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MOULa update OpenUru#207

On August 3 MOULa got another big update, with lots of interesting additions! Here are a few highlights; a the full changelog is available at the bottom of this post.

New Ages

As revealed at the last few AGMs, a couple of new fan Ages are included in the update, but they will be unveiled in the near future. In the meantime, a few improvements have been added to Chiso Preniv (a new floor is now open, look for number 18), New Messengers Pub, K’veer, Elonin (a global instance has been added), Tiam, Watcher’s Pub. The Gahreesen Wall had a few improvements too.


In preparation for Mysterium, the New Messengers Pub has been decked out with decorations and swag to pick up. Be sure to pass by starting on Saturday 13!


Two new commands have been added: /textcolor, to customize the chat text display, and /cough, a new emote. New audio messages and subtitles have been added to the podium in Kirel. New fonts have been added for future use in journals. The name of the sender is now visible in KI messages in the Incoming folder.


A few, long-standing bugshave been fixed: non-loading marker games can now be deleted, and improper editing is now prevented. The disappearing Dusty ball in Minkata should now be visible. Various fixes for animations and sounds have been added.

A note on bugs

When an update, especially one as large as this one, hits MOULa it is almost inevitable that unexpected bugs will show up. For all the testing that can be done, Minkata never sees as many concurrent players as the official server, and not all issues can be catched.

When the servers have just been restarted, most of the early linking slowness and problems are from the database buffers refilling – and by an overload of concurrent logins 😉

No additions from Cyan are to be expected for the foreseeable future, apart from server updates, so all improvements and additions will come from fan developers, who dedicate their limited free time to at least try to let MOULa be the best it could potentially be.

So the best way to deal with bugs is to have patience and report them, mentioning where you were and what you were doing, be it on Cyan’s Discord, OpenUru’s Discord or OpenUru forums.

If you fancy contributing your work and/or helping with bug fixing, those places are also excellent starting points to be part of the Fourth Restoration 🙂

OpenUru Build #207 Build Update (click to expand)

Content changes:
- [n] New ages, revealed in near future. Even a secret door!{9}
- [n] Add /cough emote{13}
- [n] Add /textcolor command to customize text display{13}
- [n] Add Mysterium and Guild of Instructors clothing{10}
- [n] Bending a few rules, a “Global” instance of Elonin for group activities. You need to find the link!{5}
- [n] New audio messages and subtitles for Kirel{14}
- [n] New fonts to be used in the future for journals{13}
- [n] The New Messengers Pub has been decked out for Mysterium{8}
- [u] New “clue” function to imagers{12}
- [u] Add senders of Incoming KI mail to KI Recents folder{13}
- [f] Fix a behavior regression in Relto Start path regarding Pellet Cave Code{10}
- [f] Fix clothing ordering in closet{10}
- [f] Fix K’veer to prevent it from registering as a City link{10}
- [f] Fix pod portals so they don’t stick around{10}
- [f] Fix relto door animations{10}
- [f] Fix relto page sound{10}
- [f] Fix relto rain on roof sound{11}
- [u] Prevent improper Marker Game editing, permit deleting non-loading Marker Games{13}
- [u] Improvements to Chiso Preniv, New Messengers Pub, K’veer Ages{6}
- [u] Improvements to Elonin, Tiam Ages{4}
- [u] Improvements to Gahreesen wall game{10}
- [u] Improvements to Great Tree (Watcher’s) Pub, new Nexus book{6}
- [u] Remove “Visitor” from game selection screen{10}
- [u] Subtitle corrections{13}
- [u] Updates to Phil’s Relto Bookshelf{7}

Client changes:
- [u] Under the hood improvements for KI{13}
- [f] Fix disappearing Dusty in Minkata{1}
- [f] Fix infrequently encountered startup error when age files updated{3}

[n] new
[f] fixed
[u] updated
1: Adam{Hoikas}, Hazado
2: Adam{Hoikas}, Hazado, Zaroth
3: Adam{Hoikas}, Zaroth
4: ametist
5: ametist, Doobes
6: Doobes
7: Doobes, Ehren
8: Doobes, Harley, Hazado
9: Doobes, Tweek, Harley
10: Hazado
11: Hazado, Doobes, Maurus
12: Hazado, Zaroth
13: Zaroth
14: Zaroth, DapperAndy, Tyion, skyisblu, Taliana