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A New Era in D’ni: Fahets Highgarden

On Saturday, October 1st, 2022 (9678 Leevot 14), the linking book to Fahets Highgarden, by Tweek, was unveiled in Chiso Preniv.

Highgarden is an area in the Age of Fahets, one of the first known human-written Ages. Fahets is a large island with a series of smaller islands scattered off its coast; the area of the main island varies from jungle forests and swamp land to barren rocky area.

Highgarden served as a council getaway for the Third Path, a group that was formed during the first DRC restoration, as an alternative to the DRC and the Great Tree factions.

With the Third Path now disbanded, Tweek felt it was time to release this age to the public, starting with this area.

Minasunda made a video of the opening event; Calum Traveler wrote a post in his blog.