Riven coming to Steam and GOG

On December 19 Cyan announced that the upcoming realtime 3D remake of Riven can be added to your wishlist on Steam and GOG!

Game Informer published an interview about Riven, which included various screenshot from the game, including a picture of a 3D model of Gehn, done with a much more realistic tech compared to those used for the Myst remake. Two passages stand out (emphasis added):

“This is a dangerous question, but when you heard we were remaking Riven, what kinds of things did you hope we’d do?” he asks me. I think about it for a few seconds. I tell him all the parts of the world I wanted to explore more, as well as the two additional worlds we only glimpsed in the original game. I wince, worrying I’ve just described an impossibly grand vision for the new Riven. But Miller smiles. “So far? Check, check, check, check.”

Suggesting that Tay and/or Age 233 may be explorable, and:

“There are more stories to tell in the D’ni universe that aren’t directly about Atrus’s family. There are other characters out there that [our fans] are familiar with, and it would be a shame if we didn’t leverage those to our benefits.”

Confirming their intention, mentioned at Mysterium 2023, of making more (if smaller) games set in the D’ni universe.

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