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The Cavern Today Podcast Returns! New Episode: "Restoration"

GoMe affiliate The Cavern Today is back with its first podcast in nearly a decade! As some may have suspected, we have been hard at work on a new episode ever since we re-launched our site archives back in April - and after months of work, we are proud to finally present a brand-new episode of The Cavern Today podcast in its original variety show format, appropriately titled "Restoration," with special guest Patrick "Doobes" Dulebohn.

For our Summer 2022 edition, we are pleased to bring you:

  • Cavern News with Alhon and Narym
  • Skit
  • TCT Talk with Bert, Dalken, J'nathus and Maurus, featuring our interview with Patrick "Doobes" Dulebohn
  • Mowog's Thought for the Pod
  • A tribute to Jeff Wise, and a reprise of his musical piece "Kerath's Arch"
  • Sh'aeri's "That's Just Me of Course"

This episode is dedicated to TCT staffer Jeff Wise and Frank "Stungthumbz" Whiting, who both passed away in 2020 - though you have linked to the perfect age, you'll always be in our hearts.

The Cavern Today is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Pocket Casts & other services - as well as The Cavern Today's website.