and see what you find. I will just give you the same advice that uncle Rebus always give me - have the words of Anna – ‘what do you see?’ – in your mind and you will do just fine.

So enjoy!

Patrick Dulebohn:

Please form an orderly line now. No shoving!