All Guilds Meeting – February 2020 – Cleansed Chatlog

(02/01 13:01:55)Korov’ev: Shorah, and welcome to the 118th All Guilds Meeting!

(02/01 13:02:05)Korov’ev: In the D’ni calendar today is Leevosahn 25, 9675, and the time is 8:04:19:24

(02/01 13:02:06)Handyman Henry: and last

(02/01 13:02:10)angelmyst: I dont mind took a bit of getting used to but it seems okay

(02/01 13:02:22)Korov’ev: If there’s anyone new: welcome to the Cavern! You picked the best time to visit 🙂

(02/01 13:02:27)Aristocat leans forward

(02/01 13:02:32)Korov’ev: As usual, I’ll remind you the 5 Meeting Rules:

(02/01 13:02:34)saikoyama: Yay!

(02/01 13:02:38)Korov’ev: 1. Please *keep chatter to a minimum* while speakers are talking. The occasional comment or emote is fine, but be respectful and let the speaker finish.

(02/01 13:02:47)Korov’ev: 2. If you have a question for a speaker, please don’t ask it directly: PM it to me. Be sure a “?” is somewhere in it to properly log the question in the queue.

(02/01 13:03:03)Korov’ev: 3. Speakers, please indicate when you are done speaking and ready for questions, and when you’re ready for the next question.

(02/01 13:03:17)Korov’ev: 4. If a question requires a long explanation, we may have to skip it to keep things moving. In that case, you can always PM any speaker once they’ve left the stage.

(02/01 13:03:25)Korov’ev: 5. A summary and a chatlog of this meeting will be published in the next few days on the Guild of Messengers’ site:

(02/01 13:03:35)Boywhith: ^. Don’t feed the Bahro!

(02/01 13:03:43)Korov’ev: Of course, you can start your own chatlog with “/startlog”.

(02/01 13:03:44)Kayara: Why?

(02/01 13:03:55)Ro”Jethhe: You know why Kayara

(02/01 13:04:03)Korov’ev: They get fat

(02/01 13:04:03)CT Hostess Susa’n: Shhhh

(02/01 13:04:11)Aristocat starts to laugh

(02/01 13:04:11)Handyman Henry: I say why not?

(02/01 13:04:14)Korov’ev: As you may be aware, February 8 is the 10th anniversary of the last reopening of the Cavern.

(02/01 13:04:26)Korov’ev: (And almost 18th, if we count from the Beta)

(02/01 13:04:37)Korov’ev: So of course, we will have a whole weekend of celebrations 😉

(02/01 13:04:48)Korov’ev: Let’s hear about them from: Minasunda!

(02/01 13:05:13)jtrigg: clap

(02/01 13:05:18)Minasunda: shorah all 🙂

(02/01 13:05:27)Ro”Jethhe: Hip Hip Hooray for Mina

(02/01 13:05:28)Minasunda: I do not intend to give another detailed lecture on the upcoming celebrations weekend from 6th – 9th February – that means – next Thursday to Sunday

(02/01 13:05:30)Handyman Henry: let’s break the server

(02/01 13:05:42)Minasunda: You can all read this in the forum – it is still available to us for read. Please open the spoiler for detailed informations. Everything is described there exactly.

(02/01 13:05:43)Ro”Jethhe says DOH!

(02/01 13:05:57)Minasunda:

(02/01 13:06:07)Minasunda: Thanks aqua for the short link 🙂

(02/01 13:06:13)aqua bows

(02/01 13:06:21)Minasunda: I just want to remind you again to register who wants to participate as a competitor in the FahionShowQuest and the DoorRunQuest.

(02/01 13:06:32)Minasunda: If you are interested, please let us know.

(02/01 13:06:44)Minasunda: And a other important hint for the DoorRunQuest:

(02/01 13:06:56)Minasunda: Sometimes the gate seems broken – some don’t see symbols, others see it.

(02/01 13:07:10)Minasunda: We have found out after extensive research that this can happens by using an internal client. Please make sure that you are logged in for the DoorRun with the standard client.

(02/01 13:07:23)Minasunda: One more request:

(02/01 13:07:37)Minasunda: some events are sensitive. Please avoid using an internal client and do not execute your own magic commands to avoid malfunctions, lags or crashs.

(02/01 13:07:50)Minasunda: Thank you for your understanding :)))

(02/01 13:07:59)Sleeper Jan: this will have to be said again

(02/01 13:08:02)Minasunda: And now I am looking forward to an exciting and mystical celebration

(02/01 13:08:10)Sleeper Jan: claps

(02/01 13:08:16)Minasunda: That was all from me :)) — any questions?

(02/01 13:08:21)Handyman Henry is happy

(02/01 13:08:28)Korov’ev: None in queue

(02/01 13:08:34)Minasunda bows

(02/01 13:08:34)Korov’ev: Thank you Minasunda!

(02/01 13:08:42)Dulcamara: Thank you Mina

(02/01 13:08:47)Ro”Jethhe thanks you

(02/01 13:08:48)aqua: Looking forward to it 🙂

(02/01 13:08:58)Korov’ev: Now, one of the events of the celebration week will be, of course, the Cavern Tour!

(02/01 13:09:05)Korov’ev: So let’s hear about it from CT Hostess Susa’n!

(02/01 13:09:06)Boywhith: It surely will become a great event! :))

(02/01 13:09:07)angelmyst: too bad sitting avis dont clap

(02/01 13:09:18)Ro”Jethhe stomps his feet.

(02/01 13:09:43)CT Hostess Susa’n: Our first Cavern Tour was a huge success with 43 participants!

(02/01 13:09:50)Ro”Jethhe is amazed!

(02/01 13:09:54)Dulcamara: Wow

(02/01 13:09:55)Handyman Henry claps his feet

(02/01 13:10:00)Sleeper Jan: well done

(02/01 13:10:08)Aristocat is impressed

(02/01 13:10:13)CT Hostess Susa’n: The next Cavern Tour will be Saturday, February 8, from 11:00 to 12:45 KI time.

(02/01 13:10:53)CT Hostess Susa’n: Please meet in Cavern Tour’s Hood at 11:00 for a brief orientation. We will then link together to the tour’s destination.

(02/01 13:10:59)CT Hostess Susa’n: Any questions?

(02/01 13:11:21)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Alien.

(02/01 13:11:21)Korov’ev: [Alien] Do the cavern tours go to hard to reach places like the Arch?

(02/01 13:11:44)Handyman Henry: how do we hear about events in game if the forum is shutting down?

(02/01 13:12:13)CT Hostess Susa’n: Yes; they do. But I do not think we visit visit the Arch. You can go the Arch by linking to Mirobot’s City and PMing “onlake” to Mirobot.

(02/01 13:12:16)CT Hostess Susa’n: good question!

(02/01 13:12:39)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Emor D’ni Lap.

(02/01 13:12:40)Korov’ev: [Emor D’ni Lap] Do the tours require use of ‘bots?

(02/01 13:12:50)Alien: Thank you Susa’n

(02/01 13:13:30)CT Hostess Susa’n: Yes. MIrphak, who created and operates Mir-o-bot, uses Mir-o-bot to perform special effects and long-distrance travel.

(02/01 13:13:42)CT Hostess Susa’n: MIrphak is in the audience today. 🙂

(02/01 13:14:15)Handyman Henry bows

(02/01 13:14:18)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Boywhith.

(02/01 13:14:18)Korov’ev: [Boywhith] Can we hop in a bit later?

(02/01 13:14:41)Emor D’ni Lap does not relinquish avvie control to ‘bots

(02/01 13:14:48)CT Hostess Susa’n: Yes. If you arrive late, please PM me and I will give you instructions how to join the tour in progress.

(02/01 13:14:49)jtrigg: you could always use the Facebook page

(02/01 13:15:08)Boywhith: Thanks, Susa’n 🙂

(02/01 13:15:13)Korov’ev: The forum thing will be discussed later

(02/01 13:15:17)jtrigg: for event drtails

(02/01 13:15:26)Handyman Henry: @trigg not on facebook

(02/01 13:15:30)Korov’ev: Other questions?

(02/01 13:15:32)CT Hostess Susa’n: any other questions?

(02/01 13:15:36)jtrigg: ah ok

(02/01 13:15:44)Korov’ev: Thank you Susa’n!

(02/01 13:16:06)Korov’ev: And now, an update from r’Tayrtahn, aka Shokhootahn Rehn!

(02/01 13:16:16)Dulcamara: Cool

(02/01 13:16:22)Ro”Jethhe does a High Five

(02/01 13:16:24)Alien hands her claps

(02/01 13:16:30)Emor D’ni Lap applauds Rehn

(02/01 13:16:46)shokhootahn Rehn: I have two separate announcements. One is for the D’ni Language Class and the other one is for r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night.

(02/01 13:17:01)shokhootahn Rehn: First, the language classes…

(02/01 13:17:25)shokhootahn Rehn: I am still putting things away and finding forever homes for everything after my recent move. As a result there will not be any daytime classes until further notice. They *should* be able to return sometime in the spring. Night time classes, however, are unaffected.

(02/01 13:17:54)shokhootahn Rehn: There are evening classes avaible on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights, starting at either 20:00 KI time or 21:00 KI time, depending on the student’s schedule. Contact me by PM to set up a day and a time.

(02/01 13:18:39)shokhootahn Rehn: As always, current students can find last-minute updates to class times on the left-hand imager.

(02/01 13:19:06)shokhootahn Rehn: The Guild of Instructors’ Hood will be open and public unless a class is in session. I will announce the availability of daytime classes on the Hood imager when they are ready to resume.

(02/01 13:19:33)shokhootahn Rehn: Are there any questions?

(02/01 13:19:55)Korov’ev: None in queue

(02/01 13:20:06)Korov’ev: wait

(02/01 13:20:15)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Kayara.

(02/01 13:20:15)Korov’ev: [Kayara] When is it daytime or nighttime for you?

(02/01 13:20:54)Korov’ev: I suppose we go by KI time?

(02/01 13:20:59)shokhootahn Rehn: Currently, it is 3:20 pm for me

(02/01 13:21:25)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Tehlrov K’hris.

(02/01 13:21:25)Korov’ev: [Tehlrov K’hris] Will the students in a class be in the same position in the curriculum?

(02/01 13:21:26)Ro”Jethhe: Eastern Time Zone

(02/01 13:22:17)shokhootahn Rehn: Availablevtimes are always expressed in KI time to avoid confusion.

(02/01 13:22:33)Urman: i don’t belong here – i a’ll leave now – thx for the kind word

(02/01 13:22:43)Kayara: great, thank you

(02/01 13:22:51)Sleeper Jan: you can stay, urman

(02/01 13:22:56)Sleeper Jan: all welcome

(02/01 13:23:23)Korov’ev: No more questions in queue

(02/01 13:24:18)shokhootahn Rehn: Telrov as a student or tudents begin a class, it is in a unique position with respect to other classes

(02/01 13:25:24)shokhootahn Rehn: The second announcement is about r’Taytahn’s Story Night.

(02/01 13:26:33)shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night – Europe is now at the same stage of the history as is original Story Night.

(02/01 13:26:57)shokhootahn Rehn: We are continuing with the story arc of the D’ni kings. Today, and for the next 26 weeks, we will hear the stories of the kings.

(02/01 13:27:23)shokhootahn Rehn: Next weekend will be a special Story Night – Europe. As part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of MOULa, I will tell a special story of the Restoration. The Story will be held in Mir-o-Bot’s Baron’s Office and will not start until 14:30 KI time.

(02/01 13:27:46)Ro”Jethhe says WOW 26 weeks that’s 6 months.

(02/01 13:28:13)shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night is held in the public neighborhood of Tsahno’s Hood every Saturday.

(02/01 13:28:20)Kayara: And a lot of Kings!

(02/01 13:28:37)shokhootahn Rehn: Original Story Night is held at 23:30 KI time on Saturday night. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 23:00 KI time.

(02/01 13:29:01)shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night – Europe is held at 14:00 KI time on Saturday afternoon. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 13:30 KI time except for AGM Saturdays, when it starts at 14:00 KI or 30 minutes after the AGM, whichever is later.

(02/01 13:30:30)Handyman Henry says yay!

(02/01 13:30:55)shokhootahn Rehn: I post any changes to either of the Story Nights on the left-hand imager in the hood.

(02/01 13:31:24)shokhootahn Rehn: Times for original Story Night (Saturdays at 23:30 KI time) are unaffected by my traveling. However, they are affected by power outages due to thunderstorms… which, unfortunately, ’tis always the season. Should this be the case, I will try to aprise one or two of my regular audience members of the situation so they can spread the news. 🙂

(02/01 13:31:57)shokhootahn Rehn: The stories are told using voice so you will need to have your speakers or headsets on.

(02/01 13:32:18)Grandbad checks KI … yep 13:30 now and evening.

(02/01 13:33:07)shokhootahn Rehn: r’Tayrtahn announces the start of Story Night through buddy chat. If you would like to receive the announcements, please send r’T a KI mail (with your KI number included in the text) and he’ll add you to his buddies list. His KI number is 58324. KI mails do not identify the KI number of the sender so it must be added to the body of the text.


(02/01 13:33:48)shokhootahn Rehn: Some have sent messages to be added but have not included their KI mail so they were unable to be added.

(02/01 13:33:50)jtrigg: no need to shout

(02/01 13:34:19)shokhootahn Rehn: Again, Story Night – Europe will begin 30 minutes after the conclusion of today’s AGM or at 14:00 KI time, whichever is later.

(02/01 13:34:40)shokhootahn Rehn: We hope to see you there!

(02/01 13:34:49)Handyman Henry: ty Rehn

(02/01 13:34:52)shokhootahn Rehn: Any questions?

(02/01 13:35:00)Korov’ev: Thank you Rehn!

(02/01 13:35:08)Alien sdnah reh spalc

(02/01 13:35:16)John5: ty

(02/01 13:35:41)shokhootahn Rehn: Oh, an I wasn’t shouting, per se. I was emphsizing. 🙂

(02/01 13:36:02)jtrigg: I know lol

(02/01 13:36:03)Korov’ev: Time for some Cyan news! Let’s get to *that* issue 😉

(02/01 13:36:07)philipgr: 🙂

(02/01 13:36:10)Korov’ev: A couple of weeks ago, Cyan announced their decision to retire a bunch of social media pages: Myst, Obduction and Firmament on Facebook; Myst, Obduction and Firmament on Twitter; Myst and Firmament on Instagram.

(02/01 13:36:17)Boywhith: yeah!

(02/01 13:36:22)Korov’ev: All the news will from now on come only from their main social media pages: , ,

(02/01 13:36:22)Handyman Henry: :{

(02/01 13:36:39)Korov’ev: More controversially, Cyan also announced the retirement of the MOULa and Cyan forums.

(02/01 13:36:51)CT Hostess Susa’n: what????

(02/01 13:36:53)Korov’ev: On Tuesday, February 4 the forums will become read only. Registering an account for the forums will also be turned off, this is effective immediately.

(02/01 13:36:54)BIG thumbs down from Ro”Jethhe

(02/01 13:37:10)Korov’ev: On Tuesday, June 16, publicly-accessible threads will be archived, and the forum sites will no longer be hosted.

(02/01 13:37:13)Boywhith: That is very bad news!!!

(02/01 13:37:20)Korov’ev: This last point has been poorly worded in the announcement: the content of the forums will still be available IN SOME FORM, so the history of the community will be preserved, EXCEPT for the hidden threads, or personal messages.

(02/01 13:37:23)Sleeper Jan: yep

(02/01 13:37:23) CT Hostess Susa’n is sad

(02/01 13:37:49)Ro”Jethhe: You can thanks Windows 10 for this.

(02/01 13:37:56)Sleeper Jan: still wondering which one to join

(02/01 13:37:59)jtrigg: why?

(02/01 13:37:59)Alien: It’s not win 10

(02/01 13:38:07)Adi: i thought they used the word )”deleted”

(02/01 13:38:09)Korov’ev: WIn 10 has nothing to do with that

(02/01 13:38:09)Sleeper Jan: it’s the forum engine to blame

(02/01 13:38:15)Korov’ev: Because of this, users are encouraged to archive any PMs or specific threads they wish to keep personally before the change takes effect.

(02/01 13:38:18)philipgr: Is discord affected as well?

(02/01 13:38:26)Korov’ev: no

(02/01 13:38:28)angelmyst: If this Grandma can sort our Discord, anyone is quite easy, and more fluid than the forum

(02/01 13:38:33)Korov’ev: PMs can be exported en masse as table files, and for single posts I’d suggest saving the BB code, to keep the formatting.

(02/01 13:38:43)Korov’ev: The rationale is: Cyan has a small team, and an even smaller subset of the team is responsible for PR.

(02/01 13:38:49)Korov’ev: Time spent managing social media is time spent NOT working on game development.

(02/01 13:38:57)Korov’ev: So, to avoid stretching their resources, they decided to limit the number of channels they use and monitor.

(02/01 13:39:04)Kayara: Will this also affect the Obduction Fan group? I always thought that this one was a fan-created discussion group though.

(02/01 13:39:08)Korov’ev: Even more controversially, Cyan announced that the forums will be replaced by the Official Cyan Chat Discord server:

(02/01 13:39:11)Sleeper Jan: they could have asked for help but as there are other forums….

(02/01 13:39:23)Alien: Fan made groups not affected

(02/01 13:39:28)Korov’ev: Fan-managed groups will not be affected

(02/01 13:39:38)Korov’ev: Many fans have expressed their objections that Discord is not a suitable replacement for a forum.

(02/01 13:39:39)alexyna (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):

(02/01 13:39:42)cjherkeless is

(02/01 13:39:48)Korov’ev:, the Guild of Writers, the Guild of Archivists, the Guild of Messengers, and other fan groups have their own forums that will welcome anyone who prefer this time-tested format of discussion.

(02/01 13:39:52)Alien: Discortd IS a forum

(02/01 13:39:58)Alien: *Discord

(02/01 13:40:07)cjherkeless: sorry. i didn’t mean to just assert my existence there. oops.

(02/01 13:40:08)Korov’ev: It’s a chatroom

(02/01 13:40:11)Korov’ev: Events will still be regularly announced as usual on Facebook groups, Discord, and through the GoMe calendar.

(02/01 13:40:44)Alien: If you go by the origin of the word, this meeting is also a forum

(02/01 13:41:01)Adi: a physical one 😛

(02/01 13:41:20)Korov’ev: On Facebook, the main group is “MOULa : Anniversaries – Holiday – Events”

(02/01 13:41:21)Lu*: almost 😛

(02/01 13:41:37)Handyman Henry: Question to Cyan: How will they know when people can’t log in, on or have problems in-game?

(02/01 13:41:48)Korov’ev: Our next question is from aqua.

(02/01 13:41:48)Korov’ev: [aqua] Can a feed of the GoMe calendar be exported so that it can be imported into our own calendars, like Google Calendar etc?

(02/01 13:42:28)Korov’ev: The GoMe calendar is based on Google, so you can add the calendar if you have an account

(02/01 13:42:55)Korov’ev: Let me find the link…

(02/01 13:43:31)Ro”Jethhe: has an event calendar but it needs updating

(02/01 13:43:46)Korov’ev: Argh, her it is

(02/01 13:43:50)Korov’ev:

(02/01 13:44:12)aqua: Thanks!

(02/01 13:44:25)Korov’ev: Yep, the UruTunes calendar is missing a lot of events

(02/01 13:44:37)aqua: (I couldnt find this on the GoMe website, might be useful to add)

(02/01 13:45:10)Korov’ev: For troubleshooting, is open again

(02/01 13:45:30)Korov’ev: Or you can send and email to support[at]

(02/01 13:45:49)CT Hostess Susa’n: Handyman, you can submit a ticket to Cyan Support

(02/01 13:46:08)Kayara: I remember vaguely that there is/was also a cyan-run website, that had all the DRC story stuff. Will that one be affected too?

(02/01 13:46:20)Korov’ev: These days, MOULa downtime is notified mostly via Discord

(02/01 13:46:38)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Alien.

(02/01 13:46:38)Korov’ev: [Alien] Will be updated? I’d be happy to help with that

(02/01 13:46:44)J’Kla: Over the years Uru has been through way more disruption than this and survived

(02/01 13:46:57)Eternal Seeker: asaf as i Know swifthawk don’t supports the Urutunes calendar anymore

(02/01 13:47:19)cjherkeless: its uru. we’re explorers. we should pride ourselves, by now, on being indomitable.

(02/01 13:47:44)Korov’ev: We’ve been working on getting back online for a while. We’ll announce it as soon as it will 🙂

(02/01 13:48:03)Alien: Korov’ev Let me know if I can help

(02/01 13:48:41)angelmyst is indomitable!

(02/01 13:48:49)Korov’ev: The DRC forum went offline some time ago, but I think some people managed to rescue a copy

(02/01 13:48:53)Grandbad: 🙂

(02/01 13:49:25)Korov’ev: Our next question is from CT Hostess Susa’n.

(02/01 13:49:25)Korov’ev: [CT Hostess Susa’n] How will we know the CAVCON levels?

(02/01 13:49:25)philipgr: The TOC forum has also been off for quite some time now.

(02/01 13:49:35)J’Kla: There are survivors of the Ubisoft shard withdrawal and we survived that

(02/01 13:49:53)shokhootahn Rehn: Therer’s also

(02/01 13:50:25)Korov’ev: We haven’t got Cavcon updates in years.

(02/01 13:50:35)CT Hostess Susa’n says DOH!

(02/01 13:50:57)angelmyst: We are more informed than most small countries…lol

(02/01 13:51:00)CT Hostess Susa’n: Everyone – Please keep donating!

(02/01 13:51:01)Ro”Jethhe: RAWA was incharge of Cavcon wasn’t he?

(02/01 13:51:07)Korov’ev: RAWA used to update it, and he can’t at the moment, for obvious reasons

(02/01 13:51:22)Emor D’ni Lap would like to have a cavern-wide discussion as to how CAVCON can be made more transparent and functional

(02/01 13:51:28)Korov’ev: Our next question is from philipgr.

(02/01 13:51:28)Korov’ev: [philipgr] Where will the MOULa install exe file be kept for new explorers?

(02/01 13:51:38)Handyman Henry: Type in Calendar for URU in Google…works for me

(02/01 13:51:50)Korov’ev: The site will still be up, it’s just the forum that will be closed.

(02/01 13:51:56)Guernseyman: i have donated $10 a month for a few years now

(02/01 13:52:28)Korov’ev: Right, I think we should move on now 😉

(02/01 13:52:48)Korov’ev: Now, some news from Mysterium 2020!

(02/01 13:52:56)Korov’ev: Submissions for art designs are open. There are four categories: T-shirt, pins, activity book, writing & artwork table. Deadlines will be staggered through early-to-mid 2020.

(02/01 13:53:07)Korov’ev: For the T-shirts, the Triumvirate encourages you to incorporate Sirrus vs Achenar, Red vs Blue, Haven and Spire, etc. into your design. Feel free to also tie in the host city of Washington, DC.

(02/01 13:53:21)Korov’ev: If your design is selected, you will receive a free Mysterium shirt! The deadline for this is February 16, 2020 – hurry up! Details for the submission at:

(02/01 13:53:42)Korov’ev: For the pins, they are once again planning a set of enamel ones. Pin design is an easier and faster process than shirts. The deadline for these is March 15, 2020. Details for the submission at:

(02/01 13:54:00)Korov’ev: For the activity books, which are the new thing for 2020, you can create a coloring book page, a word search, a crossword puzzle, etc. The deadline is April 19, 2020. Details for the submission at:

(02/01 13:54:07)angelmyst is trying to decide which adventure to submit.

(02/01 13:54:20)Korov’ev: Lastly, for the writing & artwork table, you’ll be able to showcase your Cyan-related artwork or writing. Details can be found here. All content must be in by July 31, 2020. Details for the submission at:

(02/01 13:54:53)Korov’ev: were “here” meant the URL that followed

(02/01 13:55:07)Korov’ev says DOH!

(02/01 13:55:13)Korov’ev: Also, barring any unforeseen issues, registration should open on March 1.

(02/01 13:55:23)Korov’ev: Stay tuned for more info about this year’s hotel and a link to book your room, as well as transportation and parking details.

(02/01 13:55:40)Korov’ev: And now, some assorted short news and interesting links…

(02/01 13:55:46)Korov’ev wasn’t sure where to put them, but they’re interesting

(02/01 13:55:54)Korov’ev: As you probably know by now, the Starry Expanse team is now working with Cyan to complete the Riven remake.

(02/01 13:55:59)Alien is interested in interesting links

(02/01 13:56:03)Korov’ev: In a recent post, the team has outlined how they are dealing with objects that are small and blurry in the original game,

(02/01 13:56:12)Korov’ev: but that you will we able to look at close in VR – specifically, the blue light poles line the Mag-Lev dock:

(02/01 13:56:38)Korov’ev: “look at UP close” – I can’t write today

(02/01 13:56:49)Korov’ev: Ars Technica posted an interview with Rand Miller, about the development of Myst and Riven, on its Youtube channel:

(02/01 13:57:05)Korov’ev: Also,

(02/01 13:57:08)Korov’ev: Some time ago, the MYSTAges wiki was put offline; the data has been salvaged, however, and posted on by Deledrius:

(02/01 13:57:19)Korov’ev: Alahmnat is looking into merging some of the lore info from MYSTAges into the Guild of Archivists wiki.

(02/01 13:57:28)Korov’ev: Our next question is from Handyman Henry.

(02/01 13:57:28)Korov’ev: [Handyman Henry] where is mysterium 2020 being held?

(02/01 13:57:39)Korov’ev: Washington, DC

(02/01 13:58:05)Korov’ev shrugs

(02/01 13:58:05)Korov’ev: And with that, it’s time to wrap up this Meeting!

(02/01 13:58:10)Korov’ev: Here is the summary of this month’s events (times in KI time)…

(02/01 13:58:18)Korov’ev: A calendar is also present in the left imager of the Guild of Messengers’ Hood;

(02/01 13:58:25)Korov’ev: if you find a mistake, please PM me here or on the forum so I can correct it.

(02/01 13:58:34)Korov’ev: This is the month of anniversaries! Monday 4 is the Gehn shard’s 8th anniversary;

(02/01 13:58:41)Korov’ev: Saturday 8 is, of course, MO:ULa’s 10th anniversary;

(02/01 13:58:46)Korov’ev: Saturday 15 is D’mala’s 14th and Gametap MO:UL’s 13th anniversary;

(02/01 13:58:51)Korov’ev: Friday 28 is Leevotar 17, the day (in 679 BCE) King Kerath abdicated, handing rulership to the Council of Elders.

(02/01 13:59:00)Korov’ev: Now, for what’s going on in the Cavern itself:

(02/01 13:59:26)Korov’ev: … it’s a long list, do ya all want it all?

(02/01 13:59:34)Guernseyman: yes

(02/01 13:59:36)Korov’ev starts to laugh

(02/01 13:59:44)Korov’ev: The Guild of Greeters’ Hood is staffed Monday-Saturday 13:45-14:15, if you need hints or info about the Cavern.

(02/01 13:59:48)jtrigg: of course

(02/01 13:59:48)Ro”Jethhe: Reader Digest version please

(02/01 13:59:49)Korov’ev: Sun 2 & 16 @ 13:00: Radio Free D’ni, in Ae’gura Plaza []

(02/01 13:59:53)Korov’ev: Sun 9 @ 9:00: Fashion Show Quest, in Eder Delin^ [registration required]

(02/01 13:59:56)Kayara: And we wan’it now! 😛

(02/01 13:59:58)Korov’ev: Sun 9 @ 11:00: Explorer Memorial, in Kahlo Pub^ []

(02/01 14:00:03)Korov’ev: Sun 9 @ 13:00: Magic Closing Event, in Kadish Tolesa^ [registration required]

(02/01 14:00:13)Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 13:00: Meeting Place Gathering, in Meeting Place’s Hood

(02/01 14:00:17)Korov’ev: Every Tue @ 13:00: Relaxing & Balancing Hour, in Guild of Healers Hood’s Delin []

(02/01 14:00:21)Korov’ev: Every Wed @ 20:00: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood

(02/01 14:00:26)Korov’ev: Thu 6 @ 12:00: 10th Anniv Opening Ceremony, in Watcher’s Pub^ []

(02/01 14:00:30)Korov’ev: Every Thu @ 13:00: Seeker’s Country Evening, in Mir-o-Bot’s Cleft^ []

(02/01 14:00:34)Korov’ev: Thu 6 @ 14:00: Dance Party, in Gahreesehn^

(02/01 14:00:39)Korov’ev: Every Thu @ 20:00: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood

(02/01 14:00:43)Korov’ev: Fri 7 @ 13:00: Door Run Quest, in NDG Lounge Hood Tsogal [registration required]

(02/01 14:00:47)Korov’ev: Every Fri @ 15:00: Triosity Radio, in Mir-o-Bot’s Cleft^ []

(02/01 14:00:51)Korov’ev: Every Fri @ 20:00: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood

(02/01 14:00:55)Korov’ev: Sat 11 8 @ 11:00: Cavern Tour, in Cavern Tour’s Hood

(02/01 14:01:01)Korov’ev: Sat 8 @ 13:00: Nulp Dance Show, in Great Zero^

(02/01 14:01:06)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 14:00: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night, in Tsahno’s Hood

(02/01 14:01:10)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 16:00: Karaoke Party, in Karaoke’s Hood []

(02/01 14:01:16)Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 23:30: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night, in Tsahno’s Hood

(02/01 14:01:18)Korov’ev needs a moment to breathe!

(02/01 14:01:27)Korov’ev: And…

(02/01 14:01:30)Korov’ev: The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for Saturday, March 7 at 13:00 KIT

(02/01 14:01:33)CT Hostess Susa’n: Koro, Cavern Tour is Feb 8 not Feb 11

(02/01 14:01:45)Korov’ev: Oops, right

(02/01 14:01:58)Handyman Henry loves a long list of activities…It just means noone is going anywhere

(02/01 14:02:09)Korov’ev: Please consider donating to Cyan, to keep the Cavern open:

(02/01 14:02:10)aqua: February 4th is also the anniversary of the Prologue closure, the GameTap closure and of Laxman’s post ‘Activity in the cavern?’ which announced the start of MOULa 🙂

(02/01 14:02:23)Korov’ev bows

(02/01 14:02:23)Korov’ev: And with that, this Meeting is ended. Thank you all for coming, see you next month!