News roundup #9

  • Virtual Mysterium will start a few hours from the time of this post! New guests have been announced (Russell Brower had to decline), and the schedule has been released (blue events are streamed on both Twitch & YouTube; red events only on Youtube; green events are discussion rooms on Zoom). See here for more info on how to access the virtual con.
  • Jack Wall, in collaboration with Tim Larkin and Cyan, has re-released the soundtracks from Myst III, Myst IV, Uru, and Myst V through his record label. They are available for purchase digitally from iTunes, Amazon, and Google, and can be streamed on various services worldwide.
  • A live Q&A was hosted by Philip Shane (The Myst Documentary) with Myst and Riven co-creator Robyn Miller.
  • About three hours before the Opening event, at 15:00 KIT, Korov’ev will host an Uru Installfest on Zoom, demonstrating how to install Uru Live and the various shards.

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