All Guilds Meeting – March 2022 – Cleansed Chatlog

(03/05 13:00:04)Kelsei A.T.: Alright, it’s 13:00! Welcome to the March 2022 All Guilds Meet!

(03/05 13:00:13)Sleeper Jan: marion sends hugs to all

(03/05 13:00:17)IwonK passes around welcoming cookies

(03/05 13:00:22)Kelsei A.T.: we’ve got a busy day today so I’ll keep it as quick and snappy as I can!

(03/05 13:00:25)Kelsei A.T.: first off, the rules

(03/05 13:00:29)uru348 passes welcoming milk

(03/05 13:00:30)Kelsei A.T.: you know the usual ones but a new one

(03/05 13:00:41)Kelsei A.T.: please, please, PLEASE, I beg of you

(03/05 13:00:50)Kelsei A.T.: do not touch the Kirel Podium while speakers are talking! 🙂

(03/05 13:00:53)Kelsei A.T. thanks you very much!

(03/05 13:01:08)AdrianGreen: shorah every1:))

(03/05 13:01:21)Kelsei A.T.: much like our usual rule of keeping quiet while speakers are talking, it’s just common courtesy, but it needs to be stated, I think.

(03/05 13:01:24)philipgr: Shorah Adrian 🙂

(03/05 13:01:24)Cave woman: Shorah

(03/05 13:01:50)Ereshkigal: shorah Adrian!

(03/05 13:02:03)Kelsei A.T.: you all know the other rules by now, I think. Keep questions for the end, and chatter to a minimum while speakers are talking,

(03/05 13:02:09)Kelsei A.T.: some questions may be skipped for time after.

(03/05 13:02:15)Kelsei A.T. is checking something out

(03/05 13:02:30)Ro”Jethhe: 45 peeps when I linked here.

(03/05 13:02:33)Kelsei A.T.: im not seeing G. Buddel, or Mr Barnes here, so ill start with today’s big event.

(03/05 13:02:54)Kelsei A.T.: 15:00 KI TIME: in the Guild of Archivists’ hood,

(03/05 13:03:04)Kelsei A.T.: there will be the THIRD Deep City Lecture hosted by J.D. Barnes,

(03/05 13:03:20)Kelsei A.T.: you can listen into the audio stream either on CyanChat Discord, or via their twitch stream:

(03/05 13:03:28)Kelsei A.T.:

(03/05 13:03:55)Kelsei A.T.: this will be after Story Night, at 14:00,

(03/05 13:04:04)Kelsei A.T.: which itself is, ah, in 2 hours~!

(03/05 13:04:14)Kelsei A.T.: busy day today! 🙂

(03/05 13:04:22)Kelsei A.T.: Cavern News…

(03/05 13:05:01)Kelsei A.T.: as you may have heard earlier, one of our own explorers has had a new family member join us,

(03/05 13:05:21)Kelsei A.T.: a round of applause for a successful birth 🙂

(03/05 13:05:36)Taliana claps ethusiathically.

(03/05 13:05:56)Kelsei A.T.: our congrats and best wishes 🙂

(03/05 13:06:04)IwonK: and cookies…

(03/05 13:06:05)axenna: welcome to the cavern, new explorer

(03/05 13:06:17)Ereshkigal: Welcome to D’ni!

(03/05 13:06:23)Kelsei A.T.: future Cavern Events: Later this month or at the start of April, we’re expecting the release of the Gahreesen Wall,

(03/05 13:06:50)Kelsei A.T.: As you know, we’ve had explorers working on restoring it for many months now, in addition to many years of off and on effort from explorers and DRC alike.

(03/05 13:07:01)Taliana: Hopefully not an April fool’s joke!

(03/05 13:07:08)Kelsei A.T.: no joke, Taliana 🙂

(03/05 13:07:09)shokhootahn Rehn: lol

(03/05 13:07:22)Kelsei A.T.: somewhere in the pipeline is also a planned Area release,

(03/05 13:07:39)Kelsei A.T.: this is a D’ni neighborhood area called Elonin, future details to be released as theyre finalized.

(03/05 13:07:52)axenna: oooo

(03/05 13:07:57)Ereshkigal: Ooooh, nice!!!

(03/05 13:08:00)philipgr: Nice age

(03/05 13:08:03)Claidi Song: Yay for Dulcamara!

(03/05 13:08:10)Kelsei A.T.: far later down the line, we’re also expecting a Garden Age, Eder Naybree, to be added to our roster of Age Releases.

(03/05 13:08:15)Prad: Area 1

(03/05 13:08:17)Ereshkigal: Love to see more of this amazing City

(03/05 13:08:19)axenna faints

(03/05 13:08:28)Kelsei A.T.: if you’ve visited through certain routes, you may have seen it already 🙂

(03/05 13:08:29)axenna: so much cool stuff!

(03/05 13:08:42)Kelsei A.T.: thanks for your kind words regarding it. 🙂 I’m as eager as anyone to see it done.

(03/05 13:08:52)Kelsei A.T.: if you’d like to keep further abrest of restoration news,

(03/05 13:09:04)Kelsei A.T.: make sure to keep an eye on the

(03/05 13:09:05)philipgr: Very nice garden age

(03/05 13:09:19)Kelsei A.T.: we’ll be posting there as appropriate.

(03/05 13:09:22)Murry: Calum has worked hard.

(03/05 13:09:25)Ereshkigal can already smell the flowers on Eder Naybree

(03/05 13:09:56)Kelsei A.T.: beyond that, Patrick and Calum are working to restore the Nexus Podium in the Guild of Messengers Pub,

(03/05 13:10:05)Patrick Dulebohn nods

(03/05 13:10:13)Kelsei A.T.: we expect functionality of that to be restored as soon as Calum can get some replacement Lattice parts for the terminal.

(03/05 13:10:27)Patrick Dulebohn: Should make getting to the Pub a little easier.

(03/05 13:10:29)Patrick Dulebohn grins

(03/05 13:10:37)Kelsei A.T.: indeed 🙂

(03/05 13:10:44)Night-Tripper: supply chain issues?

(03/05 13:10:49)Patrick Dulebohn: I also plan to move the Chiso Book there out into the open too.

(03/05 13:11:02)Patrick Dulebohn: Just in case folks were wondering.

(03/05 13:11:04)Patrick Dulebohn grins

(03/05 13:11:06)Thumbs up from Ro”Jethhe

(03/05 13:11:18)skyisblu: That’ll keep people out of the kitchen 🙂

(03/05 13:11:21)Kelsei A.T.: on a related note, we believe we have the issue with Tiam not showing in the nexus sorted out, and the Book should appear as expected for invites in the near future.

(03/05 13:11:42)Kelsei A.T. checks her notes…

(03/05 13:12:02)Ereshkigal is glad at no logner having to look for Linking Books in the kitchen, they might get wet there

(03/05 13:12:06)Patrick Dulebohn: Hopefully we’ll be able to avoid that more in the future as we gain more understanding of the lattice’s workings.

(03/05 13:12:18)Kelsei A.T.: Mysterium news: the deadline for the TShirt contest has passed, and we’re expecting a blog post sometime in the next few days to announce the winners.

(03/05 13:12:51)Kelsei A.T.: the February prompt: “Glass” has concluded, with a new prompt being something slightly different for March.

(03/05 13:13:05)Kelsei A.T.: the Mysterium Discord is looking for Stickers!

(03/05 13:13:24)Kelsei A.T.: feel free to submit your Myst-verse related art for this month’s contest!

(03/05 13:13:40)IwonK: 😮

(03/05 13:14:03)Kelsei A.T.: for more info, keep your eyes peeled on the Mysterium website:

(03/05 13:14:10)Kelsei A.T.:

(03/05 13:14:31)Kelsei A.T.: let’s see now…

(03/05 13:14:45)Patrick Dulebohn: Oh, speaking of Mysterium, I plan to put something together in the Pub for those that can’t get to the regular event conventionally or for those that can’t afford it.

(03/05 13:14:59)Patrick Dulebohn: Just so nobody is left out.

(03/05 13:15:04)Diranda: Oh that would be nice. Thank you.

(03/05 13:15:11)skyisblu: Hourray!

(03/05 13:15:13)Ereshkigal: yes, that’s great!

(03/05 13:15:16)axenna: thats really kind

(03/05 13:15:17)uwe: actually are 60 players here

(03/05 13:15:31)Kelsei A.T.: i believe the only thing i have left to tease is that there’s a quality of life update to the KI planned in the near future. This update should help folks who have a harder time hearing certain spoken word sources, like the Kirel Podium,

(03/05 13:16:02)Kelsei A.T.: there’s been a lot of trial and error work to get this feature working, but it should hopefully be ready sometime soon 🙂

(03/05 13:16:36)Patrick Dulebohn: Surprisingly, we’ve found it can also work with certain spoken dialog, which is incredible!

(03/05 13:16:49)Kelsei A.T.: indeed! the marvels of KI Text to Speach.

(03/05 13:17:05)Emor D’ni Lap: impressive

(03/05 13:17:19)Diranda thumbs up.

(03/05 13:17:27)Patrick Dulebohn: It’s good to see the D’ni were looking out for their hearing-impaired citizens too.

(03/05 13:17:32)Prad: with maintainer voice sound 🙂

(03/05 13:18:02)Kelsei A.T.: alright, that’s it from me

(03/05 13:18:07)Kelsei A.T.: first up on the list:

(03/05 13:18:10)Kelsei A.T.: Tweek!

(03/05 13:18:17)nita1: yeah!

(03/05 13:18:45)Tweek: Hello everyone

(03/05 13:18:46)MindWalker: (I always thought the round things around and top of the podium here are 2.1 speaker system that just isn’t switched on 🙂

(03/05 13:19:02)axenna: hi tweek

(03/05 13:19:10)Cody Herd: hi

(03/05 13:19:16)philipgr: Hi Tweek 🙂

(03/05 13:19:18)Tweek: So I just wanted to stop by to let you guys know that we’re currently prepping an area of Fahets for release to the public.

(03/05 13:19:26)nita1: nice

(03/05 13:19:46)Thumbs up from Taliana

(03/05 13:20:18)Tweek: The area is called Highgarden, a small island off the western coast of Fahets “prime”.

(03/05 13:21:11)Tweek: We’re just ensuring it is safe after the destablization event on Fahets several years ago before its open to you guys. I know it’s been a loooooong time since I’ve released any new Ages and areas publically but I’m hoping this marks a change in that.

(03/05 13:22:06)Tweek: No ETA for sure yet as we’re hashing the details out but it hopefully won’t be long.

(03/05 13:22:26)Emor D’ni Lap: Welcome back Tweek!

(03/05 13:22:34)Tweek: If you’re on FB you can follow some of the progress on Ages of Tweek page.

(03/05 13:22:38)Tweek: Thanks Emor.

(03/05 13:22:43)Kelsei A.T.: there’s a thought that next quarter may be the “Garden Quarter”, as Calum joked the other day, if the timing works out right.

(03/05 13:22:51)Tweek: Indeed

(03/05 13:22:53)Rabbit starts to laugh

(03/05 13:23:13)Kelsei A.T. grins

(03/05 13:23:14)Tweek: Does anyone have any questions?

(03/05 13:23:22)Cody Herd: any nows about the Myst 5 Murger

(03/05 13:23:24)Patrick Dulebohn: Just toss me a Linking Book when you’re ready and I’ll be happy to display it in Chiso for you.

(03/05 13:23:27)Patrick Dulebohn grins

(03/05 13:23:36)Tweek: Thanks Patrick, will do.

(03/05 13:23:53)Ereshkigal resolves to bring seedlings from her balcony garden to the Garden Ages

(03/05 13:24:05)axenna: ill bring tomato seeds

(03/05 13:24:17)IwonK offers her cookie seeds

(03/05 13:24:20)philipgr will help mow the lawns

(03/05 13:24:21)Kelsei A.T.: no questions on my end,

(03/05 13:24:31)Kelsei A.T.: thank you for speaking, Tweek 🙂

(03/05 13:24:39)Tweek: Thanks

(03/05 13:24:45)ScottMiller: how soon till the shaft if fully accessable?

(03/05 13:24:48)Murry: Spring is the season for gardening.

(03/05 13:24:54)LividLiquid: You m/clap

(03/05 13:24:57)Kelsei A.T.: the Shaft is still a long ways out, I believe

(03/05 13:25:10)Patrick Dulebohn: I just want to say how exciting it’ll be to finally get some of your work out to the masses here, Tweek! You’ve been working hard on all of it for years now, so it’ll be great to see it come to fruition.

(03/05 13:25:27)Tweek gives a thumbs up

(03/05 13:25:46)Kelsei A.T.: next up, let’s see now…

(03/05 13:25:55)Kelsei A.T.: do we have a Korov’ev in the audience?

(03/05 13:26:06)Korov’ev: we do 🙂

(03/05 13:26:19)Kelsei A.T.: you’re up 🙂

(03/05 13:26:23)Emor D’ni Lap applauds

(03/05 13:26:34)Korov’ev waves hello

(03/05 13:26:34)Korov’ev: Shorah all 🙂

(03/05 13:26:39)nita1 waves hello

(03/05 13:26:49)Korov’ev: I bring you the usual reminders for the Tours!

(03/05 13:26:52)axenna waves hello

(03/05 13:26:56)Korov’ev: Like every month, next week there’ll be a Cavern Tour, on Saturday 12, at 11:00 KIT, starting in Cavern Tour’s Hood.

(03/05 13:27:04)Korov’ev: The host, Larry LeDeay, uses his Twitch channel ( for the presentation:

(03/05 13:27:09)Korov’ev: you will need to keep a browser or the app open in the background.

(03/05 13:27:22)Korov’ev: This month, the Tour will continue the exploration of the Myst V ages.

(03/05 13:27:28)Korov’ev: Videos will be available for two weeks after the tour, then archived on YouTube. The stream is simulcasted on Facebook and Youtube.

(03/05 13:27:39)Korov’ev: Mir-o-Bot (KI# 32319) is usually employed for special effects and long-distance travel (and to avoid stairs).

(03/05 13:27:49)Korov’ev: Next, the usual update on the Fan Age Expeditions in Deep Island.

(03/05 13:28:00)Korov’ev: In February we visited the entries for the 2nd 2008 RAD Contest, a group of Ahra Pahts shells;

(03/05 13:28:09)Korov’ev: then a few works by Andy Legate and by Whilyam;

(03/05 13:28:19)Korov’ev: the month finished with the 3rd 2008 RAD Contest entries, including Tre’bivdil.

(03/05 13:28:37)Korov’ev: For March, the plan is to visit the entries for the 2009 DAWN Contest, two of which also took part in the 3rd RAD;

(03/05 13:28:52)Korov’ev: then we’ll visit SereneTiki’s creations, including the ever-changing Sprite Gallery;

(03/05 13:29:08)Korov’ev: then we’ll tackle a non-trivial fan-made puzzle age, Oolbahnneea!

(03/05 13:29:21)Korov’ev: If we can finish that in one session, we’ll round the month off with the collaborative project Rell-too.

(03/05 13:29:34)Korov’ev: The expeditions are on Sunday at 11:00 KIT, starting in the shard Hood (which you can reach quickly using “/hood”).

(03/05 13:29:45)Korov’ev: There’s also an (uncommented) stream:

(03/05 13:29:53)Korov’ev: Radio Free D’ni starts right after, with the preshow at 12:30 KIT.

(03/05 13:30:07)Korov’ev: Occasionally we have a Wall match in my Gahreesen afterwards 🙂

(03/05 13:30:16)Korov’ev bows

(03/05 13:30:16)Korov’ev: And that’s all I got! Questions?

(03/05 13:30:23)Karel waves goodbye

(03/05 13:30:38)Kelsei A.T.: no questions on my end, thank you, Korov’ev 🙂

(03/05 13:30:39)Korov’ev: Back to my seat then!

(03/05 13:30:49)Kelsei A.T.: next on my list: shokhootahn Rehn!

(03/05 13:30:54)axenna: thanks, korov’ev

(03/05 13:31:00)Emor D’ni Lap applauds

(03/05 13:31:33)shokhootahn Rehn: As always, I have two separate announcements. One is for the D’ni Language Class and the other one is for r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night.

(03/05 13:31:52)shokhootahn Rehn: First, the language classes…

(03/05 13:32:05)shokhootahn Rehn: There are evening classes available on weekday evenings, starting at 20:00, 21:00 or 22:00 KI time, depending on the student’s schedule. There are daytime openings Monday through Friday, starting at either 12:00 KI time, 13:00 KI time, or 14:00 KI time, depending on the student’s schedule. Contact me by PM to set up a day and a time.

(03/05 13:32:30)shokhootahn Rehn: Though, daytime availability is subject to change with little or no notice.

(03/05 13:33:00)shokhootahn Rehn: As always, current students can find last-minute updates to class times on the left-hand imager.

(03/05 13:33:29)shokhootahn Rehn: The Guild of Instructors’ Hood will be open and public unless a class is in session.

(03/05 13:33:41)shokhootahn Rehn: v

(03/05 13:33:44)shokhootahn Rehn: Are there any questions?

(03/05 13:33:58)nita1 shakes her head

(03/05 13:34:02)shokhootahn Rehn: Moving on…

(03/05 13:34:09)axenna three cheera for rehn

(03/05 13:34:15)shokhootahn Rehn: The second announcement is about r’Taytahn’s Story Night.

(03/05 13:34:30)shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night – Europe and original Story Night are in synch so you will hear the same story at night as you do in the afternoon.

(03/05 13:34:47)shokhootahn Rehn: Today, and for about the next 26 weeks, will be the story of the kings of D’ni. There may be a king (or two)with an extremely short history that will get combined with the next king or previous king.

(03/05 13:35:29)shokhootahn Rehn: I am back to recording Story Night for upload to my YouTube channel (r’Tayrtahn). Please do not PM me during the story unless you want to see your message displayed for the entire internet. 😉

(03/05 13:35:42)shokhootahn Rehn: Currently, I have a sizable backlog of videos to compress so there has been a lag in getting them uploaded. To my channel subscribers, please be patient. 🙂

(03/05 13:36:03)shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night is held in the public neighborhood of Tsahno’s Hood every Saturday.

(03/05 13:36:20)shokhootahn Rehn: Original Story Night is held at 23:30 KI time on Saturday night. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 23:00 KI time.

(03/05 13:36:35)shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night – Europe is held at 14:00 KI time on Saturday afternoon. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 13:30 KI time except for AGM Saturdays, when it starts at 14:00 KI or 15 minutes after the AGM, whichever is later.

(03/05 13:37:02)shokhootahn Rehn: I also post changes on the left-hand imager in the hood.

(03/05 13:37:17)shokhootahn Rehn: Should I need to cancel one of the stories at the last minute, I will try to aprise one or two of my regular audience members of the situation so they can spread the news. 🙂

(03/05 13:37:36)Thumbs up from Anatheia

(03/05 13:37:40)shokhootahn Rehn: The stories are told using voice so you will need to have your speakers or headsets on.

(03/05 13:37:54)Thumbs up from axenna

(03/05 13:37:58)shokhootahn Rehn: r’Tayrtahn announces the start of Story Night through buddy chat. If you would like to receive the announcements, please send r’T a KI mail (with your KI number included in the text) and he’ll add you to his buddies list. His KI number is 58324. KI mails do not identify the KI number of the sender so it must be added to the body of the text.

(03/05 13:38:35)shokhootahn Rehn: YOU *MUST* INCLUDE YOUR KI NUMBER IN THE BODY OF THE MAIL TO BE ADDED! (caps for emphasis, not for shouting)

(03/05 13:38:46)shokhootahn Rehn: Some have sent messages to be added but have not included their KI number so they were unable to be added.

(03/05 13:38:56)Cave woman: From Charlotte’sWeb: “the geese cheered.”

(03/05 13:38:59)shokhootahn Rehn: We hope to see you there!

(03/05 13:39:05)shokhootahn Rehn: Any questions?

(03/05 13:39:20)axenna: why dont sheep shrink when it rains?

(03/05 13:39:25)axenna laughs

(03/05 13:39:27)axenna: sorry

(03/05 13:39:33)Kelsei A.T.: because sheep take shelter

(03/05 13:39:35)shokhootahn Rehn: lol@axe

(03/05 13:39:37)Patrick Dulebohn grins

(03/05 13:39:42)shokhootahn Rehn thanks you very much!

(03/05 13:39:47)Kelsei A.T.: thank you for speaking, rehn!

(03/05 13:40:02)Kelsei A.T.: alright, we’re nearing the end of the time here. is there anyone else who wants to speak up?

(03/05 13:40:09)Patrick Dulebohn: Yes, just one more thing I wanted to mention before we go…

(03/05 13:40:15)Kelsei A.T.: come on up then, Patrick 🙂

(03/05 13:40:19)Kelsei A.T. beckons you

(03/05 13:40:41)Patrick Dulebohn: We got into a bit of a theme of garden Ages earlier…

(03/05 13:40:51)Patrick Dulebohn: There may be another one coming to everyone fairly soon…

(03/05 13:41:06)Ereshkigal: Oooohh…

(03/05 13:41:06)Patrick Dulebohn: I still need to consult with the DRC…particularly with Dr. Richard Watson as it sounds like he’s been there before…

(03/05 13:41:12)axenna: ooo

(03/05 13:41:18)Patrick Dulebohn: I don’t want to spoil too much yet. Suffice to say, it’s an Age you might have heard a lot about from other sources.

(03/05 13:41:31)Patrick Dulebohn: We’ll see if that pans out. Hopefully, it will!

(03/05 13:41:40)Patrick Dulebohn: If so, expect a full report from me near its release!

(03/05 13:41:41)jtrigg: holy cliffhangers Batman

(03/05 13:41:42)Taliana is hanging on the edge of her seat.

(03/05 13:41:46)Kelsei A.T.: 🙂

(03/05 13:41:49)axenna ‘s eyes widen

(03/05 13:41:51)Patrick Dulebohn: And that’s all I’ve got for now.

(03/05 13:41:51)shokhootahn Rehn crosses his fingers

(03/05 13:41:53)Patrick Dulebohn salutes

(03/05 13:41:54)Ereshkigal: It’s not Releeshahn is it!

(03/05 13:42:01)Kelsei A.T.: no, id say its not.

(03/05 13:42:01)Ereshkigal: heer

(03/05 13:42:06)Rabbit dreams of more tasty plants to munch

(03/05 13:42:06)Kelsei A.T.: we’re trying to be careful about Inhabited ages.

(03/05 13:42:08)LividLiquid: WHOA!

(03/05 13:42:10)Li Burumi: clap

(03/05 13:42:20)Kelsei A.T.: next, Aurelias!

(03/05 13:42:24)Kelsei A.T. beckons you

(03/05 13:42:31)Patrick Dulebohn: No, it’s not Releeshahn. We still haven’t been able to find a Linking Book there.

(03/05 13:42:35)Patrick Dulebohn grins

(03/05 13:42:40)Aurelias: shorah everyone :))

(03/05 13:42:50)philipgr: Shorah

(03/05 13:42:57)Aurelias: As you may know, this Tuesday is International Women’s Day

(03/05 13:43:06)Aurelias: Nosila has organized some International Women’s Day events, so many that we had to spread them over the whole week!

(03/05 13:43:23)Aurelias: First up, on Monday 7th at 12:30 KI, I’ll be hosting “From Dusk to Dawn”. It will be held in Mir-o-Bot’s Eder Gira, so make sure to have him on your buddy list. The bot’s KI # is 32319.

(03/05 13:43:28)Anatheia: Aur, I think you need to pull it together! LOL

(03/05 13:43:40)Aurelias: Next, on Tuesday 8th, International Women’s Day, we have three events.

(03/05 13:43:51)Aurelias: Starting with Nosila at 11:30 KI in Ae’gura, there will be a “Long Shall Women Thrive” music stream.

(03/05 13:44:01)axenna: <3

(03/05 13:44:03)Aurelias: Followed by PodHopper at 13:00 KI in his hood. He will be hosting music of “Ambient Women”.

(03/05 13:44:13)Aurelias: To complete the day, at 15:00 KI AlanDJ will host “Music by Female Artist” in the Ae’gura plaza.

(03/05 13:44:26)Aurelias: On Wednesday 9th, at 14:00 KI, Dah’mpa will present “Escuta as Minas! / Listen to Gals!”. It will be at Sutherland Point in Ae’gura.

(03/05 13:44:37)Aurelias: Our final day of events will begin on Friday 11th at 14:00 with a talk hosted by owly here in Kirel. She will be discussing “Yeesha – The Broken Bird”. Her stream will be at

(03/05 13:44:51)Aurelias: And to bring things to a conclusion, at 15:30 KI in the Guild of Cookies hood, IwonK will be having a “Wonky Talk” about female protaganists in video games. Her stream will be at

(03/05 13:45:02)Ro”Jethhe Want C O O K I E S !!!

(03/05 13:45:03)Aurelias: All of the music streams can be found at

(03/05 13:45:05)axenna: yay i can go to that!

(03/05 13:45:21)Aurelias: All of the full details can be found on the Discord servers

(03/05 13:45:25)Aurelias: Any questions?

(03/05 13:45:48)Rabbit: list of discord servers?????

(03/05 13:46:16)Aurelias: Discord server: the official Cyan one, and Mina’s server

(03/05 13:46:16)Ereshkigal: So many discords… 🙂

(03/05 13:46:18)Kelsei A.T.: i believe the main discords are Minasunda’s cavern events discord, and CyanChat

(03/05 13:46:25)Aurelias: I can get you the links Rabbit

(03/05 13:46:28)jtrigg hands Ro’Jethe an ANZAC biscuit ( cookie to you seppos )

(03/05 13:46:38)LividLiquid: FYI, the Mysterium Discord invite link on their website has expired.

(03/05 13:46:38)Aurelias bows

(03/05 13:46:39)axenna: seppo?

(03/05 13:46:53)Ro”Jethhe thanks you

(03/05 13:46:53)Ro”Jethhe: Jtrigg

(03/05 13:46:55)Korov’ev: and if you don’t like Discord, the essential details are in the GoMe calendar 😉

(03/05 13:46:58)Kelsei A.T.: thank you, LividLiquid, ill poke the committee about it 🙂

(03/05 13:47:16)jtrigg: rhyming slang , seppos = septic tanks =yanks

(03/05 13:47:24)Kelsei A.T. has an inside contact now, heheh…

(03/05 13:47:25)axenna: oh my

(03/05 13:47:38)Kelsei A.T.: alright, last call- any last speakers?

(03/05 13:47:38)LividLiquid: Question: so, earlier a February prompt was mentioned. What is this?

(03/05 13:47:51)Kelsei A.T.: ah, Mysterium has monthly prompts

(03/05 13:48:03)Kelsei A.T.: they’re generally themes, to which you can do anything in response to

(03/05 13:48:16)Kelsei A.T.: they’re creative prompts, such as “Gift giving” or “Giving thanks” or “Glass”

(03/05 13:48:23)Cody Herd: are we getting Myst 5 soon????

(03/05 13:48:31)LividLiquid: Thank you.

(03/05 13:48:32)Kelsei A.T.: concepts, and such, that can either be made into a picture, or a short story

(03/05 13:48:45)Kelsei A.T.: Cody Herd Myst 5 released back in 2005.

(03/05 13:49:00)axenna ‘s ears perk up at “short stpry”

(03/05 13:49:08)axenna: story. drat

(03/05 13:49:19)Cody Herd: no im talking about the merger with uru

(03/05 13:49:27)Rabbit laughs at axenna’s story obsession

(03/05 13:49:32)Kelsei A.T. glances at a certain someone in the audience, and shrugs

(03/05 13:49:38)Claidi Song: Kelsie ?

(03/05 13:49:48)axenna: 😀

(03/05 13:49:50)Kelsei A.T.: im not at liberty to answer that at the moment, I think.

(03/05 13:50:06)Rabbit: ooooohhhhhh

(03/05 13:50:07)LividLiquid: There’s bound to be legal issues surrounding it.

(03/05 13:50:08)Patrick Dulebohn: The Ages featured in the video game Myst V may also exist in real life. We’re looking into that and have made some discoveries we’ll release, hopefully in the near future.

(03/05 13:50:26)Diranda: I’d like to offer to help with the In-Cavern Mysterium events, if that’s possible.

(03/05 13:50:31)jtrigg: we have ways of making you talk Kelsei! lol’

(03/05 13:50:40)Kelsei A.T.: we do know Noloben exists, due to, well… certain events.

(03/05 13:50:47)Patrick Dulebohn: She’s been sworn to secrecy for now.

(03/05 13:50:48)Ereshkigal: Todelmer would be marvelous. The inhabited worlds are perhaps better left alone, might be ehtical issues with Linking to those

(03/05 13:50:55)Claidi Song: RL? Seriously lololo

(03/05 13:50:56)Kelsei A.T.: other than that, i cant say much else.

(03/05 13:51:05)jtrigg: break out the thumb screws!

(03/05 13:51:09)Claidi Song: IC is an interesting concept

(03/05 13:51:18)Patrick Dulebohn: Kelsei is tougher than you think.

(03/05 13:51:18)Kelsei A.T.: you know Calum is loose about project management secrecy, but others are more tight lipped

(03/05 13:51:19)Patrick Dulebohn grins

(03/05 13:51:20)axenna: id love to see Chroma’Agana

(03/05 13:51:27)Kelsei A.T.: i adhere to the individual project manager’s wishes.

(03/05 13:51:34)Murry: Patience Explorers!

(03/05 13:52:02)philipgr: Patience is a card game

(03/05 13:52:04)Patrick Dulebohn: We also know Cyan, Inc. has worked with the DRC before, so it’s not impossible that those Ages exist somewhere. More than that, we can’t really say yet.

(03/05 13:52:10)MindWalker: I am sure there are appropriate cookies to make Kelsei talk! 😛

(03/05 13:52:17)ScottMiller: patience is not one of my strong suits L)!

(03/05 13:52:18)Kelsei A.T.: if there’s no other statements to be made, i’ll close with January’s CavCon numbers (We don’t have Feburary yet)

(03/05 13:52:19)Rabbit roars with laughter

(03/05 13:52:24)IwonK: there are, but I’ll keep them for later 😉

(03/05 13:52:24)jtrigg: Oh Lord, give me patience – NOW!

(03/05 13:52:32)Ereshkigal: 😀

(03/05 13:52:40)Kelsei A.T.: CavFunding = 94%CAVCON = 2.9Extra expenses – none

(03/05 13:52:40)Anatheia: Truth serum cookies!

(03/05 13:52:40)Taliana tickles IwonK with a snickers bar.

(03/05 13:52:50)Kelsei A.T.: Reserve = 534%Population = 43,641 (increase of 665!)Unique visits = 1,582 (running average is 1,382)

(03/05 13:53:05)Ereshkigal writes down a reminder to herself to donate

(03/05 13:53:07)IwonK snatches the snickers bar and eats it while snickering

(03/05 13:53:18)jtrigg: how does that translate into Dollar values?

(03/05 13:53:23)Patrick Dulebohn: Remember that every little bit helps the cause, so please donate if and when you can!

(03/05 13:53:24)Kelsei A.T.: we dont have that info.

(03/05 13:53:30)jtrigg: ok

(03/05 13:53:33)Kelsei A.T.: and even if i did, i wouldnt be at liberty to share it.

(03/05 13:53:35)Prad has donated in february…

(03/05 13:53:40)Patrick Dulebohn: We’d have to ask our bookkeepers, but their even tighter-lipped than we are.

(03/05 13:53:43)Patrick Dulebohn laughs

(03/05 13:53:59)jtrigg: tell the to work it out with a pencil

(03/05 13:54:04)Prad: stronger cookies 😀

(03/05 13:54:08)jtrigg: *them*

(03/05 13:54:12)ScottMiller: anyone know the current number of Uru players/

(03/05 13:54:13)IwonK: 😉

(03/05 13:54:18)Patrick Dulebohn: In any case, we should probably wrap this up given there’s more going on today!

(03/05 13:54:27)Kelsei A.T.: as always, the donations can be found at the usual place.

(03/05 13:54:30)Claidi Song: Oh, there are St Pat’s events planned. Watch for announcements.

(03/05 13:54:31)philipgr: IwonK needs to bake some confession cookies

(03/05 13:54:42)Kelsei A.T.: yes, keep an eye out for Saint Patricks day event announcements

(03/05 13:54:44)IwonK looks at her secret cookie stash

(03/05 13:54:45)Ro”Jethhe: I am NOT a player I am a EXPLORER.

(03/05 13:54:53)Sleeper Jan: goes dig for those

(03/05 13:54:55)Kelsei A.T.: thank you for coming and listening!

(03/05 13:54:55)Emor D’ni Lap: Yay Ro!

(03/05 13:54:58)axenna: same Ro

(03/05 13:54:59)Kelsei A.T.: i’ll see you all next month!

(03/05 13:54:59)Patrick Dulebohn: There’s another All Guilds Meeting before St. Pats. I’m sure we’ll cover it then too.

(03/05 13:55:00)Ro”Jethhe bows

(03/05 13:55:01)IwonK: you’re a legend, Ro 😉

(03/05 13:55:03)Kelsei A.T. bows

(03/05 13:55:03)ScottMiller: ok, Exploers then?

(03/05 13:55:08)neurovac: clap

(03/05 13:55:10)Patrick Dulebohn: Or wait, no…which month is it?

(03/05 13:55:12)Ereshkigal: heer

(03/05 13:55:13)Anatheia: Thank you, Kelsei A.T.

(03/05 13:55:14)Patrick Dulebohn laughs

(03/05 13:55:15)Kelsei A.T.: that’s this month, patrick

(03/05 13:55:16)Emor D’ni Lap: Great work Kelsei!

(03/05 13:55:17)Kelsei A.T.: March

(03/05 13:55:18)Rabbit: it is this month

(03/05 13:55:22)LividLiquid: Thank you for all your work everybody!

(03/05 13:55:22)Korov’ev: March 17

(03/05 13:55:24)Kelsei A.T.: this is the March AGM 😉

(03/05 13:55:29)Patrick Dulebohn: Heh, I really need a vacation.

(03/05 13:55:29)Ereshkigal: You’re amazing Kelsei!!!

(03/05 13:55:31)Ro”Jethhe: GREAT AGM today.

(03/05 13:55:37)axenna: thanks Kelsei!

(03/05 13:55:38)jtrigg: thanks guys , see you shortly in Tsahno’s Hood

(03/05 13:55:40)LividLiquid: (And thank you for the reminder to donate.)

(03/05 13:55:41)SAL: Happy birthday to me then…

(03/05 13:55:42)Korov’ev: First parade at 14 KIT

(03/05 13:55:43)Patrick Dulebohn: A masterful job as always, Kelsei!

(03/05 13:55:53)Rabbit: happy birthday Sal

(03/05 13:55:58)IwonK: see you later everyone 🙂

(03/05 13:56:01)Kelsei A.T.: thanks for coming all,

(03/05 13:56:01)Ereshkigal: Happy birthday Sal

(03/05 13:56:06)judyg: happy birthday SAL

(03/05 13:56:06)Taliana: And off to story night Europe!

(03/05 13:56:09)SAL: Thank you all

(03/05 13:56:10)Kelsei A.T.: ill see you later, Patrick,

(03/05 13:56:13)Patrick Dulebohn: Until next time!