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The saga continues: a Myst film is in the works

As reported by Variety, Village Roadshow Entertainment Group, of Matrix and Sherlock Holmes fame, has acquired the rights to a ‘multi-platform’ film and TV series. The projects will be developed with Rand and Ryan Miller, as well as Delve Media’s Isaac Testerman and Yale Rice.

Hollywood Reporter mentioned that the project will be “both scripted and unscripted”. Some kind of reality TV? The move to adapt Myst comes shortly after a new mandate by Village Roadshow to make the company into a ‘broad-spectrum content creator’ focused on television, streaming and other distribution platforms.

This of course is not the first attempt at bringing Myst to the small screen: Legendary Entertainment had plans for a transmedia series with a companion video game in 2014; the following year the rights were moved to Hulu, but never materialised. As for a film, the story goes back to 2002 if not earlier.

As Zarf cautioned, ‘paid for the rights’ is a long way from ‘greenlighted the production of a show’; and in Myst’s case, ‘artistic differences’ have brought these attempts to a halt too often.

Hopefully this time will be the charm!

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(Thanks to catherwood and Hoikas for collecting the links used in this post.)