A New Era in D’ni: Eder Bahvahnter

On Monday, April 17, 2023 (9678 Leenovoo 27) Eder Bahvahnter, by Ametist and Dulcamara, was officially opened.

Linked from a book in a place of protection in Elonin, Eder Bahvahnter is a large garden age, originally written by a D’ni man as a gift to his beloved.

Minasunda made a video of the opening event, while a chatlog of the speech by Patrick Dulebohn and Ametist was posted on the Beneath IC forum.

Speech transcript (click to expand )

Patrick Dulebohn:

Hello everyone! Welcome to Eder Bahvahnter!

We’re gathered here for what is always one of the most exciting times: to celebrate a newly-restored Age added to our collective body of work. As you can see, given the sheer size, getting this Age ready for everyone to enjoy was NOT a small feat!

Today, we’ll hear from two familiar faces to this restoration who were directly involved in tending to the grounds and facilities of Eder Bahvahnter. They are also the team that was previously responsible for the fantastic work in Elonin in the cavern.

My fellow explorers, please welcome back Dulcamara and Ametist!


Thank you Patrick! And thank you all who is here, so good to see you all.

Our hope is that you will find this garden peaceful and relaxing. Here are many places were one can sit down and think a little, or chat with friends, take a little swim in the pond or cool downby just walking in the stream.

This garden age was written by a D’ni man as a gift for his beloved and that lovely story can be found in the Journal.

It was hard work to restore it to this state, but we have had great help and assistance from a whole bunch of explorers. Some of them of the adventurous sort, so I have been holding my breath many times when seeing some of them climbing the highest cliffs or jumping downfrom high up branches!

Unfortunately a little water leak appeared one day, well, that was me that caused it. I was moving the shelf that stands next to the doorway, above the stairs. I thought it would fit better on the other side of the room. Dulcamara was on the surface and I thought I should surprise her.

But that shelf was to heavy, and when I tried to push it it fell to the floor and I could hear water from beneath the floor. Somehow a water pipe was broken a bit. So I am sorry about that! This happened recently so we had not enough time to try to fix it. We will of course, but probably we have to break open the floor to get to the leak.

Anyway, if you walk to close to that rightmost shelf and hear water, just go back down the stair one step or two.When you go up again it’s gone. It is like the vibrations from walking moves the pipe in a way that opens the crack or close it.

Oh, and speaking of water, we have also restored a new set of rooms in Elonin! There was earlier a closed and locked door, now its unlocked and able to open 🙂

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