All Guilds Meeting – December 2011 – Cleansed Chatlog

(12/03 21:09:25) GoMeLeonardo: good let’s start this All Guilds Meeting them!
(12/03 21:09:27) GoMeLeonardo: *then
(12/03 21:09:41) GoMeLeonardo: Welcome Everyone once again
(12/03 21:10:09) GoMeLeonardo: It’s nice to see so many people for a bit of teasing on the forums XD
(12/03 21:10:37) GoMeLeonardo: So, this meeting could become really fast a big confusion, especially today

(12/03 21:10:51) GoMe_Luna(nne): (I would like to note that the disapaerance of the cones was done in discussion and agreement of the organisers of the event)
(12/03 21:10:55) GoMe_Luna(nne): (also not done by me)
(12/03 21:11:13) GoMeLeonardo: So I ask you to PLEASE keep your questions until the speak has finished his speech, and pm me even with just a “I have a question”, to enter the Questions queue
(12/03 21:11:42) GoMeLeonardo: I will call you to ask your question at the right time
(12/03 21:12:04) face in puddle man.: ok bud 🙂
(12/03 21:12:34) GoMeLeonardo: I originally planned to call the “big news” as one of the last ones, but our speaker is short in time so…
(12/03 21:12:53) GoMeLeonardo: Please everyone Welcome Trekluver here, with his big announcement 🙂
(12/03 21:13:03) Trekluver: Hello everybody!
(12/03 21:13:39) Trekluver: So as you all are well aware, greifers are out of control.
(12/03 21:13:59) Trekluver: And there is an arising issue of no newbie support IC.
(12/03 21:14:04) Yahveno Ri’neref III: There will always be griefers
(12/03 21:14:19) Trekluver: Well that’s all about to change.
(12/03 21:14:32) Trekluver: You might notice my shirt…
(12/03 21:14:45) Trekluver: a certan GUILD shirt…
(12/03 21:14:48) Rock Ardemar: It’s Green! :))
(12/03 21:14:50) whimbird: it’s green
(12/03 21:14:57) Esto: Go
(12/03 21:15:00) Esto: G?
(12/03 21:15:04) Kayess: Greeters
(12/03 21:15:06) Trekluver: I introduce to you, the rebirth of a guild: introducing the “New Greeters”
(12/03 21:15:21) GoMeDoobes: Wooooot!
(12/03 21:15:43) Trekluver: The new greeters will take the place of the old guild and maintain new player support in the cavern.
(12/03 21:16:01) Trekluver: Now before you ask I’ll let you in on a little secret…
(12/03 21:16:06) Trekluver: We’re Cyan approved!
(12/03 21:16:16) GoMeDoobes: Yay!
(12/03 21:16:20) Yahveno Ri’neref III: Yay
(12/03 21:16:24) Esto: sweet
(12/03 21:16:24) face in puddle man.: woohooo…
(12/03 21:16:38) Itsnot Mee: how different will the New Gog be from the old?
(12/03 21:16:39) Trekluver: The team approves of the name and the re-organizing.
(12/03 21:16:58) GoMeLeonardo: (please keep questions for later)
(12/03 21:17:06) Itsnot Mee: 😛
(12/03 21:17:40) Trekluver: No diffrence at all except the leadership will change. There will be a new Administrator role that I will take, aside from that everybody else will be on the same level with me.
(12/03 21:17:54) Trekluver: And…
(12/03 21:18:22) Trekluver: we will not be asociated with the old web site.
(12/03 21:18:55) Hawu Meninp: I visited that site just before I came here
(12/03 21:18:55) Trekluver: Sign up requirements are on the forum now.
(12/03 21:19:02) Trekluver: I’ll take questions now.
(12/03 21:19:16) Hawu Meninp: seems a little old, but fine.
(12/03 21:19:17) Trekluver: One more thing,
(12/03 21:19:44) Trekluver: there may be a sub page coming to for the New Greeters in the near future.
(12/03 21:19:50) Trekluver: Ok, questions now.
(12/03 21:19:57) GoMeLeonardo: TomVal has a qustion
(12/03 21:20:04) Trekluver:
(12/03 21:20:04) Rock Ardemar: What will happen with the old site?
(12/03 21:20:09) Hawu Meninp: -r
(12/03 21:20:18) Trekluver: nothing at this time.
(12/03 21:20:33) TomVal: Does this mean newgreeters are open for new members? If so, it’s really great
(12/03 21:20:33) GoMeLeonardo: Arggh, please wait for your turn to ask questions and PM me to get in the queue
(12/03 21:20:39) Kayess: Old site is still a good resource for walkthroughs etc
(12/03 21:20:48) Gardonis: Yes
(12/03 21:20:54) Itsnot Mee: sorry Leo my bad.
(12/03 21:21:10) Rock Ardemar: sorry Leo (blush)
(12/03 21:21:18) Alien: the old site is a good resource for spoilers
(12/03 21:21:24) GoMeDoobes: Don’t worry. It’s his way of keeping it orderly. 😉
(12/03 21:21:28) Trekluver: Yes! New greeters are welcome. As of now I’m the only one. I’m also extending my offer to old greeters if they would like to join again.
(12/03 21:21:49) GoMeDoobes: Wouldn’t be GoG without ural. LOL!
(12/03 21:21:52) GoMeDoobes: 😉
(12/03 21:21:56) Rock Ardemar: haha
(12/03 21:22:04) Kayess: It sure wouldn’t
(12/03 21:22:06) GoMeAgeExplorer: LOL
(12/03 21:22:07) Rock Ardemar rofls
(12/03 21:22:11) Annabelle: What about the old GoG shirt?
(12/03 21:22:26) Trekluver: The GoG is really the fan’s guild so I’d like to re-establish that here.
(12/03 21:22:38) GoMeDoobes: Excellent.
(12/03 21:22:39) Trekluver: Yes, we will be using the old GoG shirts.
(12/03 21:22:42) Trekluver: but…
(12/03 21:22:47) GoMe_Luna(nne): uhm the GoG was the only Cyan started guild
(12/03 21:23:07) GoMeLeonardo: (ubisoft started the GoG IIRC)
(12/03 21:23:13) Gardonis: Will people be required to be in cavern at certain times?
(12/03 21:23:17) Trekluver: I’m going to ask diafero about making a new one for deep island shard using our new logo. Which is on the forum now btw.
(12/03 21:23:19) TomVal is visiting forums for newgreeters signup requirements
(12/03 21:23:29) GoMe_Luna(nne): (that is what I meant :P))
(12/03 21:23:32) GoMeLeonardo: Alien is the next one for questions
(12/03 21:23:38) Alien: Why not try to restart the current GoG instead of creating a new one?
(12/03 21:23:44) Trekluver: No, people can come and go when they can; with teh exception of them greeting at least once a week.
(12/03 21:23:45) adi wonders if there will be a greeters war now~~
(12/03 21:24:04) Trekluver: This is a restart Alien. Just not using the old site.
(12/03 21:24:09) Trekluver: or name.
(12/03 21:24:14) GoMe_Luna(nne): the current GoG does not allowe new members
(12/03 21:24:17) Gardonis: That sounds sensible.
(12/03 21:24:29) Trekluver: Exactally.
(12/03 21:24:37) Trekluver: they never isit the cavern either.
(12/03 21:24:43) GoMeDoobes nods
(12/03 21:24:50) GoMe_Luna(nne): the /leadership/ does not
(12/03 21:24:52) Gardonis: kind of a shortcoming 🙂
(12/03 21:24:53) t’alisme: really?
(12/03 21:24:59) Trekluver: This was the primary reason to go forward after talking with dadguy.
(12/03 21:25:31) GoMeLeonardo: next one is J’Kla
(12/03 21:25:47) J’Kla: new hood or just using the old one
(12/03 21:25:49) Trekluver: Dadguy was a former greeter but he got fed up with the established leadership, that did not lead, and the griping that was going on at the time
(12/03 21:26:02) Trekluver: Just a few more questions, got to go.
(12/03 21:26:05) Kayess knew him
(12/03 21:26:22) Gardonis: GoG should station people at all the main City locations. At least.
(12/03 21:26:38) GoMe_Luna(nne): the orginal greeter tshirt is still available btw, just not enabled for anyone else than internal clients(I think)
(12/03 21:26:40) Trekluver: I plan on it.
(12/03 21:27:01) GoMeDoobes: Eh, just go with the Kirel shirts then. Much easier. 😉
(12/03 21:27:01) Trekluver: Nope, it’s on the table in kirel.
(12/03 21:27:18) Trekluver: Anymore questions?
(12/03 21:27:26) GoMe_Luna(nne): there was a different one than the kirel one, that cyan gave to greeters so you knew who they were
(12/03 21:27:34) Annabelle: Not the one with the helping hand
(12/03 21:27:37) GoMe_Luna(nne): unlike the kirel tshirt which can eb picked up by anyone
(12/03 21:27:42) Annabelle: The one ural wears
(12/03 21:27:48) GoMeLeonardo: yeah, J’Kla has a questin
(12/03 21:27:51) Trekluver: Last chance?
(12/03 21:28:01) Kayess: I have one but was waiting my turn
(12/03 21:28:17) J’Kla: Will you be using the old hood or a new one?
(12/03 21:28:25) Alien: I have one last question
(12/03 21:28:33) GoMeLeonardo: the questions list is quite long 😛
(12/03 21:28:55) GoMeDoobes: Yeah, restarting an entire Guild can do that. LOL!
(12/03 21:29:15) Kayess starts to laugh
(12/03 21:29:19) GoMeLeonardo: (ANNOUNCEMENT: is case Trekluver has to leave before we can complete all the questions, please send them to me as KiMails, I will get themanswered and poste don the forums)
(12/03 21:29:26) Trekluver: Hehe. Just ask on the forums guys but I really have to go. Thanks everybody.
(12/03 21:29:33) Rock Ardemar: ok
(12/03 21:29:36) GoMeLeonardo: Doh
(12/03 21:29:40) Kayess: Thanks Trek
(12/03 21:29:43) Rock Ardemar: thanks Trekluver
(12/03 21:29:47) GoMeAgeExplorer: bye for now Trekluver
(12/03 21:29:51) adi: thanks trek, wonderful news!
(12/03 21:29:54) Jatee: thanks trek
(12/03 21:29:56) EccentricOne: Thanks Trek!
(12/03 21:30:02) GoMeDoobes: Hooray for New GoG!
(12/03 21:30:02) GoMe_Nev’yn!: A special meeting could always be planned later.
(12/03 21:30:17) Trekluver: See you guys.
(12/03 21:30:18) Rock Ardemar: yes, that’s what I was going to ask
(12/03 21:30:25) GoMeDoobes: See ya Trekluver!
(12/03 21:30:34) GoMeLeonardo: so, I have the impression the questions list is still long. Unfortunately Trekluver couldn’t wait more
(12/03 21:30:43) Trekluver: Save the chat logs guys, bye.
(12/03 21:30:57) face in puddle man.: cya
(12/03 21:30:58) GoMe_Luna(nne): than that is not really the aprt of the new guild, but more of the new ignore function. I will be up for questions on that later
(12/03 21:31:09) GoMeLeonardo: If you sent me your questions as KIMails or PMs on the forums I will get them answered and posted on the forums
(12/03 21:31:48) GoMeLeonardo: I the meantime we go on with our speakers of today
(12/03 21:32:23) GoMeLeonardo: she has become a recurring speaker by now
(12/03 21:32:28) Annabelle: lol
(12/03 21:32:34) GoMeLeonardo: Please welcome to the stage, Annabelle and her Marker Quests!
(12/03 21:32:36) Rock Ardemar: 🙂
(12/03 21:32:54) Akira Mornvale: lol
(12/03 21:34:07) Annabelle: ok
(12/03 21:34:11) Grandbad: Last count 61 ppl.
(12/03 21:34:27) Annabelle: let me start with the 3rd release announcement
(12/03 21:34:28) Itsnot Mee: it is good to see
(12/03 21:34:31) Akira Mornvale: yep ya you do
(12/03 21:34:52) Annabelle: I announced last week i postpone it
(12/03 21:34:53) Hawu Meninp bows
(12/03 21:35:02) Annabelle: because of ki issue
(12/03 21:35:15) Annabelle: i’ll release it tomorrow
(12/03 21:35:25) Annabelle: 18 quests all in Er’cana
(12/03 21:35:41) Annabelle: i cover all what is coverable
(12/03 21:36:14) Annabelle: you’ll find a path that is so long that i break it into 4 quests
(12/03 21:36:20) Annabelle: 277 steps i think
(12/03 21:36:27) Annabelle: without touching ground
(12/03 21:36:29) Guild of Translators: wow
(12/03 21:36:41) Annabelle: without even crossing the path
(12/03 21:37:23) Annabelle: sorry i’ll be a little short here because i do have turn the page LOL
(12/03 21:37:30) Boywhith: so only for expert skydivers?
(12/03 21:37:36) Annabelle: ercana was finished in feb 2011
(12/03 21:37:47) Annabelle: expert?
(12/03 21:38:00) Annabelle: well even beginners can take them
(12/03 21:38:03) PodParty TOOO: Some of us really stink at marker quests
(12/03 21:38:07) Josie is gonna need a life span of at least a hundred years to complete all quests
(12/03 21:38:09) Jojon: ‘”You” look god in third person.’ There’s a bad grammar joke in there, somewhere.. 😛
(12/03 21:38:16) Annabelle: but to really enjoy it you have to be quite expert
(12/03 21:38:54) Boywhith: hmmm I am hardy a beginner…
(12/03 21:39:00) Annabelle: sorry i have something
(12/03 21:39:05) Annabelle: wait a sec
(12/03 21:39:17) Annabelle: please
(12/03 21:39:24) Annabelle: you are too numerous
(12/03 21:39:31) Annabelle: keep pm for later
(12/03 21:39:40) Annabelle: i cant follow everything
(12/03 21:39:47) Annabelle: ok
(12/03 21:39:47) GoMeLeonardo: yeah XD
(12/03 21:40:00) Annabelle: the 4th release is already ready
(12/03 21:40:02) Annabelle: 🙂
(12/03 21:40:09) Annabelle: 16 quests in Gahreesen
(12/03 21:40:14) Annabelle: next week
(12/03 21:40:15) Kayess: Poor Annabelle probably getting flooded
(12/03 21:40:16) GoMeDoobes: Oooo!
(12/03 21:40:25) Annabelle: saturday 10th
(12/03 21:40:42) Annabelle: so tomorrow The Grandiose Journey
(12/03 21:40:51) Annabelle: next week Into Darkness
(12/03 21:40:57) Annabelle: thats their names
(12/03 21:41:07) Jatee: ooooo
(12/03 21:41:21) Annabelle: they are well named i must say
(12/03 21:41:30) GoMeLeonardo: 🙂
(12/03 21:41:32) Annabelle: Into Darkness is very hard
(12/03 21:41:47) Kayess loves a challenge
(12/03 21:41:49) Annabelle: in the fortress you wont see a thing
(12/03 21:41:58) Annabelle: but the next marker ahead LOL
(12/03 21:42:12) GoMeLeonardo: LOL
(12/03 21:42:15) Annabelle: it’s all dark in the attic
(12/03 21:42:27) Annabelle: that 4th release is really hard
(12/03 21:42:33) Kayess: Sounds most excellent 🙂
(12/03 21:42:37) Annabelle: i must tell you
(12/03 21:42:43) Annabelle: ok now what after
(12/03 21:42:52) Annabelle: i was working on the 5th release
(12/03 21:42:58) Annabelle: for january
(12/03 21:43:08) Annabelle: i’ve been on that since 2 weeks
(12/03 21:43:18) Annabelle: lol…it’s so hard
(12/03 21:43:25) Guild of Translators: 1 fnd 2 releases was easy??! )))
(12/03 21:43:36) Annabelle: that I’ve decided to push it to the 7th position
(12/03 21:43:50) GoMe_Nev’yn!: Lol.
(12/03 21:43:50) Annabelle: 1 & 2 are easier 🙂
(12/03 21:44:04) Guild of Translators: O my!
(12/03 21:44:08) Annabelle: 7 will be awesomely hard
(12/03 21:44:15) Annabelle: if that adverb exists 🙂
(12/03 21:44:20) GoMeDoobes: I’m seeing a pattern here…
(12/03 21:44:21) GoMeDoobes: 😛
(12/03 21:44:54) Annabelle: so i’ll be working on the 7th release for a week next week with my partner Boq
(12/03 21:45:10) Annabelle: then i’ll work on januray releasesd
(12/03 21:45:23) Annabelle: the new 5th and 6th releases
(12/03 21:45:29) Herschel: kk
(12/03 21:45:36) Annabelle: the 7th will be in february
(12/03 21:45:37) Jatee: kewl
(12/03 21:45:52) Annabelle: maybe i wont be here on next meeting
(12/03 21:46:08) Annabelle: so please keep in mind the 2 releases in january
(12/03 21:46:29) Annabelle: and the 7th amazing one will be in february 🙂
(12/03 21:46:44) GoMeDoobes: Fantastic. 🙂
(12/03 21:46:51) Annabelle: some may ask me…it’s more artistic than normal quests
(12/03 21:46:53) TrapperDave: 🙂
(12/03 21:47:18) Annabelle: i approach my quests in artistic manner
(12/03 21:47:33) Annabelle: but they are quite hard 🙂
(12/03 21:47:49) Annabelle: if you need more infos read forum
(12/03 21:47:53) Annabelle: MOULa forum
(12/03 21:48:03) Annabelle: or pm me to get my quests
(12/03 21:48:05) Annabelle: BTW
(12/03 21:49:00) Annabelle: dont think that if you ask for 1st & 2nd releases you are automatically on list
(12/03 21:49:14) Annabelle: i dont remember who is who
(12/03 21:49:37) Annabelle: so if you want my new releases of december please reask for them
(12/03 21:49:40) GoMeLeonardo: XD
(12/03 21:49:44) Annabelle: that’s that 🙂
(12/03 21:49:49) Annabelle: questions?
(12/03 21:50:05) GoMeLeonardo: Christian Walther has a question
(12/03 21:50:12) Annabelle: go ahead
(12/03 21:50:21) Christian Walther: I guess you kinda answered it but is The Magnificent City still reading her KI-mail? I’m behind, you know 🙂
(12/03 21:50:43) Annabelle: hmm
(12/03 21:50:53) Annabelle: i should log her then LOL
(12/03 21:50:58) Christian Walther: Or is it better to KI-mail you than the distribution avatar?
(12/03 21:51:01) Annabelle: you know I have 90 avvies
(12/03 21:51:07) Annabelle: sure
(12/03 21:51:09) PodParty TOOO: !
(12/03 21:51:09) GoMeDoobes: O_O
(12/03 21:51:13) Annabelle: ki mail Annabelle
(12/03 21:51:16) GoMeAgeExplorer: WOW
(12/03 21:51:28) Annabelle: she is my main PUBLIC avatar
(12/03 21:51:31) Christian Walther: OK, thanks, will do
(12/03 21:51:37) Annabelle: not my main avatar
(12/03 21:51:49) Kayess: How many are accessible is the big question, lol
(12/03 21:52:05) Annabelle: it depends on how you define it
(12/03 21:52:34) Annabelle: its really hard really because for me it easy
(12/03 21:52:40) Annabelle: they are all easy
(12/03 21:52:55) Annabelle: so i cant answer efficiently
(12/03 21:53:14) Annabelle: in life I’m an Alien LOL 😉
(12/03 21:53:21) GoMeDoobes: XD
(12/03 21:53:29) Alien: OBJECTION !!!!
(12/03 21:53:31) Kayess: 🙂
(12/03 21:53:32) Annabelle: any other question
(12/03 21:53:33) GoMeAgeExplorer: LOL
(12/03 21:53:33) Rock Ardemar: :))
(12/03 21:53:38) GoMeLeonardo: my queue is empty
(12/03 21:53:40) Annabelle: lol alien
(12/03 21:54:23) Annabelle: ok thanks for your attention 🙂
(12/03 21:54:32) GoMeLeonardo: thank you Anna!
(12/03 21:54:32) Kayess: Thanks for sharing
(12/03 21:54:35) Rock Ardemar: thank you Annabelle
(12/03 21:54:45) Annabelle: you are a big crowd
(12/03 21:54:56) GoMeDoobes: This has been one of the larger ones, yes.
(12/03 21:55:10) GoMeLeonardo: ah here we are again 🙂
(12/03 21:55:40) GoMeLeonardo: Last time we have had a little discussion about the GoW and people were asking so many questions
(12/03 21:56:03) Karkadann`: ???
(12/03 21:56:04) GoMeLeonardo: someone asked if it was possible to get a meeting with the GoW guys
(12/03 21:56:50) GoMeLeonardo: so, for today we have here J’Kla and Lunanne who will speak of a part of what the Guild of Writers do: Age Building
(12/03 21:57:10) GoMe_Luna(nne): I will be talking about the coding 😛
(12/03 21:57:11) GoMeLeonardo: Please welcome them here with a nice applause 🙂
(12/03 21:58:04) J’Kla: big crowd
(12/03 21:58:07) GoMe_Luna(nne): Just a quick note, if wanted a meeting withmore people of the GoW can be arranged but not at AGM time 😛
(12/03 21:58:31) J’Kla: ok I am here as an independent writer not as an official of GoW
(12/03 21:59:13) J’Kla: My talk tonight is pre written. I will be using KeyPusher written by
(12/03 21:59:13) J’Kla: D’Lanor to post this and will not be really
(12/03 21:59:13) J’Kla: able to respond dynamicaly till we get to
(12/03 21:59:22) J’Kla: question and answers.
(12/03 21:59:51) J’Kla: GoMe usually post a chatlog on line but I will be dropping some internet addresses into this.
(12/03 22:00:17) J’Kla: So if you want to start your own I suggest you type the command /startlog if you have not allready
(12/03 22:01:00) J’Kla: I will also post the content as a forum entry on webpanda This is the forum of The Meeting Place Neighborhood.
(12/03 22:01:26) J’Kla: Please save you questions till the end and If you want to ask a question submit a PM request to GoMeLeonardo
(12/03 22:01:44) GoMeLeonardo: 🙂
(12/03 22:02:02) J’Kla: I Use Blender 2.49b to build my ages and all my ages should be considered as a work in progress.
(12/03 22:02:27) J’Kla: Blender is not the only option. It just happens to be the one I use
(12/03 22:02:58) GoMeDoobes grins
(12/03 22:02:59) J’Kla: My ages include a Shell in Ahra Pahts, Nilodnam A Gallery of images from other ages plus field trips Enobmort A full blown puzzle age in development
(12/03 22:03:36) J’Kla: Noidrocca Just a complex and convoluted age with a complex structure There’s also Cidoirep which has actually been incorporated into Noidrocca. Anyone can build an age.
(12/03 22:04:09) J’Kla: A simple age you can walk around in can be made in an hour
(12/03 22:04:47) J’Kla: There are a load of cost free tools available on the internet to do this. Blender can be downloaded free from.
(12/03 22:05:04) J’Kla:
(12/03 22:05:28) J’Kla: Older versions including 2.49b the one I use can be downloaded at
(12/03 22:05:56) J’Kla:
(12/03 22:06:22) J’Kla: Blender requires you have the Python loaded NOTE specific Blender versions require specific Python versions but you can have multiple blender and Python versions on one PC given the disc space.
(12/03 22:07:01) J’Kla: It is worth investigating the Guild of Writers forum and Wiki as you can get a lot of quick answers from there.
(12/03 22:07:21) J’Kla:
(12/03 22:07:42) J’Kla:
(12/03 22:08:11) J’Kla: There are some good tutorials in the Wiki and you will specific help if you ask on the forum.
(12/03 22:08:33) J’Kla: This applies to Blender and Studio3dMax.
(12/03 22:09:00) J’Kla: It is viable to have multiple versions of Blender, Python and Studio3dMax on the same machine however you will however use up disk space.
(12/03 22:09:30) J’Kla: A simple setup can be done with about 2Gbyte of disk space.
(12/03 22:09:58) J’Kla: Installing multiple versions of Python, Blender, 3dMax and an archive of progressive age builds and you can very quickly end up in the thick end of 30 Gig of disk space.
(12/03 22:10:36) J’Kla: Let’s assume you have built an age to visit your age solo you need to have either Uru ages beyond Myst with the Path of the Shell loaded or an easier way is Uru
Complete Chronicles this is available form Good old Games $9.99
(12/03 22:10:58) J’Kla:
(12/03 22:11:29) J’Kla: If you are building an age it’s probably a good idea to load Drizzle and point it at your stand alone version you can then load all of the fan ages in the
catalogue currently over 100.
(12/03 22:12:14) J’Kla: NOTE you do not have to download all of the fan ages and you can select a few or a block using shift or Ctrl kick off a download and let it get on with it.
(12/03 22:12:45) GoMe_Luna(nne): (you can install Ages yourself when the files are provided somewhere, it is not too hard. You don’t have to use drizzle))
(12/03 22:12:54) J’Kla: The best option I’ve found for me personally is to install Uru Complete Chronicles in its default folder and then access that using Drizzle.
(12/03 22:13:31) J’Kla: When it comes to building your own age there is one thing you are going to need and that is a Sequence Prefix.
(12/03 22:13:57) J’Kla: This is a number that uniquely identifies your age and theres a web page that allows you to see all the prefixes in use.
(12/03 22:14:27) J’Kla:
(12/03 22:15:03) J’Kla: To read it you dont need a login but to change and add your own you do but when it comes to building your first age there is one Prefix Sequence in the list 11111 which is assigned to Generic Age.
(12/03 22:15:57) J’Kla: Provided we never upload this age and only use it locally. That is on your local computer. Then this prefix should never clash with a downloaded age from
(12/03 22:16:32) J’Kla: As I said earlier my route to age building has been via Blender version 2.49b If you plan on following this route then I recommend seeking out a copy of
(12/03 22:16:53) J’Kla: The Official Blender 2.3 Guide
(12/03 22:17:16) J’Kla: I have found this book particularly useful most of the content is available from the blender online documentation project
(12/03 22:17:44) J’Kla:
(12/03 22:18:16) J’Kla: I recommend jumping to the section on Understanding the interface then wading into The section Your first animation in 30 plus 30 minutes this involves building an animation of a ginger bread man
(12/03 22:18:43) J’Kla: Do this from scratch about three times and when it comes to building your first age you should be reasonably familiar with this version of blender.
(12/03 22:18:51) J’Kla: nearly finished
(12/03 22:19:14) J’Kla: Please do not misunderstand this is not the only version of Blender and not the only route to age building It just happens to be the one I have used.
(12/03 22:19:45) J’Kla: I used to upload my files for inclusion on drizzle via Dustin but recently he’s left over artistic differences we won’t go into here so there wil be a new method soon look out on the GoW forum
(12/03 22:20:12) J’Kla: I will make myself available via pm on GoW if anyone wants one to one help in cavern where I will share shortcuts I work from the UK so timings will usually work to UK time slots ie. dont expect me to be available at 4am UK time I will be sleeping.
(12/03 22:20:15) J’Kla: lol
(12/03 22:20:35) J’Kla: OK. I am open to questions from the floor.
(12/03 22:20:41) GoMeLeonardo: Annabelle is th first
(12/03 22:20:46) Annabelle: great
(12/03 22:20:46) J’Kla: and I’m back live
(12/03 22:20:52) Annabelle: 2 questions
(12/03 22:21:15) Annabelle: what are the prefixes and are blender ages are MOUL compatible?
(12/03 22:21:22) GoMe_Luna(nne): (I will be answering technical questions. and going to give a brief summary soon)
(12/03 22:21:39) J’Kla: yes yoou take that one Luna
(12/03 22:21:48) GoMe_Luna(nne): prefixes are the unique ids for ages
(12/03 22:22:08) Annabelle: how do you determine them?
(12/03 22:22:11) GoMe_Luna(nne): it si ne fo their identifiers,and because of thatit is important that they are unique 🙂
(12/03 22:22:18) GoMe_Luna(nne): *is one of
(12/03 22:22:24) GoMeDoobes: Otherwise URU crashes. Hehehe.
(12/03 22:22:28) GoMe_Luna(nne): they are assigned to an age
(12/03 22:22:33) Annabelle: ah ok
(12/03 22:22:43) J’Kla: there’s a list
(12/03 22:22:45) Annabelle: like IP addresses for us
(12/03 22:22:45) GoMe_Luna(nne): okay the other question
(12/03 22:22:48) Annabelle: yes
(12/03 22:22:49) GoMeLeonardo: Vince2.5
(12/03 22:22:51) GoMe_Luna(nne): yeah like those 🙂
(12/03 22:22:58) Annabelle: wait
(12/03 22:22:59) GoMeLeonardo: oh, yeah, Annabelle has 2 questios XD
(12/03 22:23:04) Annabelle: my 2bnd questions
(12/03 22:23:18) Annabelle: are belnders ages MOUL compatible
(12/03 22:23:20) GoMe_Luna(nne): pyprp 1.6 which is compatible with blender 2.49 can only produce ages for offline uru
(12/03 22:23:21) Annabelle: lol
(12/03 22:23:25) Annabelle: blenders
(12/03 22:23:34) Annabelle: ah
(12/03 22:23:41) Annabelle: so only 3d Max
(12/03 22:23:55) J’Kla: but they are working on a port method
(12/03 22:23:55) GoMe_Luna(nne): pyprp 2 , which is going to be for the new blender 2.x will be able to produce ages for MOUL era engines (like moula)
(12/03 22:24:26) GoMe_Luna(nne): but at the moment it is in alpha state, and you cannot reallyproduce /interactive/ ages with this
(12/03 22:24:33) Annabelle: great i would like the MOUL avatar freeness with fan ages
(12/03 22:24:43) J’Kla: there is a way to get blender ages into 3dMax
(12/03 22:24:43) GoMe_Luna(nne): so for online ages atm the only possibility is 3ds max
(12/03 22:25:19) GoMe_Luna(nne): I will go into the details of the plugins and all after you have asked J’kla all the questions you want 🙂
(12/03 22:25:23) Annabelle: because URU CC you are always on an icefield
(12/03 22:25:30) J’Kla: for complex ages it’s a lot of work
(12/03 22:25:41) GoMeLeonardo: Vince2.5 is next
(12/03 22:25:46) Annabelle: thx
(12/03 22:25:59) Vince2.5: to expand on Annabelle’s questions. I have Two.
(12/03 22:26:06) J’Kla: ok
(12/03 22:26:30) Vince2.5: 1.) for what reason do fan developed ages need to be identified? technical? organizational?
(12/03 22:26:43) J’Kla: tech
(12/03 22:26:48) GoMe_Luna(nne): technical
(12/03 22:27:28) Vince2.5: 2.) if blender developed ages aren’t compatible with moula a.) are they compatible with existing fan shards and b.) how easily can they be made compatible with moula later?
(12/03 22:27:44) GoMe_Luna(nne): I’ll take this one 🙂
(12/03 22:27:45) J’Kla: reasonable with effort
(12/03 22:28:15) GoMe_Luna(nne): okay first you need to understand there are two kinds of engines and therefore two kinds of shards we are talking about
(12/03 22:28:54) GoMe_Luna(nne): there are the Alcugs shards, based on UntilUru and Offline Uru.
(12/03 22:29:24) GoMe_Luna(nne): currently there is DI shard, UAM shard and TOC shard
(12/03 22:29:41) GoMe_Luna(nne): you need Uru CC to play on them
(12/03 22:29:53) GoMe_Luna(nne): the current 1.6 plugin can and does produce ages for them
(12/03 22:30:44) GoMe_Luna(nne): (if not it is breakign cyans copyright badly)
(12/03 22:30:50) GoMe_Luna(nne): anyway not going into that
(12/03 22:31:03) GoMe_Luna(nne): MOUL era engine
(12/03 22:31:14) GoMe_Luna(nne): there are shards, You are one now 😛
(12/03 22:31:36) GoMe_Luna(nne): apart from that tehre is the MOSS shard ran by TOC and potentially Dirtsands shards
(12/03 22:31:52) GoMe_Luna(nne): atm you cannot really produce ages for them in blender
(12/03 22:32:01) GoMe_Luna(nne): unless you want an age you cannot interact with
(12/03 22:32:07) Vince2.5: due to aforementioned legal reasons i presume?
(12/03 22:32:21) GoMe_Luna(nne): due to the plugin not being developed to that stage yet
(12/03 22:32:27) Vince2.5: i see
(12/03 22:32:37) GoMe_Luna(nne): I will go into that when all questions are answered for now 🙂
(12/03 22:32:46) GoMe_Luna(nne): (sorry we threw this kind of ad-hoc together)
(12/03 22:32:47) GoMeLeonardo: the queue is empty
(12/03 22:32:52) GoMe_Luna(nne): okay
(12/03 22:32:57) Vince2.5: thank you for clarifying
(12/03 22:33:21) J’Kla: Writing ages is not as hard as it sounds
(12/03 22:33:21) GoMe_Luna(nne): then I will talk on the code for a bit I will try to kep it short
(12/03 22:33:47) GoMe_Luna(nne): it may seem stupid there is currently no work done on the blender plugin when all of you want to play fan ages in MOUL era engines
(12/03 22:34:14) GoMe_Luna(nne): there are sveral reasons for this
(12/03 22:34:41) GoMe_Luna(nne): the new blender version only recently became stable, before that quite a lot changed
(12/03 22:35:00) GoMe_Luna(nne): so it was not possible to code all features of th eplugin yet
(12/03 22:35:22) GoMe_Luna(nne): apart from that to make the client multi platform, there still have to happen several critical changes in the cliennt
(12/03 22:35:36) GoMe_Luna(nne): which will have a large influence on the plugin
(12/03 22:36:13) GoMe_Luna(nne): on the clien
(12/03 22:36:45) GoMe_Luna(nne): Paradox has been putting a lot of effort in getting the minor problems for native clients on other OS’s then windows out of the way
(12/03 22:37:02) GoMe_Luna(nne): mostly directed at Linux, but I am sure they will help forMacs too
(12/03 22:37:36) TomVal: Looking forward for tablet-compatible client, both iOS and Android
(12/03 22:38:00) GoMe_Luna(nne): apart from that Hoikas has been working on the ignore function. I will be answer any technical questions on that later
(12/03 22:38:22) GoMe_Luna(nne): on that TomVal, I am afraid tablet clients will not happen in the nearby future
(12/03 22:39:12) J’Kla: Uru for Kindle
(12/03 22:39:14) GoMe_Luna(nne): this may sound technical, but the client is coded in C++ mostly, Android works with Java, iOS with Objective-C
(12/03 22:39:39) TomVal: Unity engine?
(12/03 22:39:49) GoMe_Luna(nne): imagine a story written in english, and android only understanding french, iOS only understanding german 😛
(12/03 22:40:03) J’Kla: lol yes
(12/03 22:40:14) GoMe_Luna(nne): using the unity engine won’t happen with Uru /ever/
(12/03 22:40:21) GoMe_Luna(nne): it would need major changes everywhere
(12/03 22:40:25) Annabelle: babel tower
(12/03 22:40:42) Rock Ardemar: but translations can be made?
(12/03 22:40:47) J’Kla: where’s OHB when you need him
(12/03 22:40:53) GoMe_Luna(nne): translating would cost so much time
(12/03 22:41:07) GoMe_Luna(nne): it is hard to explain how large project that would be
(12/03 22:41:17) Rock Ardemar: ok
(12/03 22:41:34) GoMe_Luna(nne): just to get it to work on Mac and Linux is already a lot of work
(12/03 22:41:43) Hawu Meninp: XD
(12/03 22:41:43) GoMe_Luna(nne): anyway let’s officially start with taking questions
(12/03 22:41:51) GoMeLeonardo: McBeam is the first
(12/03 22:41:53) GoMe_Luna(nne): so questions Leo?
(12/03 22:42:21) Mcbeam: sorry hold on
(12/03 22:42:28) vaaht: unless the Mac port implements a native right-click of some sort, I don’t see the Mac port being that important 😛
(12/03 22:42:48) GoMeDoobes: Hey now, the Mac fans are just as important, IMO. 😉
(12/03 22:43:03) J’Kla: all fans are important
(12/03 22:43:06) GoMe_Luna(nne): a mac port will probably follow from linux client 😛
(12/03 22:43:19) Mcbeam: i’m what you might call a regular player not a old timer not a my question is this
(12/03 22:43:31) vaaht: I played Uru on a Mac…and I tell you, I would rather play on Linux or Windows <.<
(12/03 22:43:41) Mcbeam: what does this all mean to a regular player like me?
(12/03 22:43:44) GoMe_Luna(nne): uhm, for regular windows players there have been lag fixes
(12/03 22:43:59) Vince2.5: using a mac is a big barrier for entry, unfortunately, that’s not limited to URU either
(12/03 22:44:09) Mcbeam: oh thanks hehe
(12/03 22:44:15) GoMeLeonardo: guys? McBeam had a question
(12/03 22:44:18) GoMe_Luna(nne): they are considering improving the graphical quality and adding shaders for new ages made for the engine
(12/03 22:44:36) Vince2.5: so, essentially, URU runs better and does more?
(12/03 22:44:37) GoMe_Luna(nne): also larger changes like the KI interface and Nexus interface may happen
(12/03 22:44:55) Mcbeam: but will we have anything new?
(12/03 22:45:05) J’Kla: Yes
(12/03 22:45:23) Mcbeam: time frame?
(12/03 22:45:28) J’Kla: over 100 fan ages allready
(12/03 22:45:35) GoMe_Luna(nne): once the plugin is done you can play fanages with this engine
(12/03 22:45:44) GoMe_Luna(nne): time frame. I really can’t answer that
(12/03 22:45:53) SkydiverWatashi: cool
(12/03 22:45:53) GoMe_Luna(nne): there are very few people working on this
(12/03 22:45:54) Vince2.5: never count on a time frame lol, they’re always changing. reference Rand Millers Mysterium interview for more on that
(12/03 22:46:00) J’Kla: but they can be visited now
(12/03 22:46:02) GoMeDoobes: It’s done in everyone’s spare time, so it’s bound to take longer.
(12/03 22:46:04) Mcbeam: wow cool but can folks like me do it easly?
(12/03 22:46:17) GoMe_Luna(nne): and as doobes said, it is done in spare time
(12/03 22:46:17) SkydiverWatashi: I have played UAm and the fan ages there are laughable
(12/03 22:46:37) J’Kla: then build a better one
(12/03 22:46:43) Vince2.5: it takes knowledge, still, expertise and tallent to do these things
(12/03 22:46:48) Alien: now now don’t criticise unless you can do better
(12/03 22:46:50) GoMe_Luna(nne): there are a few good ones, look at Tweek’s ones
(12/03 22:46:50) GoMeDoobes: Well, there are some tha tneed work, but there are also quite a few impressive ones near Cyan quality, IMO.
(12/03 22:46:52) Vince2.5: skill, rather
(12/03 22:46:53) J’Kla: nobody is stopping you
(12/03 22:47:10) Annabelle: i like them a lot
(12/03 22:47:15) GoMe_Luna(nne): anyway I am not here to discuss the quality of fanages
(12/03 22:47:24) Vince2.5 wants to ask a question…
(12/03 22:47:24) GoMeDoobes: Hehehe.
(12/03 22:47:25) GoMe_Luna(nne): any other questions I can answer?
(12/03 22:47:27) J’Kla: have a go you may be a natural
(12/03 22:47:30) GoMeLeonardo: Next question for Annabelle
(12/03 22:47:30) SkydiverWatashi: I am not a writer or techy just making an obsevation
(12/03 22:47:53) Annabelle: so to make fan ages you need linux right?
(12/03 22:48:04) GoMe_Luna(nne): no no
(12/03 22:48:05) Annabelle: windows is out of the way?
(12/03 22:48:05) GoMeDoobes: Nope.
(12/03 22:48:08) GoMe_Luna(nne): noooo
(12/03 22:48:17) GoMe_Luna(nne): blender is multi platform
(12/03 22:48:22) GoMe_Luna(nne): 3d max is windows only
(12/03 22:48:47) GoMe_Luna(nne): I just mentioned linux a lot because it is the preferred OS of a lot of the coders 😛
(12/03 22:48:55) Annabelle: ok i’m not really tech savvy so i stick with the 99% of population with Windows
(12/03 22:49:34) GoMeLeonardo: Next question for Vince
(12/03 22:50:41) Vince2.5: this may be encroaching on grey area (of the legal variety, dunno) but, if we cannot legally develope for shards running MOUL era engines then why do they exist?
(12/03 22:51:12) GoMe_Luna(nne): again there is a difference in the engines
(12/03 22:51:33) GoMe_Luna(nne): you cannot legally run an Alcugs shard, as Uru CC still has copyright
(12/03 22:52:08) J’Kla: but they do exist out there
(12/03 22:52:10) GoMe_Luna(nne): the legal issues I mentioned was because someone mentioned that you don’t need Uru:CC for the UAM shard
(12/03 22:52:25) GoMe_Luna(nne): which is considered a step too far by most fans I know
(12/03 22:52:27) J’Kla: that would be me lol
(12/03 22:52:43) Vince2.5: will licenses someday permit development for MOUL era engines?
(12/03 22:52:58) GoMe_Luna(nne): the MOUL data files however have been sanctioned by Cyan, I think
(12/03 22:53:04) J’Kla: yes
(12/03 22:53:07) J’Kla: OS
(12/03 22:53:21) GoMe_Luna(nne): I think OU will be here to answer questions later, I would suggest you ask them , they should know all abotu the licences now 😛
(12/03 22:53:32) GoMe_Luna(nne): I kind of kept away from that discussion
(12/03 22:53:38) Christian Walther: There is no legal reason you couldn’t develop ages for MOUL-era engines. Where did that idea come from?
(12/03 22:53:46) J’Kla: yes worthy of a wide berth
(12/03 22:53:52) GoMe_Luna(nne): anyway MOUL shards are considered legal now and sanctioned by cyan
(12/03 22:54:09) Vince2.5: i suppose i misunderstood the particulars
(12/03 22:54:24) GoMe_Luna(nne): it is easy to mix up the engines 😛
(12/03 22:54:30) GoMeDoobes: And legal BS too. 😛
(12/03 22:54:37) Vince2.5: true doobes
(12/03 22:54:45) GoMeLeonardo: the Queue is empty
(12/03 22:54:56) GoMe_Luna(nne): okay that was all then I think
(12/03 22:55:02) GoMe_Luna(nne): if no one else has a question?
(12/03 22:55:15) J’Kla: If you build using Blender you can only export to Alcugs or take a longwinded port to 3dMax and a MOULa engine
(12/03 22:55:16) Jojon: Well, they ARE the same engine, after all, just different builds. 😛
(12/03 22:55:28) GoMe_Luna(nne): no they are not really the same engine
(12/03 22:55:53) GoMe_Luna(nne): UU era /alcugs engine uses HAvok
(12/03 22:56:07) GoMe_Luna(nne): the MOUL era uses Physx
(12/03 22:56:11) Annabelle: HavoK engine is very different from PhysX
(12/03 22:56:29) GoMe_Luna(nne): and network code
(12/03 22:56:36) GoMe_Luna(nne): but let’s move on
(12/03 22:56:48) GoMe_Luna(nne): summary : they are very different even when they do the same thing
(12/03 22:57:09) adi: yea maybe we need a separate event to cover aaaaaaaall that
(12/03 22:57:18) Annabelle: uru game is a whole different experience depending on which engine is used
(12/03 22:57:25) GoMeDoobes: The GoW should have their own little get-together, methinks.
(12/03 22:57:27) GoMe_Luna(nne): yeah I thinka GoW Q&A is in order some time soon 🙂
(12/03 22:57:42) GoMe_Luna(nne): anyway moving on, who’s next Leonardo?
(12/03 22:57:48) J’Kla: yes
(12/03 22:57:54) GoMe_Luna(nne) wants to know whether she can stay standing here
(12/03 22:57:59) GoMeLeonardo: Thank you guys 🙂
(12/03 22:58:04) GoMeLeonardo: Yeah Luna can stay here XD
(12/03 22:58:14) GoMeLeonardo: Thank you J’Kla for your speech
(12/03 22:58:41) GoMeLeonardo: so, le’ts jump to another topic that kept our community busy this month
(12/03 22:59:18) GoMeLeonardo: Please everyone welcome Gahlen, who will talk about the new /ignore function that has been discussed on the MOUL Forums!
(12/03 22:59:28) Mcbeam: cool
(12/03 22:59:33) GoMe_Luna(nne) keeps her technical coder hat on
(12/03 22:59:42) GoMeLeonardo: And Luna will answer technical questions
(12/03 22:59:45) Gahlen: Thanks.
(12/03 23:00:08) Gahlen: Ok, is it worth me summarizing what’s going on, or is it common knowledge?
(12/03 23:00:23) GoMeDoobes: Best just to summarize, just in case.
(12/03 23:00:30) Mcbeam: right
(12/03 23:00:42) Gahlen: Ok. About three weeks ago I started a discussion on the forums
(12/03 23:00:50) Gahlen: to talk about whether we should try
(12/03 23:01:02) Gahlen: to get the /ignore function on the KI changed
(12/03 23:01:13) Gahlen: so that when you /ignored someone else’s avatar
(12/03 23:01:29) Gahlen: that avatar not only became inaudible in text and voice chate
(12/03 23:01:36) Gahlen: but also became invisible.
(12/03 23:01:48) Gahlen: I thought this would be an appropriate and effective response
(12/03 23:02:01) Gahlen: to some recent griefing activity in the Cavern
(12/03 23:02:12) Gahlen: in which people had been using their avatars
(12/03 23:02:23) Gahlen: to invade other people’s personal space
(12/03 23:02:33) Gahlen: and enter their bodies, an experience
(12/03 23:02:43) Gahlen: that some players found deeply disturbing.
(12/03 23:02:55) Gahlen: The idea was that if you couldn’t see the offending avatar
(12/03 23:03:06) Gahlen: this specific kind of griefing becomes immediately ineffective.
(12/03 23:03:18) Gahlen: in the course of the discussion so far
(12/03 23:03:31) Gahlen: most of the contributors to the thread have been in favour
(12/03 23:03:42) Gahlen: of making at least a change like this.
(12/03 23:03:51) Gahlen: But there has also been some strong support
(12/03 23:04:02) Gahlen: for a change that would, in addition, make it possible
(12/03 23:04:16) Gahlen: to make *both* avatars, the /ignorer and the /ignored,
(12/03 23:04:25) Gahlen: invisible to *each other*.
(12/03 23:04:40) Gahlen: The idea being that you could then choose your level of ignore-ance.
(12/03 23:04:45) Gahlen: 🙂
(12/03 23:05:03) Gahlen: But there have also been some strongly felt objections to making that possible.
(12/03 23:05:13) Annabelle: i concur
(12/03 23:05:17) Gahlen: So this is a point on which the thread has not reached a consensus.
(12/03 23:05:28) Gahlen: At the same time as starting the thread
(12/03 23:05:35) Gahlen: I asked at the Guild of Writers
(12/03 23:05:39) Gahlen: if anyone there
(12/03 23:05:42) Annabelle: ignored are not only the griefers!!!
(12/03 23:05:54) Gahlen: would be interested in coding a revised /ignore function
(12/03 23:06:07) Gahlen: that would do one or both of the above things.
(12/03 23:06:16) Gahlen: Adam aka Hoikas offered to work on this for us.
(12/03 23:06:27) Gahlen: He has now come up with a first version
(12/03 23:06:29) Annabelle: which is insulting enough for those who are victims of this (like me!!!!)
(12/03 23:06:33) Mr Zink: auto relto them
(12/03 23:06:34) Gahlen: which he unveiled a week ago.
(12/03 23:06:41) Gahlen: This is still work in progress,
(12/03 23:06:53) Gahlen: and Luna will be taking questions on it in a moment,
(12/03 23:06:55) GoMe_Luna(nne): (please Annabelle)
(12/03 23:07:07) Gahlen: but when it is done, it can be sent across to OpenUru
(12/03 23:07:18) Gahlen: to be tested for possible inclusion into the game.
(12/03 23:07:20) Annabelle: well someone has to talk with another point of view!!!
(12/03 23:07:33) Gahlen: And perhaps rarified will say something in a moment about that process as well.
(12/03 23:07:41) Gahlen: In any case …
(12/03 23:07:48) Gahlen: Once it became clear to me
(12/03 23:08:00) Gahlen: that there was support for something like this in the community,
(12/03 23:08:07) Gahlen: and that we could code it ourselves,
(12/03 23:08:13) Gahlen: I wrote to Chogon.
(12/03 23:08:19) Gahlen: Would Cyan be interested
(12/03 23:08:36) Gahlen: in adding invisibility to the /ignore function on the KI?
(12/03 23:08:46) Gahlen: After all, it would be pointless to do all this work
(12/03 23:08:52) Gahlen: if Cyan were going to say no.
(12/03 23:09:03) Gahlen: His response to me was very positive.
(12/03 23:09:17) Gahlen: He thinks that at least one-way invisibility
(12/03 23:09:19) Gahlen: is a good idea
(12/03 23:09:30) Gahlen: and he would be keen to add it into the game in a future update.
(12/03 23:09:45) Gahlen: He is, he tells me, planning a series of such updates, not just one;
(12/03 23:09:54) Gahlen: so this could be part of one further down the track.
(12/03 23:10:03) Gahlen: Naturally, this would be on the condition
(12/03 23:10:13) Gahlen: that it works in a way he’s happy with
(12/03 23:10:29) Gahlen: and that there’s still money in the reserve fund to pay for updates at all.
(12/03 23:10:38) Gahlen: But I think that at the moment
(12/03 23:10:45) Gahlen: it is looking fairly likely
(12/03 23:10:53) Annabelle: i’ll stop donate if the game goes on this tangent
(12/03 23:11:04) Gahlen: that an updated /ignore function can enter the pipeline
(12/03 23:11:13) Gahlen: for possible inclusion in the game.
(12/03 23:11:26) Gahlen: It clearly won’t solve all our griefing problems
(12/03 23:11:32) Gahlen: and it isn’t intended to,
(12/03 23:11:45) Gahlen: but as far as this one specific form of griefing is concerned,
(12/03 23:11:57) Gahlen: I think it will be a helpful tool for responding.
(12/03 23:12:08) Gahlen: That’s it.
(12/03 23:12:18) Gahlen: I or we can take questions.
(12/03 23:12:25) GoMe_Luna(nne): okay on the coding part I can be quick
(12/03 23:12:26) GoMeLeonardo: First Question from J?Kla
(12/03 23:12:41) Annabelle: i’ll have a question too
(12/03 23:12:48) GoMe_Luna(nne): it is in the python code, Hoikas added it his branch on github
(12/03 23:12:49) GoMeLeonardo: ok
(12/03 23:13:05) J’Kla: A while ago I was stopped from accessing a linking book by an Avatar sitting on the book
(12/03 23:13:07) GoMe_Luna(nne): if you have an internal client you can test it, but pleas only do this if you know how
(12/03 23:13:12) J’Kla: would it stop this
(12/03 23:13:19) GoMeLeonardo: sorry….
(12/03 23:13:26) GoMe_Luna(nne): it is okay 🙂
(12/03 23:13:36) GoMe_Luna(nne): yes as I understand it it would J’kla
(12/03 23:13:41) J’Kla: ok
(12/03 23:13:46) GoMe_Luna(nne): making the avatar invisble, would also make it unclickable
(12/03 23:13:46) Christian Walther: J’Kla, you can stop this already
(12/03 23:13:52) GoMe_Luna(nne): and the book behind it clickable
(12/03 23:13:53) J’Kla: how/
(12/03 23:14:11) Christian Walther: testing Hoikas’ changes, I stumbled upon a not well know function…
(12/03 23:14:12) J’Kla: ok
(12/03 23:14:24) J’Kla: I try to avoid ignore
(12/03 23:14:29) Christian Walther: press [and hold] the Delete key and all avatars become unclickable, and you can click on things behind them.
(12/03 23:14:34) J’Kla: but understood
(12/03 23:14:47) GoMe_Luna(nne): is that not only in the internal clients Christian?
(12/03 23:14:47) Kayess: Wow, very interesting tidbit there!
(12/03 23:14:59) Christian Walther: I don’t think it is
(12/03 23:15:00) Gahlen: No, it works in the normal client as well.
(12/03 23:15:14) GoMe_Luna(nne): okay , interesting indeed
(12/03 23:15:20) hoodedwarbler12: works for me, normal
(12/03 23:15:21) GoMe_Luna(nne): time to spread the infor
(12/03 23:15:21) Mcbeam: wow good info christian
(12/03 23:15:23) cjherkeless: tested it, it works
(12/03 23:15:23) J’Kla: thanks useful
(12/03 23:15:25) GoMe_Luna(nne): *info
(12/03 23:15:41) tommyap: how do you undelete ?
(12/03 23:15:47) Christian Walther: release the key
(12/03 23:15:53) tommyap: thanks
(12/03 23:16:03) Christian Walther: it’s only effective as long as you keep it pressed
(12/03 23:16:07) Vince2.5: why are these things not made more readily apparent?
(12/03 23:16:19) Mr Zink: could there be book ffunctions in the relto book like a private notepad?
(12/03 23:16:25) GoMeLeonardo: Next question qould be from Nev’yn
(12/03 23:16:36) GoMe_Luna(nne): I don’t think anyone knew or remembered
(12/03 23:16:41) GoMe_Nev’yn!: I going to keep this simple, I actually have someone ingored on my “main” avatar. when said person is in-cavern, its a bit confusing the moments he is
addressed by other players.
(12/03 23:16:55) Vince2.5: well, it should be written down somewhere. like the how to book in the classrooms
(12/03 23:17:24) GoMe_Luna(nne): one of the chanegs Hoikas has done to the ignore function is that it keeps the player in the age list
(12/03 23:17:26) J’Kla: someday vince
(12/03 23:17:27) TomVal: Or one of GoMe standard mails
(12/03 23:17:33) GoMe_Luna(nne): so you know he or she is there
(12/03 23:17:48) GoMe_Nev’yn!: i don’t think full invis is going to help with this, but I’m actually truly neutral on this issue. whatever the “public” decides, I fine with.
(12/03 23:17:55) Kayess: There’s plenty that isn’t written down Vince, for instance /addbuddy
(12/03 23:18:14) J’Kla: just so much stuff
(12/03 23:18:16) GoMe_Nev’yn!: kayess…that is in our guild handouts.
(12/03 23:18:20) GoMe_Luna(nne): please, people I am trying to answer Nev’yn’s question
(12/03 23:18:26) TomVal makes mental note for New Greeters to mention the Delete trick
(12/03 23:18:40) Kayess: Sorry, didn’t meant to interrupt, just wanted to make a point before it was lost, continue
(12/03 23:18:46) Hawu Meninp nods his head
(12/03 23:19:20) Gahlen: Right, was that Nev’yn’s question answered?
(12/03 23:20:08) GoMe_Nev’yn!: Gahlen, i was more making an observation than a question, as is my way.
(12/03 23:20:09) GoMe_Luna(nne): I’ll repeat the answer in short, Hoikas coded it so that the player stays visible in the age player list so he/she cannot “haunt” your private ages
(12/03 23:20:18) Gahlen: Ah, ok.
(12/03 23:20:44) GoMe_Luna(nne): or “haunt” you in other places
(12/03 23:20:54) GoMe_Luna(nne): okay next question
(12/03 23:21:04) GoMeLeonardo: Annabelle has the next questin
(12/03 23:21:08) Annabelle: great
(12/03 23:21:29) Annabelle: here is a question i dont want you to answer i’ll ask another question afterward
(12/03 23:21:32) Annabelle: here goes
(12/03 23:21:42) Annabelle: Am I a griefer?
(12/03 23:22:14) GoMe_Luna(nne): imo not
(12/03 23:22:15) Annabelle: you seem to forgot that some of us like me are victims of ignore
(12/03 23:22:42) Annabelle: its already hard to see public chat in half
(12/03 23:22:53) Annabelle: seeing one way conversation
(12/03 23:23:08) Annabelle: you are including EVERYONE
(12/03 23:23:15) Annabelle: griefers and victims
(12/03 23:23:26) Annabelle: i dont harm anyone
(12/03 23:23:37) Annabelle: im polite and friendly
(12/03 23:23:40) GoMe_Luna(nne): apparently those people think different
(12/03 23:23:43) adi: but you can’t have everyone love you, and it’s like this for all of us
(12/03 23:23:46) GoMeDoobes: Can’t exactly control how someone uses their ignore function, Annabelle. It’s up to the user.
(12/03 23:23:49) GoMe_Luna(nne): people are entitled there own opinion
(12/03 23:23:51) Annabelle: but some by jealousy put me on Ignore
(12/03 23:24:02) tommyap: there loss
(12/03 23:24:05) GoMeDoobes: Exactly.
(12/03 23:24:17) Annabelle: it’s really difficult to live with that
(12/03 23:24:20) GoMe_Luna(nne): it is just that we wish to make the ignore function more useful for people atm to protect themselves against griefers
(12/03 23:24:24) GoMeDoobes: Not much you can do about them. It’s their choice. You may not like it, but there’s not much that can be done about it, sadly.
(12/03 23:24:25) Gahlen: One point to note about this
(12/03 23:24:26) GoMe_Nev’yn!: Ignore my next observation…doobes already said it.
(12/03 23:24:29) Annabelle: i hardly goes to Public city
(12/03 23:24:41) Annabelle: not her
(12/03 23:24:44) GoMeLeonardo: or maybe they are just crossing chats between AgePlayers and Neighbors when a Neighbor is in the age
(12/03 23:24:49) Gahlen: is that one-way invisibility would make no change to the experience of the /ignored avatar.
(12/03 23:24:58) Annabelle: i have been ignore by at least 10 ppl
(12/03 23:25:05) GoMeDoobes: Exactly what Leo said. There could be many reasons for one sided chat other than /ignore.
(12/03 23:25:11) Mr Zink: its like an election not all are satisfied i guess
(12/03 23:25:14) Gahlen: He or she would experience nothing different fron what is experienced now.
(12/03 23:25:22) GoMeDoobes: The KI itself is an odd device and ripe for screw ups like that. 😛
(12/03 23:25:38) cjherkeless: pleaasing everyone is always impossible.
(12/03 23:25:42) GoMeDoobes: Indeed.
(12/03 23:25:47) Gahlen: So this simplest change would only alter the experience of the /ignorer.
(12/03 23:25:51) GoMe_Luna(nne): the fact that age chat does not necessarily mean everyone in the age can hear you is one of my personal pet peeve
(12/03 23:25:53) GoMe_Nev’yn!: it is ancient tech, after all. Lol
(12/03 23:25:55) Annabelle: i care about other
(12/03 23:26:07) Christian Walther: Luna, is what Gahlens says true? I think there was a change about how the ignoree hears the ignorer.
(12/03 23:26:22) GoMeDoobes: Then don’t let it bother you so much, Annabelle. If they ignored you, that’s their loss.
(12/03 23:26:32) Annabelle: ok then
(12/03 23:26:43) Annabelle: i’m too sensible maybe
(12/03 23:26:45) GoMe_Luna(nne): uhm the ignoree does not hear the person who ignored him/her
(12/03 23:26:53) GoMeDoobes: This is more to keep the really annoying griefers from bothering other innocent people more effectively.
(12/03 23:27:00) Alien: half the problem is that you let something bother you … greifers jump on that
(12/03 23:27:03) Christian Walther: OK, I’ll have to recheck what Hoikas wrote then.
(12/03 23:27:08) GoMe_Luna(nne): like now
(12/03 23:27:28) Annabelle: thx you answered me
(12/03 23:27:38) GoMe_Luna(nne): he wrote a post in the GW thread with the changes
(12/03 23:28:28) Gahlen: Please note also that the thread iis still out there.
(12/03 23:28:46) GoMeLeonardo: One last question from me and Rock: we kind of lost track of how the current implementation works: does it make yo uinvisible to the griefer or the
opposite? or both?
(12/03 23:28:47) GoMe_Luna(nne): the thread is still there, this meeting is meant to be informative
(12/03 23:28:49) Gahlen: These discussions can take place there all the time. Even when we are sleeping.
(12/03 23:28:56) Gahlen: 🙂
(12/03 23:29:00) GoMe_Nev’yn!: That’s true!
(12/03 23:29:27) GoMe_Luna(nne): Hoikas’ implementation or the one that exists now?
(12/03 23:29:34) GoMeLeonardo: Hoikas’s
(12/03 23:29:50) GoMe_Luna(nne): let me look, the ignore function
(12/03 23:30:21) GoMe_Luna(nne): makes the person you ignore invisible but still listed in Age Players
(12/03 23:30:28) GoMeLeonardo: ok
(12/03 23:30:34) GoMeDoobes: Perfect.
(12/03 23:30:40) GoMe_Luna(nne): you cannot click on them
(12/03 23:30:42) GoMeLeonardo: The Queue is empty
(12/03 23:30:46) GoMe_Luna(nne): and they will never appear to be “nearby”
(12/03 23:31:04) Rock Ardemar: But it would be better if we make ourselves invisible to them
(12/03 23:31:06) GoMe_Luna(nne): you are invisble to them
(12/03 23:31:17) Rock Ardemar: ok
(12/03 23:31:28) Christian Walther: if you choose to
(12/03 23:31:39) GoMe_Luna(nne): they can see /your/ text chat no matter autoshout and hear your voice chat
(12/03 23:32:06) Vince2.5: that’s one idea grandbad, as far as i understand, right?
(12/03 23:32:07) GoMe_Luna(nne): but really, if you look on the GoW forums Hoikas’ posted there and you can ask questions for more details there
(12/03 23:32:31) GoMe_Luna(nne): *posted an overview
(12/03 23:32:35) GoMeLeonardo: ok, thank you Gahlen and Luna 🙂
(12/03 23:32:47) Gahlen: Thanks to everyone for listening. 🙂
(12/03 23:33:04) GoMe_Luna(nne): can I run Leo?
(12/03 23:33:11) Christian Walther: And thanks for the way you’re organizing this Gahlen
(12/03 23:33:13) GoMeAgeExplorer: Ehehehehe
(12/03 23:33:21) janeerah: bye luna and thx
(12/03 23:33:28) GoMeAgeExplorer: goodnight Luna
(12/03 23:33:28) tommyap: bye luna
(12/03 23:33:37) GoMe_Nev’yn!: “night!
(12/03 23:33:38) Mcbeam: bye kayless
(12/03 23:33:39) GoMe_Luna(nne): oh I meant run into the audience and hide 😛
(12/03 23:33:40) GoMeDoobes: G’night Luna! Thanks for hanging in there.
(12/03 23:33:44) GoMeLeonardo: oh yeah XD
(12/03 23:33:45) tommyap: lol
(12/03 23:33:45) GoMeAgeExplorer: lol
(12/03 23:33:45) GoMeDoobes: Oh.
(12/03 23:33:48) janeerah: ah
(12/03 23:33:50) janeerah: ok
(12/03 23:33:51) Rock Ardemar: 🙂
(12/03 23:34:04) Hawu Meninp: :))
(12/03 23:34:05) janeerah: take a seat
(12/03 23:34:07) GoMe_Luna(nne): My english is understandable at best 😛
(12/03 23:34:14) GoMeDoobes: Oh, it was fine.
(12/03 23:34:19) GoMeAgeExplorer: 🙂
(12/03 23:34:24) Grandbad cheers
(12/03 23:34:31) GoMeLeonardo: Ok guys! The next group is here only for answering questions
(12/03 23:34:44) Vince2.5: inquisition time
(12/03 23:35:01) janeerah: what can we ask about?
(12/03 23:35:07) Rock Ardemar grins
(12/03 23:35:12) GoMeLeonardo: If I remember correctly it’s their first time on our stage but they are one of the most important group of this period of Uru
(12/03 23:35:25) GoMeLeonardo: Please everyone welcome OpenUru’s team!
(12/03 23:35:35) GoMe_Luna(nne): (they have joined us before)
(12/03 23:35:53) GoMeLeonardo: rarified, JWPlatt and Mac?
(12/03 23:36:02) GoMeDoobes: ?
(12/03 23:36:03) Annabelle: hmm i see nobody on stage
(12/03 23:36:10) GoMeLeonardo: XD
(12/03 23:36:21) GoMeDoobes: Aw, don’t be shy! You’re amongst friends. 🙂
(12/03 23:36:29) Jojon: By the way (sorry to interject): Note that J’Kla manned the podium today, in order to demystify age-building a little and hopefully tempt people to try it. Do catch him after the meeting if you are indeed tempted and have further questions.
(12/03 23:36:33) GoMeLeonardo: YAY!
(12/03 23:37:04) rarified: Shorah all
(12/03 23:37:15) Vince2.5: shorah
(12/03 23:37:22) Esto: .shorah b’shemtee
(12/03 23:37:23) Mac: Shorah
(12/03 23:37:28) JWPlatt: Hi folks. Thanks! I was here once to listen in and ask questions, but nothing official. Now we all seem to have shown up, so might as well take advantage of it. Questions?
(12/03 23:37:46) Annabelle: i have one
(12/03 23:37:59) GoMeLeonardo: Annabelle go ahead
(12/03 23:38:03) Annabelle: ok
(12/03 23:38:04) GoMeLeonardo: all the others pm me 🙂
(12/03 23:38:36) Annabelle: i saw on openuru wiki that JWPlatt was forging a MOSS shard what is planned as of today?
(12/03 23:39:13) JWPlatt: That’s actually rarified doing the work, sothat’s his answer. 🙂
(12/03 23:39:36) Annabelle: ok the shards is with your name 🙂
(12/03 23:39:38) Annabelle: shard
(12/03 23:39:39) rarified: I suppose I should take this one. Yes, we/I am putting together a test shard that is sponsored by OpenUru
(12/03 23:39:57) Jatee: kewl
(12/03 23:39:58) Annabelle: will it be public?
(12/03 23:40:07) rarified: It will be set up to run one or more of the pending changes that are eligible for
(12/03 23:40:27) rarified: submission to Cyan for inclusion in the official game.
(12/03 23:40:55) tommyap: not public then , but more like betatesting ?
(12/03 23:40:56) rarified: We currently have the fix from the GoW forr allowing international characters (Unicode) to be
(12/03 23:41:27) rarified: used in KI messages, as well as a internal fix from Christian that corrects
(12/03 23:41:39) rarified: some mis-behavior in the Egg Room..
(12/03 23:41:51) TomVal: WOW for Unicode
(12/03 23:41:53) t’alisme: 0-0
(12/03 23:42:05) Annabelle: mis-behavior in egg room?
(12/03 23:42:32) Christian Walther: That misbehavior was only visible with the GoW client, not here or with the CWE-ou client.
(12/03 23:42:35) rarified: I’ll defer describing the behavior to Christian
(12/03 23:42:44) Mac: Yeah, I guess kinda beta test/play test describes the purpose of the shard
(12/03 23:43:01) Annabelle: so its a testing purpose shard
(12/03 23:43:11) rarified: Ok, right, this occursed when some software underlying the client was broughtup to
(12/03 23:43:14) Annabelle: ok that is answers my question
(12/03 23:43:16) rarified: date in the GoW client.
(12/03 23:43:27) tommyap: and mine 🙂
(12/03 23:43:36) GoMeLeonardo: next one is McBeam
(12/03 23:43:39) JWPlatt: Is it more like beta testing, but not under the NDA kind of environement we’ve been used to, nor so selective. Just join up when rarified gives the okay. Though we may have a few people smooth out the wrinkles at first.
(12/03 23:43:41) rarified: The current status is I’m working some coding changes to the MOSS server
(12/03 23:44:04) Annabelle: kk
(12/03 23:44:22) rarified: so it will run on the OpenUr “foundr” server. That machine runs yet a diffferent
(12/03 23:44:38) rarified: operrating system called Solaris, which is close to but not quite Linux.
(12/03 23:44:52) Mcbeam: what the deal with magiquest? 🙂
(12/03 23:44:53) rarified: So there are some subtle changes that needed to be made to the MOSS server to
(12/03 23:44:58) Annabelle: babel once again 🙂
(12/03 23:45:01) rarified: be more platform agnostic.
(12/03 23:45:13) Mcbeam: oops sorry
(12/03 23:45:25) rarified: Maybe Annabelle, but the server was here first, then came OpenUru
(12/03 23:45:36) JWPlatt: Heh, magiQuest is a different topic and not under the auspices of, but I can answer something there if you can be more specific.
(12/03 23:45:56) Annabelle: you lost me
(12/03 23:45:58) Mcbeam: anything new there like new content?
(12/03 23:46:10) rarified: Anyway, I’ve run parts of the updated client locally but not all yet. A few more hours aof real
(12/03 23:46:26) rarified: heads-down time and I should be ready to open it up.
(12/03 23:46:38) GoMeDoobes: Yay!
(12/03 23:47:10) rarified: There is not new content in the queue yet, and as was aluded to before, some permission
(12/03 23:47:25) rarified: issues that have to be ironed out before new content can be integrated into the
(12/03 23:47:31) rarified: MOULa world space.
(12/03 23:47:52) JWPlatt: Mcbeam, no new content, as in Chapter 2 or anything, though there may be some minor developemt upcomnig as a maintenance release to improve a couple of things. That means a bit of work for Cyan, maybe, and does affect the Open Source schedule, so it is slightly relevant to you here.
(12/03 23:47:57) rarified: I’ll post a note on both the OU and MOUL forums soliciting volunteers when the shard is up.
(12/03 23:48:18) Esto: cool
(12/03 23:48:25) Mcbeam: thank you sirs
(12/03 23:48:42) GoMeLeonardo: other questions?
(12/03 23:48:43) rarified: Here’s what I expect would happen. The first volunteers would be technically savvy ones
(12/03 23:49:01) rarified: that can help debug just the available shard with the current client.
(12/03 23:49:17) rarified: after a few days to shake that down, the client and the server wold be updatedwith
(12/03 23:49:44) Vince2.5: could i just come early to, ya know, make constructive commentary or something?
(12/03 23:49:51) rarified: the fixes to be sent to Cyan,. Then we’ll ask everyone who wants to join in.
(12/03 23:50:20) JWPlatt: If you’ve worked in beta or rehearsal, you’re probably savvy enough.
(12/03 23:50:34) rarified: Vince, sure, but you have to have lower expectations that the game or server
(12/03 23:50:45) rarified: might crash or hang during that time and not get upset abot it
(12/03 23:51:04) Vince2.5: lol okay no deal
(12/03 23:51:16) Mcbeam: can’t be worse then some games out there 🙂
(12/03 23:51:31) rarified: Did I cover enough Annabelle?
(12/03 23:51:34) Mac: Yeah, and don’t get too hung up about the prospect of vault wipes 😉
(12/03 23:51:37) Annabelle: oh yes
(12/03 23:51:38) JWPlatt: I like the positive waves. 🙂
(12/03 23:51:39) Annabelle: thanks
(12/03 23:51:44) GoMeLeonardo: next onefor the questions is Gahlen
(12/03 23:51:48) Annabelle: i’ll follow your devs
(12/03 23:52:00) Gahlen: Working with the GoW on the possible update to the /ignore funtion, we have a version now on the H/uru fork of the CWE. What is involved in getting it from there to you guys? How complicated is that?
(12/03 23:52:29) rarified: As far as I could see, the /ignore changes havn’t made it back to the main H’uru fork (we do
(12/03 23:52:51) rarified: look periodically for changes). It may be on one that H’uru uses for builds, but I don’t yet
(12/03 23:53:02) Gahlen: Right, yes. But they’ll get there eventually, I’m assuming.
(12/03 23:53:06) Mac: I think it’s maybe still in Hoikas’ own fork?
(12/03 23:53:08) rarified: know what it looks like, so it’s hard to say.
(12/03 23:53:14) Christian Walther: It isn’t merged to master yet but based on it, so no real difference there.
(12/03 23:53:25) Gahlen: Ok, so what happens then?
(12/03 23:53:50) rarified: The changes are made to one or more code files. We need to compare those code files
(12/03 23:54:05) rarified: with the corresponding ones in the OpenUru repository to determine
(12/03 23:54:30) GoMeLeonardo: k
(12/03 23:54:34) rarified: (1) are the changes able to be made directly to the OU code or does someone
(12/03 23:54:47) rarified: with coding skills have to tweak them to get them to “fit”
(12/03 23:55:02) rarified: (2) do the changes depend upon any other changes that are present in the H’uru
(12/03 23:55:19) rarified: fork but not in OU. If so, we have to work with H’uru to see what
(12/03 23:55:29) rarified: else needs to be brought over to make things work.
(12/03 23:55:48) rarified: Once the changes can be made with a high degree of confidence,
(12/03 23:56:01) rarified: we’ll set up a time on the test shard to make it available.
(12/03 23:56:25) rarified: (keep in mind that the test shard will let you try /ignore, but we probably
(12/03 23:56:41) rarified: won’t have paid greifers on hand to practice with)
(12/03 23:56:47) GoMeLeonardo: LOL
(12/03 23:56:59) Vince2.5: i can fill that role if you’d like
(12/03 23:57:00) Hawu Meninp: 🙂
(12/03 23:57:04) Gahlen: Yes, I suspected as much.
(12/03 23:57:09) Mac: I’ll do that for free 😉
(12/03 23:57:09) GoMe_Nev’yn!: i’m sure we could round up few for ya’.
(12/03 23:57:14) Gahlen: But thanks, that’s extremely helpful.
(12/03 23:57:20) GoMeLeonardo: Next one is Vince2.5
(12/03 23:57:25) rarified: After that test period, we’ll let Mark at Cyan know that we have the change
(12/03 23:57:44) JWPlatt: (Chogon)
(12/03 23:57:46) rarified: and think it’s ready. He’s indicated that he likely will run a test shard
(12/03 23:58:04) rarified: himself within Cyan, where the Cyan quality control ((test) group
(12/03 23:58:19) rarified: will do their thing, and after that it’s up to them.
(12/03 23:59:00) rarified: One fly in the ointment is that we don’t have an automatic signup
(12/03 23:59:04) JWPlatt: The current plan, by the way, is for Cyan QA to do their thing on Foundry.
(12/03 23:59:19) rarified: system for the test shard yet, so we’ll have to set up accounts
(12/03 23:59:47) rarified: by PM or starting a forum topic. Perhaps with Mac_Fife’s help I can
(12/04 00:00:00) rarified: get a web-based interface up, but that has to wait until we have
(12/04 00:00:06) rarified: a shard in the first place.
(12/04 00:00:53) rarified: Next?
(12/04 00:00:56) GoMeLeonardo: Vince
(12/04 00:01:00) Vince2.5: this one should be easy, what’s a “fork” (other than an eating utensil) ?
(12/04 00:01:02) Mac: I should probably explain for those that don’t know that “Foundry” is the name we have for the server environment where all our dev tools and the shardlive.
(12/04 00:01:37) rarified: A fork is a copy. When the source code was made available, whoever wanted to work on it
(12/04 00:01:52) rarified: was invited to make a copy they could change without impacting the original code.
(12/04 00:02:05) Vince2.5: oh, a fork is a copy of the source code
(12/04 00:02:10) rarified: Each person or group that has a copy has different goals for what they want,
(12/04 00:02:39) rarified: and we’re trying to keep some order as to making thing compatible with the existing
(12/04 00:02:40) Mac: Think of it like a fork in the road – each fork can take you to different version of the code
(12/04 00:02:48) rarified: game and not colliding with each other.
(12/04 00:03:30) Vince2.5: so you can make changes to your version of the code then somebody can copy yours and make changes to it?
(12/04 00:04:07) rarified: Yes. There are no limits (unless the person holding a copy puts them on their copy)
(12/04 00:04:11) rarified: as to who can copy things.
(12/04 00:04:21) Vince2.5: handy. thanks
(12/04 00:04:44) GoMeLeonardo: My questions Queue is empty
(12/04 00:05:04) Vince2.5: well, what more do you want to know?
(12/04 00:05:19) JWPlatt: Vince, then the cool stuff other people do and test can be “merged” back into other forks, eventually leading to some main ersion that has all the cool stuff.
(12/04 00:05:19) Mcbeam: how to code for a start
(12/04 00:05:32) GoMeLeonardo: Any other questions for OpenUru? Last call 😛
(12/04 00:05:33) tommyap: lol
(12/04 00:05:41) GoMeDoobes: 😀
(12/04 00:06:01) GoMeDoobes: No question, but thank you for coming in guys. Hope to see more of you here at these meetings in the future. 🙂
(12/04 00:06:02) rarified: For the general “overview”, think of our foundry as stagehands. It works behind
(12/04 00:06:15) TomVal: How can one apply to test shard aka foundry to test unicode support for example?
(12/04 00:06:20) rarified: the scenes to make the play happen, even if they’re not the principle actors.
(12/04 00:06:28) Steven Indigo69: can you link from one d’ni to another?
(12/04 00:06:37) Mcbeam says is that what writing ages is all about?
(12/04 00:06:42) Vince2.5: that would be a nice feature
(12/04 00:06:50) Vince2.5: very informative AGM
(12/04 00:06:52) rarified: TomVal: havn’t set it up yet. Will make that part of the initial announcement
(12/04 00:07:05) TomVal: thx
(12/04 00:07:15) rarified: Steven: not until we get some more clarification from Cyan
(12/04 00:08:15) GoMeLeonardo: YAY!! We’ve got to the last group! XD
(12/04 00:08:30) GoMeLeonardo: Please welcome the GUild of MEssengers!!
(12/04 00:08:43) GoMeLeonardo: nah, it will be short
(12/04 00:08:55) GoMeDoobes: Didn’t think we’d let ya off THAT easy, did ya? XD
(12/04 00:08:56) GoMe_Luna(nne) quickly puts her messengers’ cap on
(12/04 00:09:27) GoMeLeonardo: So what has been going on this month.
(12/04 00:09:35) GoMeLeonardo: We have added a new category to
(12/04 00:09:52) GoMeLeonardo: since a couple of days we are listing GooglePlus Pages too
(12/04 00:10:55) GoMeLeonardo: GooglePlus is the new Social Network of Google, so many don’t have a page yet, but groups that have a page there can send us a request to add their page to the database
(12/04 00:11:23) GoMeLeonardo: Right now we have: GoMe, GoW, OpenUru, Mysterium and FallingManGroup listed
(12/04 00:11:32) GoMeAgeExplorer: 🙂
(12/04 00:12:26) GoMeLeonardo: Also in the near future we will make a little change to some short tags in to make them follow the same pattern…but the change should have no bad effects, we will keep it compatible with existing URLs
(12/04 00:13:24) GoMeLeonardo: I’ll pick up the occasion to tell everyone that has a GPlus account to sign up for our page:
(12/04 00:13:50) GoMeLeonardo: we post news there as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages
(12/04 00:14:50) GoMeLeonardo: This month we have published some interesting articles on our frontpage, there is an article about the /ignore function that can help you summarize all that has been say up to now in the MOUL FOrum discussions
(12/04 00:16:14) GoMeAgeExplorer: 😀
(12/04 00:16:15) GoMeLeonardo: For the Magazine: last meeting we said we would have it ready “soonish”…for this time I can only say that that soon is getting shorter and shorter. We hope to be able to publish it in December
(12/04 00:16:40) GoMeAgeExplorer: 🙂
(12/04 00:16:57) GoMe_Luna(nne): We have very few people active in the guild right now
(12/04 00:17:18) GoMe_Luna(nne): and the person making the final layout is rather busy, which causes delay
(12/04 00:17:33) GoMe_Luna(nne): we have actually the fewest amount of people active since MOULa started
(12/04 00:18:12) GoMe_Luna(nne): which is why I would like to stress that we cannot make or do things without members
(12/04 00:18:15) GoMe_Nev’yn!: this means much like the GoG, we’ll be doing recruiting sometime in the near future.
(12/04 00:18:35) Mcbeam: cool
(12/04 00:18:35) GoMe_Luna(nne): even if you are not ready for a long term commitment, we do not expect that
(12/04 00:18:58) GoMe_Luna(nne): if you just want to go cavern crying for a few weeks, or write one article that is fine
(12/04 00:19:14) GoMe_Luna(nne): I don’t expect you to write an article for every magazine
(12/04 00:20:19) GoMe_Luna(nne): I know Uru is going slow, I know ther eis little new and people are leaving
(12/04 00:20:55) GoMe_Luna(nne): but improving uru can happen in many ways, you don’t haveto be in the writers making fanages or coding
(12/04 00:21:06) GoMe_Luna(nne): you can also help us bring news and life in the cavern
(12/04 00:21:28) GoMeDoobes: Any positive contribution to the community is a welcome one. 🙂
(12/04 00:21:28) GoMe_Luna(nne): make stories your self, write them, organize something
(12/04 00:21:37) Rock Ardemar: Actually, I was tempted to join you, after your impressive CavcomParty
(12/04 00:21:48) GoMeDoobes: You’re more than welcome to, Rock.
(12/04 00:21:55) GoMe_Luna(nne): it is open source now, open content
(12/04 00:22:17) GoMeLeonardo: On this topic, I would like to publicly thank Nev’yn, our latest member, for bringing back the Cavern Criers activity and helping in organizing them better
(12/04 00:22:27) GoMeLeonardo: 🙂
(12/04 00:23:15) GoMe_Nev’yn!: we’d love to have an extra set of hands to help!
(12/04 00:23:18) GoMe_Luna(nne): we strife to be open and discuss things openly
(12/04 00:23:25) GoMeDoobes: Agreed, Nev! 🙂
(12/04 00:23:58) GoMe_Luna(nne): you only need to register and you will be able to participate in the majority of the discussions on the forums
(12/04 00:24:17) GoMe_Luna(nne): and we vaue the opinion of everyone
(12/04 00:24:17) GoMeLeonardo: yeah, most of our discussions are there in the public
(12/04 00:24:22) GoMe_Luna(nne): *value
(12/04 00:24:49) Annabelle: in fact we can all participate in guilds forum without being an active member of that guild so to let you know
(12/04 00:25:24) GoMeLeonardo: Ok, I think this is enough begging for help for this AGM XD
(12/04 00:26:44) GoMeLeonardo: I think this is all from us 🙂
(12/04 00:27:40) GoMeLeonardo: It’s been hard and long, but even this time we have reached the end of the All Guilds Meeting! The last AGM of 2011
(12/04 00:27:56) GoMeLeonardo: We’ll be back for sure in 2012 🙂
(12/04 00:28:17) GoMeLeonardo: Thank you everyone
(12/04 00:28:47) GoMeDoobes: Yes, thank you all for hanging in there wish us!
(12/04 00:28:48) GoMeLeonardo: I wish everyone a happy christmas and happy new year