News roundup #5

  • After more than three months, a new update was posted in Thursday about Firmament. It mentions how, in the first few months after the Kickstarter’s end, Cyan needed to hire more employees, especially in the art department; Rand’s enthusiasm for the story, but the need to improve on the gameplay and setting aspects of the game; encouraging internal feedback from all stages of production; the official hiring of a member of the Starry Expanse team; and the transition to a fully work-from-home model.
  • On Wednesday, a new MOULa patch was released (OpenUru#159); here are the release notes:
    • Win10 mouse handling fix
    • Increased the avatar step offset by a tenth of a foot (less tripping)
    • Panic link fixes
    • Lots of internal engine fixes
    • Physics update [the client will not close with a stack dump if PhysX Legacy is not installed]
    • Build improvements and changes
    • Upgraded Database minor release
    • One step closer to new fan content!
  • On April 1, Corvus released a video of a reproduction of Tay (from Riven) he made in Dreams (Media Molecule).

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