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September All Guilds Meeting Summary

Here is the summary for today’s Meeting, along with the raw and cleansed chatlogs!

The Cavern Events Neighborhood

ChrisKB, on behalf of Attaboy, announced the rebirth of the Cavern Events neighborhood.

Having attended Mysterium, Attaboy would like to contribute more to the Community. With Magic Bot available only on request, he figured that the Cavern Events hood would be a nice way to get announcements to other explorers in the Cavern by using the imager.

Furthermore, he has a team this time which currently consists of Narotiza and ChrisKB myself, both of which met at Mysterium. They will try to host more parties as well, starting with the Reopening Party on 12th October starting at 14:00 KIT. If anybody wishes to stream music at that time, you are more than welcome to.

For any inquiries regarding the hood, or events you’d like added, send a KI mail to Attaboyrish, KI# 7903211, or ChrisKB, KI# 8921257.

As a long term plan, with permission from the former organizers, he would also like to get the Cavern Tours back up again.

State of Minkata

Rarified was back with an announcement from the shard Minkata. Specifically, he addressed concerns, expressed on OpenUru forum postings, about things getting done on the shard, concerns he agrees with. Much of the problem with getting things through the testing process is time and ability to work on sometimes many things at once.

Rarified is planning to host an in-game gathering titled “What can you offer for Minkata?”, to find out who has and is willing to spend time on the operation, process, and even management of the shard. He will also echo the request in the MO:ULa forum, the OpenUru hood and on the Discord server.

He will try to cover as many time zones as possible, and will publish the chatlog on the OpenUru forum to continue the discussion, or perhaps another real time meeting.


Korov’ev relayed the Committee’s wrap up for the biggest Mysterium ever held, with (at least) 230 attendees.

They would like you to take a survey, so they can figure out how to make the convention even grander next time. You should take the survey even if you could not go, as there’s a whole section about future Mysteria, including in which parts of the U.S. it should be held.

Second, the coloring books were such a hit, they are now available through a print-on-demand service for $10! It is the same service used to print the originals, so you’ll get the same high quality.

Third, if you wrote lyrics for the Open Mic Night and would like to share with the community, you can send them to committee[at] The plan is to host them in a public Google Drive folder.

Fourth, a central place for photos and videos is hard to find, because many of the older photo-sharing sites have shut down or require payment. Currently there are three options:

  • a shared Google Photos album, which requires you to have a Google account, but if you do it’s the simplest option;
  • a Dropbox folder, if you prefer to just send them directly; be aware that it may not be possible to credit you on your photos if you submit them this way (the folder is drop only, the photos will be added to the Google album); or,
  • if you’ve already uploaded your photos elsewhere, you can send the Committee a link to the album (make sure it’s set as public), which will be included a list of external albums on the website.

As for the panel video footage from Twitch, it will be edited and uploaded to Youtube over the next weeks.

Fifth, the location for Mysterium 2020 is still undecided; there is a shortlist, and the Committee expects to have it nailed down by mid-to-late September. The dates for next year’s convention will be held sometime in late July/early August, but not necessarily the usual first weekend.

The reason is that for each of the past few years the locations were unexpectedly filled by some other event; this drastically reduces the options for hotels and makes it much harder to find a hotel in a convenient location for a reasonable price. “If you could do the weekend before/after, we would have space/could give you a better rate”, they say. So for next year, the Committee opted to be a little more flexible with the dates.


Korov’ev mentioned a couple of events that took place during the week preceding the Meeting.

On Tuesday, there was the Day of Dancing celebration hosted by Ghaelen d’Lareh, with special effects from Yoda and Mirphak (video).

Thursday was the inauguration of the latest adventure from Mister Magic, the Skydiving High School (video), which you can start by PMing “registration” to Magic Skydiver (KI# 8848659). For more info, you can visit the Facebook group.

And that was it for this month. Don’t forget to donate to keep the Cavern open!

The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for Saturday, October 5 at 13:00 KIT.

Until then!