August All Guilds Meeting Summary

Here is the summary for today’s Meeting, along with the raw and cleansed chatlogs!


The Meeting opened with a recap of all the things that happened at the Myst/Uru community convention Mysterium. Many of the panels were streamed on Twitch and are currently available here. As soon as they can, the Committee will copy those videos to the YouTube channel.

Fissure parties

Back to the Cavern, two Fissure parties were held right after the Meeting, with reahrotahn and thoekenem. Fissure parties are events where people gather in someone’s Relto, to celebrate the conclusion of the First Journey (spoilers!).

Magic Skydiving

Next was Mister Magic’s latest project: a skydiving-oriented robot! With Magic Skydiver, aerobatics will have no more secrets for the explorers, who will be given flying certificates by participating in missions assisted by an instructor, starting from the first level of ‘Initiate’.

Lushun is translating the game into English. No special client will be required. The opening evening of the Magic High School of Skydiving will be around the end of the month. You can find more info and tips on the Uru Magic Worlds Facebook group.

State of Minkata

Rarified was back with some news from the shard Minkata. Real Life has been hard since May, so little progress was possible. Some of the content on Minkata has been out of sync with the Cyan MO:ULa servers. This manifested during a new installation: people started the Minkata client, and it complained about being unable to load files.

Rarified will take the weekend to bring things on Minkata back into sync. Once the server will be updated, an existing working installation of Minkata will no longer work, you will need to copy the game files again from MO:ULa. Instructions will be posted on the shard section of the forum.

Next, the fixes that have been under test in Minkata have languished for a while; Cyan developed an automated mechanism to process updates from the shard, but Minkata missed its part of the pipeline. Rarified hopes to submit all the patches (including the Windows 10 mouse fix) to Cyan to be released on the MO:ULa servers in a few days.

After that, he will be back to work on the Minkata-Alpha server, where the first fan content is scheduled to appear for testing.

Explorer memorial

Korov’ev had to close the speaker session announcing the passing of explorer Zander the Heretic, a.k.a. Zanda. He was one of the early explorers of the Cavern, back from at least 2006.

And that was it for this month. Don’t forget to donate to keep the Cavern open!

The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for Saturday, September 7 at 13:00 KIT.

Until then!

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