News Roundup #22

Cyan news

Obduction is currently on 70% sale on Steam, and will be until July 25. The Myst 25th Anniversary Collection and Cyan Children’s Bundle are also on sale, as they often are.

Mysterium news

☛ The schedule for Mysterium 2022 is now live! You can find it on the convention’s dedicated page; the committee is still finalizing one or two events, so it will likely change in the next few weeks, but most of it is ready to go. The events have also been added on our calendar.

☛ Another round of special guests has been announced:

  • Ametist, first started building ages for Uru in 2008;
  • Elana Bell Bogdan, created the soon-to-be-revealed “Vault of Stories” for the Myst Documentary
  • Colin “Maccodemonkey” Cornaby, currently focused on bringing MOULa to MacOS;
  • Patrick “Doobes” Dulebohn, has been creating content for Uru since 2007;
  • Amy Noel Green, has created games with Numinous including That Dragon, Cancer and Area Man Lives;
  • Ryan Green, Creative Director and Head of Narrative for Numinous Games;
  • Harley “Calum Traveler”, writer, artist, and tester for MOULa;
  • Adam “Hoikas” Johnson, developer on the open-source MOULa client;
  • Keith “Tweek” Lord, works on Age development and helps support other developers in MOULa;
  • Mike Perrotto, software developer and producer for Numinous Games;
  • Darryl “Paradox” Pogue, software developer for Uru;
  • Paul “rarified” Richards, fan content coordinator for MOULa.

☛ The Cyan update on Friday (not the Saturday Q&A) will be a video: they decided to record it rather than do it live since that way they could get more people; having to find a time when everyone was available would have been more limiting.

☛ The Myst Documentary shared an update, going over the film’s most recent progress as well as a glimpse at the sheer amount of work being poured into it; a peek into Cyan’s archival vault (where they found the original Riven greenscreen footage!); a chat with Rand & Robyn’s parents Barbara and Ron; and a view of the Community Vault, where the Myst Stories will be gathered, stored and shared.

Social buttons will be available at the convention, signaling the wearer’s comfort level with socialisation:

  • Yes: “I’m comfortable with conversations, come on up and talk to me”
  • Ask: “I’m unsure about my comfort level. Please ask before approaching me”
  • No: “I’m not comfortable with conversations. Please give me space”

Moreover, the badges will include an optional space for pronouns; if you will avail yourself of it, please use the format “she/her”, “he/him”, “they/them”, etc.


  • Hotel booking at the Mysterium rate will only be available until July 19; after that date there will be no guarantee of availability, as any remaining rooms in the block may be released to the public.
  • The writing & artwork table submissions are open through July 31.
  • Online registration is still open until August 1; after that date, they will sell admission at the door starting Friday morning, but the early badge pickup on Thursday will only be available to those who purchased their badge online.

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