All Guilds Meeting – July 2022 – Cleansed Chatlog

(07/02 13:00:14) Argo: alright, it’s now 13:00 KI time, and we’re starting this, the July AGM! Welcome, everyone, to Kirel, and Shorah! I hope you’ve been having a nice June!

(07/02 13:00:29) Ro”Jethhe Googles the product MST3K.

(07/02 13:00:40) Doobes: Shh…later. 😉

(07/02 13:00:41) LividLiquid: I learned so much about the Midwest just from their jokes growing up.

(07/02 13:00:42) CT Hostess Susa’n: aur

(07/02 13:00:44) Argo: we’ve got a lot to cover, and quite a few speakers for today, even with our ever favorite r’tay absent.

(07/02 13:00:46) CT Hostess Susa’n: oops

(07/02 13:00:57) Argo: to start, Mysterium News!

(07/02 13:01:11) From CT Hostess Susa’n: May I please announce the next Cavern Tour?

(07/02 13:01:15) To CT Hostess Susa’n: added

(07/02 13:01:20) From CT Hostess Susa’n: thx

(07/02 13:01:50) Argo: if you’re attending the Meow Wolf event, a reminder was posted to review their sensory warning advisements

(07/02 13:02:23) Argo: last month’s prompt, Villains, was concluded with an awesome picture of Gehn, by redwoodrroad,

(07/02 13:02:31) Argo: ter, that is to say

(07/02 13:02:35) Argo: two months ago’s prompt

(07/02 13:02:36) Cave woman: How much of Mysterium can we access through Zoom or Youtube?

(07/02 13:02:47) Argo: last month was Resilience, in honor of pride month,

(07/02 13:02:58) Argo: normally, as much as possible, Cave woman

(07/02 13:03:14) Doobes: Assuming the wifi at the hotel is decent, of course. 😉

(07/02 13:03:24) Argo: baring events such as the Myst Documentary, which request a no-stream exclusivity for the present attendies,

(07/02 13:03:28) Argo: and the hotel wifi, yes,

(07/02 13:03:40) Argo: if streaming is not possible, via twitch,

(07/02 13:03:49) Argo: videos will be uploaded to youtube after, as they always are

(07/02 13:04:05) Argo: i believe zoom is not being used this year, due to pricing concerns

(07/02 13:04:17) Argo: but no official announcement’s been made on that, yet

(07/02 13:04:28) Cave woman: Twitch will work

(07/02 13:04:33) Argo: a few guests for this year’s mysterium have been announced:

(07/02 13:04:55) Argo: as i just mentioned the Myst Documentary, its creator, Philip Shane, is one of those attending,

(07/02 13:05:18) Error: Must be text only

(07/02 13:05:42) Error: Must be text only

(07/02 13:05:50) Argo grouches at KI

(07/02 13:05:54) Argo: let me copy and paste this please!

(07/02 13:05:57) Argo: SIGHS

(07/02 13:06:21) Argo: for the third time, Everyone’s Favorite TIKI Bar Authority from Cyan, Ryan, “Greydragon” Warzecha

(07/02 13:06:49) Argo: and the social media manager for the Myst Doc, Katie “Kha’tie” Postma,

(07/02 13:07:07) Argo: more guests to be announced later down the road as their schedules are confirmed,

(07/02 13:07:24) Argo: this month’s Creativity Prompt for Mysterium is “Voltaic Age”

(07/02 13:07:52) Argo: moving onto local Cavern News,

(07/02 13:08:03) Argo: the Storytellers group recently held a Town Hall event, the first of several planned,

(07/02 13:08:29) Argo: the Town Hall events are designed for players who are interested in keeping tabs on the ongoing story to be able to catch up on missed events,

(07/02 13:08:37) Argo: as well as be able to provide some input on the future

(07/02 13:09:02) Argo: the First TownHall’s chatlog can be found on the ‘s transcripts section

(07/02 13:09:14) Zeke365: kind sounds like hertaige nighs but with a new twist

(07/02 13:09:40) Argo: intents to have the minutes of these logs posted to a journal in chiso preniv are being machinated through at the moment, but that’s a Q3 possibility at the earliest,

(07/02 13:09:57) Argo: as mentioned, the Explorers there voted on three items

(07/02 13:10:17) Argo: the first, and most prominent one, was which of the two upcoming ages were wished to be seen first, and which second,

(07/02 13:10:29) Argo: Eder Naybree was chosen to be released first, with Highgarden second.

(07/02 13:10:55) Argo: a second vote was held on the resotration priorities for the Overflow Station area, and a third was held on diplomatic relations with an Inhabited age,

(07/02 13:11:07) Argo: these town halls are intended to be held once a month at the present moment,

(07/02 13:11:19) Argo: expect further announcements later in the month,

(07/02 13:11:35) Argo: finally, on the storytelling front, some concerns were raised about some ambiguity of rule interactions,

(07/02 13:12:01) Argo: a formal post is being drafted for a generic ruleset to address these concerns,

(07/02 13:12:11) Argo: most of the rules will be familiar ones to the AGM’s rules

(07/02 13:12:40) Argo: Dont press the blue button, please let the speakers talk and keep chatter to minimum during their presentations, keep questions for the appropriate sections, etc

(07/02 13:13:28) Argo: things everyone should already be familiar with, but we’ve felt it a good idea to make a formal list somewhere- news on that when it’s completed. 🙂

(07/02 13:13:49) Argo: on that note… ill take a side step for our first speaker of the evening, PodHopper

(07/02 13:13:54) Argo beckons you

(07/02 13:14:14) Ro”Jethhe stomps his feet.

(07/02 13:14:30) PodHopper: Shorah Everyone 🙂

(07/02 13:14:35) CT Hostess Susa’n stomps Ro’s feet

(07/02 13:14:44) Creekwriter: lol

(07/02 13:14:59) PodHopper: In a month time, before the next AGM, we will have a Moula Summer Festival.

(07/02 13:15:12) PodHopper: It will be held on August 1-5.

(07/02 13:15:21) PodHopper: Although I had 3 days in mind, the number of events made a 5 day festival possible.

(07/02 13:15:29) PodHopper: We have a variety of events: contests, music events, a video event and a marker game.

(07/02 13:15:39) PodHopper: The Nulp Dance Group will give a special concert on friday, more on that in a moment.

(07/02 13:15:56) Dni_seeker 5: That sounds awesome

(07/02 13:16:01) PodHopper: I’m preparing a flyer containing the schedule and details about the events.

(07/02 13:16:03) Ro”Jethhe nods his head

(07/02 13:16:14) PodHopper: It will be posted on discord, facebook and my own website some time next week.

(07/02 13:16:29) PodHopper: For any information, feel free to contact me on discord (#8133) or in Moula (#7116825).

(07/02 13:16:41) PodHopper: Do not hesitate to contact me if you have an idea for an event and would like to be included on this list.

(07/02 13:17:06) PodHopper: Although we have a full schedule, I am open for new events

(07/02 13:17:20) PodHopper: A brief overview of the festival:

(07/02 13:17:31) PodHopper: mo 1/8 12:00-13:30 Cooking Session with Sky (video event)

(07/02 13:17:39) PodHopper: mo 1/8 13:30-15:00 Eternal Evergreens (music event)

(07/02 13:17:48) PodHopper: tu 2/8 13:00-14:30 Cone Race (contest)

(07/02 13:17:57) PodHopper: tu 2/8 14:30-15:30 Beach Party by the Fountain (music event)

(07/02 13:18:06) PodHopper: we 3/8 14:00-16:00 Wall game (contest)

(07/02 13:18:15) PodHopper: th 4/8 12:00-13:00 A brief history of D’ni (markergame)

(07/02 13:18:24) PodHopper: th 4/8 15:00-16:30 Door Run (contest)

(07/02 13:18:34) PodHopper: fr 5/8 13:00-14:30 Mysterium Concert (music event)

(07/02 13:18:53) PodHopper: Actually, the last event is much more than a music event.

(07/02 13:19:21) PodHopper: Unless there are questions, I will hand the microphone to Minasunda who can tell us all about it.

(07/02 13:19:25) Argo: any questions?

(07/02 13:19:39) Doobes: I have more of some information that may be needed.

(07/02 13:19:39) PodHopper bows

(07/02 13:19:49) Ro”Jethhe: Mina Mina Mina

(07/02 13:19:50) ametist’ thanks Podhopper for organizing all this!

(07/02 13:19:52) Argo: alright then, mina, you’re up 🙂

(07/02 13:19:54) Argo: thank you, Pod,

(07/02 13:20:02) Minasunda: shorah 🙂

(07/02 13:20:07) Doobes: It’s quite possible that the big Q2 update will be within this window. It’ll probably be in the early morning KI time, but I wanted to make you aware of this.

(07/02 13:20:16) Minasunda: I have two events to announce. Both are NOT Magic Events – we will not have a Bot in the age.

(07/02 13:20:24) Doobes: As in sometime early August within those days. Just wanted to let you know, just in case.

(07/02 13:20:32) caver1: Try jitsi for video meetings. No cost. Not sign up.

(07/02 13:20:45) Minasunda: The first is “Eternal Evergreens” which will take place as part of the Summer Festival planned by Podhopper.

(07/02 13:20:46) Argo: (my Personal hope is just before august,)

(07/02 13:21:01) Doobes: Eh, depends on when we get things to Staging. 😉

(07/02 13:21:10) Doobes: But yeah, just wanted to let ya know.

(07/02 13:21:27) Minasunda: “Eternal Evergreens” will take place on 1. August from 13:30 – 15:00 KI. As the title suggests, Eternal Seeker will sing evergreens for you.

(07/02 13:21:44) Minasunda: For the event is also planned “guided dance”. Thanks to Mirphak and Hazado, there are now more options and I wrote some new dances for you all. 😀

(07/02 13:22:01) Minasunda: As always, the following applies – if you do NOT want to be integrated into the dance, please let me know and I will put you on the ignore list for the duration of the event.

(07/02 13:22:16) Minasunda: The event will take place in Elonin, in the room with the stained glass windows. There is plenty of space to sit and also for dancing.

(07/02 13:22:34) Minasunda: The second event I would like to announce will also take place in Elonin.

(07/02 13:22:51) Minasunda: You can reach the location easily – Mirphak will make a temporary link for both events. So you only need PM to Mir-O-Bot (KI 32319) “to NDG Elonin” to get there.

(07/02 13:23:09) Minasunda: The second event is something very special. It’s a concert for this year’s MYSTERIUM.

(07/02 13:23:26) Minasunda: The concert will take place on 5. August at 13:00 KI on the stage in Elonin.

(07/02 13:23:40) Minasunda: Uncle Rebus large Persian carpet offers plenty of space for the spectators, so there is no need to climb on the furniture 😀

(07/02 13:23:57) skyisblu laughs

(07/02 13:23:57) Minasunda: A video will be recorded at the concert, excerpts of which will then be shown as a YouTube premiere at the MYSTERIUM.

(07/02 13:23:58) ametist’ giggles

(07/02 13:24:13) Minasunda: I don’t know the exact date for the broadcast at MYSTERIUM yet – I will of course inform you via Facebook and Discord as soon as I have been informed of the date.

(07/02 13:24:20) Argo: (Mysterium Schedule to be announced)

(07/02 13:24:31) Minasunda: As for the concert itself: It’s take 80 minutes. And it’s NOT just a music stream. I managed to teach the Nulp Dance Group as musicians who play the appropriate instruments really skillfully 😀 and they are supported by 3 charming backround singers.

(07/02 13:24:54) Minasunda: So the musical journey through the Myst ages will not only be a feast for the ears, but also a pleasure to watch.

(07/02 13:24:57) Creekwriter: wow

(07/02 13:25:06) Ro”Jethhe is amazed!

(07/02 13:25:11) Minasunda: After Music from Myst, Riven, Exile, Revelation, End of Ages and Uru we will hear and see three artists who many of you should be familiar with.

(07/02 13:25:19) Dni_seeker 5: That sounds awesome

(07/02 13:25:28) Cave woman: Please notate the events that sill be onTwitch Jitsi andYou Tube in the schedule for those of us unable to attend

(07/02 13:25:30) Minasunda: I am particularly pleased that I managed to have these 3 artists live in the cavern for the concert.

(07/02 13:25:42) Ereshkigal: That souns amazing!!!

(07/02 13:25:53) Argo: Cave woman, they always are noted where they’ll be streamed at,

(07/02 13:25:53) Minasunda: The first is Olivier Maurey aka Piboc. He may be known to you for his beautiful Roonsehv music. Piboc will conduct a selection of his music.

(07/02 13:26:05) Ereshkigal: Will it be recorded? Please do!

(07/02 13:26:34) Minasunda: Our second special guest is Lillo Moon Minniti aka Lyllus. He is not only known for his beautiful miniatures that you can buy on Etsy Shop, but many will also know his ‘D’ni Lament Song’. Lyllus will sing it for us.

(07/02 13:26:39) Zeke365: sit

(07/02 13:27:09) Minasunda: I don’t have to say much about the third special guest. It’s Phil Rounds aka Fil. He will ensure a great finale of the concert with his for MOULa adapted Peter Gabriel song “Shaking the Tree”.

(07/02 13:27:28) Minasunda: I think this concert will be something special 🙂 I can tell you that the Nulp Dance Group has already had numerous rehearsals and there will be a few more before the concert.

(07/02 13:27:44) Minasunda: We would be very happy if many of you attend the concert – and you then find yourself on the video at the MYSTERIUM.

(07/02 13:27:59) Minasunda: The Mysterium video can only be a maximum of 25 minutes long. But of course I will also make a video of the entire concert so that those who couldn’t be there can still see the full length of the concert.

(07/02 13:28:11) Argo: which is appreciated, Mina 🙂

(07/02 13:28:18) Thumbs up from Doobes

(07/02 13:28:22) Minasunda: oh – I almost forgot – you can hear the music for both events at

(07/02 13:28:41) Minasunda: That’s all from me. Any questions ?

(07/02 13:28:47) Argo: none in queue,

(07/02 13:28:51) Argo: any questions from audience?

(07/02 13:28:56) Doobes: Just wanted to apologize for talking over you a bit earlier, Mina. :S

(07/02 13:29:06) Christian Walther: A suggestion: Please also post on the Guild of Messengers site.

(07/02 13:29:07) Minasunda: np Doobes 🙂

(07/02 13:29:22) Minasunda: yes I will 🙂

(07/02 13:29:23) Doobes: But of course, CW.

(07/02 13:29:26) PodHopper: it already is on the Gome site

(07/02 13:29:39) Minasunda: more questions ?

(07/02 13:29:41) PodHopper: or do you mean the video?

(07/02 13:29:46) Christian Walther: Not just on the calendar, but a news item with the schedule.

(07/02 13:30:12) PodHopper: have to ask Kor about that news item then

(07/02 13:30:19) Minasunda: it will posted on Discord and FB too 🙂

(07/02 13:30:33) Doobes: Anyone can submit news, FYI. It just needs approval from either myself or Kor. 😉

(07/02 13:30:43) Argo: any other questions?

(07/02 13:30:53) PodHopper says okay

(07/02 13:30:55) Minasunda thanks you

(07/02 13:30:58) Argo thanks you very much!

(07/02 13:31:03) Argo: thanks, mina, pod!

(07/02 13:31:17) Argo: next up on the roster: DOOBES!

(07/02 13:31:18) mafasa leans left

(07/02 13:31:19) Omiahn leans right

(07/02 13:31:22) Argo: doobeydoobey doobah…

(07/02 13:31:34) Zeke365: yabbba dabbo adooo

(07/02 13:31:40) Doobes: Minasunda is free to talk over me too if she wants. Hehehe.

(07/02 13:31:44) Doobes: Hi there!

(07/02 13:31:48) Minasunda starts to laugh

(07/02 13:31:55) Doobes: Just wanted to drop in and give you all an update on what I’ve been cooking up for the next update to MOULa.

(07/02 13:32:04) Doobes: (Barbecue pun given the upcoming USA Independence Day weekend XD )

(07/02 13:32:20) Doobes: I’m happy to announce that, later tonight, the Chiso update will be finalized and ready to go to staging!

(07/02 13:32:40) Doobes: With it, the library will be greatly expanded, as will many ongoing fan stories here in the cavern you may have experienced or heard about in your travels.

(07/02 13:33:02) Doobes: So plenty to see and to read to get a good feel of how this new push for ongoing story will go.

(07/02 13:33:09) rarified clears throat … Minkata … clears throat

(07/02 13:33:15) Ro”Jethhe wishes United States of America a Happy 246th Birthday.

(07/02 13:33:17) Argo: there are, a lot of words to read.

(07/02 13:33:26) Argo: lots of words

(07/02 13:33:29) Argo: many words…

(07/02 13:33:36) Doobes: Yes, testers needed on Minkata as well before staging.

(07/02 13:33:44) Doobes nods to rarified

(07/02 13:33:48) Argo: (I contributed a good chunk of them and for that im sorry for some of the lengthy tomes)

(07/02 13:33:55) Doobes: I won’t say exactly how to access all this new content in Chiso…only to tell you that, when the update is complete, look for number 18. 😉

(07/02 13:34:16) Doobes: Even so, I’m sure word-of-mouth will spread like wildfire. Again, everything new in Chiso (save a couple of new Linking Books, of course) will be available immediately after the update…but it’ll be up to you all to find it!

(07/02 13:34:44) Doobes: Again, if you’d like to add a little story-related something to Chiso or even just some creative writing related to URU/Myst/D’ni for a future update, let me know! I take all serious offers of fan story content.

(07/02 13:35:06) Doobes: Just note that you may be asked by testers to work out some “wrinkles” and such. 😉

(07/02 13:35:20) Argo mutters something about page break tags

(07/02 13:35:35) Doobes: A big thanks to everyone who has submitted a little something or more already. Thanks to you, the library is really starting to grow!

(07/02 13:35:42) DapperAndy laughs in solidarity

(07/02 13:35:59) Doobes: So Mysterium has been mentioned quite a bit…and with Chiso’s updates out of the way, I intend to point my focus solely at the Ae’gura Messengers Pub’s Mysterium decorations.

(07/02 13:36:19) Doobes: As mentioned before, each of the corner alcoves and the conference room upstairs will be devoted to each Myst game in the series.

(07/02 13:36:40) Doobes: The main hall and entryway will also have the tables “dressed up” in cliche hotel conference room fashion for extra authenticity. LOL!

(07/02 13:37:00) Doobes: This will also be handled canonically, so URU itself won’t be featured…but since you’ll be in the game already anyway… 😛

(07/02 13:37:23) Doobes: It’s my hope that this will give those that couldn’t make it to the in-person convention the same feel as if they were at one.

(07/02 13:37:43) Doobes: Also, not to spoil things too much, but there will be some “swag” to collect too!

(07/02 13:37:44) rarified: We’re going to need a bigger boat ^H^H^H^H^H alcove.

(07/02 13:38:05) Doobes: If all goes well, the decorations will appear soon after the update and just in time for Mysterium weekend, August 12th – 14th.

(07/02 13:38:30) Doobes: A little shoutout to Calum Traveler for modeling a few choice items from Mysts 3 and 4 for me as well as some of the basic decor. That’ll save me some work and make things go even smoother, hopefully.

(07/02 13:38:45) Prad logs out from MOULa on New Messengers Pub Uruntu laptop to keep it canonical…

(07/02 13:38:57) Doobes: With that and Chogon’s schedule in mind, we’re shooting for a target window of end of July/beginning of August for the second quarter 2022 update to MOULa.

(07/02 13:39:13) Doobes: So again, event planners keep an eye out for any news on that front. We will try our best not to disrupt your plans!

(07/02 13:39:24) PodHopper: :))

(07/02 13:39:35) Doobes: There will be plenty of other goodies and fixes in this update as well…but that’s not for me to talk about. 😉

(07/02 13:39:50) Doobes: As always, to keep the lights on around here, and since we’ll need to dip into the fund for testing soon, I urge you to donate anything you can spare to the CAVCON fund.

(07/02 13:40:02) Doobes: I reiterate that this money only goes towards the MOULa server (and when testing, the Staging server) and towards Chogon’s time for said updating.

(07/02 13:40:12) Ereshkigal makes a note to donate again

(07/02 13:40:24) Doobes: And of course, the extra is saved for “rainy days”.

(07/02 13:40:39) Doobes: Everyone else does this out of the kindness of our hearts as volunteers. 😉

(07/02 13:40:47) Doobes: So keeping that fund healthy is a Good Thing TM. 😀

(07/02 13:40:48) Ereshkigal: How does Chogon manage with the server on his own…

(07/02 13:40:53) Doobes:

(07/02 13:41:09) Doobes: Chogon magic. 😛

(07/02 13:41:12) Doobes: And that’s all I’ve got for ya. Any questions?

(07/02 13:41:16) Ro”Jethhe: Will MOULa’s Chiso get 2 Nexus just like at Alpha-Minkata?

(07/02 13:41:25) Doobes: Yes.

(07/02 13:41:31) Ro”Jethhe thanks you

(07/02 13:41:41) rarified: Just a small addition. There will be a small update in the coming week that is NOT the big update.

(07/02 13:41:48) Doobes: I’ve added two Nexus Books for convenience. There would have been a Watcher’s Book, but the instancing is not clear on that one.

(07/02 13:41:53) rarified: An addition was needed for one of the presentations.

(07/02 13:42:01) Dni_seeker 5: This has nothing to do with Chiso: How’s Tiwah coming?

(07/02 13:42:19) Doobes: Once I get through this quarter’s updates, I plan to dive back into Descent.

(07/02 13:42:29) Doobes: Not literally, of course. Hehehe.

(07/02 13:42:34) caver1: Is ti practical to make audio for the books and not just readable?

(07/02 13:42:35) Argo: not without a relto book id hope

(07/02 13:42:37) Dni_seeker 5: Watson had me jump in

(07/02 13:42:53) Argo: we have some ideas for audio-logs in the future, but that’s taking some time to implement

(07/02 13:42:56) Zeke365: dont fall @doobles in the decent be careful

(07/02 13:42:59) Prad salutes

(07/02 13:43:00) Dangerzone just wants the lake fixed one day

(07/02 13:43:31) Doobes: Eh, it might be possible to have audio for journals, but we’d need to test it out first. Plus, some discussion on canonically if it’d work and such.

(07/02 13:43:43) Argo: eh, give us a memory amulet and itd work 😛

(07/02 13:43:43) maluhia (I’m on the surface, be back in a minute):

(07/02 13:43:46) Doobes: I mean is the audio in the KI, near the book, etc…

(07/02 13:44:01) Doobes: So some discussion is needed before we go ahead with that.

(07/02 13:44:10) DapperAndy sweats at the prospect of having to narrate his walls of text

(07/02 13:44:11) Argo nods

(07/02 13:44:15) Doobes: Alright, one more question then I’ll jump off so we can continue.

(07/02 13:44:38) Doobes: Heh, OK then. Thank you very much!

(07/02 13:44:40) Doobes bows

(07/02 13:44:47) Argo: thank you, doobes

(07/02 13:44:59) Argo: wrapping up the evning, CT Hostess Susa’n!

(07/02 13:45:20) CT Hostess Susa’n: shorah b’shemtee!

(07/02 13:45:38) CT Hostess Susa’n: “Cavern Tours” are a series of walking tours that explore every Age in MOULa.

(07/02 13:45:39) CT Hostess Susa’n: D

(07/02 13:45:41) CT Hostess Susa’n: oops

(07/02 13:46:08) CT Hostess Susa’n: D’ni historian Larry LeDeay is our primary tour guide and he streams the tour on, YouTube AND Facebook.

(07/02 13:46:14) Eternal Seeker remembers 2 1/2 hour standing around

(07/02 13:46:27) CT Hostess Susa’n: Larry also streams content from other Myst games, concept art and demos not available here in MOULa.

(07/02 13:46:49) CT Hostess Susa’n: D’ni historian and language instructor r’Tayrtahn has joined us this season as an additional tour guide.

(07/02 13:46:54) Ro”Jethhe: Gotta surface, bye all

(07/02 13:47:02) PodHopper: bye ro 🙂

(07/02 13:47:02) CT Hostess Susa’n: Zeke365 and I serve as hosts for the tour.

(07/02 13:47:06) CT Hostess Susa’n bows

(07/02 13:47:06) Cave woman: Shorah

(07/02 13:47:08) Zeke365 bows

(07/02 13:47:32) CT Hostess Susa’n: Mirphak provides transportation and special effects using his bot, Mir-o-Bot.

(07/02 13:47:48) CT Hostess Susa’n: Each tour takes place the FOURTH Saturday of each month from 11:00 to 13:00 KI time.

(07/02 13:47:57) CT Hostess Susa’n: The next tour is Saturday, July 23.

(07/02 13:48:05) CT Hostess Susa’n: We will continue touring The Cleft.

(07/02 13:48:42) CT Hostess Susa’n: On, you can register to receive an email when Larry begins to stream the tour, which is usually one-half hour before the tour.

(07/02 13:49:04) CT Hostess Susa’n: Please meet us in Cavern Tour’s Hood and log into twitch at 11:00 KI time for a brief orientation.

(07/02 13:49:16) CT Hostess Susa’n: Then we will link together to the Age to be toured.

(07/02 13:49:38) CT Hostess Susa’n: By the way, Richard A. Watson’s (RAWA) mother, Darlene, usually participates in twitch.

(07/02 13:49:45) CT Hostess Susa’n: And so come and say hello!

(07/02 13:49:55) CT Hostess Susa’n: We hope to see you on July 23!

(07/02 13:50:00) CT Hostess Susa’n: Are there any questions?

(07/02 13:50:15) CT Hostess Susa’n looks around for a bit

(07/02 13:50:17) mafasa leans left

(07/02 13:50:21) Argo: none in queue

(07/02 13:50:28) CT Hostess Susa’n: Thank you for your time!

(07/02 13:50:46) Dni_seeker 5: Oh no… it’s happening again…

(07/02 13:50:51) Argo: i see no korov,

(07/02 13:50:53) Dni_seeker 5: my head…

(07/02 13:51:16) Ereshkigal: You okay, DS5?

(07/02 13:51:21) Argo: alright, looks like we’ve got nothing else scheduled on the list.

(07/02 13:51:37) Argo: im going to wrap up the AGM here, 🙂

(07/02 13:51:45) Argo: thank you all for coming

(07/02 13:51:49) Argo waves goodbye