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A New Era in D’ni: Elonin

On Friday, April 29, 2022 (9678 Leefo 7), in a ceremony held in Chiso Preniv that gathered over 45 explorers and was announced on Cyan’s Twetter feed, Ametist, Dulcamara and Patrick Dulebohn gave a speech (a transcript of which you can read below), then unveiled the linking book to Elonin, by Dulcamara & Ametist. Cyantist Chogon also showed up at the event.

Originally made available (as ‘the Loft’) on February 14, 2021, Elonin (“elevated” in D’ni) is a cozy residence in a neighborhood by the same name close to the Lake. There are various rooms and a couple of garden domes. If you look closely, you will find clues to unlock a hidden section 😉

Note than unlike other Ages available in Chiso Preniv, Elonin is a personal instance; visiting it will save a link in your Nexus (this has been fixed for Tiam too). To visit with friends, you will need to go through Chiso Preniv and use the share panel, or send an invite with your KI.

Kelsei A. Taylor posted a chatlog on the Beneath forums. Calum Traveler posted a postcard in his blog and made a video of the event. Minasunda also made a video of the event.

[More recordings will be added to this post as they are posted, so come back to check this post 😉 ]

Patrick’s and Ametist’s speech (click to expand )

Patrick Dulebohn:

Hello one and all, and welcome back to Chiso Preniv!

As has become a rather lovely tradition now, we’ve congregated here once more to celebrate another fascinating piece added to the historic puzzle that is D’ni.

While the Ages are a large part of our ongoing restoration efforts, we must not forget the important – and, at times, back-breaking – work being done right at home to re-open locations in the cavern as well.

With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to the two restoration experts who are responsible for what you will see today.

Please welcome Dulcamara and ametist!


Yet again we are pleased to be able to open up a newly restired area to you all, this time within the cavern!

Uncle Rebus and his friends restored much of it. Later he gave the linking book to Dulcamara and she continued the restoration. She then called me in to assist with making it ready to be public.

These last months many friends have been helping us to fix the last things, oiling squeeking door hinges, hammering in spike heads, carrying things back and forth, you know all these little things that take so much time!

Big, big thanks to you all!!

There are still a few passages that need some work so those doors are closed off. But work is ongoing there!

The linking book that has been tucked away in Uncle Rebus’ chest for so long is now going to have its place here in Chiso Preniv! Much better if you ask me 🙂

A big thanks to Patrick for making room for it, and thank you all that helped Elonin to go ‘all clear’!

So, those of you that want to explore together with us, Dulcamara will share her book with you; so when she gets to the book, please form a line beside her.