All Guilds Meeting – August 2020 – Raw Chatlog

(08/01 13:00:34) Korov’ev: Shorah, and welcome to the 124th All Guilds Meeting!
(08/01 13:00:36) Kayara: Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say “A pig with a cold”?
(08/01 13:00:40) shokhootahn Rehn cheers
(08/01 13:00:45) SandDoone claps her hands
(08/01 13:00:46) CT Hostess Susa’n cheers
(08/01 13:00:47) cjherkeless cheers
(08/01 13:00:50) Korov’ev: In the D’ni calendar today is Leesahn 24, 9676, and the time is 20:04:00:12
(08/01 13:00:52) TGMChrist cheers
(08/01 13:00:58) Korov’ev: If there’s anyone new: welcome to the Cavern! You picked the best time to visit 🙂
(08/01 13:01:03) Korov’ev: As usual, I’ll remind you the 5 Meeting Rules:
(08/01 13:01:13) Korov’ev: 1. Please *keep chatter to a minimum* while speakers are talking. The occasional comment or emote is fine, but be respectful and let the speaker finish.
(08/01 13:01:21) Korov’ev: 2. If you have a question for a speaker, please don’t ask it directly: PM it to me. Be sure a “?” is somewhere in it to properly log the question in the queue.
(08/01 13:01:31) Korov’ev: 3. Speakers, please indicate when you are done speaking and ready for questions, and when you’re ready for the next question.
(08/01 13:01:41) Korov’ev: 4. If a question requires a long explanation, we may have to skip it to keep things moving. In that case, you can always PM any speaker once they’ve left the stage.
(08/01 13:01:49) Korov’ev: 5. A summary and a chatlog of this meeting will be published in the next few days on the Guild of Messengers’ site:
(08/01 13:01:55) Korov’ev: Of course, you can start your own chatlog with “/startlog”.
(08/01 13:02:19) Korov’ev: well, let’s start with a Cavern event…
(08/01 13:02:29) Korov’ev: or better, a Cavern Tour!
(08/01 13:02:34) Patrick Dulebohn claps his hands
(08/01 13:02:35) rarified claps his hands
(08/01 13:02:35) thoekenem claps his hands
(08/01 13:02:36) cjherkeless claps a hand
(08/01 13:02:37) PodHopper claps his hands
(08/01 13:02:37) Korov’ev claps his hands
(08/01 13:02:38) Tehlrov K’hris claps his hands
(08/01 13:02:39) TGMChrist claps his hands
(08/01 13:02:41) aqua claps her hands
(08/01 13:02:41) Grandbad claps his hands
(08/01 13:02:42) SandDoone claps her hands
(08/01 13:02:42) CT Hostess Susa’n waves hello
(08/01 13:02:43) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(08/01 13:02:55) Frobozz cheers
(08/01 13:02:57) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(08/01 13:02:59) CT Hostess Susa’n: “Cavern Tours” are a series of walking tours that cover every age in MOULa.
(08/01 13:03:17) CT Hostess Susa’n: Each tour is held the second Saturday of the month from 11:00 to 13:00 KI time.
(08/01 13:03:28) CT Hostess Susa’n: Our next tour is Saturday, August 8.
(08/01 13:03:45) CT Hostess Susa’n: Please meet us in Cavern Tour’s Hood at 11:00 KI time for a brief orientation.
(08/01 13:03:54) CT Hostess Susa’n: Then we will link together to the age to be toured.
(08/01 13:04:13) CT Hostess Susa’n: If you need an invitation to Cavern Tour’s Hood, please PM me after this speech.
(08/01 13:04:27) CT Hostess Susa’n: Yes, we know this tour will take place during Mysterium 2020.
(08/01 13:04:29) CT Hostess Susa’n: 🙂
(08/01 13:04:56) CT Hostess Susa’n: Our host, Larry LeDeay applied to live-stream our tour during Mysterium, but we are not on their schedule:
(08/01 13:05:06) CT Hostess Susa’n:
(08/01 13:05:25) CT Hostess Susa’n: Larry live-streams the tour over his twitch channel
(08/01 13:05:33) CT Hostess Susa’n:
(08/01 13:05:56) CT Hostess Susa’n: he also live-streams over his YouTube channel, “Larry Fontenot,” and Facebook
(08/01 13:06:05) CT Hostess Susa’n: his videos are archived there
(08/01 13:06:24) CT Hostess Susa’n: Larry usually shows photos or videos on twitch you may have never seen before!
(08/01 13:06:51) CT Hostess Susa’n: And Mirphak, who created and operates Mir-o-bot, takes us to places in an age you may have never seen.
(08/01 13:07:03) CT Hostess Susa’n: We hope to see you next week!
(08/01 13:07:07) CT Hostess Susa’n: Any questions?
(08/01 13:07:09) CT Hostess Susa’n looks around for a bit
(08/01 13:07:27) Korov’ev: none in the queue
(08/01 13:07:33) CT Hostess Susa’n waves goodbye
(08/01 13:07:33) Grandbad claps
(08/01 13:07:35) etelka claps her hands
(08/01 13:07:37) TGMChrist claps his hands
(08/01 13:07:38) aqua claps her hands
(08/01 13:07:38) Patrick Dulebohn claps his hands
(08/01 13:07:38) Christian Walther claps his hands
(08/01 13:07:39) Minasunda claps her hands
(08/01 13:07:39) PodHopper claps his hands
(08/01 13:07:39) Korov’ev claps his hands
(08/01 13:07:39) Korov’ev: thank you Susan!
(08/01 13:07:39) Tehlrov K’hris claps his hands
(08/01 13:07:39) thoekenem claps his hands
(08/01 13:07:40) TikiBear claps his hands
(08/01 13:07:41) SandDoone claps her hands
(08/01 13:07:42) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(08/01 13:07:43) rarified claps his hands
(08/01 13:07:44) Claidi Song claps her hands
(08/01 13:07:48) cjherkeless claps his hands
(08/01 13:07:49) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(08/01 13:08:25) Korov’ev: Speaking of Mysterium, as you may have heard, this year is online
(08/01 13:08:48) Korov’ev: There is a looong list of special guests, many coming back from last year
(08/01 13:08:51) Korov’ev:
(08/01 13:09:09) Korov’ev: Be sure to register if you plan to attend:
(08/01 13:09:20) Korov’ev:
(08/01 13:10:00) Korov’ev: Now, some news from the Language classes, and Story Nights:
(08/01 13:10:09) Korov’ev: Let’s welcome Rehn!
(08/01 13:10:14) cjherkeless claps his hands
(08/01 13:10:14) aqua claps her hands
(08/01 13:10:15) Patrick Dulebohn claps his hands
(08/01 13:10:15) thoekenem claps his hands
(08/01 13:10:16) PodHopper claps his hands
(08/01 13:10:18) Tehlrov K’hris claps his hands
(08/01 13:10:18) Minasunda claps her hands
(08/01 13:10:18) Korov’ev claps his hands
(08/01 13:10:18) TGMChrist claps his hands
(08/01 13:10:18) rarified claps his hands
(08/01 13:10:19) TikiBear claps his hands
(08/01 13:10:21) SandDoone claps her hands
(08/01 13:10:24) Grandbad claps his hands
(08/01 13:10:29) Emor D’ni Lap applauds
(08/01 13:10:30) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(08/01 13:10:31) Claidi Song claps her hands
(08/01 13:10:32) CT Hostess Susa’n claps her hands
(08/01 13:10:40) Mysti claps her hands
(08/01 13:11:14) Korov’ev: slippery stand
(08/01 13:11:14) shokhootahn Rehn: As always, I have two separate announcements. One is for the D’ni Language Class and the other one is for r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night.
(08/01 13:11:27) shokhootahn Rehn: First, the language classes…
(08/01 13:11:41) shokhootahn Rehn: I am still putting things away and finding forever homes for everything after my recent move. As a result, I am reluctant to add daytime classes until further notice. They *should* be able to return sometime in the fall. If someone needs a daytime slot, contact me and we will work something out. Night time classes, however, are unaffected.
(08/01 13:12:00) shokhootahn Rehn: There are evening classes avaible on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights, starting at either 20:00 KI time, 21:00 KI time, or 21:00 KI time depending on the student’s schedule. Contact me by PM to set up a day and a time.
(08/01 13:12:23) shokhootahn Rehn: *22:00 KI
(08/01 13:12:37) shokhootahn Rehn: As always, current students can find last-minute updates to class times on the left-hand imager.
(08/01 13:12:59) shokhootahn Rehn: Now for some exciting news…
(08/01 13:13:22) shokhootahn Rehn: Last time, I announced that there were two students taking the classes: both were taking lesson 6.
(08/01 13:13:41) shokhootahn Rehn: One student is now working on thier final exam.
(08/01 13:14:17) shokhootahn Rehn: Many of you have met Tehlrov K’hris. He was one of those working on Lesson 6. I am pleased to announce that K’hris has completed his final exam and passed the D’ni 101 class. Please giver him a round of applause!
(08/01 13:14:26) aqua claps her hands
(08/01 13:14:27) thoekenem cheers
(08/01 13:14:28) CT Hostess Susa’n cheers
(08/01 13:14:28) Korov’ev claps his hands
(08/01 13:14:31) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(08/01 13:14:31) Christian Walther claps his hands
(08/01 13:14:32) Patrick Dulebohn claps his hands
(08/01 13:14:32) rarified claps his hands
(08/01 13:14:33) MindWalker claps his hands
(08/01 13:14:33) Tehlrov K’hris waves hello
(08/01 13:14:33) PodHopper claps his hands
(08/01 13:14:34) Theo cheers
(08/01 13:14:34) TGMChrist claps his hands
(08/01 13:14:34) Mabe claps his Hands
(08/01 13:14:35) Kayara claps her hands
(08/01 13:14:36) Minasunda claps her hands
(08/01 13:14:36) CaptainQuery claps his hands
(08/01 13:14:36) SandDoone claps her hands
(08/01 13:14:36) thoekenem claps his hands
(08/01 13:14:37) Grandbad claps his hands
(08/01 13:14:38) TikiBear claps his hands
(08/01 13:14:40) Tehlrov K’hris bows
(08/01 13:14:42) Musica3 claps her hands
(08/01 13:14:45) Emor D’ni Lap: Yay K’hris
(08/01 13:14:48) aqua: Great work K’hris! 🙂
(08/01 13:15:14) shokhootahn Rehn: The Guild of Instructors’ Hood will be open and public unless a class is in session. I will announce the availability of daytime classes here and on the Hood imager when they are ready to resume.
(08/01 13:15:26) shokhootahn Rehn: Are there any questions? Typing is slow on this PC so please be patient for my response. 🙂
(08/01 13:15:46) Korov’ev: none in queue
(08/01 13:15:50) Claidi Song claps her hands
(08/01 13:16:04) Korov’ev: Our next question is from CT Hostess Susa’n.
(08/01 13:16:04) Korov’ev: [CT Hostess Susa’n] is the Guild of Instructors’ Hood always public?
(08/01 13:17:04) shokhootahn Rehn: No, only when there is no class so the lessons don’t get interrupted.
(08/01 13:17:16) CT Hostess Susa’n says okay
(08/01 13:17:53) shokhootahn Rehn: It can be difficult to learn a new language without disruptions.
(08/01 13:18:33) shokhootahn Rehn: Any other questions on the lessons?
(08/01 13:18:37) CT Hostess Susa’n: some hoods are borked and only appear in Public Links when they’re occupied
(08/01 13:19:04) shokhootahn Rehn: Yes, Tsahno’s is like that. :-/
(08/01 13:19:10) CT Hostess Susa’n: :/
(08/01 13:19:30) shokhootahn Rehn: Any other questions?
(08/01 13:19:45) Korov’ev: I think Rehn is unlikely to refuse to hand out an invitation 🙂
(08/01 13:19:56) CT Hostess Susa’n laughs
(08/01 13:20:11) shokhootahn Rehn: Exactly!
(08/01 13:20:12) Korov’ev: none in queue
(08/01 13:20:18) shokhootahn Rehn: Moving on…
(08/01 13:20:28) shokhootahn Rehn: The second announcement is about r’Taytahn’s Story Night.
(08/01 13:20:41) shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night – Europe is now at the same stage of the history as is original Story Night.
(08/01 13:20:54) shokhootahn Rehn: Having finished the story arc of the D’ni kings and and learned about the years between king Kerath’s death and the start of the story of The Fall, we are now starting The Fall as told in the book, Myst: The Book of Ti’Ana.
(08/01 13:21:17) shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night is held in the public neighborhood of Tsahno’s Hood every Saturday.
(08/01 13:21:35) shokhootahn Rehn: Original Story Night is held at 23:30 KI time on Saturday night. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 23:00 KI time.
(08/01 13:21:53) shokhootahn Rehn: Story Night – Europe is held at 14:00 KI time on Saturday afternoon. We start gathering at the hood’s fountain starting at 13:30 KI time except for AGM Saturdays, when it starts at 14:00 KI or 30 minutes after the AGM, whichever is later.
(08/01 13:22:16) shokhootahn Rehn: I also post changes on the left-hand imager in the hood.
(08/01 13:22:33) shokhootahn Rehn: Due to the pandemic, I will not be traveling, much, for the foreseeable future. As a result, times for both Story Nights will be unaffected by traveling. However, they are affected by power outages due to thunderstorms… which, unfortunately, ’tis always the season. Should this be the case, I will try to aprise one or two of my regular audience members of the situation so they can spread the news. 🙂
(08/01 13:23:14) shokhootahn Rehn: The stories are told using voice so you will need to have your speakers or headsets on.
(08/01 13:23:35) shokhootahn Rehn: r’Tayrtahn announces the start of Story Night through buddy chat. If you would like to receive the announcements, please send r’T a KI mail (with your KI number included in the text) and he’ll add you to his buddies list. His KI number is 58324. KI mails do not identify the KI number of the sender so it must be added to the body of the text.
(08/01 13:24:05) shokhootahn Rehn: YOU *MUST* INCLUDE YOUR KI NUMBER IN THE BODY OF THE MAIL TO BE ADDED! (caps for emphasis, not for shouting)
(08/01 13:24:19) shokhootahn Rehn: Some have sent messages to be added but have not included their KI number so they were unable to be added.
(08/01 13:24:42) shokhootahn Rehn: Again, Story Night – Europe will begin 30 minutes after the conclusion of today’s AGM or at 14:00 KI time, whichever is later.
(08/01 13:24:59) shokhootahn Rehn: We hope to see you there!
(08/01 13:25:03) shokhootahn Rehn: Any questions? Again, typing is slow on this PC so please be patient for my response. :-
(08/01 13:25:21) Korov’ev: none in queue. any?
(08/01 13:25:38) Korov’ev claps his hands
(08/01 13:25:38) Korov’ev: thank you, Rehn!
(08/01 13:25:40) Grandbad claps his hands
(08/01 13:25:42) Emor D’ni Lap thanks Rehn for his continued service
(08/01 13:25:42) aqua claps her hands
(08/01 13:25:43) TGMChrist claps his hands
(08/01 13:25:43) Minasunda claps her hands
(08/01 13:25:44) TikiBear claps his hands
(08/01 13:25:44) cjherkeless claps his hands
(08/01 13:25:44) Tehlrov K’hris claps his hands
(08/01 13:25:45) Melis claps her hands
(08/01 13:25:46) Patrick Dulebohn claps his hands
(08/01 13:25:47) Christian Walther claps his hands
(08/01 13:25:48) shokhootahn Rehn bows
(08/01 13:25:48) CT Hostess Susa’n claps her hands
(08/01 13:25:49) rarified claps his hands
(08/01 13:25:58) SandDoone claps her hands
(08/01 13:26:20) Claidi Song claps her hands
(08/01 13:26:20) Korov’ev: now, a bit of Fan Age Touring Club update, from the Deep Island shard.
(08/01 13:26:29) Korov’ev: Recently we visited Ages from early 2009, like Terrati Lab, Hayal, Tsoidahl Sheegahtee, and Writers’ Niche.
(08/01 13:26:38) Korov’ev: Tomorrow, we’ll visit Wianeroy, Soundgarden, and The Maze!
(08/01 13:26:46) Korov’ev: There will be a pause for the next three weeks starting from the 9th,
(08/01 13:26:55) Korov’ev: the first because of Mysterium, the other two … because I’ll be away from the computer 😀
(08/01 13:27:07) Korov’ev: We will restart on the 30th with Botan and Moysenland, by Ametist!
(08/01 13:27:08) CT Hostess Susa’n is amazed!
(08/01 13:27:18) Korov’ev: The expeditions are at 11:00 KIT, in the shard Hood (you can get there quickly with “/hood”).
(08/01 13:27:26) Korov’ev: There’s also a (mute) stream:
(08/01 13:27:38) Korov’ev: It can’t get better for fan Ages! Wait…
(08/01 13:27:46) Korov’ev: I’m getting a mysterious transmission…
(08/01 13:27:53) Korov’ev: “Hold my coffee — P.D.”
(08/01 13:27:58) Korov’ev is a bit puzzled…
(08/01 13:27:59) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/01 13:28:01) CT Hostess Susa’n laughs
(08/01 13:28:05) Korov’ev: yes!
(08/01 13:28:10) Claidi Song starts to laugh
(08/01 13:28:20) Korov’ev: let’s welcome Patrick!
(08/01 13:28:21) Emor D’ni Lap: uh oh, I sense OOC incoming…
(08/01 13:28:23) cjherkeless claps his hands
(08/01 13:28:26) CT Hostess Susa’n claps her hands
(08/01 13:28:28) rarified claps his hands
(08/01 13:28:28) Claidi Song claps her hands
(08/01 13:28:29) Tehlrov K’hris claps his hands
(08/01 13:28:31) thoekenem claps his hands
(08/01 13:28:33) TGMChrist claps his hands
(08/01 13:28:33) PodHopper claps his hands
(08/01 13:28:35) Minasunda claps her hands
(08/01 13:28:36) SandDoone claps her hands
(08/01 13:28:37) Patrick Dulebohn waves hello
(08/01 13:28:37) Mabe claps his Hands
(08/01 13:28:38) Grandbad claps his hands
(08/01 13:28:39) Emor D’ni Lap applauds
(08/01 13:28:42) Patrick Dulebohn: Good afternoon, everyone.
(08/01 13:28:45) aqua claps her hands
(08/01 13:28:51) Patrick Dulebohn: If you don’t know who I am, my name is Patrick Dulebohn. I am one of the many individual explorers who are working together towards the restoration of D’ni and the Ages contained here and elsewhere.
(08/01 13:29:10) Patrick Dulebohn: This cavern has had a troubled history since the Fall of the D’ni people hundreds of years ago.
(08/01 13:29:21) Patrick Dulebohn: Atrus tried, with the help of many D’ni survivors and other allies, to restore this great cavern before abandoning their efforts in favor of a new beginning in the Age of Releeshahn.
(08/01 13:29:40) Patrick Dulebohn: In modern times, the D’ni Restoration Council, or the DRC if you prefer, has twice attempted to bring this ancient city and its Ages to their former glory, and due to circumstances out of their control, they too abandoned their efforts.
(08/01 13:30:06) Patrick Dulebohn: Well, my friends…you can’t keep the tenacious spirit of cautiously optimistic explorers down for long.
(08/01 13:30:14) Patrick Dulebohn grins
(08/01 13:30:24) Claidi Song holds her breath
(08/01 13:30:30) Patrick Dulebohn: It is with that in mind that I am proud to announce our restoration efforts are about to come to fruition!
(08/01 13:30:33) Mabe: ;-))))))))
(08/01 13:30:36) CT Hostess Susa’n holds Claidi
(08/01 13:30:40) TikiBear gasps
(08/01 13:30:43) etelka cheers
(08/01 13:30:48) Patrick Dulebohn: For those that don’t know, I and a dedicated gathering of explorers here in the cavern have been cataloging, repairing, reviewing, and…in some cases…even Writing the various Ages that populate the libraries here in D’ni and beyond.
(08/01 13:30:49) Claidi Song cheers
(08/01 13:31:15) Patrick Dulebohn: While it has taken much longer than we were hoping, we are now almost ready to release the first efforts of that labor for all of you to experience.
(08/01 13:31:37) Patrick Dulebohn: For the next few weeks, we will be renovating a small room here in the cavern to house a new Linking Book. For security reasons, I can’t divulge which location yet, but soon, it will be a bit obvious due to the construction.
(08/01 13:31:51) CT Hostess Susa’n faints
(08/01 13:32:00) Patrick Dulebohn: Note that we will regulate our work to the off-hours so we won’t disturb everyone as they go about their explorations.
(08/01 13:32:01) rarified hears hammers.
(08/01 13:32:02) TikiBear fans Susa’n
(08/01 13:32:04) Mabe: yep
(08/01 13:32:11) Patrick Dulebohn laughs to himself
(08/01 13:32:12) Claidi Song catches Susa’n
(08/01 13:32:18) Patrick Dulebohn: Think the Relyimah, although without the clandestine overtones.
(08/01 13:32:33) Patrick Dulebohn: Once work on the room is complete, we will eventually place a Linking Book to the Age of Chiso Preniv there for the public to use.
(08/01 13:32:34) Kayara: This place has off-hours?
(08/01 13:32:55) Patrick Dulebohn: Chiso, whose name was translated correctly but we believe was the widely-used slang term for it and not its actual name (which hasn’t been found yet), was an off-site library used by the D’ni Guild of Writers until it was, for some reason, abandoned and cleared of all its books.
(08/01 13:33:25) Patrick Dulebohn: It was discovered amongst other Books in another library on an Age called Teshafee, and has since housed a vast majority of the work I and others have been doing cataloging that library’s contents.
(08/01 13:33:48) Patrick Dulebohn: With Chiso, we invite any and all explorers who have been restoring their own Ages and cavern locations…or even Writing their own Ages…to bring their work to display at this library for all to experience.
(08/01 13:34:11) Patrick Dulebohn: In time, we’re also hoping to restore an alternate Nexus system that’s been discovered to accomodate these Ages for easier access and organization.
(08/01 13:34:35) Patrick Dulebohn: We also leave an open invitation to the DRC and its members if they ever choose to return. I think we all would like to see them in the cavern again, right?
(08/01 13:34:41) Patrick Dulebohn cheers
(08/01 13:34:47) TikiBear cheers
(08/01 13:34:50) Minasunda cheers
(08/01 13:34:52) TGMChrist cheers
(08/01 13:34:52) Mabe watches the curtain closely … watches the curtain closely
(08/01 13:34:52) aqua cheers
(08/01 13:34:54) Thumbs up from rarified
(08/01 13:34:55) Grandbad cheers
(08/01 13:34:56) Adi: YAY
(08/01 13:34:56) Claidi Song cheers
(08/01 13:34:57) Telrov cheers
(08/01 13:34:58) etelka cheers
(08/01 13:35:03) thoekenem claps his hands
(08/01 13:35:03) aqua: Amazing!!
(08/01 13:35:04) Lutra claps his hands
(08/01 13:35:05) aqua claps her hands
(08/01 13:35:09) MindWalker cheers
(08/01 13:35:14) Patrick Dulebohn: It is my hope that we will fill Chiso’s library once again, with work from all over the cavern and beyond.
(08/01 13:35:16) SandDoone cheers
(08/01 13:35:33) Minasunda: great 🙂
(08/01 13:35:34) Patrick Dulebohn: Note that we will do our best to roll out new places to see as quickly as we can, but as you know, we’re all doing this on a volunteer basis, and much like the DRC, we want you all to experience all of this as safely as possible.
(08/01 13:36:00) Patrick Dulebohn: Just know that we are committed to see this restoration through and expand our knowledge of the D’ni people and how they lived. Ten thousand years of history is waiting to be discovered.
(08/01 13:36:18) Patrick Dulebohn: So there you have it. A new era in D’ni will be underway soon!
(08/01 13:36:26) Grandbad dons a hardhat.
(08/01 13:36:27) CT Hostess Susa’n cheers
(08/01 13:36:30) Thumbs up from PodHopper
(08/01 13:36:32) cjherkeless cheers
(08/01 13:36:32) SandDoone claps her hands
(08/01 13:36:34) MindWalker claps his hands
(08/01 13:36:37) TikiBear makes a sound, but it could be gas
(08/01 13:36:38) TGMChrist claps his hands
(08/01 13:36:39) etelka claps her hands
(08/01 13:36:41) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(08/01 13:36:42) Grandbad cheers
(08/01 13:36:43) rarified claps his hands
(08/01 13:36:43) rarified:
(08/01 13:36:43) Claidi Song claps her hands
(08/01 13:36:44) aqua claps her hands
(08/01 13:36:44) Patrick Dulebohn: I should note that this would not be possible without the help of countless others, some of them here today. There are so many to name and they’ve all brought us to this point over the years with all their help.
(08/01 13:36:44) Adi cheers
(08/01 13:36:45) shokhootahn Rehn cheers
(08/01 13:36:50) Minasunda claps her hands
(08/01 13:36:52) rarified claps his hands
(08/01 13:36:54) Omiahn claps her hands
(08/01 13:36:56) Musica3 claps her hands
(08/01 13:36:58) Patrick Dulebohn: To them, I give my most sincere and heartfelt thanks for all that they’ve done and continue to do.
(08/01 13:36:58) SandDoone claps her hands
(08/01 13:36:58) aqua claps her hands
(08/01 13:36:59) uwe claps his hands
(08/01 13:37:07) Claidi Song bows
(08/01 13:37:13) TikiBear claps his hands
(08/01 13:37:15) Patrick Dulebohn: Of course, I should also thank the DRC. After not one but *two* attempts at restoration where they’ve had the rug pulled out from under them, they have, from a distance, also been a huge help in how to go about this new effort.
(08/01 13:37:15) Adi claps her hands
(08/01 13:37:24) Claidi Song claps her hands
(08/01 13:37:27) TikiBear claps his hands
(08/01 13:37:29) aqua claps her hands
(08/01 13:37:33) Patrick Dulebohn: Even though the group has long since disbanded and they have moved on to other projects, they still have enthusiasm for D’ni and its historic culture, and they, like us, would love to see the cavern grow again.
(08/01 13:37:52) Patrick Dulebohn: And that is exactly what we shall do. All of us, in our way, making D’ni truly thrive once again.
(08/01 13:38:05) Patrick Dulebohn: And with that, I must thank all of you here. Without you, the spirit of this place would not have been kept alive for us to reach this point.
(08/01 13:38:10) TikiBear: Their influence hangs above us like a fir… never mind
(08/01 13:38:17) Grandbad claps his hands
(08/01 13:38:21) Patrick Dulebohn: All the event planners, guides, artists, story-tellers, boosters, enthusiasts…we are still here because of you!
(08/01 13:38:30) aqua cheers
(08/01 13:38:34) cjherkeless cheers
(08/01 13:38:35) Patrick Dulebohn: We hope to reward you all with new adventures, new stories, and new experiences here in D’ni and beyond.
(08/01 13:38:37) Omiahn cheers
(08/01 13:38:48) shokhootahn Rehn claps his hands
(08/01 13:38:50) Patrick Dulebohn: To quote a famous D’ni individual: “I hope your explorations are…satisfying.”
(08/01 13:39:01) Frobozz claps his hands
(08/01 13:39:02) Mabe claps his hands
(08/01 13:39:08) Patrick Dulebohn: I have time for a couple of questions, and then I must get back to work. Never a dull moment!
(08/01 13:39:10) SandDoone claps her hands
(08/01 13:39:12) MindWalker cheers wildly
(08/01 13:39:15) Grandbad cheers
(08/01 13:39:19) aqua claps her hands
(08/01 13:39:19) TikiBear throws concealed confetti
(08/01 13:39:20) Adi claps her hands while crying of joy
(08/01 13:39:21) Korov’ev: Our next question is from Tehlrov K’hris.
(08/01 13:39:21) Korov’ev: [Tehlrov K’hris] How many books can Chiso house?
(08/01 13:39:25) Minasunda claps her hands
(08/01 13:39:25) CT Hostess Susa’n encourages everyone to donate to Cyan to keep MOULa alive
(08/01 13:39:30) Korov’ev: a googleplex, more or less
(08/01 13:39:50) Patrick Dulebohn: Currently, we have nine pedestals to feature new Ages as they come in, and quite a bit of shelf space.
(08/01 13:39:52) rarified: (As in how many D’ni digits?)
(08/01 13:40:01) Patrick Dulebohn: So…hundreds, really!
(08/01 13:40:16) Patrick Dulebohn: Maybe thousands! Pretty much whatever we can stuff into the library.
(08/01 13:40:30) Patrick Dulebohn: If we get the new Nexus network running, maybe even more.
(08/01 13:40:32) Patrick Dulebohn smiles
(08/01 13:40:45) Patrick Dulebohn: One more question and then I must be off.
(08/01 13:40:55) Korov’ev: any?
(08/01 13:41:02) Patrick Dulebohn looks around
(08/01 13:41:05) Grandbad looks to see if a Librarian is required.
(08/01 13:41:21) Korov’ev claps his hands
(08/01 13:41:21) Korov’ev: thank you Patrick!
(08/01 13:41:22) Patrick Dulebohn: I’m sure I’ll be around if anyone thinks of any. There’s work to be done, after all.
(08/01 13:41:25) Patrick Dulebohn laughs
(08/01 13:41:27) rarified claps his hands
(08/01 13:41:27) Minasunda claps her hands
(08/01 13:41:29) Christian Walther claps his hands
(08/01 13:41:29) cjherkeless claps his hands
(08/01 13:41:30) TikiBear claps his hands
(08/01 13:41:30) aqua claps her hands
(08/01 13:41:31) MindWalker claps his hands
(08/01 13:41:31) SandDoone claps her hands
(08/01 13:41:31) Eternal Seeker claps his hands
(08/01 13:41:31) Patrick Dulebohn: Thank you for your time!
(08/01 13:41:32) Grandbad claps his hands
(08/01 13:41:32) CT Hostess Susa’n claps her hands
(08/01 13:41:33) PodHopper claps his hands
(08/01 13:41:33) TGMChrist claps his hands
(08/01 13:41:33) Claidi Song claps her hands
(08/01 13:41:34) Patrick Dulebohn bows
(08/01 13:41:34) aqua claps her hands
(08/01 13:41:35) Tehlrov K’hris claps and cheers enthusiastically
(08/01 13:41:35) Melis claps her hands
(08/01 13:41:37) Lutra claps his hands
(08/01 13:41:38) etelka claps her hands
(08/01 13:41:39) Magic Mir claps his hands
(08/01 13:41:40) Theo cheers
(08/01 13:41:40) uwe claps his hands
(08/01 13:41:41) Patrick Dulebohn salutes
(08/01 13:41:41) Omiahn claps her hands
(08/01 13:41:47) aqua: A historic speech!! May the ending never be written!
(08/01 13:41:47) Kayara claps her hands
(08/01 13:41:48) Claidi Song thanks you
(08/01 13:41:49) cjherkeless: we’re actually here.
(08/01 13:42:09) Korov’ev: there’s work to be done, and science on those still alive
(08/01 13:42:16) Korov’ev: ahem
(08/01 13:42:30) Korov’ev: Time to wrap up this Meeting!
(08/01 13:42:38) Korov’ev: Here is the summary of this month’s events (times in KI time)…
(08/01 13:42:43) Korov’ev: A calendar is also present in the left imager of the Guild of Messengers’ Hood;
(08/01 13:42:47) Korov’ev: if you find a mistake, please PM me here or on the forum so I can correct it.
(08/01 13:43:02) Korov’ev: Thursday 6 is Robyn’s birthday!
(08/01 13:43:11) Korov’ev: Friday 7 is the 16th anniversary of Until Uru, the first fan-run shard system.
(08/01 13:43:23) Korov’ev: Sunday 23 is the *10th* anniversary of the Deep Island shard, which hosts the largest number of fan Ages.
(08/01 13:43:34) Korov’ev: Monday 24 is the 4th anniversary of Obduction, Cyan’s first non-Myst game in over 20 years.
(08/01 13:43:45) Korov’ev: (how time flies)
(08/01 13:43:51) CT Hostess Susa’n nods her head
(08/01 13:43:53) Korov’ev: Now, for what’s going on in the Cavern itself:
(08/01 13:43:58) Korov’ev: The Guild of Greeters’ Hood is staffed Monday-Saturday 13:45-14:15, if you need hints or info about the Cavern.
(08/01 13:44:06) Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 11:00: Fan Age Expedition, in Deep Island
(08/01 13:44:19) Korov’ev: (well, except for three weeks this month 🙂
(08/01 13:44:25) Korov’ev: Sun 2 & 16 @ 12:30: Radio Free D’ni, in Ae’gura Plaza [] (08/01 13:44:30) Korov’ev: Every Sun @ 13:00: Meeting Place Gathering, in Meeting Place’s Hood
(08/01 13:44:35) Korov’ev: Sun 9 & 23 @ 14:30: RFD Remastered, in Ae’gura Plaza [] (08/01 13:44:39) Korov’ev: Every Tue @ 11:00: Relaxing & Balancing Hour, in Guild of Healers Hood’s Delin [] (08/01 13:44:43) Korov’ev: Every Tue @ 13:30: Relaxing & Meditation Session, in Guild of Healers Hood’s Delin [] (08/01 13:44:47) Korov’ev: Every Wed @ 20 & 21: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood
(08/01 13:44:52) Korov’ev: Every Thu @ 13:00: Seeker’s Country Evening, in Mir-o-Bot’s Cleft^ [] (08/01 13:44:56) Korov’ev: Every Thu @ 20 & 21: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood
(08/01 13:45:00) Korov’ev: Every Fri @ 15:00: Triosity Radio, in Mir-o-Bot’s Cleft^ [] (08/01 13:45:06) Korov’ev: Every Fri @ 20 & 21: D’ni Language 101, in Guild of Instructors’ Hood
(08/01 13:45:12) Korov’ev: Sat 8 @ 11:00: Cavern Tour, in Cavern Tour’s Hood [] (08/01 13:45:16) Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 14:00: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night, in Tsahno’s Hood
(08/01 13:45:20) Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 16:00: Karaoke Party, in Karaoke’s Hood [] (08/01 13:45:24) Korov’ev: Every Sat @ 23:30: r’Tayrtahn’s Story Night, in Tsahno’s Hood
(08/01 13:45:26) Korov’ev needs a moment to breathe!
(08/01 13:45:32) shokhootahn Rehn: lol
(08/01 13:45:34) Korov’ev: And…
(08/01 13:45:34) TikiBear: brutal
(08/01 13:45:38) Korov’ev: The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for Saturday, September 5 at 13:00 KIT.
(08/01 13:45:43) Korov’ev: Please consider donating to Cyan, to keep the Cavern open:
(08/01 13:45:49) Korov’ev bows
(08/01 13:45:49) Korov’ev: And with that, this Meeting is ended. Thank you all for coming, see you next month!