MOULa 13th Anniversary Celebrations

On February 8, 2010, Myst Online: Uru Live officially reopened for the third time, in what became its longest-lived, ongoing incarnation.

To celebrate its thirteenth anniversary, a host of events have been planned. Here is the schedule, more details for each event will be posted in their calendar entries.

If Mir-o-Bot is present for an event, please use it solely for traveling, respect the events and do not use bot commands.

Minasunda will release videos of the events some time (13 events will take a while to process!) after the anniversary week, in her YouTube channel.

Monday 6

12:00–13:00 KIT: Opening Ceremony, hosted by Minasunda, in the Entrance Hall of the New Messengers Pub.

13:00–14:00 KIT: Mystical Classics, hosted by Babbel and moderated by Karel, in the New Messengers Pub.

14:00–16:00 KIT: Wall Game 1, hosted by Dah’mpa, meeting point in the Watcher’s Pub. Participants can register until February 4 at midnight, 24:00 KIT (contact Dah’mpa at KI# 11223500). Spectators are welcome, no registration is needed in this case.

17:00–19:00 KIT: Wall Game 2, hosted by Dah’mpa, meeting point in the Watcher’s Pub.

Tuesday 7

12:00–13:00 KIT: Explorer Memorial, hosted by Ghaelen, in Veelay Tsahvahn. We will commemorate our explorers and friends who passed away.

13:00–15:00 KIT: Best of Relaxing Sessions, hosted by PodHopper, starting in Veelay Tsahvahn.

Wednesday 8

12:00–13:00 KIT: Girastock, hosted by Fil, in Mir-o-Bot’s Eder Gira (send “to gira” in a PM to Mir-o-Bot, KI# 32319).

14:00–16:00 KIT: Eddie Competition, hosted by PodHopper, in Podhopper’s Hood.

Thursday 9

13:00–15:00 KIT: Country Special, hosted by Eternal Seeker, in Mir-o-Bot’s Er’cana (send “link” in a PM to Mir-o-Bot). There will be a guided dance; if you do not want to be included, please let Minasunda know at the event.

Friday 10

12:00–14:00 KIT: “Fraud, Trickster, Genius: Guild Master Kadish – a Speculative Look”, lecture by Owly, in Kirel.

14:00–16:00 KIT: Among Friends, hosted by Nosila and Dah’mpa, in the Library Courtyard in Ae’gura.

Saturday 11

12:00–13:00 KIT: Show of the Nulp Dance Group, hosted by Minasunda and the NDG, stream by Seeker, in Fahets Highgarden, around the fish pond. The music is specially made for this show. Lag may delay the stream for some listeners; it is recommend to watch the video that will be released some time after the show at Minasunda’s YouTube channel.

13:00–15:00 KIT: Magic Closing Event, hosted by Magic Yoda, stream by Seeker, in Fahets Highgarden (send “link” in a PM to Mir-o-Bot).

Sunday 12

11:00–12:30 KIT: Fan Age Expedition, hosted by Korov’ev, in the Deep Island shard. Spoilers beware!

13:00–15:00 KIT: Lace and Furs, hosted by Radio Free D’ni, in the Ae’gura plaza.


Times and events may change at the last minute; you can find the latest updates at:

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