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Gehn.27 Is Now Live!

After over a year and a half of work, the Guild of Writers' H'uru team has released the latest version of Gehn Shard with Gehn.27!

This update was a long time in the making, and as such, there are a host of new fixes and additions...including new fan content!

These include:

  • Add Ages from Doobes.
  • Add GNU and GPLv3 clothing items (t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, fleece jacket).
  • Allow downloading all game files directly from Gehn.
  • Change the station on Zandi's radio.
  • Fix avatar not closing the Relto book upon link-in to Relto.
  • Fix erroneous KI "blackbar" handles appearing on ultrawide resolutions.
  • Fix erroneous whitespace prepended to Age names in the Nexus.
  • Fix issue with unicode characters crashing the login dialog.
  • Fix the "Bill" Visitor issue in the StartUp Age.
  • Fix potential hang when connecting to an Age during the Link.
  • Improve voice chat by using the Opus codec and increasing sampling rate.
  • Restore link to Cyan's Guild of Messengers Pub in Nexus.
  • Lecture errant subsystems.

To get the latest version of Gehn Shard, simply log in to the shard as normal and the client will do the rest. If you haven't signed up for Gehn Shard yet, you can find step by step instructions for Gehn in our guide to installing the shards.

Keep checking back here for more shard news! Congratulations to the GoW for another successful release!