Guild of Writers Releases Korman 0.15

The Guild of Writers released a new version of the age exporting tool Korman. This update represents 59 commits with approximately 4,100 lines of code changed since Korman 0.14.

If you never used Korman, or need a refresher, there are tutorials available on the Guild of Writers wiki. If you need more help, or have comments, the discussion thread is here.


  • [1] Added experimental support for GUIs.
  • Added the Change Subworld Message node.
  • Added the concept of “External Pages.”
  • Added the “Late” render pass to the Render Dependencies modifier. (Thanks to Hazado for authoring this patch.)
  • Added the Telescope Modifier. (Thanks to Doobes for co-authoring this patch.)
  • Did lots of gnarly plumbing under the hood.
  • Fixed a bug in which Group Masters wouldn’t be exposed to Python scripts correctly.
  • [2] Fixed a bug in which Facing Target Nodes did not function as expected when used in a Region Sensor Node instead of a Clickable Node.
  • Fixed a crash in the exporter when a cube environment map has no image assigned. (Thanks to Doobes for authoring this patch.)
  • Fixed an issue in which blank BuiltIn and Textures PRPs may be created when you ask for Korman to *not* create them at all.
  • Fixed an issue in which the “Auto Load” and “Local Only” Page options did nothing. (Thanks to Deledrius for authoring this patch.)
  • Fixed a potential crash in the exporter when a dependency file is missing.
  • Fixed a potential crash in the exporter when a Sound Message node is sent to a Random Sound.
  • Improved the handling of ptAttribNamedResponder such that Responders linked to these attributes will be exported with the same name as the Responder Node that exports them.
  • Improved the handling of modifiers such that only certain modifiers may be added to objects, based on the object type (no more empty objects with collision modifiers).
  • Improved the (mis-)handling of 3D Stereo sounds.
  • [3] Improved the rendering of text in the Localized Text Modifier when the text is rendered to an alpha layer.
  1. All Game GUI functionality is currently experimental. You are invited to use this functionality in your Ages; however, please be aware that the current functionality represents only the barest of bare bones. Further work on may cause your GUIs to break or require adjustments in future versions of Korman. Further, the functionality may contain bugs. Please report any and all bugs to the GitHub issue tracker.
  2. BREAKING CHANGE: The Facing Target Node can now only link to one target node.
  3. Requires a corresponding client update to the Python file

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