All Guilds Meeting – October 2021 – Cleansed Chatlog

(10/02 13:00:17)Calum Traveler: okay, it’s now 1300!

(10/02 13:00:21)Calum Traveler: SHORAH B’SHEMTEE!

(10/02 13:00:29)ArchDavid: We believe in you Calum

(10/02 13:00:31)Calum Traveler: Welcome to the October 2021 All Guilds Meeting!

(10/02 13:00:49)Tom(Samoth): clap clap…

(10/02 13:00:53)Calum Traveler: if you’re new to D’ni, welcome! You’ve come at a great and spooky time!

(10/02 13:01:05)PodHopper nods his head

(10/02 13:01:06)Korov’ev: The 138th!

(10/02 13:01:20)Calum Traveler: thanks Korov’ev

(10/02 13:01:34)Calum Traveler: yes, this is the 138th AGM,

(10/02 13:01:46)Tom(Samoth): Time flies…

(10/02 13:01:47)Calum Traveler: and if you’re returning to D’ni from times long ago, there’s been some changes!

(10/02 13:01:56)rarified just felt a little older.

(10/02 13:02:01)Calum Traveler: the season is fall, and at the end of this month is the crowd favorite Halloween,

(10/02 13:02:12)Calum Traveler: you’ll see some spooky decorations about in places if you look for them 😉

(10/02 13:02:37)Calum Traveler: Right then, let’s start things off with Minasunda!

(10/02 13:03:08)Minasunda: shorah explorers :)) I have 2 events to announce

(10/02 13:03:21)Minasunda: Next Friday at 13 KI KAREL invites you for a Party on the Argosy – a beautiful ship – built by Jaruku.

(10/02 13:03:33)Minasunda: During the trip, Karel will entertain us with proper sea shanties.

(10/02 13:03:46)Minasunda: You can find the music stream here:

(10/02 13:03:54)judyg: nice!!!

(10/02 13:03:58)Minasunda: You will reach the Argosy on the Deep Island Shard.

(10/02 13:04:14)Minasunda: Use the book Puzzle Ages Volume 2 in your Relto and link to Laki’anay.

(10/02 13:04:27)Minasunda: Use the ferry there. if the ferry is just gone, wait a moment – it will come back automatically. Don’t swim under any circumstances – the current is too strong and the big fish are dangerous 😀

(10/02 13:04:44)Minasunda: Then go to the lighthouse. Up there you will find the link book to the Argosy.

(10/02 13:04:58)Minasunda: And please be considerate of guests arriving later, leave Laki’anay unchanged so that everyone can get to the Argosy without difficulty.

(10/02 13:05:11)Minasunda: For those new to Deep Island and unfamiliar with the way, I made a short video:

(10/02 13:05:27)Minasunda: The second event is the Halloween Party.

(10/02 13:05:36)Ravenika squeeeees.

(10/02 13:05:40)Minasunda: It will take place on October 31st at 14 KI time in Mir-O-Bot’s Teledahn. To get there, PM to Mir-O-Bot “to teledahn” or “link”

(10/02 13:05:53)Minasunda: If you haven’t already done so, you should add Mir-O-Bot to your buddy list. His KI is 32319

(10/02 13:06:05)Minasunda: Please note: for Europeans this is as usual at 21:00 CET – we are again struggling with the unequal time change 😀

(10/02 13:06:22)Minasunda: Because this year Halloween is on a Sunday, Radio Free D’ni takes over the music for the Halloween event – www.

(10/02 13:06:34)Minasunda: Yoda will provide the creepy ambience with his special effects and the Nulp Dance Group will send the ghosts 😛

(10/02 13:06:49)Minasunda: We look forward to seeing you there and hope for a NET2-free experience 🙂

(10/02 13:06:59)Doobes crosses his fingers

(10/02 13:07:03)Calum Traveler: any questions?

(10/02 13:07:04)Minasunda: It’s all on my part. Any questions ?

(10/02 13:07:28)J’mee: is the party on deep island or here?

(10/02 13:07:36)Minasunda: Deep Island

(10/02 13:07:39)J’mee: thx

(10/02 13:07:44)Korov’ev: Nice to see events on other shards 🙂

(10/02 13:07:51)Doobes nods

(10/02 13:07:54)Calum Traveler: the halloween event is here, though, yes?

(10/02 13:08:03)J’mee: that’s what I ment

(10/02 13:08:06)J’mee: meant

(10/02 13:08:07)Minasunda: alloween is here

(10/02 13:08:10)J’mee: OH ok

(10/02 13:08:13)Minasunda: in Mir-O-Bots Teledahn

(10/02 13:08:16)Doobes: Yeah, I don’t think DI gets Net 2s, thankfully. 😀

(10/02 13:08:23)Minasunda: lol

(10/02 13:08:24)Calum Traveler: the sea shanty event is DI, then 😉

(10/02 13:08:31)Calum Traveler: any more questions?

(10/02 13:08:32)Minasunda: yep

(10/02 13:09:00)Minasunda: nothing ?

(10/02 13:09:05)Calum Traveler: alright then, thank you, Minasunda! 🙂

(10/02 13:09:11)Minasunda thanks you

(10/02 13:09:20)RoJethhe thanks you

(10/02 13:09:28)Calum Traveler: ill be taking center stage for a moment,

(10/02 13:09:39)Calum Traveler quickly slaps an IC sticker on his hardhat

(10/02 13:09:46)Calum Traveler: Ahhem!

(10/02 13:09:54)Calum Traveler: Shorah! I’ll make this quick. Two things to touch on.

(10/02 13:10:06)Calum Traveler: first, a general reminder of the public safety

(10/02 13:10:25)Calum Traveler: recently, we had a few explorers sneaking into unreleased areas using their public/external access network’d KIs (IE: what we’re using now)

(10/02 13:10:47)Calum Traveler: please be aware that this behavior is not encouraged for your own safety and you take these risks at your own peril.

(10/02 13:11:12)Calum Traveler: please use internal networked KIs such as Destiny network or Minkata network when exploring these areas, as we’ll be able to better track you down should you encounter trouble.

(10/02 13:11:23)Calum Traveler: Second!

(10/02 13:11:31)Calum Traveler: a glimmer of light towards that dark thought…

(10/02 13:11:52)Calum Traveler: As you know I’ve been running tests on the lake down at the ae’gura docks for a few months now

(10/02 13:11:54)Calum Traveler: probably longer

(10/02 13:12:16)Calum Traveler: ive been trying to see if i can locate samples of lake water that show signs of increased activity.

(10/02 13:12:40)Calum Traveler: im pleased to report that as of yesterday ive collected three samples of lake water that are properly cycling in brightness, albeit at different brighness strengths to eachother

(10/02 13:12:57)Calum Traveler: it’s too early to say whether or not this means the lake is fully reviving or not,

(10/02 13:13:08)Calum Traveler: and if it is, how long it will take before the effects start harmonizing with eachother,

(10/02 13:13:26)Calum Traveler: but i think everyone has been eager to hear some news on that front for some time. 🙂

(10/02 13:13:36)DecafToaster nods his head

(10/02 13:13:37)Calum Traveler: any questions?

(10/02 13:13:42)Doobes: Absolutely.

(10/02 13:13:55)Doobes: (just agreeing with you, not a question 😛 )

(10/02 13:13:55)J’mee: Nice to hear!

(10/02 13:14:00)Thumbs up from Calum Traveler

(10/02 13:14:08)DecafToaster: handraise

(10/02 13:14:14)Calum Traveler: yes, DecafToaster?

(10/02 13:14:16)Korov’ev: will the results be published as open access? 🙂

(10/02 13:14:25)DecafToaster: Should be continue producing pellets?

(10/02 13:14:35)Calum Traveler: DecafToaster, yes. you should be. 🙂

(10/02 13:14:36)Briggs: Always be dropping pellets

(10/02 13:14:42)Calum Traveler: even when the lake is cycling, we want to keep feeding it

(10/02 13:14:51)Calum Traveler: this is not a ‘it’s glowing let’s stop now’ process

(10/02 13:15:05)Doobes: A well-fed lake is key. It’s probably why those silos exist in the first place.

(10/02 13:15:10)Calum Traveler: Korov’ev, I plan on releasing some sample metrics when i have a few more coherent samples

(10/02 13:15:16)Calum Traveler: three isn’t enough to produce a chart yet,

(10/02 13:15:22)Scharminius: be like the lake geese… generously dropping pellets 🙂

(10/02 13:15:30)skyisblu: LOL

(10/02 13:15:31)Doobes: LOL!

(10/02 13:15:34)judyg: lol@scharm

(10/02 13:15:37)Calum Traveler: hehe

(10/02 13:15:38)Korov’ev: consistency over quantity!

(10/02 13:15:41)Calum Traveler: a little crude, but yes,

(10/02 13:15:42)DecafToaster laughs

(10/02 13:15:45)Calum Traveler: consistency is best in this

[Net2 error]

(10/02 13:19:50)Karel: hmm so it got ALL of us this time 🙁

(10/02 13:19:58)J’mee: appears so

(10/02 13:20:02)Doobes: Net 2s always get everyone.

(10/02 13:20:27)Korov’ev: it’s like a grue

(10/02 13:20:33)J’mee: everyone logged in regardless of location (Relto etc), or just in the main city?

(10/02 13:20:42)Doobes: The dreaded Neht Tooh monster of the cavern.

(10/02 13:20:49)Doobes: Nope, everyone throughout the server.

(10/02 13:20:54)J’mee: wow

(10/02 13:21:06)Doobes: The whole thing is crashing for some as-yet-undetermined reason, but we’re working on it.

(10/02 13:21:14)Briggs: Learning more about it every day

(10/02 13:21:18)Doobes: Indeed.

(10/02 13:21:29)Karel: now that is pointing to a Authentication Server Glitch

(10/02 13:21:37)Doobes: As I said earlier, it’s a priority for us…along with the content update in November.

(10/02 13:22:45)skyisblu waves hello

(10/02 13:22:56)Briggs waves hello

(10/02 13:23:02)judyg: hi ske

(10/02 13:23:06)judyg: skye

(10/02 13:23:09)skyisblu: Hi judy 🙂

(10/02 13:23:10)judyg: 🙂

(10/02 13:23:43)Tom(Samoth): shorah again… everyone has had a net2, i suppose?

(10/02 13:23:48)skyisblu: yup

(10/02 13:23:59)Doobes: Yep. At least it’s non-discriminatory, FWIW.

(10/02 13:24:05)Karel: yes Tom

(10/02 13:24:08)skyisblu: LOL

(10/02 13:24:10)Emor D’ni Lap: no favorites

(10/02 13:24:21)Briggs: Keeps you on your toes

(10/02 13:24:24)Doobes: Although I imagine if it only happened to certain people, that’d help narrow it down. Alas…

(10/02 13:24:53)Korov’ev: it could be a drinking game…

(10/02 13:25:00)DecafToaster laughs

(10/02 13:25:03)skyisblu: LOL

(10/02 13:25:03)Karel: 🙂

(10/02 13:25:07)judyg: lol

(10/02 13:25:11)Tom(Samoth): So, there were some who did’n’t had a net2, Doobes?

(10/02 13:25:11)Doobes: At this rate, we’d all die from alcohol poisoning. Let’s not. 😛

(10/02 13:25:30)Korov’ev: yeah, not the best idea 🙂

(10/02 13:25:36)judyg: ok. who didn’t? and why?

(10/02 13:25:37)Doobes: No, not in this case. I was just saying if only some got a Net 2, that would probably make it easier to narrow down the problem. Hypothetically.

(10/02 13:25:38)DecafToaster leans left

(10/02 13:25:42)skyisblu leans right

(10/02 13:25:49)darkwingduck: greets all:)

(10/02 13:25:58)Doobes: Welcome, DW. 🙂

(10/02 13:25:58)Briggs: Welcome back

(10/02 13:26:11)Karel: Nah we ALL got NET2 Tooed

(10/02 13:26:20)Emor D’ni Lap: getting sever lag at times

(10/02 13:26:25)Emor D’ni Lap: severe

(10/02 13:26:26)darkwingduck: dont you just love net 2 now loool

(10/02 13:26:27)Korov’ev: NetGrued

(10/02 13:26:40)Briggs: When the server comes back online, it slows down for a time

(10/02 13:26:50)darkwingduck: ive learned to laugh at it now:) no use getting upset:)

(10/02 13:26:52)judyg: indee444d

(10/02 13:26:53)Doobes: It’s warming up…or something.

(10/02 13:26:55)rarified: When Net2 visits, he’s thorough. Everyone catches it.

(10/02 13:27:03)Korov’ev: give it a minute before logging back

(10/02 13:27:13)Doobes: Yeah, please remember, we’re working on it. It’s only a matter of time before we solve the problem.

(10/02 13:27:30)Korov’ev sneezes

(10/02 13:27:40)Doobes: We’ve got talented programmers working behind the scenes with Chogon to fix this.

(10/02 13:27:42)Christian Walther: Anyone working on the server code, Doobes?

(10/02 13:27:44)Tom(Samoth): I duck for it, but was hit by a unexpected net3 shortly after that…

(10/02 13:27:46)rarified: Should we wait for CT or try to squeeze in between the 2’s?

(10/02 13:27:55)uwe: login was difficult today ! ….not only for me ?

(10/02 13:28:05)PodHopper: me too uwe…

(10/02 13:28:09)Creekwriter: There were 36 explorers when I first signed in, and only 16 after the 2

(10/02 13:28:10)NoMore: 23 ppl when I linked in

(10/02 13:28:13)Doobes: Only Chogon can work on it directly since the server code is not open sourced. I imagine more sensitive details have been discussed via PM.

(10/02 13:28:26)Thumbs up from Christian Walther

(10/02 13:28:43)Doobes: To his credit, he’s been open about what’s going on and it helps.

(10/02 13:28:49)darkwingduck: hi r’tay:)

(10/02 13:28:58)r’Tayrtahn: .shorah dwd

(10/02 13:29:02)r’Tayrtahn: 🙂

(10/02 13:29:08)rarified: Well, let me stand up and start…

(10/02 13:29:12)skyisblu leans right

(10/02 13:29:13)Ro”Jethhe: STRIKE 1

(10/02 13:29:13)Scharminius leans left

(10/02 13:29:22)Doobes: He does take off on the weekends though, which is his right. I think there’s another fix that’ll be waiting for him when he gets in on Monday though.

(10/02 13:29:26)rarified: Shorah all!

(10/02 13:29:33)Emor D’ni Lap: Chogon deserves a general community reward of some sort. I’m not certain he gets any compensation from Cyan for his time on our behalf?

(10/02 13:29:35)Doobes: Hey rarified!

(10/02 13:29:36)PodHopper: who logs?

(10/02 13:29:39)Scharminius: shorah rarified! 🙂

(10/02 13:29:47)rarified: I want to get this out before we disappear again.

(10/02 13:29:52)Korov’ev: interestingly, we didn’t have problems this morning, filming for The Lost Art

(10/02 13:29:55)TGMChrist: I’m here (puff)

(10/02 13:30:13)Korov’ev: well, one crash, but not a Net2

(10/02 13:30:21)rarified: I’m optimistic that there has been a fix discovered that likely will eliminate the Net2s

(10/02 13:30:39)Korov’ev: I’m logging

(10/02 13:30:51)Thumbs up from PodHopper

(10/02 13:30:52)rarified: Adam caught a transcription error in some code that was adopted from Huru during the last

(10/02 13:31:16)rarified: update, and I’ve just installed a new client on Minkata with the fix.

(10/02 13:31:24)DecafToaster: I am logging as well.

(10/02 13:31:24)Tom(Samoth): Perhaps the Bahro knows more about it?

(10/02 13:31:31)Doobes praises Tsar Hoikas and all he does!

(10/02 13:31:41)rarified: Minkata has never had the Net 2 issue because it uses a different server than MOULa,

(10/02 13:31:56)Doobes: MOSS.

(10/02 13:32:03)rarified: but we can use all th ehelp that’s available to make sure the new client is “boring”

(10/02 13:32:07)Calum Traveler: made it oh thank goodness

(10/02 13:32:14)Doobes: Gehn doesn’t either since it uses DirtSand, FWIW.

(10/02 13:32:15)rarified: and doesn’t do anything unexpected.

(10/02 13:32:19)Scharminius: a rolling MOSS gathers no Nets

(10/02 13:32:28)judyg: lol

(10/02 13:32:30)Calum Traveler slips back into place, huffing a little for breath

(10/02 13:32:44)rarified: So, if you’re a tester on Minkata (or want to be) please head there this weekend

(10/02 13:32:48)Doobes hands Cal a chilled bottled water

(10/02 13:33:05)rarified: and help make sure things are working normally. Bug reports to the OpenUru #support

(10/02 13:33:09)rarified: discord channel.

(10/02 13:33:13)rarified: Or #test.

(10/02 13:33:38)rarified: If all goes well, I’ll have a build ready to offer Chogon Monday morning, and he will be

(10/02 13:33:51)rarified: able to get it on Staging for testing on the MOULa server.

(10/02 13:34:17)rarified: Ok, that’s cleared the “must say” barrier over Net2. 😉

(10/02 13:34:21)Christian Walther: Have the Net2s been reproduced on staging?

(10/02 13:34:39)rarified: Not to the best of my knowledge (by the original bug)

(10/02 13:34:45)Calum Traveler: we’ve reproduced similar

(10/02 13:34:51)Calum Traveler: the 0xefb00a exception,

(10/02 13:34:56)rarified: Several possible vulnerabilities in the server that are similar have been

(10/02 13:35:09)rarified: recreated, but not under the same circumstances.

(10/02 13:35:23)Aurelias: Do you think the potential Net 2 fix will also fix the black-screen semi-frozen link problem that showed up after the August update?

(10/02 13:35:26)Briggs: and some of them are fixed already!

(10/02 13:35:41)rarified: As has been brought up for many years, there are lots of vulnerabilities in the MOULa

(10/02 13:36:02)rarified: server (just as I’m sure there are in MOSS or DirtSand). We just have to find the one

(10/02 13:36:09)rarified: that got tifkled this time.

(10/02 13:36:36)rarified: @Aurelias possibly. It’s hard to predict the effedts of this bug.

(10/02 13:37:03)rarified: Let’s just put it under the category of “uninitialized variable” and stop there.

(10/02 13:37:46)rarified: Ok. On the Minkata shards, some significant restoration work is underway. We’ll hear about that shortly.

(10/02 13:38:14)rarified: I’ve been on vacation (still am) so things have been slow and only necessary stuff has been

(10/02 13:38:42)rarified: getting done. I’ll be back next weekend to try to catch up on the outstanding list of contributions.

(10/02 13:39:05)rarified: The next scheduled delivery to MOULa will happen late November or early December.

(10/02 13:39:10)rarified: Any questions?

(10/02 13:39:28)Briggs: Is there any truth to the rumor that MOULa is haunted and all these problems are a result of that

(10/02 13:39:38)Calum Traveler remembers to remove IC sticker from hat…

(10/02 13:39:43)judyg: lol!!!

(10/02 13:39:46)Korov’ev: a sacrifice is needed

(10/02 13:39:52)Aurelias: An exorcism!

(10/02 13:39:53)Calum Traveler: i aint afraid of no ghost.

(10/02 13:40:00)rarified: That would require confirming a ghost tale.

(10/02 13:40:00)Briggs grins

(10/02 13:40:02)Christian Walther: Thank you for taking time to be here even during your vacation. But do take a real vacation some time too 🙂

(10/02 13:40:03)IwonK offers ghost-busting cookies

(10/02 13:40:04)Emor D’ni Lap: me! me!

(10/02 13:40:08)Tom(Samoth): Perhaps it is all over at Halloween…

(10/02 13:40:10)Korov’ev: who you’re gonna call?

(10/02 13:40:10)Emor D’ni Lap: sacrifice me first!

(10/02 13:40:20)rarified bows

(10/02 13:40:33)Calum Traveler: thank you, rarified~!

(10/02 13:40:41)Calum Traveler: next up on the docket is DOOBES~!

(10/02 13:40:44)Calum Traveler: get down here, patrick!

(10/02 13:40:47)Calum Traveler beckons you

(10/02 13:40:58)Doobes waves hello

(10/02 13:41:03)Doobes: Hi there!

(10/02 13:41:06)cjherkeless: hi!

(10/02 13:41:07)Doobes: I know we’re potentially working against a Net 2 (which we’re working hard to fix even now!), so I’ll be as brief as I can.

(10/02 13:41:11)darkwingduck: hey doobes:)

(10/02 13:41:20)Doobes: Phase 1 of Descent’s restoration is coming along nicely and, thanks to people rigorously testing things on Minkata-alpha and Destiny shard, we’re almost nearing completion of that phase!

(10/02 13:41:35)Doobes: No, this does *not* mean Descent as a whole is almost finished. This is just the first phase. 😉

[Net2 error]

(10/02 13:45:14)Minasunda: oh my

(10/02 13:45:22)Korov’ev: oh well

(10/02 13:45:24)Briggs: Linked out so hard my pants got left behind

(10/02 13:45:28)Doobes: Anyone else getting whiplash? 😛

(10/02 13:45:32)Karel: :))

(10/02 13:45:32)cjherkeless: we’re getting better at rapid returns at least

(10/02 13:45:41)Eternal Seeker: are this Net2s randomly ? I don’t think so

(10/02 13:45:50)Minasunda leans right

(10/02 13:45:53)Korov’ev: increasingly efficient at it

(10/02 13:45:56)r’Tayrtahn leans left

(10/02 13:45:57)Doobes: (I’ll give it a minute for peope to get back)

(10/02 13:46:06)Calum Traveler: all ill say on the net2s is that there is a cause, but it might as well be random.

(10/02 13:46:09)cjherkeless: we’ll be speedrunning kirel with the best

(10/02 13:46:15)Calum Traveler: but events like this give a larger potential for it to happen

(10/02 13:46:42)Calum Traveler: we’ll be testing a fix on Minkata this weekend

(10/02 13:46:47)DecafToaster: We could host a live stream and adhere to COVID mitigation guidelines.

(10/02 13:46:55)Doobes: Don’t worry, we’ll no doubt be able to assemble a semi-coherent chatlog after all this. 😉

(10/02 13:46:56)Calum Traveler: (as rarfied mentioned earlier, no doubt)

(10/02 13:46:58)rarified: Doobes said the “Net” word…

(10/02 13:47:06)Doobes cowers

(10/02 13:47:15)Korov’ev: aaaaaaaahhh don’t!

(10/02 13:47:30)Calum Traveler: it’s not that superstitious of a thing

(10/02 13:47:32)Doobes: OK, continuing on…

(10/02 13:47:40)Doobes: To refresh your memory, Phase 1 is fully converting and refining the Myst V content so that it looks fairly close to the original (plus a few additions). Again, this is just visual stuff and doesn’t involve (much) wiring yet.

(10/02 13:47:54)Doobes: Phase 2 is where the fun really begins…and it’ll probably be the longest phase too.

(10/02 13:48:13)Doobes: Once we’re sure the content we saw in Myst V is properly converted, we’re going to start to build the rest of the path to D’ni.

(10/02 13:48:17)Boywhith: I had a second net2…

(10/02 13:48:25)Doobes: We all did. 😉

(10/02 13:48:31)Doobes: Note that any Age builders, if they’re interested, could help with this process.

(10/02 13:48:42)Doobes: Ideally, anyone with the skill could assemble a section of the path that lies past the upcoming Intangibles content directly after the Myst V stuff and it will then be integrated by me into the main file.

(10/02 13:48:44)Calum Traveler has already submitted an area for phase 2…

(10/02 13:48:57)Boywhith: So I returned as somboby else…

(10/02 13:49:05)Doobes: CalumTraveler has already submitted something for between the caldera and the first cave to make the first locations make more sense.

(10/02 13:49:06)Boywhith: *somebody

(10/02 13:49:12)Doobes: Heh, you read my mind, Cal. 😛

(10/02 13:49:20)Calum Traveler: :3

(10/02 13:49:24)Doobes: Otherwise, the Shaft should be sticking directly out of the desert next to the caldera. 😉

(10/02 13:49:36)Doobes: I’ll also attempt to build a few sections myself. If all else fails, I’ll build any missing sections, but help would be appreciated…and quicker!

(10/02 13:49:48)Doobes: Either way, we’ll all be bringing our best to make this as coherent and professional-looking as possible.

(10/02 13:49:59)Calum Traveler: you’ve got my help with whatever, 😉

(10/02 13:50:01)Doobes: Once Phase 2 nears completion, we’ll host the results on Minkata-alpha just like with phase 1 for everyone to examine and pick apart.

(10/02 13:50:15)Doobes: After that comes phase 3…wiring everything so that the entire path will be navigable without spawning all over the place.

(10/02 13:50:28)Doobes: That’ll be a ways off though.

(10/02 13:50:40)Calum Traveler: slow and steady wins the race

(10/02 13:50:40)Doobes: I want to thank everyone who’s tested Descent for phase 1 so far. We’ve made great progress thanks largely to their efforts!

(10/02 13:50:46)J’mee: intangibles?

(10/02 13:50:56)Doobes: I also want to give a shout out to all of you who have been so very supportive for this project. Your kind words are what keep us going!

(10/02 13:51:04)Doobes: Intangibles = extra content we received from Cyan.

(10/02 13:51:18)Doobes: I’ll be back to update as we go along. You can follow the progress we’re making on OpenUru’s Discord server along with all the other work we’re doing for the upcoming November update.

(10/02 13:51:36)Doobes: Also, as an aside, if you haven’t noticed, Halloween has come to the Pub! I hope you enjoy the ambiance for the whole month of October.

(10/02 13:52:06)Doobes:

(10/02 13:52:18)Doobes: 😀

(10/02 13:52:20)Doobes:

(10/02 13:52:22)Doobes: Oops.

(10/02 13:52:28)DecafToaster laughs

(10/02 13:52:28)Calum Traveler: copypasta,copypasta

(10/02 13:52:31)Doobes: That’s all I’ve got for now. Any questions?

(10/02 13:52:49)Doobes: Well, any *other* questions, that is.

(10/02 13:53:05)Calum Traveler: if no questions, id like to move onto the rest of the AGM roster?

(10/02 13:53:15)Doobes: Gotcha. Thanks for your time!

(10/02 13:53:16)Doobes bows

(10/02 13:53:22)Calum Traveler: thanks, doobes!

(10/02 13:53:38)Calum Traveler: okay, so, im not sure who’s here for what, so im going to go down my list for events,

(10/02 13:53:42)J’mee: have an unrelated question

(10/02 13:53:47)Calum Traveler: yes?

[Net2 error]

(10/02 13:57:22)DecafToaster: We’re rolling, Calum.

(10/02 13:57:26)Calum Traveler: the server said no, J’mee.

(10/02 13:57:31)Calum Traveler: no unrelated questions

(10/02 13:57:46)Calum Traveler: Korov’ev, you’re for the fan age tours, yes? you go next.

(10/02 13:58:10)Calum Traveler: let’s keep this snappy and try to get through this quickly,

(10/02 13:58:32)Calum Traveler: we’re at the end of time and id like to try to atleast check to see if everyone else on the list is here with something

(10/02 13:58:45)DecafToaster kneels down…

(10/02 13:58:48)r’Tayrtahn: I have something

(10/02 13:58:48)uwe: it was the next network error 2

(10/02 13:59:20)NoMore: It will an interesting server log night…

(10/02 13:59:26)judyg waves hello

(10/02 13:59:40)Korov’ev waves hello

(10/02 13:59:40)Korov’ev: shorah, everyone!

(10/02 13:59:49)Korov’ev: Here’s the usual Fan Age Expedition update, from the Deep Island shard.

(10/02 13:59:49)judyg: hi kor!

(10/02 13:59:53)J’mee waves hello

(10/02 13:59:56)Korov’ev: In September we explored Kohdalan and Tyldalan, by Corvus, Wodan, Itep Edor and other creators;

(10/02 14:00:07)Korov’ev: the rest of the month we took the Path of the Lost Ages, by Melvin, starting in Palamary bay.

(10/02 14:00:20)Korov’ev: In October, we’ll investigate the mysteries of Alabasters Depths. After that…

(10/02 14:00:32)Korov’ev: well, we ran out of ages!

(10/02 14:00:42)Korov’ev: The main plan is to start again from the very beginning, a few ages from 2005;

(10/02 14:00:55)Korov’ev: but we could also dedicate a few weeks to the most popular ones, either guided or free-for-all.

(10/02 14:00:59)judyg: sounds like a good idea

(10/02 14:01:07)Korov’ev: The expeditions are on Sunday at 11:00 KIT, starting in the shard Hood (you can get there quickly with “/hood”).

(10/02 14:01:14)Korov’ev: There’s also a (mute) stream:

(10/02 14:01:21)Korov’ev: Radio Free D’ni will start right after with the preshow, at 12:30 KIT.

(10/02 14:01:31)rarified: The “September to Remember” 🙁

(10/02 14:01:38)Korov’ev: and that was all for the Fan Age Expeditions!

(10/02 14:01:44)Korov’ev thanks you very much!

(10/02 14:01:49)Calum Traveler: ty, Korov!

(10/02 14:01:54)Calum Traveler: next up is r’Tayrtahn!

(10/02 14:02:27)r’Tayrtahn: A brief note from the Guild of Instructors…

(10/02 14:02:52)r’Tayrtahn: Those who are interested in learning the D’ni language, there are several slots available for classes.

(10/02 14:03:35)r’Tayrtahn: There are evening classes available on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, starting at 20:00, 21:00 or 22:00 KI time, depending on the student’s schedule. There are daytime openings Monday through Friday, starting at either 12:00 KI time, 13:00 KI time, or 14:00 KI time, depending on the student’s schedule. Contact me or Rehn by PM to set up a day and a time.

(10/02 14:03:49)patachou: shorah all

(10/02 14:04:01)r’Tayrtahn: Moving on…

(10/02 14:04:19)r’Tayrtahn: The second announcement is about my Story Night….

(10/02 14:04:27)r’Tayrtahn: Story Night – Europe is, currently, in synch with original Story Night.

(10/02 14:04:38)r’Tayrtahn: We have started the story of the restoration. Today we are on part six of eight of the stories.

(10/02 14:04:57)r’Tayrtahn: After that, there will be a special, five-part story of fan fiction that was written by an explorer named Janai. If anyone is able to contact her on the surface, please let her know that she has a standing invitation to hear her story told live. :-))

(10/02 14:05:37)r’Tayrtahn: The special story is scheduled to start (the good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise) on October 23.

(10/02 14:05:57)r’Tayrtahn: Afer that will be the bi-annual Bahr Glyph Tour as we tour all the Ages that contain Bahro glyphs. Some glyphs have explanations while others just generate more questions.

(10/02 14:06:14)r’Tayrtahn: *Bahro Glyph

(10/02 14:06:37)r’Tayrtahn: After that… we begin, again! Starting with the D’ni story of creation.

(10/02 14:06:47)r’Tayrtahn: Yes, it’s from the *very* beginning! lol

(10/02 14:07:07)r’Tayrtahn: I have given up on the idea of live-streaming Story Night, at least for now.

(10/02 14:07:23)NoMore: That explains why the endinmg has not yet been written, lol 🙂

(10/02 14:07:28)r’Tayrtahn: (a combination of hardware/software issues)

(10/02 14:07:44)r’Tayrtahn: Unfortunately, those same hardware issues are preventing me from recording the stories and uploading them to my YouTube channel.

(10/02 14:08:20)r’Tayrtahn: Fortunately, I *have* found a workaround for that. I will be testing it this coming week.

(10/02 14:08:40)r’Tayrtahn: Story Night is held in the public neighborhood of Tsahno’s Hood every Saturday.

(10/02 14:08:49)r’Tayrtahn: Original Story Night is held at 23:30 KI time on Saturday night. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 23:00 KI time.

(10/02 14:08:57)r’Tayrtahn: Story Night – Europe is held at 14:00 KI time on Saturday afternoon. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 13:30 KI time except for AGM Saturdays, when it starts at 14:00 KI or 15 minutes after the AGM, whichever is later.

(10/02 14:09:10)r’Tayrtahn: I also post changes on the left-hand imager in the hood.

(10/02 14:09:19)r’Tayrtahn: Should I need to cancel one of the stories at the last minute, I will try to aprise one or two of my regular audience members of the situation so they can spread the news. 🙂

(10/02 14:09:33)r’Tayrtahn: The stories are told using voice so you will need to have your speakers or headsets on.

(10/02 14:09:49)r’Tayrtahn: I announces the start of Story Night through buddy chat. If you would like to receive the announcements, please send r’T a KI mail (with your KI number included in the text) and he’ll add you to his buddies list. His KI number is 58324. KI mails do not identify the KI number of the sender so it must be added to the body of the text.

(10/02 14:10:11)r’Tayrtahn: Some have sent messages to be added but have not included their KI number so they were unable to be added.

(10/02 14:10:30)r’Tayrtahn: With the increasing number of Net2s, if they occur during the story, and since we seem to be able to return almost immediately, I will continue the story about 5 minutes after the Net2, allowing for as many people to return as possible, first.

(10/02 14:11:32)r’Tayrtahn: As a temporary workaround, until the Net2 issue is fixed, If a Net2 error occurs during the story. there will be a replay of SN-E at 13:00 KI the following week. Hopefully, that will only be required for a couple of weeks.

(10/02 14:11:42)r’Tayrtahn: I will announce the start of he replay as I do the regularly scheduled story.

(10/02 14:11:54)r’Tayrtahn: So far, Original Story Night has not had the Net2 issues that we experience during the day. If it does, there will also be a replay the following week.

(10/02 14:12:06)r’Tayrtahn: We hope to see you there!

(10/02 14:12:17)r’Tayrtahn: Any questions?

(10/02 14:12:36)r’Tayrtahn thanks you very much!

(10/02 14:12:38)Calum Traveler: thank you, r’Tayrtahn

(10/02 14:12:48)Calum Traveler: alright, last call! Cavern Event Tours?

(10/02 14:12:51)Calum Traveler: anyone here for that?

(10/02 14:12:57)DecafToaster shakes his head

(10/02 14:13:04)Calum Traveler: this is your call to come on stage if you have something to announce

(10/02 14:13:15)Calum Traveler: random announcements? yes no?

(10/02 14:13:28)DecafToaster looks around for a bit

(10/02 14:13:32)Calum Traveler: alright, we’re a bit over time and running into story night’s slot, so im going to wrap it up!

(10/02 14:13:35)Korov’ev: Cavern TOur is next Saturday

(10/02 14:13:42)Calum Traveler: :thumbsup:

(10/02 14:13:48)J’mee: cool!

(10/02 14:14:00)IwonK: I can announce

(10/02 14:14:05)Calum Traveler: yes, Iwonk?

(10/02 14:14:07)Korov’ev: I can give an update on Mysterium

(10/02 14:14:08)IwonK: that I have nothing to announce 😛

(10/02 14:14:11)Calum Traveler: …

(10/02 14:14:12)Calum Traveler: ah, sure

(10/02 14:14:13)DecafToaster laughs

(10/02 14:14:14)Calum Traveler: go ahead, Korov

(10/02 14:14:14)IwonK: sorry xD

(10/02 14:14:18)ArchDavid: Story night is happening soon?

(10/02 14:14:24)Minasunda: that will be announced like always on Discord and Facebook

(10/02 14:14:31)Calum Traveler: yes, after Korov’s announcement, ill wrap up here,

(10/02 14:14:31)Korov’ev: shorah again!

(10/02 14:14:43)Korov’ev: The date for the 2022 Mysterium in Denver will be August 12-14. The theme will be Myst III: Exile, celebrating its 21st birthday, with a particular emphasis on Voltaic.

(10/02 14:14:59)Korov’ev: Submissions for t-shirt designs are open. Favoured design will be those incorporating Blucifer, Denver International Airport’s demon horse sculpture.

(10/02 14:15:14)Korov’ev: Don’t hold your breath for an announcement about Starry Expanse, so far there has been no update. All we know is that the project has NOT been cancelled.

(10/02 14:15:30)Korov’ev: Some highlights from the survey: Rand’s Let’s play was really popular, hopefully he’ll be up for something similar, along with Robyn.

(10/02 14:15:42)DecafToaster nods his head

(10/02 14:15:44)Korov’ev: They we will look into hybrid events held both in-person and online. Panels in the future will have short breaks between them.

(10/02 14:15:52)Korov’ev: Links and more info at

(10/02 14:15:59)Korov’ev thanks you very much!

(10/02 14:16:14)Calum Traveler: thank you, kor’

(10/02 14:16:21)J’mee appreciates virtual events

(10/02 14:16:23)Calum Traveler: and thank you all for making it through the AGM’s issues

(10/02 14:16:32)Calum Traveler: we hope to have the N2s resolved soon!

(10/02 14:16:41)Calum Traveler: testers, keep your eyes peeled on the OU discord for notifs!

(10/02 14:16:55)Calum Traveler: this closes this month’s AGM! happy october, everyone!

(10/02 14:16:56)rarified: CavCon?

(10/02 14:16:59)Korov’ev: do you need a mass test on Minkata?

(10/02 14:17:00)NoMore: no risk, no fun…

(10/02 14:17:06)Calum Traveler: oh, right… cavcon…

(10/02 14:17:10)ArchDavid: thank you!

(10/02 14:17:23)DecafToaster wants you to call

(10/02 14:17:25)rarified: chogon has been putting in hours!

(10/02 14:17:32)Calum Traveler: i dont have numbers for september

(10/02 14:17:35)Calum Traveler: only august

(10/02 14:17:39)Adi: let’s hope during the next one we’ll all remain online

(10/02 14:17:51)Korov’ev: I don’t think there’s any yet

(10/02 14:17:51)Calum Traveler: sorry ^^;

(10/02 14:17:56)Calum Traveler: yeah,

(10/02 14:18:02)Calum Traveler: okay, yeah, that’s that.

(10/02 14:18:04)Calum Traveler: thanks for coming!

(10/02 14:18:06)Briggs: Donate to to keep the lights on. It costs money to patch the servers

(10/02 14:18:15)BIG thumbs up from DecafToaster