All Guilds Meeting FAQ

Important details:

  • When: First Saturday of every month (subject to change, see FAQ #4 below)
  • Where: Kirel, MOULa Shard
  • Time: 13:00 KI Time
  • Current moderator: picked month by month

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the All Guilds Meeting?

It’s where Guilds and various groups can come together to hear about and/or present any upcoming events or projects to the entire community.

2. Do I need to be part of a Guild to attend or present?

Not at all! Despite “Guild” being in the name, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend the meeting and we accept all serious presentations when time is properly reserved.

3. How do I get time at the meeting?

Send a message to the moderator on the #cavern-events or #messengers-pub channels on Cyan’s Discord, or in-game the day of the meeting. Requests will be taken until five minutes prior to the start of the meeting. Note that if there are a LOT of presenters, things may go a bit swiftly to save time.

4. Is the meeting always on the first Saturday?

Normally yes, but there are some exceptions. If the first Saturday falls on a major holiday (example: New Year’s Day), the meeting is usually delayed until the next Saturday. Mysterium is often on the first weekend of August each year, so things are usually postponed until the next Saturday on that month.

If something happens with the MOULa server to where nobody can log in, the meeting will be delayed by two hours. If the server is not back up by then, the meeting will be postponed until the next Saturday. Usually Cyan is very responsive to when their server goes down, so this is a rare occurrence.

5. Will there ever be a Guild Fair after the meeting again?

The fair requires the cooperation of many groups and volunteers to be successful. They are no longer every month, but that does not rule one out in the future if there is enough interest AND people to help.

6.Is the AGM a Guild of Messengers event?

No. While the last three moderators (Leonardo, Doobes and Korov’ev) have been with the GoMe, the AGM is conducted solely by explorers first and foremost. It does not “belong” to the GoMe in any way.

7.What if I missed the meeting? Can I still find out about what was discussed?

Of course! Chatlogs of the event, one raw and untouched (with only private messages removed), and another that has been “cleansed” of various emotes and unrelated talk, can be found on Doobes’ site (April 2018 to December 2018) and at this site (January 2019 to present), along with a helpful summary that can be found in this forum thread.

(Note that we are working on recovering chatlogs from before April 2018)

If there’s anything that you feel should be added or clarified in this FAQ, be sure to PM Korov’ev or Doobes!