October All Guilds Meeting Summary

Here is the summary for today’s Meeting, along with the raw and cleansed chatlogs!

Halloween Party

Minasunda started the meeting with the announcement of the Halloween event, October 31 at 13:00 KIT (an hour earlier, in most of Europe) in Mir-o-Bot’s Ae’gura; to join the event, PM “meet” to Mir-o-Bot (KI# 32319).

It will be a scary hike through the city; to ensure a smooth process, please do not use magic commands during the event. Eternal Seeker will lead this hike. At the end of the horror hike Mir-o-Bot will link us everyone to Descent, where there will be a dance party with Yoda’s wonderful effects. Eternal Seeker will provide the music.

Uru Live 10th Anniversary

Minasunda then reminded the crowd of a major anniversary, coming in February next year: MO:ULa will be in its tenth year online!

The festive weekend is planned to start on Friday, February 7 to Sunday 9; if that (hopefully) won’t be enough, the celebrations will start earlier. Let your ideas run wild and let her know so she can get an overview and set up a preliminary timetable. Do not wait too long, time flies fast!

You can contact her by KI mail, in the forum, on Facebook or by e-mail (lusabi[at]aol.com).

The Nulp Dance Group is preparing a show, this time in the Great Zero. The choreography and the stage techniques are finished, the dancers are arranged and rehearsals are already running.

State of Minkata

Rarified was next, to summarize the in-game gathering “What can you offer for Minkata?”. While no new volunteers showed up, many of the contributors were there, so the discussion moved to some of the current bottlenecks in getting things done. Rarified is ‘cautiously optimistic’ they opened some new thinking on the processes of moving things from contributors to Minkata, and eventually on MO:ULa.

An update is in the works from the Guild of Writers that will try some of the new tactics discussed. An annoucement will be made on the OpenUru.org forum, when that is ready for testing.

Fan Ages

Korov’ev announced that Writer Melvin just released four new Ages: Palamary bay, Peridia, MYST Refuge, and The Ruins of Azmar. Collectively, they are part of the Path of the Lost Ages. They can be downloaded from this link, and are probably only suitable for the offline version.

Cyan’s Lore Project

With the help of the people of Inkworks Productions (Blade, Eleri, Alahmnat and others), Cyan is working to centralize all of the lore about the Myst universe.

In order to do this though they need your help. Documents, forums, chatlogs, emails can provide knowledge into the people and events going on at any given time. If these logs are not saved, if forums go down and or community websites stop to exist we lose all of that information to the aether.

So: do you have an old RAWA email talking about lore? Do you have information on a lore related item from the LYST? Did you have a conversation with Rand or RAWA that include answers to lore questions? Cyan want all of these things. Chatlogs from Uru Live, images of DRC members, live events. All of it.

They are not looking for speculation, or suggestions; rather, the aim is to gather all of the canon that may have fallen through the cracks. If there is a resource online, just send Cyan the URL instead of the document. Double-check on some of the community resources to see if your information has already been recorded, and consider helping fill out the wikis.

If it is an email thread, try to include the full thread, but remove personal email addresses, etc. Metadata (where it comes from, the date it happened, how you acquired it, etc.) would be excellent.

At this time Cyan will not be answering questions about lore. However, in the future the Lore Project’s efforts will be available to the public, so save those questions!

You can submit lore items to lore[at]cyan.com. You may receive follow up emails with questions, but if you don’t get any, assume that the item was taken and is being curated.

The book props

In a recent Reddit post, Grey Dragon showed photos and titles of all the linking book props used in the Myst series. They are:

  • Myst book: Harper’s New Monthly Magazine. Vol. LIV (Dec 1876 to May 1877), 1877.
  • Riven descriptive book: Webster’s Unified Dictionary and Encyclopedia, 1953–1954.
  • Trap book: Harold Lamb. Omar Khayyam: A Life. Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc., 1936.
  • Linking book Atrus brings at the end of Riven: Mary Nourse. Ferment in the Far East. The Robbs-Merrill Company, Inc.
  • The book Nelah hands you in Tay: Douglas Clyde Macintosh. The Pilgrimage of Faith in the World of Modern Thought. University of Calcutta, 1931.
  • Burned books: Mike McAlary. Buddy Boys / Robert S. Eliot & Dennis L. Breo. Is It Worth Dying For?

Grey Dragon clarified that the books were chosen solely for their appearance, titles or content have no relation to the lore.


Korov’ev reminded the crowd about sending photos, videos, album links, and any lyrics you may have written for the Open Mic Night. The Committee have heard only from a handful of people, and would love to share all of those with the whole community.

Video editing is taking longer than expected – they have over 300 GB of footage – but is proceeding. The videos will be uploaded on the Mysterium YouTube channel.

The location for the next edition will be Washington, DC – for the first time ever. Next year’s edition will also be returning to the traditional schedule, ending midday on Sunday (around 1:00 PM).

The Committee will also rotate, with no less than three chairs: Capella and Drew will be joined by a relative newcomer, Dan. Nicknamed the Mysterium Triumvirate, they hope to combine their enthusiasm and Myst and community knowledge to make one of the best Mysterium conventions yet. Taniith will take a well deserved rest after his hard work this year.

There were several other VIPs who wanted to come to this year’s edition, but couldn’t make it for one reason or another. One of those people is Geneviève Lord, the Producer on Myst IV: Revelation. She got in touch with several of the concept artists who worked on Revelation and asked them if they had any concept art.

Sure enough, she was able to get artwork from Andrzej Tutaj, Meinert Hansen and Stéphane Turgeon, and with Ubisoft’s blessing, she was able to share that artwork with the Community!

r’Tayrtahn’s Story Nights

Korov’ev, on behalf of r’Tayrtahn, announced that Story Night – Europe was canceled for October 5 due to unexpected traveling. Original Story Night was unaffected.

This week, there will be a special Story Night presentation during Original Story Night.

The bi-annual Bahro Glyph Tour will be held sometime during the month of November. There will be more details given during the November AGM.

Explorer memorial

Korov’ev had to close the speaker session by announcing that explorer Jason ‘Ja’run’ Bobyarchick passed away on August 29 at the age of 34, a victim of gun violence. He was one of the early explorers and beta testers of the Cavern.

And that was it for this month. Don’t forget to donate to keep the Cavern open!

The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for Saturday, November 2 at 13:00 KIT.

Until then!

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